A Few Guest Bedroom Updates

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I’m continuing to make progress on the guest bedroom, and while I don’t have any major projects to share with you today, I do have a few updates I wanted to share.

First, remember how I got a new mattress, and then it didn’t fit into our existing bed frame because it was about an inch or two too wide, and about an inch too long? I love this new mattress (you can find it here) so I wasn’t willing to return it. I had to find a way to make it work.

sweetnight mattress review - 2

This is a bed frame that I made several years ago soon after we moved into this house. If you missed that project, you can find it here…

And if you missed the headboard project, you can find that here…

I designed the original bed so that the mattress fit down into the frame just over three inches. I liked this design because (1) the mattress I designed it for was a 17 inch mattress, which is ridiculously high, and (2) I liked that it prevented the mattress from shifting around and kept it secure in the bed frame. But with this new mattress, that just wouldn’t work. I’d need to add height to the center section for the new mattress to work.

I searched and searched for a ready-made ultra thin box spring that I could simply buy, put into the frame, and be done. And while I did find a few, the thinnest ones I could find were all 4 inches. The space I needed to fill on my bed frame was 3.25 inches. Plus, I couldn’t find a reasonably-priced box spring/foundation that had ratings that made me trust the product. The highest rated one was a DIY foundation that came in about 20 or more pieces, and had to be assembled. It seemed silly to purchase that when I could just head to Home Depot and purchase some lumber to accomplish the same result, and at a lower price.

So that’s exactly what I did, and it was really a quick and simple fix.

I started by cutting, gluing, and nailing three 2″ x 3″ pieces of lumber to the original foundation frame.

modifying bed frame to turn it into a platform bed - 1

And then I cut, glued, and nailed more 1″ x 4″ lumber on top of those.

modifying bed frame to turn it into a platform bed - 2

And here it is, ready for the new mattress.

modifying bed frame to turn it into a platform bed - 3

I think I’ll still need to stain those boards around the edges because even with the mattress on top, you can see glimpses of those boards in places. But I’m going to wait until the bedding is finishes, and then I’ll make that final decision.

And remember how Amazon sent me the wrong mattress the first time? And I didn’t realize it until I had already unwrapped it?

Well, after calling them back and explaining again that the mattress was not boxed because it had expanded to about five times the size of the box when I unwrapped it, so boxing it up for UPS to take back was impossible, they finally understood the predicament. They ended up telling me that they can’t take back unwrapped mattresses. But since they sent me the wrong one, they wouldn’t charge me for it, and I could do whatever I wanted to do with the mattress — keep it, throw it away (seriously?), give it away. So I think I’m going to see if a local shelter can use it. While I don’t like super soft mattresses, other people do like them, so surely someone can put it to use.

Next up, I got a new TV for the bedroom, and I love it! So I wanted to tell y’all about it in case you’re in the market for a quality TV that won’t break the bank. I got the Toshiba LED 4K Smart FireTV Edition TV from Best Buy.

Matt and I have two other TVs in the house, and we watch everything through Amazon Fire TV sticks on those TVs. So I was thrilled to find a TV that had the Amazon Fire TV capability built in, and that had such amazing ratings at a great price.

I got the 43-inch, and in hindsight, I wish I would have gotten the 50-inch. But after unpacking it, I wasn’t willing to pack it back up, take it back to the store, and then wait for a larger TV to be delivered. I had immediate gratification, and I couldn’t go backwards. 😀

And while I was looking for wall mounts for the TV, I came across one made by Hangman.

hangman tv hanger for fixed mount

If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you probably know how much I love Hangman products. I use their picture hangers to hang all of my big art and framed mirrors, and they are so easy to use. You can find those here.

So I was thrilled to see that they make wall mounts for TVs as well! I found two different sizes, but this is the one I used. I used the larger one because it installs with screws, while the smaller one installs with nails. I’m sure that the smaller one would have worked just fine (this TV isn’t heavy at all and is well below the maximum weight for the smaller Hangman TV mount) I just trust screws way more than I trust nails.

