Can I Vent About Appliances For A Minute?

Good morning, all!  Well, first of all, let me apologize in advance if my attitude this morning seems a bit off.  I had such an incredibly frustrating weekend (related to my “other job”).  On top of that, I feel like I’m consistently running at about 95% of my total stress capacity lately.  I wake up almost every morning in a panic, and that’s NOT a pleasant way to start a day.  Plus, I slept very poorly last night.  Roll all those together, and you get a very grumpy Kristi.  🙂  So be forewarned.

Very soon, Matt and I will need to purchase a new refrigerator, gas range, washer and dryer.  And I’m sure I’m leaving out something, but my brain is too foggy right now to remember.

So I’ve spent hours over the last two weeks pouring over the appliance offerings at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Best Buy, and other stores, reading customer reviews, comparing features, etc.

Here’s my conclusion:

Appliances these days are made to be shiny and pretty, and it’s the finish that costs the thousands of dollars.  The actual quality of the appliances is lacking, nothing is built to last anymore, and whether or not they’ll even work when you get them out of the box and plug them in is anyone’s guess.  Appliance buying today is kind of like playing roulette.

The whole appliance shopping experience has been one huge frustration for me.

First of all, why the heck don’t we have more affordable color choices?!  It’s 2013, for goodness sake!!

White, black, and stainless steel.  That’s about all the color choices we have here in the good ‘ole U.S. of A.  Unless you want to pay about $10,000+ for a gas range, and another $8,000+ or so for a refrigerator.


I long for the day when beautiful appliances like these colorful glass front refrigerators will be available at reasonable prices

Colorful glass refrigerators
Photo via Reviewed.com

Now I know what you’re saying.

“Kristi, have you checked out the new Slate color?  Or what about the new White Ice!”

Yes.  I’ve checked them both out.  That leads me to another frustration.

A full suite of matching, quality, highly-rated appliances with actual options?  Nope.  Doesn’t exist.

I’m not a huge fan of stainless steel.  Just…no.  (Stainless steel appliances are right there with granite countertops for me.  Never had them, don’t like them, never want them.)

And black and white both seem so…well…boring.

So I thought I’d go with the GE Adora line in the newish color called Slate.  I actually really like it.  Really, really like it, in fact.

GE Adora gas range in slate

And the most amazing thing is that this gas range has a five star customer rating at both Home Depot and Lowe’s!!

So what’s the problem?  Well, when it comes to a matching refrigerator, you get basically once choice of style.  French door refrigerator on top, freezer on bottom.  You can choose whether or not you want a water/ice dispenser in the door.

GE Adora french door refrigerator in slate

When I polled all of you over on Facebook about your choice of refrigerator style, the overwhelming response was that this configuration was the favorite.  The problem is that I simply don’t think it’ll work for Matt.  In fact, for him, I think this is the least convenient configuration.  (Sadly, because it’s my favorite.)

Plus, our kitchen in the house will be so small that I really wanted a counter-depth refrigerator.

The ideal refrigerator for us (or, for Matt) would be a fridge/freezer side-by-side, counter depth, with no ice maker/water in the door.  (After reading literally hundreds of reviews on different fridges, I noticed that the overwhelming majority of negative reviews were all about in-the-door ice makers, so I can do without.)  The configuration/depth that we need simply isn’t available in this new color.  It’s French door or nothing.

So then I thought that perhaps the White Ice would work.  It’s really a pretty and interesting finish…not your grandmother’s white appliances.  🙂

Whirlpool white ice gas range

And this one is also highly rated.

They do have a side-by-side refrigerator, but it’s not counter depth, and it has an ice dispenser in the door.  I can live with that if I must (I’ll just have the service department on speed dial), and I can even live without it being counter depth if I must.

whirlpool white ice refrigerator

But what I don’t want to do is purchase an appliance that has a four-star rating at Home Depot, and a one-star rating at Lowe’s. (Three of the total six reviews were negative.)

Okay…so then I thought that maybe I was just being too picky about the color.  Perhaps stainless steel wouldn’t be the end of the world, and as long as I had a great quality, durable, long-lasting appliance, I could live with it.

