Dining Room Walls – Three Paint Options

I literally spent the whole day yesterday caulking the trim in my dining room. And I didn’t finish. But the good news is that I should be able to finish the caulking this morning, and then start on painting this afternoon. I’m hoping I can finally finish these walls today…or get pretty darn close.

That means I have about four hours to make my final decision regarding how I want to paint my walls. I’ve tossed around a lot of ideas, but now it’s time to actually make a decision and get it done.

What I do know is that my draperies will be black with a trim–either the black and white Greek key…

premier towers fabric that I'll use as Greek key trim along the leading edge of my drapery panels

…or the green and white that I originally purchased a while back to use as trim…

dining room drapery fabric - 1

…on the leading edge of each panel. I’m actually leaning towards the green and white. And I’m definitely doing to use the acrylic drapery rods with brass rings and brackets.

acrylic curtain rods from The Hunted Interiorvia The Hunted Interior

My fireplace and overmantel will be white, as will the walls underneath the chair rail.

So with those decisions made, here are the options that I’ve considered for my walls (and ceiling!), which look like this right now.

dining room picture frame moulding and trim progress - 8

dining room picture frame moulding and trim progress - 7

Option 1: Everything white

I really like this option because it keeps the room light and bright. But there’s just something about all-white rooms that don’t quite seem “me.” They just seem cold to me, and they also seem at odds with my intense love of color.

Option 2: White walls, green ceiling

I couldn’t find a good example showing a green ceiling, but this is close enough. Like I said, I really do like the idea of all-white walls, and I think if I can have color on the ceiling, then that will remove that cold feeling that I get from all-white rooms…plus give me some of the color that I long for. I think this is a good compromise for me.

Option 3: White under chair rail, green above

sarah richardson kid free retreat bedroom designvia Sarah Richardson Design

This was the direction I was headed when I originally decided to do picture frame  moulding above the chair rail. And every time I think I’ve decided to go with one of the above options, I come back to this picture and second guess myself. Of course, we’ve all learned by now that I don’t do gray. So I thought doing a pale green above the chair rail would achieve this same two-tone look while being more in keeping with my personality. The thing that I love the most about this option is that it gives some definition between the walls and the window and door casings…at least above the chair rail.

I’m really torn, and the countdown clock is on. I should be able to finish up caulking this morning, and then spend an hour priming some areas. Then I’ll be ready to paint. If I can’t make a firm decision by that time, I’m just going to write each idea down on a piece of paper, put them in a bowl, and let Matt pick one at random. 🙂



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    1. Me too! It’s very unexpected. I love the white on the bottom half/colir on the top, too and it’s a safe option. I just like the uniqueness of the colored ceiling 🙂

    2. I love the idea of the green ceilings, it just seems so unexpected. I also like the idea of the white trim with the green above, but it seems safe 🙂

      1. Add me to the chorus of white walls, green ceiling!! You ended up with a lot of molding in a smallish space and I think the green ceiling helps it recede and not look too busy.

    3. White walls and any color your heart desires on the ceiling. The room just has so much going on that it’s just screaming for white walls in my opinion. With all of the accents that you have planned for the room it will hardly be cold or devoid of personality.

    4. I love the idea of a colored ceiling. All mine are a pale blue, I use it to balance all the warm colors I have going on on the walls, drapes, furniture, etc. I think it will look very good and give you the color in the room. You can always repaint if you hate it.

  1. Start with all white-you can always go back and add the green once you hang a drape and add a few accessories,if it seems too blah for you!

    1. That is my thought as well. I don’t think your space will look cold because visually you’ll be breaking it up with the draperies. Everything will have a chance to pop against the white. I like the idea of the green ceiling but there doesn’t seem to be a logical place to end it without going into the music room too.

      1. Oh, I completely forgot you have the planked ceiling in the music room. But all the more reason I wouldn’t do the green ceiling. I think with the colors and features in the music room the dining room and entry ceiling and walls could be a bit more subtle. I don’t think there is any way the space will look cold after the draperies, furnishing and accessories.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. I adore the look of the two tones, but I think you should start out with the white walls and green ceiling. If you decide to go with the green drapes, it will look gorgeous!!