It seriously took less than 10 minutes to hang the TV on the wall. It was so easy!! It’s a fixed mount, so it doesn’t angle or swivel or do any fancy things like that. It just hangs on the wall, which is what I prefer. So I highly recommend the Hangman TV wall mount if you’re looking to hang a TV on your wall. It doesn’t get any easier!

And finally, I built another frame to go around this TV.

diy tv frame for wall mount tv

It’s not finished yet, and I still need to paint the wall inside the frame black so that it disappears. But I built it just like I built the one in the breakfast room.

If you missed that project, you can find it here…

I still need to do the wood filling, sanding, caulking, and painting, but the actual build, from start to finish, took about an hour and fifteen minutes. It’s really such an easy project, and I think it makes such a nice difference.

diy tv frame for wall mount tv - 2

So hopefully I can get that finished up today, and then move on to the draperies tomorrow.

diy tv frame for wall mount tv - 3

It’s coming together, y’all! I still have a few big projects (bedding, draperies, closet interiors), but I’m slowly but surely checking things off of the list and getting nearer the finish line with this room.

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    1. I’ve never had a problem. If you go back and look at how I made the original frame for the breakfast room TV, you’ll see that there’s a 3/4-inch gap on all four sides between the frame and the TV. That has allowed for plenty of circulation. On this frame, I made the gap one inch on all four sides. Matt keeps the TV in the breakfast room on for hours at a time, and it has never been a problem.

      1. The frame is heavy, but it’s easy to remove, so HDMI ports can be accessed. I’ve only ever used the HDMI port for Fire TV sticks, though, so I plug those in and leave them, and never have to access them again.

  1. I’ve had the Fire TV for over a year and I love it! About 8 months after I first set it up, it started pixelating so badly, it was hard to watch. I unplugged it for a few minutes to reboot it and it worked like new again. Not sure if that will happen with yours, but if it does… 😃

  2. The room is getting prettier and prettier! I have 2 questions:

    1) What is your experience with the framed TV in the breakfast room – does it ever overheat? I would like to frame ours but my partner is afraid there wouldn’t be enough ventilation.

    2) What is the benefit of using boards for the bed base rather than a sheet of plywood? Is it cheaper? Or are there might any other considerations?

    1. We’ve never had the TV in the breakfast room overheat. The frame is constructed so that there’s a 3/4-inch gap between the frame and the TV on all four sides, so it gets plenty of air circulation.

      The benefit of using boards instead of plywood (at least is my mind) is circulation. I like the idea of the mattress having air circulation around it. The boards cost about the same as 2 pieces of plywood would have cost.

    1. They’re behind the TV. I had an outlet installed high on that wall because I knew I wanted a TV there. The power to the TV is the only wire, and it’s tucked behind and plugged into a short extension cord with a flat plug that is directly behind the TV.

  3. For the mattress, check with your local Division of Family Services. Many families that are being reunited are delayed in getting their kids back due to lack of beds. After all the rehabilitation work they’ve completed, getting help with furniture is a great way to extend a lifeline to them!

  4. I love your work. I’m sharing your blog with the mobile home repair and remodel groups I belong to. I just know they are going to love this. I’m also interested in if your TV gets overheated in a frame. My hubby is on there long hours in the evening.

    1. There’s a one-inch gap between the TV and the frame on all four sides. The gap on the frame in the breakfast room is 3/4-inch on all four sides, and we’ve never had a problem with it overheating. Matt keeps the TV on for hours at a time, and it’s never been a problem.

  5. Why did you change the legs on the bed? The original ones were really pretty. I would think you wouldn’t want a bed skirt so more of the beautiful floor would show and to give a feeling of more space.

  6. I forget how gorgeous your breakfast room is ~ it’s my favorite room in your house! I bet you will be relieved when you can put it back together! 🙂