So I googled “highest rated refrigerator 2013” to see what the highest rated side-by-side refrigerator is.  I came across this website that said the Samsung RSG309AARS was the highest rated side-by-side refrigerator, scoring a 10 out of 10 points in categories like appearance & capacity, storage & features, water & ice dispenser, energy & warranty, and help & support.

samsung refrigerator

That sounded great!  So I searched for it on the Home Depot website, and this is what I found…

samsung refrigerator ratings

Yep, that “highest rated side-by-side refrigerator of 2013” has not one, but two one-star customer ratings at Home Depot, and both of them are because of that darned in-the-door ice maker/dispenser and poor customer service in getting the ice maker issues resolved.

So to heck with it.  I’m frustrated, I’m over it, and I’m done appliance shopping for now.

Rather than spend thousands of dollars on appliances that may or may not work out of the box, and may or may not keep on working the first month I own them, and don’t even come in the size and configuration that I want…

Instead I think I’ll head down to my local used appliance store, pick up a stripped down, no-bells-or-whistles (and for goodness sakes…no electronics, no computers, no motherboards) refrigerator for a couple hundred dollars.  Then I’ll head to Home Depot and pick up a few cans of RustOleum spray paint in Midnight Blue…

rustoleum midnight blue…and I’ll see where that gets me.  At least that way, if my refrigerator craps out in a year, I can take comfort that I only spent a couple of hundred dollars rather than a couple of thousand dollars on a refrigerator that was a size and configuration that I didn’t want in the first place.

*Sigh*  Okay…rant over…for now.  🙂

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  1. Hahah. Totally fair rant. We went with stainless steel, but really, because it’s the only option! The white looked too 90s, the black sucked the light out of the room. So we were left with futuristic stainless steel. Sigh.

  2. I feel your pain! You are very right when you say nothing is made to last any more. My parents purchased a stove a few years ago and it’s done nothing but malfunction again and again. So when the repairman finally said there’s nothing more we can do they went shopping for a new one. All they wanted was a gas stove. Simple. No computer chip. No touch screen. Just a working gas stove. They had to special order what they wanted much to the horror of the sales associate who kept trying to convince them it was just too plain. My parents love it. It works great. Not a single problem since.

    Good luck in your search! Personally I think your plan to get something used and paint it is perfect. 🙂

  3. Oh Kristi, I feel your pain. Been there for sure. I think you have too much information. The people who leave reviews on websites are usually the people that are upset. (That’s the only time I leave a review.) I have a vacuum that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Online, it is just rated mediocre. Obviously you have a complex situation with wanting the counter-depth fridge, which leaves you very limited options. I suggest you find a local, ma and pop appliance store and see what they can do for you. If I remember correctly, they have the highest ratings on Consumer Reports for best prices and service. That is where I got my 4-piece kitchen appliances 4 years ago and I am still pleased with how everything worked out. Good luck! So stressful to spend money on appliances!

  4. Have you checked out the Sears Outlet Store (if you have one in the area). Kenmore is a great brand – much prefer over the Home Depot/Lowe’s line. I searched high and low for our Fridge and stand alone Freezer (side by side) they were regularly $1299.99 a piece. I hunted them down at the Outlet store (which you have to frequent often to find what you are looking for). One day I found the SET that actually belonged together, they had a special on of 30% off their already low price. I paid $700.00 for the fridge and (because the guy made a boo-boo and gave me another 30% off (this would be twice ) I paid $450.00 for the freezer. I paid less than what one would have cost me!! Kenmore Elite is the best line. Same happened to me for our front load washer and dryer. You have to be patient and go often and you will find great buys and great quality!! Please Note that I am in Canada and I am not sure if you have one available near you!

      1. I was going to suggest that myself. Sometimes they have minor flaws, but other times if they’re there, you can’t see them. We got the frig in the configuration you prefer, but doesn’t work for Matt and in a counter depth because we needed every inch in that walkway. At the Sears outlet it was $1k and it seemed to be around $1k elsewhere. Crazy. We got our appliances at our last house there as well.

  5. I love the slate color in your photos but would feel the same about limited options of the frig model.

    I have seen the “Ice” in black and white. It is very flat looking and looks like it would be easily dented on the “crisp” corners if you had active people (aka children) around the frig.

    I love your idea of paint. I have seen photos where people have painted their frig in chalk paint turning the whole frig into a chalk board! http://pinterest.com/pin/362187995002079822/

      1. I don’t know what color options they have available, but there is a special self priming epoxy paint that is supposed to be used for appliances. I’ve never used it myself. I just know it exists.

