My Finished Kitchen Remodel! (Before & After)

Well, did you hear me yelling and screaming with joy?  I finished my kitchen this morning (yes, this morning) at 8:05am.  It’s done.  Finished.  I was beginning to think I’d never see the day, but here it is.

I quickly took some pictures to show you the final before and after, but I haven’t even had time yet to sit down with all of my receipts and figure up how much this remodel cost.  I’ll get to that info soon, I promise.  I’m anxious to know the bottom line as well, because I’ll be very honest, I don’t even have a clue how much I spent.  If you’ll remember, this remodel started out as what was supposed to be a two week, temporary, low budget makeover.  And then one thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was down to subfloor, studs, and ceiling joists and in the midst of a full-blown kitchen remodel that lasted seven months.

I did have help with some of the big stuff.  My brother-in-law Bill and sister Cathy helped me rip down old drywall, rewire the kitchen, and install drywall on the ceiling.  And while he was in the attic, Bill also removed all of the old, massive ducts from the furnace.  And then my brother Rod helped take down the wall between the kitchen and breakfast room and put up the support header.  He also helped me pour my concrete countertops.  And then my mom spent at least three days over here during the whole process just bagging up debris, cleaning up the construction mess, loading up the truck, and going with me to the landfill to unload the truck.  Other than those things, I did everything else myself.

EDIT:  I totally forgot to mention that I hired out the plumbing.  All of the plumbing (water and gas) had to be rerouted since I completely rearranged everything, so I wanted a pro to do that.  Just wanted to make it clear that I didn’t do those things myself.  🙂

So let’s look at some pictures!

Of course, my favorite wall is the wall of cabinets.

kitchen after - wall of cabinets

I loved being able to use some pretty sconces in my kitchen, and this wall actually turned out almost exactly as I had envisioned it.  Here’s the drawing I did many months ago as I was planning how this wall would look.

The only differences are the number of corbels I used, and the widths of the cabinets on the outer sections.  I had planned to use two 15-inch cabinets in each section, but there wasn’t room.  Instead I had to use one 15-inch cabinet and one 12-inch cabinet.

But it’s now a far cry from where I started!  This wall was originally the sink wall, with a window that at one time looked out to the back yard.  But at some point a sunroom was added to the back of the house, so the window looked out into the sunroom.

Kitchen 15 - resized

And next up is the refrigerator/range wall.  This wall is where the refrigerator was originally located, just to the left of the floral metal wall cabinet.  And when we bought the house, it also had a portable dishwasher just under the floral cabinet, which I immediately removed.

Kitchen 06 - resized

I kept the fridge on this wall, but moved it to the corner and built a cabinet around it.  And then I moved the range to this wall also.

kitchen after - refrigerator wall

On the wall to the left, which is the wall opposite the wall of cabinets, there used to be another bank of cabinets.  This kitchen was so inefficient, with the only two countertops 14 feet apart, and a maze of appliances on the side walls.

Kitchen 07 - resized

And now that wall is nothin’ but tile.  And my new artwork that my mom painted for me.

kitchen after - peninsula

And of course, the biggest change that I made to this kitchen was knocking out the wall between the kitchen and the breakfast room.  This kitchen used to feel like a dark, tiny little shoebox, and you can see from the gas line that this wall is where the range was originally located.

Kitchen 01 - resized

And now that wall is gone, and I have a huge peninsula that now holds my kitchen sink.  (Just remember our deal.  You’re supposed to ignore the breakfast room, remember?  It’s still a horrible mess.)

kitchen after - peninsula 2

I just love this kitchen.  I’m so proud of the hard work I put into it, and I’m thrilled with how it turned out.  Here’s the one doorway that I kept leading from the kitchen to the breakfast room…

Kitchen 13 - resized

…but now it looks just a little different.

kitchen after - peninsula 4

And that’s it for now.  I’ll be sharing costs and sources soon, but for now, I’m taking a nap.  🙂

UPDATE: Click here to see the sources, cost breakdown, and total cost of my kitchen remodel.

