Found Treasure – My Future Hallway Bathroom Vanity

Well, y’all, I got up this morning and thought, “Hmmm…I have nothing to share on my blog today,” so I went about my business and got my day started.  Then I remembered!  I came across something the other day, and I’ve been so stinkin’ excited to share it with you!

Okay, that’s probably too much of a build up.  It’s probably only that exciting to me.  But I was so inspired when I found it the other day that I was almost ready to go straight into my hallway bathroom and start ripping tiles off the wall so that I could get started on a bathroom remodel.

But I didn’t.  I used some self-control.  🙂

Anyway, for a while now I’ve thought that I want to use an interesting piece of furniture as the bathroom vanity in my hallway bathroom.  If you’ll remember, the reason I originally purchased the antique credenza, which is now green with amazing pieced wood drawers, is because I wanted to use it in there as a vanity.

That ended up being way too big for that bathroom.  The space available for a vanity is quite small.

I have a couple of other pieces that I thought might work, but none of them really thrilled me, and they both have much more of a country look to them.

But then just a couple of days ago, I was rummaging though my garage and I came across a table that my mom gave me just a few months ago.  When she asked me if I wanted it, I had no idea what I would do with it, but I thought it was way too pretty to pass up.  So it’s just been sitting in my garage.  But when I came across it again, it dawned on me that it would make an absolutely gorgeous vanity!

spiral leg table with ball and claw feet - future vanity for bathroom 1

Isn’t that pretty?!  Oh, those spiral legs!  And look at the ball and claw feet.

spiral leg table with ball and claw feet - future vanity for bathroom 2

And I think all of the detail on this table is just so pretty.

spiral leg table with ball and claw feet - future vanity for bathroom 3

Now the downside is that I will have to cut the table in order to use it.  There’s no way that the whole thing will fit in the bathroom.  But I can cut it so that it’s deep enough to hold a sink, and shallow enough to fit the space.  And I’ll still be able to use two of those amazing legs on the front of the vanity.   The back will have to be attached to the wall for support.

I think it will be gorgeous.  I love it when I come across treasures in my own garage that I can actually use in this house, especially when they were free!  🙂



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  1. I cannot wait to see how you do this and make it sturdy enough to hold the sink bowl. Will it be a vessel sink or sunken? Ohhhhh….. I am excited. LOL!

    1. I’m hoping to find a way to use a drop in sink. I’ll need to make the table higher in order to do that, though. Using a vessel sink would be so much easier, but I’m just not a huge fan of vessel sinks. I was when they first came out, but I’m over it. 🙂

  2. Kristi,

    Can you also save the other half after you cut this cute table in half and repurpose it for a shelf or something else amazing so that the entire table will be utilized somehow? It is gorgeous and it would be such a shame to waste any part of it.

      1. maybe use the piece as a hall table to just toss the mail or keys on? I’m with you on not wasting one inch of that beauty! 🙂

        1. On second thought maybe find something else for the vanity? This table is such a beautiful piece and an antique, it is much more valuable as a whole.

  3. “OH, NO!!!” was my immediate reaction and still is. I have collected antiques almost all my life and have always prized items that are in great condition and retain their original finish. Therefore, it’s MVHO that it would be a crime and a huge crying shame to cut up this perfectly good, absolutely beautiful table and subject it to exposure to water and moisture, not to mention running plumbing through it. Sell it to someone who needs/wants a table, then take the money and buy something else that is in poor condition and use it instead. It would make me so incredibly sad to see this done, I would never go into that room – I would go outside if I had to. Of course I know that it’s your table, your house and your decision but I say please don’t do it.

    1. I used an antique table as a vanity for my guest bath. I removed the top & found a white quartz remnant to use as the counter. The fabricator routed the edge just like the table top had been routed. Then installed an undermount sink. I still want to upgrade the visible P-trap with a nicer looking one. The plastic PVC pipe isn’t cutting it.
      Also…I believe your table legs are called Barley Twist legs. Your table is beautiful & your bathroom will be very unique when you’re done with it. Just like your kitchen. Stunning!

  4. I, too, would hate to see the table cut up. Perhaps use it as inspiration for a DIY that will be sturdier and you can adapt to fit the space to give you both beauty and storage? Loved the leaf / petal ceiling light from the other day. I can see you are in the cogitation stage, letting things float up and rumble around in your brain to suddenly coalesce into the next great thing. I look forward each day to seeing what you are up to.

  5. I love the idea, but with this table I think it would be a crying shame. It is beautiful, interesting, and it would be sad to see it cut up just for the sake of a bathroom vanity.

  6. What a gorgeous table! I believe I’d ask my mother if it’s okey with her first. I would never cut it, but I know that you’ll turn it into a beautiful vanity. So go for it, if you mother has no objections. And if I know you mother, she’ll tell you to do whatever you like. I also don’t like vessel sinks, however, if I were going to use this beautiful table, I believe I’d adapt my opinion. Go for it. Glad you are finding inspiration everywhere, especially in your garage.

  7. Hi Kristi, Im fairly new to following you so I tried to find a pic of your bathroom. (I couldn’t) I love that table and think that your plans to transform it into a vanity is a great idea – and since you plan on using the other half in another space, its a win-win either way. Do you plan to keep it that color? And is there a way to seal it to protect it against moisture? I can’t wait to see it installed.

  8. oh Kristi this is an excellent idea. The table while very pretty is a mass produce piece so it isn’t like it is a rare antique you are cutting in half. The egg and dart trim around the top the barley twist legs the ball and claw feet? Girl you got it all going on for sure. I hate new pieces for vanities and this one will be outstanding. Are you going to paint it? (I have a feeling you will and in a color that will surprise us all). Now come on can you start that hall bath? Please? I need the excitement. LOL. nancy

  9. It will be beautiful! I had to comment to defend your choice here- it’s your blog, your home, your bathroom, and your table! Whichever person wouldn’t go in that room isn’t going in that room anyway! If it makes you happy, do it! Unless you’re interested in selling it, and someone offers to buy it and pay shipping at a price you want, no one should be shaming you for doing what you’d like with your belongings in your home. Enjoy it!