          1. What an amazing find!! I spent another three hours yesterday looking at appliances, and I thought I found the exact ones I wanted. But now I’m tempted to buy used just so I can use this paint!!

  6. Ha, you are so right that appliances are NOT made to last anymore. My mom inherited a stove and refrigerator from her mother when I was little. The stove was from the late 40’s or early 50’s and the fridge from the 60’s. Neither were remotely new when Mom got them. They lasted her decades on top of the decades they had already been around.

    Sadly they both finally wore out. The fridge finally started rusting in critical places despite the fact it still ran! The stove had major parts go out that were simply no longer able to be replaced. It was a sad day when each went. The stove replacement has been okay, but they been through multiple fridges since then. None have been trouble free. Had to have one repairmen to fix the old fridge in 40 years. We’ve been through two since both have had multiple repair calls. So much for progress!

    I think you’re on to something with buying used. At least you’re not paying a premium for something that probably won’t last.

  7. My wife and I just went through this when we purchased our home that was built in 1913. The kitchen was not designed with a fridge in mind, and our previous rental fridge was huge. We went with this fridge and we are very happy with it.


    We always wasted leftovers in our old fridge, that doesn’t happen in the new. Plus its not very expensive and its very energy efficient.

  8. I so understand this post! I have no idea why appliance manufacturers only make a few colors. We have a french door stainless steel fridge. I like it fine, but I actually miss my side-by-side sometimes. The freezer on the bottom is a hole where things get buried because it’s just a deep pit and you can’t find things unless you literally dig through it. The side by side, even if narrower, allowed me to at least see things better. I like the idea of painting your fridge in that beautiful midnight blue. I’ve seen a few chalkboard ones too that were kind of cute. I have heard some auto paint shops will also paint appliances and they have a durable finish but not sure the cost.

  9. Hi Kristi! I say get the slate ones! You will use the fridge the most anyway and I think he will like the french doors when he gets used to it, as you have so much more usable room than a side by side. You can get them with out the water in the door and there is an icemaker inside the freezer on the top shelf!! I like stainless steel but they always look smudged, drives me crazy.

    1. It’s not a matter of Matt getting used to them. It’s a matter of him being able to use them at all. I just can’t see him physically being able to pull out a big freezer drawer, or struggling to open a French door refrigerator.

      Edit: I should add that Matt is in a wheelchair, just in case you didn’t know that. 😉

  10. I think the reason manufacturer’s chose not to use trendy colours, is for that reason…they are a trend. In a short year or so…they lose their popularity. Remember avacado green or gold appliances? My parents had all matching appliances….in Almond!
    I love black or stainless…when I see a gorgeous kitchen with white appliances, I think how great it would look with black appliances…just to kick up the wow factor!
    My friend spray painted her fridge & it looked amazing…but since it was an electricity pig….she chose a newer, energy efficient model.
    I am sure whaterver model or colour you choose….it will look gorgeous.


    1. You know, I was thinking about the whole “trendy colors” issue, but I really don’t think that would be a difficult problem to solve. I think a manufacturer could easily develop a line of appliances, much like the glass-front refrigerators shown in the first picture in this post, that has interchangeable panels behind the glass. That way, there would only be one line of appliances, but they would just need to come out with different colored panels each season. I really think some smart appliance manufacturer would do well with something like that, and product designers could easily come up with something like that.

      1. They used to make dishwashers that way, I had one that came with 2 or 3 panels that had different front and backs. They stored in the door, with the unused panel(s) behind the selected front panel. Very easy to change the look. Wish the fridge was like that!

        1. I was thinking the same thing as Kristi. I had one of those dishwashers – actually I still have it. When I tried to order a new panel in a different color, which they started out doing, they no longer made them. So I took mine out an painted it the same color as my cabinets.

      2. You are absolutely right…if they can do it for dishwashers, why not for other appliances? I’ve seen fridges & dishwasher fronts done to match the cabinetry too.

        And the auto body shop is a great idea…they may have “high heat” paint (like bar-b-que paint) that will endure the hot temps. We have a shop here called Spray All…where they can spray near anything…old or new!

        Remember mac-tac (that decorative sticky patterned plastic)…growing up…we had a neighbour who used to mac-tac her fridge! She had an old, old fridge…that worked great…but looked pretty beat up…so she covered it with pattern, lol!