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  1. It is soooo gorgeous!!!!! It is so personal as well, and I am completely in awe that you did it yourself. Kudos to you – enjoy your nap!

  2. Congratulations on a fabulous job Kristi. I didn’t realize it had been seven months because it seemed you were working at a fast, crazy pace. I don’t know you, but I’m still proud of you. You did a phenomenal job with minimal assistance. Many kudos. Take a bow because you should be proud. 🙂

  3. INCREDIBLE. You should be so proud. Best room you have done in the house by FAR. (ALthough its the only 100%, right??)

    PPS I cannot help it, but I have one small critique… your Mom’s artwork deserves a more substantial frame!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! To be able to envision that remodel is one huge amazing thing, but to do it yourself is another animal. Congrats on a stunning transformation. I really like the white glossy tile wall and am looking forward to what you do in the breakfast room for an encore.

  5. Kristi, Your kitc
    hen is amazing, but the most beautiful part is the lighting because of it you have your perfect kitchen. Great work kiddo.

  6. Kristi, the kitchen is just beautiful!!! I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. You deserve not only a nap, but a whole day off. Love you!!!

  7. BRAVO!! It looks amazing! I’m going through my own kitchen remodel right now, many of the great ideas came from you! It looks great, very custom and professional…and brave…those “stock” cabinets have NEVER looked so good!!

  8. It is sooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!…So very proud for you!…You will have many years of enjoyment in this stunning kitchen!…Now the breakfast room will be the next project, and It will be such a complement to the kitchen as well. …Here we go again!…Haha!!

  9. Was a tad worried yesterday when we didn’t hear from you… couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps the kitchen had done you in!

    Doesn’t seem like it’s been seven months and while this kitchen may have been an arduous undertaking, from where I standing it is worth every penny, ache and pain, dirt and dust, challenges, change of plans and re-do’s. Bravo Kristi for an amazing job really well done. I look at the final room and can’t help but say “SHE did this.” I hope your face wears a huge smile as you say “I DID THIS”. You should be so darned proud of all that you accomplished. Dang Girl… it’s so stinkin’ GOOD!

    Now then, now that you’ve got a kitchen AND are cooking… when’s dinner? I’ll bring the champagne and dessert!

  10. What an accomplishment! It is beautiful and I think you accomplished what you set out to do. The green cabinets are totally unexpected, but work so well.

  11. I have been following you for many years and love just about everything you create but holy wow. I think this is the most beautiful diy kitchen makeover I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot. It is just stunning. You must be so excited. Your hard work, design skills and everlasting determination paid off and you will enjoy this space for many years. This kitchen will be pinned to pinterest forever. Lol. Congrats to you!

  12. Just stunning. I also can’t believe its 7 months. What a complete transformation in feeling of the room and the look of the room. Just magical. Enjoy

  13. It is beautiful beyond words. You are very talented and patient and you should be so very proud of all your hard work. I really enjoy your blog!!

  14. LOVE IT!! Love the fact that it isn’t the same white cabinet kitchen that is everywhere, do you know how big a pain in the butt it is to clean white cabinets. Love the green, love the subway tile, love the art. Great room, great job and I look forward to your posts about the great food you will make in this amazing kitchen.

  15. BEAUTIFUL! I think I looked at the pictures 3 times before I saw your barn doors to the left of your wall of cabinets:) What a fun little treat that was. I EAGERLY look forward to your posts everyday. You inspire me Kristi.

  16. Absolutely beautiful. I’ve watched the entire process and you amaze me. I wish I had a kitchen that needed remodeled.

  17. Absolutely beautiful! As well as all of the amazing cupboards that are beyond-words gorgeoous, I love your Mom’s painting (and its frame) and the beautiful floor!

  18. Oh, Kristi…it’s beautiful! And–no pressure–but I can’t wait to see the next great project you have up your sleeve. You’re such an inspiration!

  19. WOW! BEAUTIFUL! Congrats on your finished kitchen and I’m really loving the decor piece on the peninsula counter! 😉

  20. WOW!! I can’t do anything but echo everyone else’s comments, but you deserve the praise! Amazing. So impressed with how beautiful it is, but more so the hard work and thought you put into it. Congratulations!!