  2. So two major decisions, curtain trim color and wall color/s. I would lean towards the lack and white trim on the curtains rather than the green as I think the black and white would look more elegant and give you more options later on. Secondly, and these are only my suggestions, I like the white walls up to the chair rail with the pale green walls above. A green that ties in with your kitchen but obviously much, much lighter😀

  3. Option 3! It’s the closest to what you’ve always talked about doing in that room (since you bought the house amd talked about grasscloth) and there has to be a reason you keep going back to it. 🙂
    I’m also one for color on walls and I currently have one room in my house that is all white and I hate it!
    I would think if you did white walls and green ceiling you would end up with weird green overcast on the walls at different times of the day. I can’t imagine that wouldn’t drive you nuts.

  4. I vote for OPTION 3, it looks the most “Kristi” – a good thing – and it shows off all of the trim work you have done.

  5. I suggest white walls, green ceiling and the black and white green key. Then accessorize with some green items. I can’t remember though, does that ceiling connect into the music room or would it be separate?

  6. I like Marcella’s comment. Keep it white till you get the drapes up. If you must choose one of these options today, I’d do the balck and white trim, all white walls and green ceiling.

  7. I know it was a lot of work, but I absolutely love all the trim. It is beautiful.
    I like the idea of white below and the green above. As you said, all white doesn’t seem ‘you.’
    But the curtains? What a dilemna! I like both options. My only question would be as to whether the green would be matchy-matchy with the green paint, or be off enough to be a bother. Hard to tell from the pictures. I do like how the green looks like your music room doors.

  8. I like the green above the white …but I really like them all…Id have a hard time deciding too…but all in all…I think that would be such a nice look w the green and white drapes.

  9. I am another that hopes you will go with option 3. So glad to hear I am not the only one that doesn’t get the grey thing, to me it is very cold, no warmth at all, reminds me of an ugly cement block wall!
    I will anxiously await your next post or two to see what you have decided on.

  10. White walls, green ceiling,green curtain trim! This pulls the green throughout the room. The white walls will let the ART of your Coral side board and the colorful upholstered chairs shine! And the ceiling light will have a lovely color above it! You can the pull some green into the music room with accessories! So excited for you!

  11. With you love of color, I vote #3. I hate how sterile white makes a room feel. I would wait to make your decision on the curtains until after you paint. You may not like the green fabric against another shade of green.

    Whatever you decide, I just know I will love it!!!

  12. White walls! I just don’t think you need the color on the walls with ALL the color you will be incorporating through your room. The ceiling can be green, but you just won’t need the color on the bottom portion of your room with your drapes, upholstered chairs, buffet, piano, and accent pieces… There is no chance it will feel cold.

  13. If it were me, and this is just my opinion, I would keep it all white and do the black curtains with the green and white trim. BUT, and this is just my opinion, if I did green on the ceiling or walls, I would probably do the black curtains with the black and white trim. For some reason, I’m having a hard time “seeing” the green trim with the green paint. But, it is a beautiful room now, with lots of beautiful natural light (from the new windows!) and your amazing trim work. I’m sure whatever you decide will be beautiful. That’s probably why you’re having such a hard time deciding!

  14. Option 3! I agree with what Ashley said above, you’ve been talking about doing more of a “two-tone” look the whole time 🙂

    So I think you won’t be happy with plain white, even if you did option 2 with a green ceiling. BUT obviously your decision!! It will look great no matter what

  15. My two cents is on white bottom and if you must green above. You need a contrast color and black/white would work great. Buy a panel and put it up there for a day or two and live with it. I know how hard it is to make color decisions but I have faith in you. You are very talented and will make the right choice whatever you choose…..Rebecca

  16. One good thing about paint is that it is that it is “just paint”! If you paint and change your mind, it is a easy fix!

    I do know, that whatever you decide on it will be stunning. I wish I had the skill and courage you do to do everything you have done with your home. What an inspiration you are!

  17. I vote option 3.

    I also vote that you have polls on your blog somehow. I’d love to quickly see everyone’s input when you ask for opinions. 🙂 More people would probably vote too. But maybe you don’t want that… 🙂

    Either way, I love the blog.

    1. Yes! I was just thinking a poll would be fun, and easier for you maybe. I also vote for option 3, although the green ceilings are intriguing.