  11. You might try taking your refrig. to a local auto body shop. They do a great lasting paint job and it really is not very expensive. A huge variety of color options!

    1. That’s a great idea! I wonder if they could do a stove too. I know that can’t do the top (the part that actually gets really hot), but I’d bet they could do the “body” of the stove, including the door of the oven. Definitely something to look into!

  12. Honestly I think your plan is a huge win rather than a lousy defeat. Have you considered a vintage gas range? I bought a 1950 Magic Chef gas range and am in LOOOOOVE! It’s so heavy, durable, and my local gas company gave it a look and said its in fantastic shape. Other than clearing two cobwebs out of the jets and converting the orofice opening from natural to propane gas it was ready to run. The burners are iron, the griddle is plated iron, the oven racks are heavy and durable. Basically it’s a workhorse! I really wanted to get my grandpa’s old fridge too, but my husband deemed it electrically unreliable. Both of our new appliances (Samsung refrigerator and dishwasher) have died and needed servicing. And here I am with a 63 year old range with zero issues. Plus, a blue fridge will look so great! You could definitely pull it off. Don’t buy into the disposable trend of appliances if you don’t want to.

    1. Oh wow, you really lucked out with that vintage gas range!! Sounds amazing! Maybe I’ll see something like that on Craigslist. But then again, in Waco, there’s seldom anything good on Craigslist, so I won’t hold my breath.

      1. Keep on the lookout! I stalked CL for a few months before I found the perfect one. I paid $450 for it, which was on par with a low-end modern model and is infinitely better! I just did a quick search and found some in College Station and the Dallas area, mine was from Houston. Sometimes you’ll find them at antique malls as well. A friend of mine found an adorable pink one for her kitchen. Good luck! And don’t hang up your hat just yet. You still have time. It may not be ideal but we had to use a camp stove and little convection oven for a few months when our modern oven died and I found a “new” old one. Better to wait on the perfect one than throw money away on the cheap junk.

  13. I’ll be in the same position as you soon with my fridge. The one I have is 30 years old, and so
    far works well, but is making some odd noises recently. I’m hanging on to it until it dies, but have shopped online and read reviews also. The Samsung you showed was purchased by a friend. The mother board on hers has crapped out TWICE! While I love new technology, I really don’t want to deal with problems like that with kitchen appliances.

    1. Exactly! I have a hard enough time keeping my laptop computer running smoothly. The fewer computers (and computerized appliances) I have in my life, the happier I’ll be. Just give me the stripped down, reliable appliances any day over the new computerized everything with all the bells and whistles! 🙂

  14. Painting is a great idea, but I have to agree they don’t make appliances like they used to. My fridge is 12 years old and about to be repaired for the 4th time ! Gas stove also 12 years old and has been repaired twice. Very discouraging.

  15. I’m with you, Kristi. I always buy my appliances from a used appliance store in our town. They have models that are removed from model homes and condos, plus some gently used pieces. Their inventory changes often. And they service what they sell, at reasonable prices!

    Good luck in your search!

  16. I hear ya Kristi. We bought a front loading waher and dryer from Sears Outlet for 40% off and it was a great deal. Also bought a fridge for 30% off. Both are slate/stainless but I swear those front loaders do not use enough water to get the funk out the clothes. For your situation, I think you are spot on about saving money buying “good” used appliances and spraying them to your hearts desire. Way to take control. I love it.

  17. Kristi, I am so with you on this. Make fun of the pink kitchens back in the 50’s but at least they HAD choices. I am renovating a 1957 house and it is just me so I got a really small fridge from LG and I LOVE it. It is counter depth, fridge on bottom with drawers. Yes it’s tiny BUT it fits where the fridge was meant to go in my kitchen. A friend of mine that was moving from her house to a new one and upgraded her appliances to sell her house gave me her “old” gas range and dishwasher to save me some money due to the costly reno on this house. Appliances cost a FORTUNE and they don’t last as long as they used to. Maybe this is good with the new energy efficient technology but it is frustrating. You can also paint your fridge with chalk paint. But of course not the stove so things don’t match. It is frustrating. Would love SMEG appliances but seriously? Carla

  18. Wish I had some advice, but this is too hard for me! I do like the idea to paint a fridge. Even if you don’t end up liking the color, you can always put a different color on. It even sounds like fun. Try, though, to get the counter depth appliance. You will not be sorry, and it looks so much more streamlined than some fridge that sticks out 8 or 9 inches into the kitchen area. And I am in total agreement with you about granite countertops! My last two homes had granite, and I am not a fan. Hate having to make sure it’s all shiney. I don’t know what my next house will have, but granite is not it.

