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How My Whole House Design Plan Came Together In Literally One Night

Have you ever been struggling with decorating decisions for your home, and then you make one decision, or come across one item in your stash of goodies, and it makes your whole plan start to fall together?

Okay, honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had that experience…until yesterday.  And now, because of one very fortuitous find in my stash ‘o stuff, I feel like the whole design plan for my entire house has fallen into place.  I swear to you, I’m not being melodramatic.  This all happened last night.  Okay, so let me back up and start from the beginning.

Y’all know as well as I do that I’ve been struggling with this house when it comes to decorating decisions.  I can’t seem to make up my mind on things, or stick with a plan.  I just couldn’t seem to make the design come together in my mind, and it was really frustrating to me.  I think there are two main reasons this was happening.  First, I painted my kitchen green and added gold trim.

Don’t misunderstand me.  I LOVE my green kitchen.  There are no kitchen do-overs in my foreseeable future.  But at the same time, I’ve had a very hard time coming up with a cohesive plan for the rest of the house that will complement my green kitchen.  It has made things very challenging for me.

And secondly, I love so many different styles, and so many colors, and so many things, and yet I only have limited space in this house, which is our forever home.  There are so many ideas I want to try out (seriously, about ten years’ worth of ideas stored on my computer), that I’ve felt overwhelmed trying to narrow those ideas down to the limited few that will make the final cut.  And I kind of feel like this is my last chance, so I really want to get it right.  That’s not to say that I won’t ever redecorate my house again.  I’m sure I will at some point in the very distant future.  But I don’t want to become a serial re-decorator.  Once my house is done, it’s done at least for a decade or so.  I want to actually be able to relax and enjoy my house, rather than always looking for the next project.  So the idea that this is it for the foreseeable future has made it kind of hard for me to come up with a plan and stick with it.

So I’ve been floundering around, trying one idea after another that just didn’t seem to pan out.  The bathroom is no exception.

Overall, I really do love the way the bathroom is turning out, but I’ve definitely had some missteps along the way, like the shower curtain…

DIY decorative shower curtain 7

I really don’t know what my fascination is with that fabric, but I’ve tried it twice now (living room curtains/Roman shades, and this shower curtain), and it just hasn’t worked in either place.  So I’m finally over it and moving on.  I’ve selected a completely new fabric.

And then there was my attempt at making artwork that I showed you yesterday.

bathroom artwork 5

I like the actual artwork, and I had fun painting it, but it just wasn’t working in the bathroom for me.  It looked too…something.

bathroom artwork 6

Too light?  Too washed out?  Too small?  Maybe all of the above.

So I decided that I needed something larger, something bolder, something in a frame, and preferable something square.  I headed to my stash of frames to see if I had one that I could use, and that’s when I saw it — the perfect large, square frame with the perfect mat with the perfect silver leaf accent.  And the current artwork in the frame even looked pretty good in the bathroom with the new shower curtain fabric.

bathroom with new artwork - 1

The only thing I really don’t like is the glass.  I’ll probably have new non-glare glass cut for it.  But I love how it looks on that wall!  The dark wood frame complements the dark wood on the ceiling and the countertops perfectly.  And most importantly, I think this artwork can carry its own next to that bold shower curtain fabric.

bathroom with new artwork - 2

And the silver leaf accent around the mat adds just the right amount of sparkle.  I think it’s perfect!

bathroom with new artwork - 3

I’m not crazy about the actual artwork, though.  I might take it out and see if I can add at least some small touches of color, and possibly lighten it up some.  I’ve always felt like these paintings (I have two coordinating paintings) were a bit dreary and depressing…and too burnt orange…for my taste.

bathroom with new artwork - 4

But overall, I think it’s a good fit for this bathroom.

bathroom with new artwork - 5

But here’s the interesting part.  As soon as I hung the painting in the bathroom and stood back to look at it, I thought to myself, “Yes!  Now that’s a look that complements the design of my kitchen.  My whole house needs to go more in this direction to complement the kitchen.”  And then, it’s like everything for my whole house became clear in my head.  I have no idea how one painting can do that, but it did.  I suddenly had this clear vision for my entryway, dining room, music room, and even the breakfast room — ideas that would actually complement rather than compete with my kitchen.  All of these ideas started flooding my mind, and a clear, cohesive plan started coming together.

Strange, right?

For example, a couple of months ago, I came across this fabric that I thought might be perfect for my dining room draperies.  So this past weekend, while shopping for new shower curtain fabric, I decided that I would also check out this sample and bring it home.

dining room drapery fabric - 1

It’s Dwell Studio for Robert Allen @ Home Bella Porte in Watercress.  But I need 24 yards of fabric for my dining room draperies, and the cheapest I can find this fabric is $20.85/yard.  I don’t think that’s a terrible price for decorator fabric, but when I need 24 yards, that’s $500 just for the fabric.  And I’d still need to buy drapery lining.  Again, $650-ish for draperies for three windows, including one window that is nine feet wide and would need double-width panels, isn’t bad.  But I’m cheap, and I don’t like spending that much money.

