Finished Guest Bedroom Bedding (Plus, What’s Left To Do To Finish This Room)

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The bedding for the guest bedroom is finished! I read through all of your comments, and got inspiration from some of the suggestions. Many people suggested that I use both of the blue fabrics, and there were several different suggestions on how I could do that. A couple of people suggested that I try the strie fabric with the pattern going horizontally. And then someone linked this pretty blue, yellow and white pillow. I loved it, but I really wanted to use what I had on hand, so I used it as inspiration for how to piece together the fabric I had. This is how it turned out…

finished bedding - 1
finished bedding - 2

Now that the bedding is finished, I have a few more projects to wrap up, some touchups to do, and then I need to bring in all of the finishing touches.

The biggest project still left undone is the finishing of the closet interiors. It’s not an exciting project at all (which is why I’ve been dragging my feet on it), but obviously it needs to be done for these closets to be useful.

still to do - closets

And then the other big project is sewing the draperies. But now that I’ve been sewing for a few days and thoroughly enjoying it, I’m looking forward to this project.

still to do - draperies and paint the ceiling

I also need to paint the ceiling in that little area. Somehow I completely overlooked that when I was painting the room. That drywall isn’t even primed! And then the new legs on the bed need stain. Matt needed the space under the bed to be higher, so the original legs I had on there had to be replaced.

still to do - legs on bed

I want to put a full-length mirror in this room, and this wall seems like a good spot for it.

still to do - buy full length mirror

I really love this full length mirror with the thin gold metal frame, but I was sure hoping to find one locally. Purchasing a large mirror online and hoping it gets here in one piece seems like a roll of the dice. But so far, I’ve struck out on finding a similar one locally.

And then I need to finished the TV frame, and then find or make some artwork to add some color and interest to this wall.

still to do - tv wall

And then, of course, the room needs some accessories and fun stuff to add personality and warmth.

I’ve set a goal for myself to have this room finished by the end of this next weekend. I think I can do it if I stay focused! So we’ll see if I can stay focused. 😀



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  1. The bedding looks beautiful! It’s perfect for this room. You are so talented and creative! I think this is some of your best work.

  2. So crazy how far this room has come from the beginning of the year! Great job, you’re so close to the finish line!

    1. I absolutely love it when you post something. I check every single day. Love the room. I, too, have a blue and yellow room. Yours motivates me to finish it up. There’s always something, isn’t there?

  3. Wow! I love it! Can’t wait to see completed room with not one more thing to do! You are 1.) talented; 2.) creative; 3.) dedicated; and 4.) handy beyond measure!

    I am a procrastinator and have become even more so with the quarantine! I have caught up on reading, movies, and putsy-ing! Oh, at first I did major cleaning but….. Well, let’s just say you make me itch to do more, but I’m just not that talented with tools! I am living handily through you! Thank you!

    1. This room……..just wow. It’s simply stunning and gorgeous. What a transformation you’ve done. I love absolutely everything and the feature wall is to die for. The colors, the bedding, the color of the dresser, the lamps, the desk, the wardrobes with sliding doors (genius), the floors. You are so incredibly talented Kristi and your vision is truly outstanding!

    1. Coming along very nicely! Lovely coordinating.
      And I am with the person who suggested making your own mirror frame and gold-leafing it.👍🏻

  4. I ordered a mirror a large mirror from Wayfair and it arrived quickly and in great shape. It was packed so well. A possible option. Love everything you have done to this room! Anxiously awaiting the finishing touches!

    1. Kristi, your choices were perfect. Can’t wait to see it with all those extras are added. I am sure you and Matt are looking forward to moving into your temp quarters. Looking forward to you next phase of section of the remodel.

  5. Hi Kristi,
    Could you do a blog on what you put in your pillows? I read your article, but I could really use some pictures to go with it.

  6. Home goods for a mirror…….you can always paint the frame.
    Great job… all you need is GUESTS! 😁

  7. The pillows turned out great! I would love if you would post on how to accessorize a room. And how to choose artwork, how to have enough but not too much.

  8. Pillows of perfection! I especially like the small one! As for art, what if you do just simple line drawings similar to the flowers behind the bed? Just one or two flowers per canvas, but slightly different? ( I visualize canvases about 20″x 36″ or about that size. )

  9. For the price of that online mirror, or less, you could probably get a custom made mirror locally, and we all know you could make the perfect frame for it!

  10. Love how the pillows turned out and never would have thought to use the diamond fabric on the little one. Absolutely fantastico 😛

  11. Kristi, your guest room is looking awesome! You made some great choices for the bedding and I love it all!

    Back when my son needed a large mirror like that, we were able to score one from Ross! Maybe you could check out Homegoods or Marshalls, if you haven’t already.

  12. Kristi, when I saw the two blue fabrics you had for the pillows, I was like aww, she should use both! AND YOU DID! It really looks beautiful and I would have never thought to incorporate the two together before. And the small pillow with the three different fabrics looks awesome next to the others! I love the pops of yellow–so happy but not overwhelming. You do fantastic work!

  13. I LOVE the combination of blue and yellow, that bedding is out of this world. The pillow is just perfect! Congrats on another amazing job, I think this might be my favourite room makeover.

    I really like the idea one of the other commenters had, about making your own mirror and gold leafing the frame.

  14. Hi Kristi: The room is coming along great. I just love that wall! And great job on the pillows. I liked the strie fabric and the small pillow is a great balance with just the right amount of yellow fabric.

    Just a thought about the draperies. The gold is very striking and really highlights the room.
    Have you considered using a small (maybe an inch or two) darker blue stripe at the side and bottom border to give it some extra dimension?

    Can’t wait to see the finished room! Your talents are inspirational.