  19. I went through the same thing just a few months ago. My cabinets are a medium wood and actually white appliances look good with them. I also read a ton of reviews, searching for the right appliance, only to find there wasn’t one of them that didn’t have a complaint by someone. In the end, I went for what looked good to me. They were all from Sears but each a different brand. And, I found a refrigerator without a water dispenser (I really didn’t want a water dispenser) and all my appliances were on sale. So far, everything is working beautifully but I did buy an extended warranty just because, as you said, nothing is made to last anymore!

  20. It seems the newer an appliance is, the shorter time it will last. Our 1st fridge lasted 23 years, our 2nd lasted only 10. Similar results for washing machines. Also the new water saving technology for washers and dishwashers doesn’t get stuff as clean as the water hogging ones. Even though Consumer Reports recommends NOT buying the extended warranties, we get them now, especially for fridges. We’ve come out ahead on our last 2 fridges.

    1. Plus, they took out the “good” stuff in soaps (laundry and dishwasher) that got them cleaner. It’s like 2 strikes against us now!

  21. I agree. When we bought our house 27 years ago my kitchen had avocado appliances. I have a large wall oven- which I love. So, I apray painted everything white- just to cover that awful green. Came out great! And that was before they had appliance paint like they do now. I used engine paint on the stove and cooktop- that worked very well. The paint held up longer than the appliances!
    Go forth and spray your favorite color!

  22. Yes! Okay first I have to say THANK YOU! For stating that stainless and granite is NOT ALL THat! I am so sick of blah blah stainless and slab granite. I am sure there is some granite that is pretry, but to me it all looks the same. I don’t care if people like it but holy crap, not everyone does! Plus, it’s nice to know that I am not the only one who does not want a water dispenser on the fridge. I just want a freakin’ ice maker inside… right now I have to buy ice or go freeze and release method…Second of all… I would totally do the same thing on the fridge. The prices are #@+$?& redonkulous! Do not even get me started on washer and dryer. I just want a basic fridge. Have you looked at the spaceships for a washer and dryer lately… seriously complicated looking. Which call me a cynic but in my experience, the more bells and whistles, the shorter the lifespan. No fancy washer and dryer for me. I want my good ol’ front loader and basic dryer like I have now. As for the stove, my only request is that it be gas. Yeah, good luck with that. I am with you on decking one out. I hope you’ll keep us posted.

  23. I looked for months for appliances with the features I wanted and did end up getting stainless but all four from different companies, yet they match, stainless with black trim. They look nice and each has what I want . One more tip ,Sears price matches. We saved $1000 on our stove because some appliance store in our area had a fantastic sale in the model we wanted. Sears did not bat an eye at giving us the appliance at that price and their replacement guarantee cannot be beat.

  24. I would go with a wolf stove in changeable handles in many colors and a fridge with panels to match the cabinets as well for the dishwasher. Somehow to me the stove is like the hearth of the kitchen and playing that up is really inviting. All the rest of the appliances blend nicely with the cabinets and look timeless.

  25. That was actually a very educating rant. My parents just got rid of their dishwasher that they’ve had for about 25 years…. and they told our local appliance guy… “We’ll see you in another quarter century” and he told us “Nope, in a couple of years… they aren’t designed to last anymore.” How depressing is that! How much are we wasting to buy and throw out these large appliances every few years. Why not make them so they last and so it’s worth fixing them. It definitely irritates me and I don’t even have a house yet to buy appliances for. I do think your idea to buy a used one and paint it is terrific. Why settle for something you don’t like. Perhaps in the interim you’ll look around and find the perfect combo with good reviews on all fronts!

  26. When I was looking for my new washer and dryer recently, I called a friend who had a consumer reports subscription and went with one they recommended. I didn’t deal with reading reviews and it’s worked out really well. I bought them in January. I will agree that there aren’t many options in colors, but you can get a consumer reports subscription for just a month that might help you find a good set of appliances that will last. Good luck! I’d love to see your blue fridge!