  10. Love all the pretty details. I’m sure the vanity will be gorgeous. I’m excited to see how you make it taller and add the sink. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a vintage sink out at Habitat, just waiting for you to give it a new life along with the vanity? 🙂

  11. It’s a nice barley twist table but certainly not such a find that you shouldn’t use it where it can be useful. However, you might have a future in antique sales; mention plans that will deconstruct a piece then let the bidding begin!

  12. Beautiful table! Love everyone’s ideas for the piece cut off to be used as shelf & towel bar and it has a beautiful aged finish – those legs are incredible! Though I do like vessel sinks for powder room use (though I’ve never had one), an under mount would be lovely Hoping you can find a great protective finish for that rich wood!

  13. I have a table just like that! It was a popular style from the 40’s. Will you use a vessel sink or undercounter? It will make a cute vanity, though I hate to see it cut. Easypeasy project for you! Blessings

  14. My goodness, Kristi! You would think you just announced you were about to start killing kittens the way some people react to your decorating ideas.

    It’s better to put this beautiful piece to daily use in a place it can be admired rather than left stuck in a garage or room covered in clutter.

  15. What an inspirational piece of furniture. I can’t wait to see what you do with it, Kristi because we all know whatever you come up with will be stunning. I’m a sucker for tables with interesting legs as well. I would love to have a piece like that pretty much fall into my lap.

  16. While i could not do this myself…to a piece of beautifully crafted piece of antique furniture…it is not my table nor my house where it will sit….I love your blog and love all of the looks you create with your own two hands…and I am a visitor here so I will not speak the big …..”NO NOT THAT TABLE” because you can do what you want with it…and even though I wouldn’t do it myself….I will ooh and ahh just like everyone else when the job is done cause I always do…I love your decorative powers and your hard work in creating them…

  17. Well, if it’s sitting in a garage, it’s not getting any use either! While it’s smaller than I would want in my bathroom, I’m sure whatever you end up doing with it will be ‘you’ and will compliment your home. 🙂 I look forward to seeing the steps from it being what it is today to what you want it to be!

  18. What a great table! It will make a beautiful vanity. I have a pic somewhere where a demilune (sp?) table was used for a vanity and it’s gorgeous! I have looked for one ever since 😉 But before you cut that….are you going to need a great table in the seating area of your breakfast room? It’s already a beautiful wood tone which you said you wanted in that space. Just sayin. Either way it will be beautiful!

  19. What a gorgeous table!!! And it will make a stunning vanity in the bathroom! It’s unique, special and totally on point with your design style! I cannot wait to see it done up as your bathroom vanity!!! (It also gives me ideas for redoing the bathroom in our future home!)

  20. Love the table, love the idea, can’t wait to see what you come up with. I also am not a fan of the vessel sink, but for some reason this table seems to scream” give me a vessel sink” Ha. I’m sure it will be awesome whatever you decide…..

  21. Cut that puppy up, girl! I remember you sharing your philosophy on changing antiques back when you stripped the credenza. I can’t wait to see this as a vanity. How will you hide the plumbing? It’s so exciting to watch your process.

  22. Instead of cutting it in “half” (although whatever depth needed so not necessarily actually half), and then attaching it to the wall, could you cut out the middle section to make it the right depth, but then reattach the back so that it’s still a four-legged table, and it doesn’t have to be attached to the wall? Not sure if that even makes sense, but it’s so pretty as a table that it could be really cool to keep it sort of in it’s original form in the bathroom as a vanity, still like a piece of furniture. It will be gorgeous either way though!

    1. That would be an awesome idea. If a waterproof counter top was going to be added to it to cover the cut that would work. Also there are so many gorgeous vessel sinks now, (hammered brass for instance) that would look so good. Then wouldn’t need to raise the height of the table and very little would be visible under the top that would be visible with a drop in sink.

  23. What Barbara H said: “I can see you are in the cogitation stage, letting things float up and rumble around in your brain to suddenly coalesce into the next great thing. I look forward each day to seeing what you are up to.”

  24. I cut a table in half to make matching bookcases for each side of my fake fireplace and mantle. But I just never like the look of 1/2 tables. After much Pinterest research, I discovered that the 1/2 tables that appealed to me still had 4 legs. So I put legs on the back of mine and I love them now! You may not feel the same as I do, but if it were mine, I’d put those other 2 legs right back on the table after I cut it to the right size. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  25. it’s funny how people react: I for instance don’t like that table the way it looks now apaprt from the feet which I adore – and I’m really curious what you’re going to do about it and fairly sure that I’ll like your result 🙂 Cannot wait to see it!! have a great weekend!

  26. I’d get it valued first. I personally wouldn’t use it as I’d be afraid it would be completely ruined both by cutting it up and water damage. BUT it’s yours.
    Whatever you end up doing will look great.

  27. There’s nothing worse than when you’re super excited about something and then people poo poo on you. Do it! It’s just a table! I love it and I love your idea!!

  28. What a cute table~I think it’ll make a really nice sink base for your guest bathroom. I love the idea of using the two extra legs as towel bars. Can’t wait.

  29. I’m with Kimberly! This is your house, and I think it will look gorgeous when it’s done! I have an old credenza in my bathroom being used as the vanity & It looks beautiful! People are always going to have opinions, but I think some need to follow the old rule my mom taught me as a little girl, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”!!