  18. I would personally do the all the white. You have white bottom/black top in an adjoining room. I think it would start to look a bit choppy doing the white/green combo next to it. I do like the thought of a green ceiling though. Unexpected and fun, but still elegant with all the molding.

    I would wait on the curtain decision until I had the walls done though!

    1. I hadn’t thought of this, but I completely agree about how the music room has black/white walls. All white is my vote. I believe you’ve said before that you don’t like to put in all the effort on the trim and then have it fade into the white, but I completely disagree that it doesn’t stand out. You don’t need contrast to make it stand out, especially when you’re doing quality work.

      If you do all white, then I think the black drapes with the green trim is really nice. If you do any green on the walls or ceiling, I would do the black drapes with the black trim.

      I think the green ceiling looks nice, but I’d be wary since you have a “feature” ceiling in the adjoining music room (planks) and in the bathroom (wood planks). If it was my house, I’d be worried about it starting to feel like a “this is all the things you can do to ceilings” show house/blog post. 🙂

    2. I had the same thought about the black/white music room, then the green/white dining room. It will feel like the house is cut in half horizontally. I like the all white – it will make the room feel taller. I liked the green ceiling, too, but Christine has a valid point about all the finished ceilings. The white will be a beautiful backdrop for all of the fabrics and color you will bring in when you get to the decorating stage.

  19. I think all white is boring too. I would chose the green above the chair rail in a light complementary shade that would go with green trim on your drapes. You know with all those windows and light a green ceiling will cast a weird color on white walls.

  20. I wouldn’t paint the ceiling in a colour as I find that it always feels much lower than a white one (to me coloured ceilings only ever work when they are really really high). I’m all for option 3 as the green on the walls would be beautiful to me! If the green fabric is not clashing with it, I would use it as accent on the draperies, otherwise I would choose the safe option and use the black and white one. I’m really curious which will be YOUR decision, though, and guess whatever it is, it will either look fabulous or you go on changing it until it does 😉

  21. For what it’s worth, I like the green (or any color) walls over the white wainscoting. It’s classic, simple, and not too busy. But I know you’ll choose the right one for you. 🙂

    Completely off-topic, TOH showed a painting technique last weekend that reminded me of you for some reason. They had this artist come-in. She did a custom design and a set of 3 custom stencils (hand-cut with an exacto-knife). Then she applied them one at a time over each other to create a multi-sheen, multi-shade pattern that, when done, looked like wallpaper with a large damask-ish pattern (I think it was actually floral, but she repeated it on the wall). I think she started with the base paint and lightened and darkened it to get her 3 shades, then added some glaze to make it shiny. I just thought it was a neat technique…similar to that two-sheen paint technique you keep mentioning you’d like to try.

  22. Paint everything white and see how you like it with your curtains. I love the idea of the white walls and painted green ceiling. I think with all the curtains and accessories, you can get plenty of color in there. If it’s not enough color, then pick a color and paint the walls.

  23. Are you painting the ceiling the same color as the walls? I have my ceiling a darker green than my walls with white trim on my crown molding, doorframe and windows. Everyone that comes over loves it.

  24. Painted ceilings seem to work best with high ceilings, otherwise they can make a “normal” ceiling height feel oppressively low. Whatever you decide upon I’m sure will be a wonderful expression of you. I’m awestruck by what you’ve done so far in your house and look forward to each and every post!

    1. I agree. I love the idea of a green ceiling but think it might make an 8 ft. ceiling feel even lower. I also wonder how it would tie into the ceiling in the music room. Of course you can always give it a try. After all, it is only paint.

  25. Kristi,

    I painted the ceilings in my own home a light blue! I love the added color and I never fail to get compliments! They remind me of a summer day.

    I vote for green on your ceilings! Love the idea.

    Good Luck!

    Pam J

  26. I like the idea of white walls and a green ceiling. It is unexpected, just like you are. If it were me, I think I would go with all white until I accessorized the room and then if there wasn’t enough color, I would go back and paint the ceiling a color. Of course, this would be in a room that had ceilings taller than 7 ft tall. (House was built in 1979 when they were trying to save money on heating). Good luck! I know whatever you do, it will be beautiful.