    1. I totally recommend checking out Consumer Reports; but even then, sometimes they get it wrong. The car I have owned for 7 years is not recommended by Consumer Reports, but I have not had a minute’s trouble with it!

  27. Just a suggestion. Habitat for Humanity have Restore locations, where sometimes they will have a donation of new appliances available for the public to purchase as a truly discounted price. They also offer building materials etc. Recently the local location here had a a few sets of the high priced front load washer dryer with storage underneath, these were brand spanking new, they were donated because they were the floor models and last ones of the ‘season’ . They had the entire set for less than $1000. It wouldn’t hurt to look them up to see if there is one in your area. These Restore sites are amazingly economical, plus the money from the purchases go into helping Habitat for Humanity and the community.

  28. I understand! When I first got married we bought appliances from a local independently owned store with great repair guys. I spent MANY dollars in repairs that were either caused by improper installation by them or incorrect diagnosis of the problem. 3 years ago I moved to a speck house with all the kitchen appliances. SOOOO glad I still have my 20 yr old washer/dryer. These appliances were fancy stainless steel looking. I had never used a gas stove before and was told they are very hot. Well after many service calls I found out I got a wimpy stove. I CAN NOT BOIL WATER. The fridge has required 2 service calls. The dishwasher and micro are not wonderful either. None of this was told me by the retailer. There simply are not machines out there for people who actually cook or wash dirty cloths!

    I would love it if you could use this as a starting point for a revolt against the companies!

  29. I personally think it is a wise decision based on the fact that moving and purchasing a new home can be so expensive anyway….this is an option which is less expensive and will allow you to actually live in the home first and then later when the moving and first expenses calm down to make a slow and processed decision on the appliances that work in your home. Used appliances usually have a longer run time than most think. I purchased a used washer when I first moved to a home….12 years ago (it had a 30 day warranty)….it is still working….now washers usually go out quicker than any other appliance…but this one….a Maytag is running much longer than I would ever have thought….in fact for $125.00 for 12 years….what can you get that is better than that? Not even a car can compare….

  30. When it rains it pours! Just had to buy a new washer & dryer, then fridge of 6 years stopped working, oh and before that one of the air conditioners stopped cooling. I have a GE fridge in the garage that is 36 years old and still going. They say the sensors in the fridge are bad (Samsung) so have been with out it for 5 days now (not fun) they are suppose to be here tomorrow to install sensors–if that’s what’s wrong with it. Oh the joy’s of being a home owner. Renting does have it’s perks!

  31. I agree with your rant. What about the color makes it soooo expensive. Also appliance repair people will be in short order soon. If your washing machine breaks it is cheaper to buy a new one than have the old one fixed. We are in a disposable society now, and wonder why our landfills are full. My mothers countertop stove and wall oven with butlers doors were original to the house 1950 and was still working perfectly, even the clock on the oven, when the house was sold in 2008. Anyway, just an anecdote to your rant. We needed a new dishwasher about 3yrs ago, my husband at the time worked for Sears so w/his discount and a sale I thought we’d be all set. Got it a week later. We picked it up at the store, brought it up stairs to the kitchen unpacked it and it looked like an elephant had sat on it. No really, hug dent on top and the top of the door crushed. We had to pack it back up and back down the stairs so it could be driven back to the store. Had to wait another week for a new one. So much for having an “in” being an employee of the store. I was NOT a happy camper. Filing away the info shared about used appliances and auto body shops.

    1. I love, love, LOVE it!!! And judging by the handles on the door, I’d say that the freezer on bottom has a door, rather than being one big drawer. That would be MUCH better for Matt. I wish they had the prices listed!

  32. I must be the minority here. I love my stainless appliances. I have the Frigidaire Professional Series. I also love my ice and water on the door. I’ve never had any issues (knock on wood) with any of them. I wouldn’t mind the Viking colored appliances though. Someday if I win the lottery, I will have orange appliances! Good luck with your shopping.

  33. We were looking for a new washer and dryer this summer. I went into a local appliance store and told the owner that I was looking for a new washer and dryer because my washer was having trouble. Before I even started looking, he said, “My advice to you is fix your old ones. New appliances have lots of bells and whistles, but they aren’t built to last.” I took his advice and had mine fixed. That doesn’t speak well for today’s appliances when a man who makes his living selling them will tell you not to buy them. Good luck with your move. Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride.