But it wasn’t just the price that was stopping me.  I also felt that 24 yards of green fabric with a repetitive geometric print in a room that’s really not that big might feel a bit busy and overpowering.  So I’ve been pondering this for weeks now.

Then last night, as these ideas were flooding my head, I had this idea.  What if, rather than using the fabric for the whole panel, I just used it as an accent on the leading edge of each panel?  It would be similar to the way that these draperies from Amanda Carol Interiors are accented along the leading edge with Greek key fabric from Premier Fabric.

Draperies accented with Greek key fabric from Amanda Carol at Home

And look what happens when I fold this fabric to use as an accent!

dining room drapery fabric - 2

Does that remind you of anything?  Like maybe my rolling doors?

It’s like it was meant to be!  🙂  And it looks lovely on oatmeal linen, which I can get here for just under $10/yard.

dining room drapery fabric - 3

And then with that decision made, others just seemed to fall into place as well.

My dining table?  It needs to be black.

The accent wall in the entryway?  It needs wainscoting and grasscloth.  (Yep, I’ve come full circle with that.)

The colorful floral fabric I’ve been wanting?  It needs to be some sort of painterly/watercolor look (not Jacobean), and it needs to have at least a bit of green in it, and it needs to go on the two captains’ chairs at the dining table.

I could go on and on, because I can literally envision my whole house finished.  I kid you not.  I mean, I’ve got a plan, people!  And not just ideas, but a definite plan that literally came together in my head just last night.

And all because of a painting that I bought nine years ago.



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  1. Love that you have a plan now. The only thing is I’m looking at the new bathroom fabric and it seems to be competing with the tile to me. Same as the old fabric in there too. Whatever you do should be great in the end after trial and error. Cheers!

      1. I agree…I like the first shower curtain better. And why not pull the curtain closed? I don’t like seeing the inside of the tub.

        1. I don’t like closed shower curtains. They visually make the room feel so tiny and closed in. Plus, I have new bright white tile, and a pretty paneled tub skirt that I worked hard on, and don’t want to cover up with a shower curtain.

          1. I agree on closed shower curtains. To me, it makes me think that you’re wanting to hide something. It’s like you didn’t get your shower cleaned, so you hide it. It also makes the bathroom look too small.

            I think the framed painting goes well with the dark ceiling and dark vanity. Not so sure about the shower curtain fabric though.

            1. Plus, there’s that fear of someone hiding behind the curtain ready to jump out at you while you pee… 😉

        1. Kristi, I love your plan for the curtains! I didn’t like the old shower curtain either. The new is better. I’m not a big fan of Jacobean anything! Your kitchen is amazing! Not for everyone, of course, but I love green and your kitchen is most definitely green!

          1. I agree about Jacobean patterns, they look scary/creepy to me. I love a floral that is bright and saturated yet somehow depicts the slightly translucent shimmery quality of real petals. I don’t even have an example of it but have had it on some clothing pieces in the past.

  2. I believe you!! I’m so excited for you. The stored information (You said there were possibly ten years’ worth of ideas?) can be used when you start back at home decorating for clients!!

  3. I think the thing I love so much about your blog is that you explain your thought process. Even though my taste is not exactly the same as yours, reading through your blog (for years) and seeing how you work through things, has helped me in my own home immensely. Thank you for that!!

  4. Kristi..spoken like the true designer you are!! I have found..in my houses over the years..and this may sound a little “hokey” but to me, houses almost seem to decorate theirselves…not literally of course..wouldnt that be nice..but mentally and emotionally..as i go along with things..my house seems to tell me what to do…and eventually it all comes together…..that, I think, is the genius in doing your house slowly and deliberately and hopefully being able to use things you have and love…our house keeps going in the direction of a cottage, vintage look…this started when I inherited my mother’s Duncan Phyfe dining room set….the mahogany was too dark and heavy for me..so ive painted it…and I just gravitate toward things that I like and that seem to like being with my older looking, funky furniture….so ive decided that since im older…and a little funky….and its my house….thats the direction the house is taking me…vintage…like me…lol…love your work…thanks for the inspiration!!!

    1. This post SPOKE to me!!! I bought a 100+ y/o house eleven years ago. At first, I just made things work…decorating-wise. Then, after about a year, my house started “telling” me what needed to be done. The things I did, following that “advice”, are timeless and will never need to be redone. I’ve playfully said I have a ghost who helps me decorate. I feel that houses, especially houses with age, have a spirit about them that make themselves known when needed. Hokey? Maybe. But it has certainly worked for me because, when I look back, I can’t imagine how I would have come up with the ideas on my own.