  27. What about doing #3 and then adding a lighter shade of the green to your ceiling. I think that would be beautiful and really show off the crown mouldings. In my living room, I have the same wainscoting as you in white. I have BM’s stone house above the wainscotting and then a beautiful white crown and then on my ceiling I used BM’s muslin. When I put the muslin on the ceiling, the crown mouldings just popped. Just a suggestion, whatever you do, it will be beautiful! I and all the rest of your readers cannot wait to see it!

  28. With all the color in the room, your eyes need a resting place, so the white walls will work and they won’t seem stark. But LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the green ceiling, I have one, about the color you’ve shown in the picture. Makes the room seem taller if you go with a pale blue/green.

  29. JMHO, I would do all white walls, green ceiling, and use the black/white on the draperies. With green ceiling, green deco on drapes, and green kitchen you run the risk of all the greens clashing. With black and white in music room, I’m thinking green walls to be a bit much with coral buffet and yellow piano just beyond the pillars. I know that whatever you end up with, will be beautiful when all finished!!

  30. I’d go with full white walls and ceiling since everything else in the room will provide plenty of color. That way the walls are a backdrop whose only ornament is the beautiful molding. I think the green ceiling would make the ceiling seem lower and might clash with the color of the buffet. Or I would go with a very pale wall color. Personally, I like Benjamin Moore’s November Rain which is a light sage/beige green with a gray/blue undertone that looks different in different light. But that’s just me. You should go with what your heart desires (or just let Matt randomly pick–LOL).

    So does Matt get thrilled with the room remodels when they are done or he is like some men who never notice anything about design?

    1. My apartment’s painted in BM’s November Rain and, on the whole, I’m quite happy with it. Sometimes, in certain light, though, it can read yellowish, which doesn’t thrill me.

  31. As much as I love the bathroom ceiling, I’d go off the rails a bit and do a black ceiling which would really set off the light. Then go with the green upper walls and the Greek key trim

  32. I think paint everything white and get it all decorated before you decide on a color. I’m not a fan of the green paint, mainly because I think it would compete or even clash with your kitchen. With all the decor you’ll be adding in, I don’t think you would find the white to be stark or cold at all.

    1. I was thinking along the same lines. Paint everything white, get your drapes, rugs and other furnishings in and then decide if you still need color on the walls and/or ceiling. The trim you’ve done is stunning! It will shine even with all white! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  33. I love the white, white, white option. You have so many other elements that will add color to the room. BTW, I love the fireplace without the hearth and the over mantel addition!! So classy. I hope to add an over mantel to my fireplace someday soon.

    I also love the way the picture trim turned out. I really hoped you’d do recessed panels originally, though I get why that wasn’t an option. Have you thought more about how you’ll change out the trim around the windows? I remember you mentioned in one post how you said they don’t quite fit with the rest of the trim style in the room. I love the way the room is coming but do feel the window/door trim is a bit craftsman for the feel of the room.

  34. During the time you’ve been sharing images of spaces you like the “feel” of there have been a LOT of white rooms you’ve shared. You have a lot of color going on in other places in the room. White walls might be a nice place to rest the eye and still go as adventuresome as you like on the other pieces.

    Green ceiling would be very neat. Just consider how the color will wash down the walls. If it reflects onto the walls truly that’s great. If it somehow morphs into something minty or yellowish you might reconsider.

  35. I vote for the all white or the white with green ceiling. The polar bear white you always use is a warmer white- so I don’t think it would be too stark & with all the linens and pops of color you have in your room, it won’t look institutional at all. It will be warm and cozy- especially with the warm tones of the wood floor. I think the two tone would eventually bother you- I can’t articulate why, I just feel that eventually you would realize it wasn’t the right choice. ( I have followed your blog from the beginning. I feel like I “know” you fairly well. 🙂 )

  36. I vote for white walls and green ceiling. Then black and white trim for the curtains. You can always add the color on the walls if the white isn’t what you like. Looking so good! Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  37. In the photo you showed us, the green ceiling looks pretty high and the green brings that down and helps the room look more cozy. Your room looks to have an 8 ft ceiling, so there is a risk the green on the ceiling might make the room look heavy or confined. I forgot the color of the draperies. I think white draperies with the green trim, and green above the chair rail with a white ceiling is perfect. You can bring in texture and color with what you put on the walls, pillows and other decorative items. If you go with the black trim, which is not a wrong choice either, it will look beautiful with the green walls. You could also do the all white walls and add more color with the art work. Lots of gorgeous choices but what do you like the most?