  34. I really do feel your pain. I bought a refrigerator, gas range, dishwasher and washer/dryer back in November of last year. The ratings were confusing, at best. At least I like stainless steel 🙂
    I did come to the conclusion, that for what was available to me at the time, the whirlpool seemed to be the most reliable, and maytag for the w/d. I just got the extended warranties with all of them. I don’t know anyone who has been happy with their Samsung.

    If you are cool with the used appliances, I think that is a great way to go. Also, you might get them painted by a body shop/motorcycle shop. That would be so awesomely fun! Love that robins egg/turquoise/aqua-ish blue color.

  35. I am glad you shared this. I have been confused with a decision over finishes for quite some time. Painting may just very well be the answer.

  36. I think you are definitely on the right track, Kristi! New = over priced. I hardly buy anything brand new. Love your paint-it-yourself idea, which we have done ourselves, too. It would be more expensive, but I’ve heard of taking the appliance to an autobody shop to be painted, too. More durable finish.

  37. Have you looked for retro or vintage appliances. I know I have seen a turquoise refrigerator on HGTV or TLC. The concern with paint is that it will chip with the kind of use you have in the kitchen. I also think it is the constant cleaning that would not do well for paint. Have you considered covering the refrigerator with cabinetry. I know it is not a DIY project, but the results are great. Just saying there are alternatives to paint. Love your work.

  38. You’re completely right about “not made to last” and also, “not made to repair.” When we bought our home, we got a brand-new washer (GE from Lowes…not the best, but good name) and a brand-new chest freezer (Kenmore from Sears). Both died within a year…the freezer, just a month outside the one-year warranty. Thankfully, Sears still honored the warranty. But get this…

    In the case of the washer, they had to replace the entire motor because a part died that’s attached to the motor that they apparently couldn’t buy separately…everything’s made in one piece these days.

    For the freezer, they ended-up replacing it because again, a small $5 pressure switch went but Sears doesn’t stock just the switch as a replacement part, so they would have had to replace the entire compressor. The compressor, for some silly manufacturing or distribution reason, would have cost as much as an entire new freezer, so they just gave me a new freezer.

    One thought about the used fridge… Fridges (even the cheap ones) have had dramatic increases in efficiency and environmental friendliness, even within the last 5-10 years. If you buy yourself a 10 year old fridge, you might find your electric bill skyrocketing. You’re probably better off buying a cheap model, floor model, or something that you know is no more than say 5 years old.

  39. The blue refridgerator sounds great but then what do you do about the stove? That takes special paint because of the heat, right? You know you want matching appliances. I can tell you I went thru this recently myself and finally went with basic white. I got a french door refridgerator with ice and water in door and love it and have had no problems. It isn’t counter depth because those were too high. White never goes out of style. Mine is whirlpool and we love it. Hope this helps.

  40. I hear you! We replaced all of our kitchen appliances (stove, refrig, dishwasher and microwave) within 6 months. Our stove (age 25) was expected and we knew it was on borrowed time. So, we went to Sears (I happen to like Kenmore appliances) and bought a stove and decided to replace our dishwasher as it was original to the house (35 years)and not doing a very good job of cleaning anymore. As added incentive the guy at Sears said we could purchase a microwave for half price for buying two major appliances so that sweetened the deal. We toyed with buying a refrig but it was only 10 years old. Unfortunately, 6months later it started to have a temperature variation. When I called the repairman the first question was ‘How old is it?’ When I told him he told me it wasn’t worth fixing it because 10 years is about all you can expect out of an appliance. Gee, nothing like quality appliances anymore, I guess. So back to Sears we went for a new one. The appliance guy at Sears also confirmed that 10 years is about all you get from appliances these days. So, hang in there Kristi and remember when you go to replace these appliances, see if you can ‘make a deal’ with the store to get some free or half-prices on the package deal.

  41. March 2010 we purchased a Samsung French door frig from Lowes. The salesman suggested we get the extended warranty. Thank goodness we did. Now I loved my frig but last month it started beeping every thirty seconds so I called Samsung. It was out of warranty so they told me to call repair. When I got out the manual to get info for repair I found the warranty paperwork. Thank goodness! Samsung no longer makes or has any control panels for my THREE YEAR OLD frig! They kept sending out a Celsius panel and it won’t work on the Fahrenheit model. The warranty company gave us our full purchase price refund. Now I have to find another frig….sigh!