  21. I LOVE your beautiful, new kitchen. I am so proud of you planning and doing it (almost) by yourself! You are an inspiration to all female DIYers!

  22. I LOVE it! It’s BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely love all the natural light that is coming into the kitchen from the breakfast room now. Great job Kristi!

  23. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love this – this is just so warm and lovely…. And your mom’s picture is the icing AND the candles on the cake – it is perfect there – how lovely for you to have something so meaningful in such a beautiful and warm space! Kudos kudos kudos – YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Well it is just beautiful, so nice to see it clean and sparkling. We finally get to see the floor without any construction dust….it is just amazing. So glad you got rid of the striped floor, but hope maybe you can do it somewhere else, like the sunroom. It was beautiful and it would be cool in the sunroom since that is separate from most of the other rooms. A dream kitchen that deserves to be featured in a magazine. Best of luck with your next endeavor, I am off to a much needed vacation. I wish I could take you with me you certainly could use one! Knowing you, you probably couldn’t sit still long enough for a vacation…you are too busy thinking about your next project. Looking forward to seeing all you will be doing in the coming weeks. As always, blessings

  25. Congratulations! Looks awesome! I’m so curious to know if the previous owners follow your blog or have any idea what it looks like now.

  26. Unique! Gorgeous! Well-designed! Fabulous! There just aren’t enough adjectives to describe this room! Not to mention the absolutely Herculean effort you’ve put into it. You did good, Kristi, you did good. Enjoy that nap – heck, take the day off, you’ve earned it!

  27. Simply stunning! Your kitchen is pure perfection in my eyes and your Mom’s painting is the perfect finishing touch!

  28. It has turned out beautifully. I love your special artwork. It is perfect. As though it were made for the space. LOL. I also love the picture taken from the tile wall looking over the island. It gives me a peek into the breakfast room and I can imagine the fireplace and chairs on the far wall. Just lovely. And the peek of the sliding doors in the music room is the icing on the very beautiful cake! This home is becoming such a showcase! Rest up and I for one will be here to see what marvelous work you create next!

  29. Finally! I feel like I need a cigarette!!! FANTASTIC job!!! I can’t wait to see the breakfast room when it is all said and done!!!

  30. Kristi, you are SUPER Woman! Well done just won’t cover it, but you have inspired me, and I think you’re amazing. Thank you for your willingness to share with us the good and the bad, the beautiful and the rain-soaked. The end result couldn’t be any more wonderful. Get some rest…I here a project calling. 🙂

  31. Congratulations! It’s beautiful. (And also, there I’ve heard of kitchen remodels done by professional contractors that take far longer than 7 months. Good job.)

  32. 7 months, Really? I know it seems like a long time to you but I really thought it was more like 2! I just couldn’t wait every day to see what rabbit you pulled out of that magic hat of yours so time virtually flew by for me. LOL. Kristi, you are my go to every single time I tell the hubby about some new, crazy idea I have for fixing this, or changing that. I say, well you know that girl I follow on FB, she would try it! U r my Hero!

  33. omg, Kris! It’s like a dream come true! It’s so amazing see how thinks come out while you work! Thank you for sharing your talent with us! 🙂

  34. You kitchen is utterly amazing! The color, the design layout, the hardware, the subway tile, the lighting and all the little extras have made this kitchen fabulous! If I were you, I would be standing in the middle of the floor for hours just trying to take it all in! To top it off, your mother gave you a beautiful gift of love that looks like it was meant to be there from the get go! What an astonishing painting!

    You are amazing! Take a nap, get up and have a glass of wine and do a little dance of happiness!

  35. Kristi,
    It is an amazing job that you have completed in your beautiful new kitchen. It does not seem like it has been 7 months, but I am sure to you it seemed even longer. You should be so proud of what you have accomplished and I wish you and Matt many years of happiness with your new kitchen. I hope you learn to enjoy cooking in it. Job well done, young lady!