      Kristi’s blog helps me figure out the “how to do it”, but my house keeps giving me the “what to do next”. 😉

      1. Cathy- I also like to wait until I’ve lived in a place for a while before making final decisions. Ghosts- yes! I have lots of furniture that can be used multiple ways, and I am always rearranging in my head. Often furniture that I buy for one room will end up in a different room, drapes, too! And I’m a firm believer in rotating artwork around the house every few years- makes me appreciate it in a whole new light!

  5. Oh that’s so exciting! I know that feeling, it sometimes occurs to me (admittedly on a smaller level 🙂 ) and I know how great that moment is – and all the following moments, too, because it just feels so right!

    I love that green fabric and find the coincidence with your rolling doors awesome. It’ll look so good – as well as the other items you’ve already listed. I’m really looking forward to follow you on this journey – thanks for sharing!

  6. That’s fantastic, it’s all coming together…!!! Love the choices your making… Great job Kristi…!!!!!

  7. I got so excited when I saw that fabric too. I immediately thought of your doors. So so perfect!

  8. I really like the painting you did but you’re right, it didn’t fit. I think it was too light. I love the new frame and how it ties into the vanity top and ceiling. I would like to see the print have some teal in it. The one you painted blended too much with your walls but I still love it. Great job! As soon as I saw that fabric for the dining room, I immediately thought……that looks like the rolling doors!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE those doors! I think you are on the right track with the drapes.I do have one little thing to mention though. It seems like the shower curtain sticks out at the bottom. Maybe it is just the way it photographs. To me it looks like the tub skirt pushes it out. Sorry! Just thought maybe that was part of the problem.

  9. Wahoo !! I am so happy for you. Love it when s plan comes together. Now you will get you enthusiasm back full force. Looking forward to all the visions in your head coming to fruition. Hugs

  10. I love the look of the wood frame for the artwork, it really ties in all the wood and anchors that wall! I still love the contrasting bands of colors on the bottom of your old shower curtain, are you thinking of doing something similar with your new fabric to contrast the busyness of the pattern? Can’t wait to see all these projects unfold, I love seeing your creative processes!!

    1. I’m not sure. I’ll have to wait until I have the fabric in hand and can see it in the room before I decide if I want to add a band to the bottom, or possibly add some other contrasting detail.

  11. I love the ideas! I think the direction you are going is more put together! I’m so glad you have more on from the Jacobean fabric, it just never seem to work, I thought. I like the Jacobean, but not with direction you were going with decorating. So happy for you!!!!

  12. As soon as you tacked up the new shower curtain fabric beside your painting it was clear the painting wasn’t going to make the cut. That fabric just made the painting look weak – in the sense there was no balance between the two.

    The new one with the square frame and big mat is just so much better and more in keeping with the contrast of light and dark you like so much.

    I like the green fabric with the circular pattern – speaking for myself I think I’d like to see it with a less oatmealy linen – but that’s a subjective choice.

    I think a black table in your dining room will work well – it’s a classic choice and allows you to play with colour around it rather than making it the central statement.

    1. I agree about the oatmeal material…. Something brighter and lighter with the green trim fabric will really pop! I am almost afraid it will look like your old living room curtains, which weren’t as exciting and colorful as you wanted them to be. Thumbs up on the new bathroom fabric too Kristi.

      LOVE it when things start to come together.
      Also, I am eager to hear about your condo. Please let us know the good news, when it happens:)


  13. Kristi I love this new direction you are taking and am so happy that you have a vision of your home and how it will look when it is done. I almost never know how I want a room to look. It’s like you say, you find something and then that sets the mood for the room. I love your green kitchen and the green fabric. It is going to look so elegant and yet fun at the same time. Love to hear your think out loud for us. Great job.

  14. Could you cut out the portion of your canvas painting that you do really like and put it in that new frame? The dark frame may ground it a bit more and you can crop out the extra “drippy-ness” that you didn’t like about it? Just a thought!

    1. Interesting idea! Or maybe rather than cutting the canvas, I’ll just try to replicate it to fit the new frame. Canvases are quite expensive, so I’d hate to cut that one when I can paint over it and re-use it somewhere else in the house. 🙂

  15. Wahoo!! Write it all down and draw pictures before you forget. Lol that’s totally what happens to me anyway.

  16. Wow, I think the wood frame in your new/old artwork for the bathroom is spot on! I agree with you about the non-glare glass, it will make a difference. Isn’t it interesting that you purchased this years ago, and now it’s finally found a place of its own? How cool is that?

  17. As soon as I saw the green fabric I IMMEDIATELY thought of your doors!! LOVE when that happens.

    We were once given a pillow that entirely changed the way we enjoy our kitchen…and we haven’t looked back since.

    Congrats on your unfolding story!

