Studio Back Entry Progress (All The Big Projects Finished!)

I was beginning to think the back entry of the studio would never get to this point, but I finally got all of the trim installed, wood filled, sanded, primed and painted.

I also got the doors to the storage closet and bathroom painted, and you might notice that the walls are a bit lighter green. I had originally painted them Behr Hills of Ireland, which turned out pretty dark. So I decided to go a shade lighter and repainted them with Behr Belfast.

I think that small change in paint color made a really big difference.

It’s still not completely finished. The ceiling light is still covered in layers of dust from when I sanded and finished the hardwood floors, so that needs to be cleaned. I’m not at all looking forward to that task with those 13 globes. I also still need to install the door handle on the back door, and the door pulls on the bathroom and closet doors.

In addition, I think I want to put curtains on the back door. I’d like for all of the exterior doors and windows to have curtains/shades on them that I can close at night, because right now when I’m in there at night with the lights on, it’s kind of like being in a fish bowl.

And then I need artwork. I’ve been looking forward to making something for those walls. I’m just not sure exactly what to do, or how much of the walls to cover with artwork. Right now, I’m thinking about just keeping it low, and only hanging artwork to the sides of the bathroom and closet doors, and leaving everything up high just as it is now. But then I think that those large areas above the back French doors and the cased opening between the studio and back entry are such perfect opportunities for some really big statement pieces.

So I’m not sure about that right now. I’ll probably start with the areas beside the bathroom and closet doors, and then go from there if more is needed. I’m excited to get creative and see what I can come up with!



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  1. Since it’s part of your studio, what if you put gallery hangers up and just used the walls to feature and enjoy your latest artwork projects? You can rotate them out as often as you like.

    1. Would love to see some of your macro prints there – they are gorgeous. And would really love to see you build frames for them from scratch :)!!

  2. I love the slightly lighter paint. It’s amazing that just a slight change can make a big difference. If it were me, I would do art on the side walls only, and do some roman or bamboo shades on the doors. Then you won’t be covering up the awesome frames of the doors. If you wanted more interest, you could find a fabulous patterned fabric for the shades. So glad you have mostly completed this area, I know it was weighing on you.

  3. Yay, you’re back! I missed your posts. I agree with new green. It feels happier in the pics if that makes any sense.

    The other green was more like a dark Irish pub and this is more hills of Ireland kind of green.

  4. The lighter green on the walls is a huge improvement. The darker shade was pretty oppressive in comparison – and I say that as someone who isn’t afraid of or dislikes dark colour.

    I would think about putting some frosting film on the glass of your French doors. I think that would give you the solution you are looking for in terms of privacy without sacrificing any light or adding another design element.

  5. It looks great! I believe you had said you don’t really use your dishwasher, but if the globes for the light fixture are glass, they are likely top rack dishwasher safe! I do it all the time with the shades for my sconces, which are thin glass, I just leave them a lot of room in case they tip over or move around.

  6. Once the workshop is built into the car port, won’t it screen the backdoor from view? Maybe, leave the curtaining of that door until after that has happened … it is a lovely door!

  7. This is just so beautiful, Kristi! I’m not sure any artwork could improve upon this space! it’s perfect as is. OK, maybe just a tiny bit of artwork, but it doesn’t need much. 🙂

    1. I totally agree. There will be plenty of visual interest in adjacent areas. The floor alone is an eye catcher. The lighter green walls are very welcoming.

  8. Well, your brief respite from this huge project has certainly paid off. As always, your eye for the right color and attention to detail are flawless. Well done, Kristi! And thanks again for your beautiful posts which are all too easy for us to take for granted.

  9. I would put a statement piece above the French doors and hang small metallic pieces near the bathroom and closet doors. That’s what my eye sees, anyway. What about a decorative screen for the French doors? Something you can fold and put in a corner during the day?

  10. You have such pretty colors and designs elsewhere, A sconce on each entry wall, for softer lighting when large light is not needed, would be enough decor on those gorgeous walls. I’m sure what ever you choose to do will be beautiful. I love the light fixture and the new wall color.