  36. Congratulations, Kristi! This kitchen is such an accomplishment! Your pride and happiness are tangible. I’m so happy for you.

  37. You enjoy a well deserved nap! That is an amazing kitchen remodel and you should be proud of the hard work you put into every square inch of it. Ah. Maz. Ing. (Kitty Cat also made a lovely kitchen model)

  38. Amazing! Such a huge difference and I can only imagine how much value you added to your home with this update.

  39. Stunning !! Your mother’s painting is the perfect “finishing” touch. Very understated, yet sophisticated. I love it.

  40. I am beyond impressed. That first gorgeous photo just blew me away. I love that you changed the floor just because I feel that not everything in a room needs to have a pattern, embellishment or detail on it. It is unbelievable what you’ve done with a plan and lots of extremely hard work. I think that your kitchen proves that you are capable of anything. It must be an incredible feeling to have it done and checked off your list.

  41. Absolutely beautiful….you have given me a lot of ideas for my own kitchen redo…unfortunately I’m not as talented as you and have to contract it out!!!!…..You done good!!!!…..:)

  42. You have reason to be more than proud. Every time I look at one of your pictures, I find something else to love. I’m still swooning over your lighting fixtures, and I’m so jealous over your counter space. Brava.

  43. All I can say is that it’s stunning! Fantastic work! And I truly believe that your kitchen deserves a magazine feature – come on Better Homes and Gardens, we want to see Kristi’s kitchen in your magazine!

  44. Who would believe this if you didn’t have pictures, ? You noe have to add Architect to Decorator on your business cards, along with “Person With an Amazing Eye” Congratulations on a job EXTREMELY well done…..

  45. Just beautiful! Spectacular! Love that green with the gold. And the wood floors. And the concrete counters. And the kitty!

  46. Wow I am truly blown away! This is such an accomplishment. I’ve been following along and the work you have done is amazing. Enjoy your beautiful new kitchen!

  47. Yeah! you did it. Your mom’s artwork is perfect. Your cat looks comfortable. It’s beautiful. Nice job! can’t wait to see the rest of the house — in due time, of course!

  48. Your kitchen renovation is just stunning! Absolutely HGTV or House Beautifil cover-worthy. Love that you’re bold and brave enough to not only tackle such an enormous project basically on your own, but also color outside the lines of current decorating trends and do your own thing. That’s what makes us who follow your blog keep coming back daily. We just have to see what out of the ordinary thing you’re going to do next….and you never disappoint! It’s probably a good thing I don’t know your address or I would be knocking on your door to see it in person……just kidding!…….welll, kinda! 🙂 Now, enjoy your well deserved nap!

  49. Congratulations, it is amazing!!! You very much deserve to feel proud about that. I love it and at the start, if you asked me about green cabinets, Iwould have said “eh”. 🙂 Enjoy a LONG nap!

  50. The kitchen reminds me of the beautiful metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

    You have exceptional skills, Kristi, and you’ve made incredible transformations in your remodeling projects, but the thing I admire the most about you is your vision. You start with a picture in your mind, gather or generate ideas, and end up with a result that is pretty much identical with your vision. An artist indeed.

  51. Just stunning! Thank you for sharing this experience with your readers and for inspiring us to try new things. Wish I had even a millimeter of your talent, energy, and creativity! Hope you can take a well deserved spa day and relax! Congratulations!

  52. This is incredibly OUTSTANDING!!! You deserve every bit of self-satisfaction and congratulatory kudos you can give yourself! Stunningly beautiful work, Kristi!

  53. What an absolutely STUNNING transformation! Congratulations! Break out the sparkling apple cider! Throw some nip out for the kitty and CELEBRATE this amazing milestone! YEEEHAaA!

    So… what’s next? 😉

  54. Kristi, your kitchen is absolutely elegant. But what I appreciate most about it is that it is completely original and personal, unique only to you…you will never see another kitchen like yours anywhere…unless they steal your ideas! Congratulations on an incredible job. Your skills and talent astound me! And how special to have an art piece from your Mom. It’s perfect!

