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DIY Range Hood Cover – Finished!

I’ve done quite a few 2- and even 3-part DIY projects on this blog, but I think this project sets the record for the amount of time between the Part 1 post and the finished project. But that’s because the project was about 90% DIY and 10% custom made for me by a company I found online back in 2014 during the my kitchen remodel. And let’s just say that they took their sweet time with my order this go ’round. 🙂 But anyway, it’s finished. Finally.

In my last post about how to build this range hood cover, I left off with it looking like this…

If you missed the beginning of this project, you can click here to check out Part 1

how to build a custom wood range hood cover - part 1

And click here for Part 2 of this project

DIY wood range hood cover - some adjustments for safety plus more progress

A couple of weeks after building the range hood cover , I painted the the cabinets, and it looked like this…

And I’ve been living with that doorless range hood cover since April 5th. But my custom doors finally arrived, and now it looks like this…

how to build a custom wood range hood cover - 32 - install cabinet door to cover the opening

I ordered this door, as well as the other four for the wall of cabinets (which I’ll show you next week) from Cabinet Door World. This is my second time to order from them, and I’ve been very impressed with the quality of their doors both times. This time I ordered the doors in maple because it was the cheapest option, and I’m so glad I did because the maple has a very smooth finish with almost no grain texture in the wood. So it required zero grain filling before priming and painting like the oak doors did. That saved me quite a bit of time.

I ordered this door with the holes pre-drilled for the hinges, but rather than having them do the hinges on one of the side stiles of the door so that it would open like a regular cabinet door, I had them drill the holes in the top rail of the door so that it would open like a garage door. I don’t really anticipate needing to get in there very much since I don’t plan on using that space as storage, but I do like that I have access to it.

how to build a custom wood range hood cover - 33 - install cabinet door to cover the opening

how to build a custom wood range hood cover - 34 - install cabinet door to cover the opening

I like this so much better than the original design I had with the two small (useless) cabinets and the visible stainless steel range hood underneath…

range hood cover - before

Actually, everything about this new look is so much more “me” — the cabinet color, the brighter white countertops, the range hood cover. All of it.

how to build a custom wood range hood cover - 32 - install cabinet door to cover the opening

Now I just need my new stove and refrigerator to complete the look. 🙂

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  1. You must be so pleased!!! It looks lovely. Completely off topic … your lights over the cabinet? Pot lights / halogens? Or Flood lights? I looked and can’t find / remember a post about what you chose for overhead lighting (I’m thinking mine need updating). Congrats on all your beautiful work.

    1. The ones I used are the all-in-one LED light and trim kit that just screws into the socket in a regular recessed light. They come in two different styles — one where the light is actually recessed into the space, which is what I have in the living room, entryway, and breakfast room, and then there’s this kind where the light drops down a bit from the fixture. I like this style, especially in an area like a kitchen or other work area, because I feel like it puts out more light. I found these at Home Depot for around $10 each.

    1. Deb, she uses Behr, but she mixed paints to get this color. You’d have to go back in her archives to find it 🙂

  2. Very nice!! My mom always tells me that I’m the only one who uses upper cabinets like that (I’m tall!) but I think having it open like a garage door is much more practical. I look forward to the final reveal with everything in it’s place!

  3. That range hood is awesome. And those cabinets – so in love with your final color choice! Your house is amazing to watch as you transform it all.

  4. Would you mind sharing the name of the cabinet paint color? I was thinking that you had shared this info before, but I’ve searched older posts and can’t find it. I plan on refinishing my cabinets this summer and have been inspired by your decision to choose a color that speaks to you, not the masses. I initially had chosen Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore. I still think it’s a great color, but I chose it because I was afraid that choosing a non-neutral would cause regrets later. However, your cabinets make my heart happy! I am just going to paint them the way I want and if I regret it later….It’s only paint.

    1. It’s a custom color that I mixed up myself and then had color matched at Benjamin Moore. I’ll share the details when I do the full kitchen before and after post next week. I hesitate to share the color info before then because I’m not 100% sure that the label info on the can is accurate. This is the paint that they had such a hard time matching, and they made several failed attempts before getting it right. I just want to go back and have them double check the info first to be sure that what’s on the top label is what’s actually in the can.

  5. So, tell me again why you are replacing the stove and refrigerator. I have forgotten what you said. The kitchen is beautiful and love the paint color on the cabinets!

    1. The very short version is that I just don’t like either one. Matt has such a limited diet, and I cook almost all of our meals from scratch, AND I don’t always eat what he’s eating. That means about 70% of the time, I’m cooking two different meals at mealtime. Since my stove has that back panel that sticks up at the back, it cuts down on the actual area for burners/pans/pots. I can’t even fit pots and pans on all four burners at the same time because there’s not enough room. I want a slide in stove that doesn’t have that back panel, and therefore has larger burners and more room for pots and pans.
      The fridge is just too small, and the ice maker makes me curse every time I have to get down on my knees and reach all the way to the back just to fill a glass with ice.

  6. So, this is a totally geeky photography/scale comment, but for some reason it is hard for me to get a true before and after view because in the before picture you’re further away than you are in your after picture. Know what I mean? Anyway, I’m looking forward to the full reveal of both rooms, because then I think I’ll be able to see the scale of the new cover better. Regardless, great work! It’s not quite the end of May and you’re going to have 2 rooms in your house fully functional! YAY!

  7. It looks amazing. I’m always taken aback at how lovely the paint job on the cabinets is. I love how all of the colors are meshing with each other too, with the white tiles, the counter, the cab color, and the floors. Great job! If I lived near you, I’d beg you to let me be your apprentice 🙂

  8. Oh wow! The new paint and countertop finish makes your kitchen look SO much brighter…love it.

  9. It just gets better and better! I have to admit that I loved the old green and gold kitchen and enjoyed watching you create it back in the day. I still think it’s elegant, unique, and expensive looking. Your interpretation was much better than Cameron Diaz’ original which was busy and heavy. Having said that, this color and configuration is definitely more “you” and your personal style, and it looks super custom. Great job as always, Kristy.

  10. That cabinet paint color is stunning, and the finish is just so smoooothhhhh! That color is my favorite, I just love it. The range hood cover and ‘garage door’ cabinet are beautiful. Such incredibly nice work, Kristi!

  11. That range hood is very sharp. Very cool.

    PS. I’m tickled that your “Subscribe” link matches your kitchen cabinet color. I love teal almost as much as you do!

  12. All I could do was smile as I scrolled down through your pictures!!! BEAUTIFUL! I did not expect anything less! Can’t wait for more of your DIY journey!

  13. I love everything about this kitchen. Your range is hood is amazing, but I really LOVE that color. I can’t wait till you share the formula. I want to badly to have a range hood again, but I would have to find a place to build in the microwave.

  14. I realize I’m late to the party, but as someone who is in the planning stages of what is rapidly becoming a ridiculously expensive kitchen renovation, I’ve dug my heels in and have been arguing with kitchen designer and builder about the ugly, expensive range hood covers they keep trying to foist on me, YOU ARE MY IDOL. This is exactly what I’ve been trying to explain to them. Your amazing can-do attitude, and willingness to roll up your sleeves and figure it out should shame my builder (40 years in the business and insisting he can’t do this) and educate my designer. ROCK ON. And thank you!

  15. Hello! And I’m even later to the party than the person before. LOL! I am looking to do a minor remodel to my kitchen (basically cover my hood) and your design seems to be the perfect solution! I want to keep my cupboards above as well. Thanks for the inspiration and confidence!