  38. I LOVE the moulding. LOVE IT!! I LOVE that you put the moulding under the windows as well. Your attention to detail is wonderful!!

    That said, this is what I would do if it were my room… 🙂

    1. Black and White Greek key fabric on the dining room chairs. (That way you can bring your black and white to the table area without having to have a black and white rug!) And, I think the contrast would look cool with the floral Captain’s chairs!!

    2. Green fabric trim on the black curtains!!! I think that would look SOOOO much better than the boring black and white trim on black curtains. But, this is just MHO! 🙂

    3. Regarding paint…this is the toughy!! I love the idea of the green ceiling…BUT…I think it would look too low in that room. So, I probably would not do that. And, all white walls are just not you at all. So, I think the only option has to be green above the chair rail / white below!! 🙂

    It’s gonna look SO GREAT!!! I’m envisioning your coral buffet, your black upholstered chairs in the entryway, your floral captain’s chairs, greek key on the other chairs, green walls, black curtains with green trim…It’s going to be BEAUTIFUL!! 🙂

  39. I like 2 & 3. I’m a very visual person. I suggest painting the bottom white then just paint a wall green that you would see from front door to see how it looks with your black walls in the music room. I know they’re different rooms but you don’t want them to clash. If that doesn’t go
    well on the walls do the
    ceiling. As far as white walls
    you know what they say it’s
    the accessories that make
    the room or as you call it the fun stuff. Can’t wait to see what you decide.

  40. I visited a home this weekend with white on the bottom part of the wall with wainscoting and a pretty pale(ish) green with yellow undertones on the top portion of her walls. The look was very french country looking (to me) but she had it decorated with a lot of primitives. I like the idea of green on the ceiling – so pretty and totally unexpected! 🙂

  41. So I’m in the opt. 3 group, lol. I’m concerned it would looked choppy and not flow into the next room. I also agree with the comments that all white walls don’t seem very YOU, so my vote is the green on top with the green drapes. 🙂

  42. I literally laughed out loud at the let Matt pick from a hat… but after all, and as others have said, it IS only paint. Go with your strongest feeling and it if you don’t like it after all is said and done… re-paint it!
    Really it’s the same with the curtains. As someone who makes a living sewing I know that the only thing you can never undo is cutting. If you go for the green and white, and don’t care for it when hung up, you can remove it and change to the black and white.
    You have the courage to change what doesn’t please you, instead of living with regrets. That is so freeing! I’m loving watching your journey!

  43. I would start with option 1 and live with it for a bit. If you are still craving some color after awhile add the green ceiling. I love your original green fabric for curtain trim. I’m thinking of using that idea for my living room curtains.

  44. I really like your green and white material. It reminds me of the doors leading to your sensational music room. Wouldn’t it be subtle? And the green is soft, in tone with the outside (what can be seen from the windows). You are doing such a fantastic job! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  45. Hi Kristi, I loved a painted ceiling, however I think your’s are too low at 8′. I would go with # 1 and live with it for a while, as the other posters have said. I personally think the green and white fabric, while beautiful, will look tacky on the black linen. I would go with the black and white, but as I said before, I would like to see it at the top about 12″ or the bottom done the same way. It is just a look that I find very sophisticated. If you go with all white your room will be black and white and you can add your chair fabric, which holds a ton of color. That plus the buffet might be all the color you need. As someone else said, you can always add paint later. Maybe just inside the moldings on the top, or outside them. Blessings

  46. Honestly I like both options for draperies and all 3 options for paint. Every possible option is understated elegant and classy. I am just loving all the trim, your house is really looking like a high dollar high class house on the inside. (Standard middle class on outside, nothing wrong with that.) Also the chandelier looks like you’ve got it hanging straight now. You must have taken care of rehanging it last week? this project is so exciting I cant wait to see what it looks like when you get done painting!

  47. White walls, pale green ceiling. Accessorize a little, then re-evaluate. I also like the black with Greek key draperies idea.

  48. I like the idea of the white walls with colored ceiling! I think it would look very classic with a twist! I also wonder if the color on the ceiling will reflect onto the walls giving them a colored effect as well? Good luck!