  55. Absolutely breathtaking! (I think Cameron Diaz might be a little jealous)!
    Just wondering…do you use a microwave? I didn’t see one anywhere in the kitchen. I have an over-the-stove one to save space and see you have the exhaust fan. It’s stunning!

  56. Wow!!! What a difference- it looks SO elegant now. Great job! I’m not usually into that green color, but it looks absolutely fabulous the way you’ve done it.

  57. Stunning,,,,no other words ,,,,,simply STUNNING,,,,,you are just incredible and deserve a well needed nap! I can’t believe that you also did a door makeover AND your floors in that room as well! You are an inspiration! So happy that I have this ONE single Blog to follow!
    You really are the BEST at what you do!~

    Congrats on a fantastic job!

  58. I too am awed by your design talent, vision, perseverance, and sheer grit. Watching the kitchen unfold over the remodel, I had forgotten how bleak and sad that room was before you started. The contrast from the before pictures to now is mind boggling. Great job, Kristi. You are awesome!

  59. I thought about you alllll weekend! Your kitchen looks so super and the artwork is so befitting. The green cabinets and white tiles go extremely well together. Green is the new great!

  60. Is that Peeves photo bombing your reveal? I sure hope you celebrate when you wake up! It is simply stunning, I thought your work in the condo was incredible but this is a new height. Happy, happy, happy for you!!!

  61. Like everyone else here, I say what an amazing transformation. How rewarding it must be to see your vision come to life. Thanks for letting us come along for the ride. I can’t wait to see the next project. I think if I were you I would plant myself in that kitchen and finish a whole bottle of wine while I sat and stared the beauty of it all. Congrats!

  62. Woo-Hoo!! That looks fantastic! I am so proud of you, so I can’t imagine how proud you, your husband, and family are. You did an amazing job and it’s awesome how close you came to your drawing. I’ll bet you wake up from your nap and can’t wait to just go see the kitchen again. =)

    I love, love, love watching the progress you make on each room. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.


  63. Kristi, this is just so stunningly beautiful. Take a bow, young lady, you deserve it. When I saw the inspiration pics, it felt like there was something a little “off” about the design. But your vision cleaned it up, added your own personality and made something truly unique. Perhaps the most impressive kitchen reno I have ever seen, no cookie-cutter/all-white, cold kitchen, but one with colour and warmth, and so welcoming. Take a break and then move forward with your vision for the remainder of your home – and never, ever doubt yourself.

    p.s. Your mum should keep out her paints and brushes, she is a very talented lady!

  64. Beautiful and uniquely you! Inspiring! What a wonderful journey this has been. Thanks for sharing every detail with us. I look forward to your posts! Keep up the super fantastic work!!!
    ***WAY TO GO, KRISTI***

  65. You are so stinking talented!! 🙂 It is absolutely gorgeous and I just looked at my kitchen and I’m jealous. LOL Time for me to get busy doing some planning on what I want.

  66. This kitchen is so amazing! I can’t believe I’ve been here for seven months watching you work. I actually found your blog while researching how to make my own loose roman shades. You were just contemplating removing the kitchen sink wall and window at that point. What an inspiring journey it has been. I hope you enjoy every minute you get to spend in this beautiful room for many many years to come. Congratulations on a job very well done!!

  67. Absolutely Stunning! Kristi, you are so creative and talented to put together such a beautiful
    kitchen. It would have cost you a fortune if you paid to have it custom built. Just think of the value added to your home. Oh, I forgot. You said you were never moving…. 🙂
    And I so enjoyed the journey with you everyday. Thanks. Nancy

  68. I never leave comments on a blog, but your kitchen is such a fabulous job that I cannot let this go unsaid. (although everyone seems to agree with me) You did an amazing job, so beautiful in every way. I look forward to reading your blog every day because I love kitchens and yours, especially! Your hard work is just stunning. Thank you for taking me along on your journey through remodeling.

  69. Beautiful ! Gorgeous ! Perfect !

    You did an amazing job.