  42. First, I really hate touch screens and electronic buttons – they wear out so fast and look gross. Second, WOW I never thought about spray painting an appliance to work with my painted cabinets, great idea – and did you know, for things that get hot ie. the oven/stove, there is special engine spray paint in good colors that you can get at the auto shop? Third, I think you are right on track to get something from the scratch and dent store. Fourth and last, you could just NOT USE the icemaker. That’s what we do with ours.

    1. I mean the water and ice dispenser. We don’t use the icemaker either but my point is you could get one with the configuration you need and ignore the front ice & water panel.

  43. I hear you, I just went through this to replace my dying appliances. I have a small ranch house so when I put in the dimensions into any website, my options went down to very few. I like white since my kitchen is so dark. I found a good deal at Best Buy, but omg, the install was so painful, three trips for three appliances, and yes, now I’m afraid of them breaking down sooner than later. I love your idea of buying used and painting them. I wish I had thought of that. On the plus side, with complaining about the bad service, I got deeper discounts and my 3 major appliances (fridge, range, dishwasher) only cost me $1700 total.

  44. I understand ur pain. I went thru it last yr when I bought my first homr. My parents applicences ahave lasted for almost 30 years. Iwas not confident that I would find anything that would last that long…mainly because appliances have waaay more electronics in them nowadays. I will say I do have the Samsung side by side and I love it. thr other thing is…if u can hold out until black friday deals……..everything will be dirt cheap…stupid cheap! Good luck and wooooohaaaaash. Deep breath!

  45. Kristy – Love reading your blog, especially since you are writing from Waco. When I first read your comment about not getting a refrigerator with a door water/ice maker, my first thought was…don’t forget what Waco water tastes like! Having cold, filtered water in our frig has really helped at our house.

    1. Haha! Believe me, we do NOT drink Waco water from the tap. 😀 I drink Ozarka purified water, and Matt only drinks water that has been purified in his Berkey water filter. Yeah…Waco water is awful, especially during those certain times of year when it SMELLS like dirt and algae coming right from the tap. I can’t even make myself drink it.

  46. Kristi, you can always get a frig. with the water spigot on the insidewall of the frig. And if you do not want any icemaker issues, just dont hook it up..ever.

  47. All very valid points. Why don’t they make more color options available? However, I do have to disagree about the issues of Ice/water Dispensers. We’ve had a Kenmore Side by Side Counter Depth for almost 6 years and have not had one issue with it. We just change the filter. I do think there are still some great products out there.

    Good luck!

  48. Just wanted to mention that I am under the impression to stay away from Samsung refrigerators. Also, you seem to like gray appliances, and you can buy all kinds and brands in a type of stainless steel finish that is a satina brush type finish….not shiny, no fingerprints. I have that finish and love it

  49. Yup. Been there. Done that. We bought a new house last October. I did the same thing…research, research, research. We needed everything…fridge, gas range, washer/dryer. I chose what I THOUGHT would be the best deal. Yea. We had to send the gas range back because it wouldn’t work. We had to send the washer back THREE TIMES because something either didn’t work from the get-go or something broke on installation.
    And I’m STILL not happy with the range OR the washer.
    Yup. If I had it to do again, I’d buy used and a buncha spray paint.

  50. Oh, Kristi…:-) Here’s another option: (from the Dollar Stretcher newsletter)

    Changing Appliance Colors
    We’ve painted a fridge and a dishwasher with melamine paint and a foam roller. They both have looked great for years. They have that “no fingerprint” texture because of the foam roller. We’ve also painted two range hoods this way with great results.

  51. Hi Kristi, maybe you already made a commitment, but I had really good luck finding an amazing 50s fridge by scouring estate sale ads online. found a darling little hot point for $85. But I will warn you it weighs a TON! anyway, enjoying your blog and especially some of the appliance painting tips here. Appliance painting is on my to do list big time! Good luck.


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  53. I know this is an older post but I had to throw in our experience with appliance painting. Had an almond colored fridge and hated the color. Researched and found a man who literally spray painted our fridge white right in the middle of our kitchen! Used an electromagnetic paint and wire leads to the metal legs of the fridge. As the paint sprayed out, it went no where else but onto the charged surface of the fridge. Beautiful glossy white and it was super durable and the best part….cheaper than buying a new white refrigerator!