  49. I love all three options and reading all of the comments. Just can’t wait to see which you pick and the finished project.

  50. I like the all white idea. You have a lot of bold accents and I do fear that if you go bold in all rooms, you may get overwhelmed by all the color and pattern. I do like the black and white curtains.

  51. Anothet vote for the green ceiling! I’m in the fence about the green trim. Whichever one you choose I’m sure will be lovely.

  52. I thought that you had decide that doing all that green would take away from the green in your kitchen? I know you don’t love neutrals, but I’d go white below chair rail, maybe a grey or a tan above and skip the green ceiling. That is one place you don’t want to have to repainted if you decide you hate it.

    1. Thanks for linking to my post Val! Love what you’re doing with the room Kristi because I adore mouldings! I had a white on white living room with a pale blue green ceiling and I never tired of it for 18 years before we moved.

  53. I have a 1960 house. I have painted ceiling more than 10 years now. The main part of the house is pale blue. The master is bronze. Neither ceiling feels low. Great impact. Lots of compliments. All the combos suggested will look lovely. It will just come down to your own style. I refer all white molding and have fun with the curtains.

  54. Whilst my first choice is white below the chair rail and green above, I feel with all the color you are going to introduce into the dining room and entry way, that I would instead go all white first and see how you like it once the decorating is done. If you feel you need a bit more color, then you can always paint the walls afterwards. I would keep the ceiling in your go to white color the same as your kitchen, as I don’t think you want to compete with your gorgeous feature ceiling in your music room. I know whatever you decide, it will look amazing, as you have great style and taste!

  55. I like both options 1 and 2. With everything else you have to put into the room, it won’t be cold if you decide to paint the ceiling white. But with the green trim on the draperies, the green ceiling would be lovely.

  56. I like the white walls with the green ceiling. It will make a sharp contrast to the draperies and other pops of color plus it will look great with the black and white music room.

  57. I like the white bottom/top green walls. Show off that beautiful woodwork. But start with white; if you need the color, do the green top walls. Keep the white ceiling for that crisp look.

  58. What a quandary! While I normally absolutely hate all white rooms (and add me to the ones who hate the new trend of grey, as well), I think with all the other colors and rooms adjoining this one, that maybe that is the way to go with this room. I would at least live with it all white for a while seeing how it all looks before painting any other colors. I don’t know how that green Greek key pattern would look with the green walls, maybe too close in color. I also wonder how the room will look next to the music room if painted green or even with just the ceiling painted. I guess I’m not able to imagine them together especially with all the other elements you plan on adding into the room. I personally LOVE color and don’t have white in my house except on the trim so I understand your love of color but am just having a hard time “seeing” this put together.

    So many have commented on painting the ceilings and how they think that might make the room feel smaller or more closed in. When I painted this last time, I decided to paint my ceilings in the same color as the walls but lightened the paint by 25%. I only have 8 ft. ceilings. With all the molding in the room painted in white, it looks great and does not make the room feel any smaller at all! I LOVE it! I always hated white ceilings and never understood why people think the ceilings should be white. Somehow, to me at least, it makes the room feel more finished.

    I’m sure whatever you decide, it will be beautiful and will be just right for you!

  59. I absolutely abhor white, so I’m voting against that. I painted my guest room white but with a sky blue ceiling and that’s the only reason I like it in there. As for your room, If you MUST have white, put it under the chair rail, with green above. Then I would have the ceiling paint tinted 1/4 strength green. It will give it a hint of color.
    Can’t wait to see what you do.

    1. I think if you had not done molding detail above the chair rail, I could get on board with a different color above and white lowers. But since you have trimmed out big above and below the chair rail, the idea of a color above seems disjointed. White above and below will be cohesive and the ceiling will be the unexpected element. Love!

  60. Kristi, I like idea 2. Your ceiling is low and it seems that with all white walls and a green ceiling your ceiling will feel taller. Breaking the color will bring the ceiling down… at least that’s the feeling I got from idea 3. Also, I do love the green fabric for trimming your drapes. After following you for many years… it looks like you and I love the repetition with the doors in your music room.

    Hope you were able to accomplish everything today. That will certainly be a great feeling! I’m excited for you and look forward to seeing everything come together. 🙂 It will be stunning! I have no doubt!