    I cannot wait to see more ! lol

    Glad to see that my cat is not the only one climbing on counters :p

  70. Just beautiful! I woke up about 8:05. I bet it was your scream that woke me up!! I live in Wisconsin. Can’t wait for your next project. But, be sure & take a break.

  71. So beautiful! Love everything about this kitchen especially the tile wall and white appliances!!! (Thank you for not choosing stainless!) Great work!!

  72. It is absolutely stunning! I love, love, love it! What an amazing job you have done here Kristi. Thanks for bringing us all along with you on the journey.

  73. Awwwww kitty thinks it’s beautiful too…it just enhances her good looks!! :^)
    Your kitchen is gorgeous and you are awe inspiring!!
    Blessings to you,
    PS: I still need to know the name of the plumber……I have an inquiring mind :^)

  74. OMG- I love the cat posing in the last couple! Total cat thing to do. Looks fabulous! I’m so jealous- my kitchen is half torn apart and probably won’t be finished for another 8 months.

  75. Absolutely amazing….such an inspiration. How about in French blue and silver? Love the big bin bulls. Love everything!

  76. What a sense of accomplishment and pride! Congratulations! It was fun going through this process with you………I have kitchen envy! So happy for you!. Put your feet up and take a breather!

  77. I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE your kitchen – from the green on the cabinets to the awesome white tile it’s fantastic. And I think you made the right choice with the floor – it just looks so elegant! Can you come do my master bathroom?!

  78. BRAVO!!!

    You are an inspiration Kristi… you have shown me that it is possible for a woman to do a renovation mainly herself. I am proposing to do something similar in the not too distant future and will be using your work as an inspiration… well done, you deserve a well earned rest!!

    Cannot wait to see what you do with the breakfast room…

  79. I love it! You’re a DIY rock star! It’s perfect down to the last detail, and I love your mom’s art work. Great job!

  80. OMG! It is amazing…. love love love it. You are the most talented, dedicated and inspirational person EVER!

  81. Woman, you are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! Your kitchen is so stunning. I fully expect your kitchen to appear in several magazines, blogs, and all over Pinterest.

  82. Holy smokes that is so so so pretty. Really very posh actually and insanely close to the drawing ! Sheesh have a miliion of your fans and followers mentioned you should habe your own TV show!
    Well done. Stellar.

  83. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. That’s one for each direction. 😀 It’s actually hard to choose a favorite view. I’d initially have thought that it would be the wall of cabinets, but you’ve managed to make them all gorgeous. Brava!

  84. Turned out even more amazing than your inspiration photo. This kitchen is beyond beautiful! I have said this so many times- you need to have some recognition for your work- in a magazine or tv show!

  85. I am (primarily) a kitchen designer and I LOVE what you’ve done. It’s so great to see color in a kitchen, and I love, love, love the green. I also think your choice of hardware and lighting is fantastic!

  86. Congratulations! It looks fantastic. And I have to say that my favorite “wall” is your peninsula! (and I am super jealous of your one of a kind artwork.) 🙂

  87. You truly are a miracle worker! I hope you enjoy the rewards of your labor every single day. It just isn’t possible for you to top that.

  88. This is so absolutely gorgeous; I’m sure I heard the yelling and shouts of joy nto the midsouth region of Arkansas!

  89. I hear the angels singing! The woman who inhabits this kitchen deserves a makeover as well: mani/pedi, a blowout and, most of all, a good full-body massage! This kitchen is regal and, though I’m no queen, I want one too. Great outcome! Congrats to everyone involved but, mostly, you!