  11. Love the subtle change in the wall color! And yeah, I know what you mean about cleaning that globe. We just had our bathroom gutted and remodeled. the dust was in places I didn’t think it could go such as in closed closets!!!! Looks beautiful!!!

  12. Would you please add a photo from low angle shooting up into the entry so we can get a feel for the ceiling area please? I find it hard to get that perspective from these shots. Thank you.

  13. Looks great! I’m curious why the light switch is placed so high? Or does it just look high from this perspective?

    1. The builder of my home placed all the light switches 34 inches from the floor. I love them this height. It makes way more sense for all users, and also easier to place artwork etc. I could never go back to the “standard” height.

  14. I like Justin’s gallery set up for rotating art too.

    To clean the light globes try vinegar water sprayed on then wipe with micro fibre clothes. Maybe a dusting them first. That vinegar water\micro clothe system works wonders on windows, mirrors and glass cook top ranges too.

    Have you thought of “window paper” on the doors for privacy? Home Depot sells it in the wallpaper department. There are two types: sticky on the back like mac tac or the kind that you just wet the vinyl film and it sort of floats on the glass until you get it right then you wipe it down and it sticks. I like the latter. They are both easy to wipe down when necessary. There are colourful choices and all sorts of clear patterns.

  15. Beautiful! Looks like you! I thought I liked the green better because all the trim is done. It’s just all good. Hope you are just enjoying it!

  16. It’s gorgeous, and the floor is artwork in itself! How about the suggestion above and frostjust the glass panes so all the black trim and doors are still showing. It would be a shame to cover up such a masterpiece. It you never put up another art piece, it would still be perfect. The whole space is a work of art.

    1. It all looks so beautiful Kristi – and I agree with Kate – I get excited when I see a new post.
      Sometimes, I save it for my coffee and quiet so I can read and enjoy uninterrupted. Your ideas sound great – looking forward to the next steps!

  17. This took my breath as I sucked air and said, “Oh so beautiful.”

    You are amazing. While I’m in love with your shop plan, I’m gonna miss that stunning light and view out of the French doors. Can’t wait til next post. My home is better because of your sharing. Thank you.

  18. It is beautiful! I am laughing though, because I saw this on FB yesterday. I usually get my email same day it shows up on FB. Didn’t happen this time.
    Nevertheless, I’m so impressed with this entry! It is great!

  19. If you ever saw my LR as well as a guest room in our old house (which I am sure you did not) you would know why I love this black/white/green scheme. Nice work! Thanks for the info re the green paint. At least on my computer, this looks a lot like the green paint Antibes in ASCP which I adore.

  20. Perfection!! With all the color and pattern in your studio I vote to keep this area free from extra decor. There is something about it to me that seems so dramatic this way… kind of a less is more look that just can’t be beat. IMHO 😉 Always, Kristi, your unique style comes together in ways I would never imagine and looks amazing… so I will be looking forward to whatever your create or not.

  21. As I look at the view you have shown here….the globes to the light fixture looks almost like clouds…and if you put any decoration above that door will distract that view I think…but just my opinion…I think something on the walls might look better…of course no matter what I say you will aloways come up with things that surprise and also inspire.

  22. Absolutely beautiful! Good call on the lighter green paint, it is a subtle difference but makes the perfect impact. That’s what I love about paint, it is relatively easy to change if it doesn’t look like you thought it was going to. You do such good, precise work. I am in awe of your skills.
    I am interested to see the solution you settle on regarding the french doors. They are so beautiful as is, but I know it is a creepy feeling to be in front of uncovered windows when it is dark outside.

  23. Love those three abstracts over the sideboard. Are those your art, and are they available to purchase?

    1. Abstracts in this post? I don’t see what you’re talking about. I did have three abstracts above a sideboard in my entry, that are now hanging over my piano. I did paint those, but I don’t have any for sale right now.