  61. Sorry, (or maybe not) but I don’t a opinion, other than I agree that all white seems cold to me. I just wanted to let you know that your final sentence cracked me up! Good Luck with whatever you decide.

  62. I like the idea of the green ceiling but my only concerned is that it may visually bring the height of the ceiling down!! I wonder how your coral buffet would look against the green walls?

    I personally prefer the black and white Greek key design for your curtains and would like to see the green fabric used as an accent somewhere in the dining room or maybe even the music room.

    The whole area is looking stunning… you must be feeling very excited about starting to do the pretty stuff.

    Good luck with finishing up the painting today. 🙂

  63. Your woodwork is just incredible totally making the room. I think if you need green on the upper half make it a very, very pale green so much so that in the paint can it looks white but as it dries on the wall and contrasts with the white trim you see the green. Then add that green ceiling!

  64. Just like Sarah Richardson but in your colors. White bottom, dark color above wainscotting, and paler version on ceiling. Dimension and lower contrast.

  65. Hi! I’ve never commented before, but, I wanted you to know that I adore your work. It’s just amazing what you accomplish with your own two hands. I vote for white walls in gloss paint. Your trim work is so beautiful, I feel like white would really show off your work. I do agree that stark white can be a little much. How about an off-white? Maybe Moderate White by Sherwin Williams? I would paint the ceilings the same as the walls unless you have abnormally high ceilings.

  66. Green ceiling – no, no!! Green absorbs light. Option 3, crisp with white & palish green. White linen curtains trimmed with green/white trim. Splash of black or black/white to cushions or upholstery to give punch

  67. If it was me, I would paint 1 coat of green on the ceiling today. That will be enough to decide if I liked it. If so, I would prime everything else, paint it white and finish the green ceiling. If I didn’t like it, I would prime everything and paint everything white. I’d finish the room and if at that point it felt too cool, I would paint above the chair rail. If it were me … 🙂

  68. White walls for now- hang your curtains, make your table, reupholster your chairs….. Then, put it in your room and decide if it’s too cold. I think a color choice would be difficult without all of those elements directing your choice. I typically don’t like white walls, but all the detail on these makes them gorgeous!!

  69. I am so impressed with all the work you did on the molding. Your tenacity is awesome. I would like to suggest a couple of things.
    1. Have you considered the proportions of the prints that you will be placing on the leading edge of the drapes? I think the details of the design of the green fabric will be lost and the black and white will show it’s detail/charm more.
    2. Consider, which is easier to change – the drapes or the paint? What are you more commited to?
    3. What is the item(s) in the room that you want to be the main focal point? What do you want people to see when they enter the room?
    4. The lower portion of the room is going to be white, regardless of which option you choose, right? Why don’t you start with painting the white and maybe place some of the furniture back in the room, throw up a panel or two and perhaps, the room will speak to you regarding what color would be a good choice. Make sense?
    I sooo appreciate you being totally honest when you change your mind or redo something or obsess about choosing colors or painting your piano. I bet each of us can totally relate to this !!! Oh, and our poor husbands !!! Keep doing what you do. Your house is on its way to being
    B-U-tiful !!

  70. You don’t say what you don’t like about green above, white below. So I’m not sure why you are second guessing it? I think you are drawn to the white for the open and bright feeling, but painted 8′ high ceilings would counter that feeling quite a bit. I love painted 9′ and 10′ ceilings, but 8′ make me feel claustrophobic. I vote stick with your original plan. It’s the best of both worlds!

  71. Hi Kristi, I’m not one to comment…normally I sit back and enjoy the ride person. But I was reading through the comments on an old post from houzz that was on painted ceilings. One of the comments had a photo of an all white room like yours (with all the mouldings) and a black ceiling. It looks incredible and I can totally see it tying your piano room to the dining room. It would give you the most amazing frame for the colours you plan to use elsewhere. They did a band of white on the ceiling in white, similar to your piano room so it makes the walls look taller. I wish I could send you a link but since it was in the comments section I’m not sure how. This is the link to the article: http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/17064192/list/heads-up-hues-10-bold-ceiling-colors and the comment was by “carolruth” with two photos. There are a few other dark ceilings you will see in the comments that you would need to scroll past.