  90. Kelly Wearstler, Cameron’s designer should see this wonderful work of art. I look forward to your updates every day.

  91. A very well deserved nap!! You should wallow in your success, you’ve earned it, truly earned it!!! I have loved watching your progress, even the setbacks because we all experience those. You have original ideas, with great vision and you’ve got the guts to just do it. The finished result is outstanding! I love the herringbone tiles, your mum’s artwork, the beautiful drawer hardware, the concrete bench tops (who would have thought! I had never heard of it till I saw your blog) which look amazing, the beautiful wooden floors etc etc etc. Now you can get up every morning and smile with satisfaction as you make your morning coffee, you did it! Can’t wait to see what you do next hahahaha no pressure! Seriously, well done you xxxxxx

  92. I don’t know.. I kinda liked the old one how it was ;). I accidentally found your blog one day and feel like I need therapy to overcome my addiction to it. Went through the whole blog history, followed your kitchen, can’t wait for your “breakfast room” to commence. I often wake at 2.30 and check to see if you’ve updated – see I have an addiction! I can tell you take pride in your work, I hope you also take pride in yourself. Cheers

  93. I “discovered” your blog in June (which might I add was four months ago! It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long.), but really I should say it found me on Facebook and I read every post I could get to on my phone. I immediately fell in love with your work and if nothing else this solidifys that thought. I never found before pictures. The before and after juxtaposed like this truly reveals your talent, if anyone had questions. I look forward to your posts every week and have a little time (usually during daylight hours) when I can sit down and enjoy reading them. Thank you for taking the extra time to share your journey with all of us! This remodel in particular was the one I started reading during and it holds a special place for me and it looks phenomenal.

    I’d also like to add that against my significant others (and his parents) disapproval I’m 99.99999% positive I will have blue cabinets in my “big girl” kitchen.

    Thank you again! I look forward to reading more on your remodeling journey!

  94. I must say I wasn’t sure about some of your choices throughout the process but in the end it is fabulous! A shout out to your mom for her wonderful art work that must have been a wonderful surprise. For just one second I thought the cat was a cookie jar. Lol So what’s cooking for dinner?

  95. Congrats!! YOU DID IT111Now you can look back and see all of the time and effort( and errors) were well worth it. You have surely inspired many to follow the example that you have set. May you and Matt have many years of great meals from this kitchen. Blessings, Jeri

  96. You have every reason to be proud of yourself. I would be! Such determination and hard work deserves to be rewarded. I hope you have many happy moments in your new kitchen!

  97. Kristi, You personify awesome! As does your kitchen. The kitchen is utterly fabulous. It is amazing that you accomplished so much by yourself. I applaud you.

  98. Kristi, WOW WOW, WOW your kitchen is absolutely stunningly gorgeous and really deserves a home magazine photo shoot. You must be so extremely proud of your achievement, as we who follow your blog, are of you!! Your Mum’s painting looks perfect in your new kitchen…..what a great personal and sentimental touch!

  99. You deserve a nap! I’m SO happy for you and this beautiful kitchen you created! It’s gorgeous, unique, colorful, awesome…I could go on and on. It has been such a pleasure following your remodel. Thank you for sharing it with us! Sharon

  100. MORE kitty pictures……..Makes it look like a home not a showroom, yes, you are that good.
    You get my vote for a reality show; Congrats on one project down.

  101. I really enjoyed this entry and reading about your kitchen redo. I would’ve done a lot of napping thru this project-lol. I really love your bold green color. See, you get it. I love the lighting, too. Thanks for posting!

  102. What an amazing transformation! This reminds me of Cameron Diaz’s manhatten apt. – Her kitchen designed by Kelly Wearstler. She did similar green/gold cabinetry. Since then I’ve been itching to paint something green!

    Do you mind if I ask what color paint you chose?

    1. That kitchen was the inspiration for my cabinet color with the gold trim, as well as the trim design at the top of my upper cabinets. 🙂 The cabinet color is Sherwin Williams Derbyshire.

      1. Kristi, you have IMPECCABLE taste! I guess I have some catching up to do on your blog. I went back and found your prior post about the kitchen. I found your blog searching for a roman shade tutorial – I plan to tackle this weekend!

        Thank you for sharing the paint color. Your kitchen is LOVELY. You did a great job, WOW.

  103. Wish i could pin your images? Love what you did with the finishes on the header, but honestly makes it a pain to recall and come back to visit your site without being pin friendly. you already have the watermark on your images, why not allow pin-able images?

  104. Your kitchen is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! YOU are amazing!!!!!!! It looks so great. I’m so happy for you 🙂 Utterly unique and beautiful design work.

  105. Absolutely exquisite! I may have already said something along these lines here, but I returned to view it again and it just gets better each time. I am excited to see how you redo the breakfast room. Chop! Chop! >:)~

  106. Love your style! I am so tired of decor having to be white, beige, more white,and stainless steel. I love color!! This kitchen ( and the one in the condo, too ) are fabulous. One suggestion- have you considered highlighting the pillars on your wall-o-cabinets with some of the gold leaf? All the doors sparkle, but the pillars look flat. Cannot wait to see the rest of the transformations!!

  107. Kristi your hard work certainly paid off girl! Your kitchen looks amazing. I have to say I was not so sure about the green when you first painted the cabinets and I love green. Now all doubt has vanished. The cabinets look beyond stunning! I am still in awe over your concrete counter tops.

  108. Fantastic. Flipping fantastic! And lots of other adjectives swirling in my head describing how great it turned out. Now that it’s been a while, what are you thinking about the concrete counter tops? I have them in other areas, not the kitchen, and I think the brawn of the operation wants to give the kitchen a try.

  109. Congrats on winning Stacey’s contest. Love the green!! Love all the details. Really well thought out, even if not planned ahead of time. Brave!

  110. do you still like your appliances? i want to get the same ones! love the green cabinets btw …one of my favorite colors 🙂

  111. I didn’t notice the dates on your posts, so I’m very late to the party! No fabric under glass, I guess! 😉 Congratulations on a beautiful kitchen! 🙂

  112. Hello, did you end up using the Pottery Barn bin pulls? I ordered a bunch for my new kitchen and they arrived with the WRONG screws! How did you attach them? Thanks!

  113. What a cool and unique color! I would have never thought to paint my cabinets green, but that looks amazing! Your cat model blends nicely with the decor. My counters always have a cat on them, so I can relate 🙂

  114. I absolutely love your kitchen redo!! The wall of cabinets is a dream come true. I love getting my hands dirty too, Kristi. The one thing I would change is the refrigerator. I have had my fridge in a corner and dealing with getting the door opened wide enough to pull out drawers and shelves, for cleaning, was a nightmare. I love your color choice. I too would cook every day in such a beautiful and functional kitchen. Job well done!!

  115. That kitchen is beyond gorgeous! You managed to buck a lot of trends and you did it beautifully too. The design is both refreshingly different and yet comfortingly familiar somehow. How did you come up with the design for the storage wall with the sconces? At first I thought, you made it look like furniture but furniture rarely has built in sconces. It looks like the place they would cut the cakes in a fancy French bakery. You also didn’t choose a greyed out cabinet color and you avoided the extreme dry color most people choose for cabinets as well. The rich satin green with the gold accents reminds me of a fancy Parisian Bakery as well. I love that you extended the front of that wall giving the cook more space and headroom for that prep area. Upper cabinets do have a way of feeling oppressively in your face; plus it echoes the way the range is deeper than the counter tops on the other wall. I also love that you used restraint by not putting up anything except art on the tiled wall. It gives the space such visual relief from all the color and drama. I am redoing my kitchen and borrowing so many of your ideas. I don’t mind copying what one person did but I don’t like copying what everyone is doing. The only thing I have seen even vaguely like this kitchen is the Cobalt kitchen by Stacey Richardson. It is a very refreshing look, and a real departure from what is being done nearly everywhere else.

  116. You Go Girl !!!!! I have a 112 yr. old house. But my hubby does it all. I just give the design, he makes it happpen. You r amazing , didn’t know I was looking at a women’s work untill I read the comments. I’m a baker ,cake deco. Have been for 43 yrs. Wanted to be in a mans world to show our skills to all men. You give women a GREAT name. Thank U. You r very talented. God Bless you and your husband.!!!!!!

  117. Large kitchen. Was ok in original form, but it’s lovely, and the green is stunning. I’m not a fan of the blue/teal. The green is rich, warm and inviting.