  18. Glad it is all coming together. I LOVE having those aha! moments. Some things may still get tweaked along the way but it is so much better to have an idea of where you are going. Yea!!

    P.S. I love the fact that you do have the same problems making up your mind that the rest of us do!

  19. Serendipity! The way your doors and that material work! Always a huge plus when you’re trying to find just the right thing. And I too love the framed picture in the bathroom. Looks great, though I agree maybe a little less burnt orange would help.

  20. Love the idea of the edging. The perfect solution. And of course I knew you would come up with it. Sometimes the best ideas come when our brains are relaxed.

  21. Had that happen too–one thing and the rest falls in place like dominos. Love the black dining table idea. That will really punch it up to the same level as your kitchen and I think the painting is much better. Reevaluate what’s in the frame after the shower curtain goes up.

  22. I like the new print frame(not the mat or print) in the bath room..it ties in nicely with your other choices. To me, the artwork you did fought with the decorative tile above the wainscoting. I like the idea of the fabric geometric drapery border, I don’t like the way the greens don’t work together. I don’t think the green in the kitchen has to match the green in the dining room, but I do think it needs to blend. They clash. But the most important thing is that you like it, and you do so I’m glad you feel like it coming together!

    1. The green on the cabinets is almost exactly the same as the green on the fabric. My pictures were taken in different rooms under very different lighting. 🙂 But the fact that the green matched my cabinets so closely is the reason I liked that particular fabric so much. I’ve had a very hard time finding greens in fabrics that match or coordinate with my cabinets.

  23. I have to agree, the picture does tie everything together nicely in the bathroom and I really think the dining room curtains are going to be fabulous. So glad you finally got a plan for your house. I finally got mine a few months back after fussing with the house for 4 years so I know what a relief that is. Good luck. Can’t wait to see your progress.

  24. I think the fabric for the shower curtain takes away from the tile above the wainscoting. Mabe it needs to be not quite so bold.
    also the the green fabric and the drapery fabric are great. For the dining room . It is very striking against the dark brown of the doors. Your dining table would really be a stand out if it were a warm darker stained wood like your doors.it would tie in the two rooms.
    love the green fabric

  25. I’m glad you made a plan for the rest of your house. I can tell you are excited about it.

    As for your bathroom, I absolutely love that first shower curtain you made. I don’t understand why you are getting rid of it, except for the fact that you cut it in half (why did you do that again?). The fabric matches the colors in the bathroom so perfectly and it is so light and flowy (is this a word?) and elegant. It gives your bathroom a spa-like feel. I’m not a fan of the fabric you are using for the new curtain but I’m sure it will look fine when it’s all said and done. I also really like how that first painting looked in there, even though I wasn’t too keen on the painting itself (I’m just not into abstract art). I dislike the new one even more – looks too big and bulky for such a tiny wall. Maybe removing the glass will help with that. I don’t know. Anyways, I hate to sound so negative but I really do like how your bathroom is turning out. It’s going to be beautiful.

    1. It’s not because I cut it in two. 🙂 In fact, the new decorative shower curtain will be two panels rather than one wide panel. I just haven’t liked the way that particular fabric looks in either room. I can’t really put my finger on the reason why. I just know, to my eye, something seems “off” about it.

      1. Your colors are all in it, but I wonder if the background is too dark so the whole thing reads tan.

      2. I was beginning to wonder about your eye, I’m glad you got your “vision” back! As an artist, it’s really bothered me that you were trying to fit every “cool” idea you have ever desired for your own into one house. The plan, if there was one, was too incongruent for me. And you were making the eye in my head crazy. You are really on the right track. And, in fact, from the responses I may be the only one that see’s your new shower curtain fabric as working. The picture you’ve chosen works so much better than your painting (I never use non-glare glass though, it’s technically speaking-yucky) And, I wouldn’t try and replicate your other painting in to the new painting. Possibly you were working with craft paint. Craft paint pigment just is not a satisfactory substitute for professional quality art and you would be hard pressed to be happy with the outcome. You are now on your way, well on your way.

  26. I’m excited for you, and future posts too! Your creativity was probably freed up now that you got the condo finished.

  27. This has happened to me before and it is magic. When I put all the decorating stuff I had purchased over the years all in one place, it allowed me to pick what I wanted to keep and decide exactly where it went. I can’t explain it better than that.

    I really like the direction you are going.

  28. I would match the white in the green fabric for the all over color of the curtains myself. But I don’t like anything beige. The plan sounds great and I know it is a relief to you.

  29. I’m so pleased that you’ve got the vision that you want for your house, it’s always so very exciting when that vision becomes clear and you can move forward with it. Well done Kristi. For your bathroom, I love the frame, matt and silver border of the picture, however for my personal taste, I think the actual picture is too old fashioned and it doesn’t really seem to suit your decorating style to me. As others have mentioned, maybe leave the picture as is until the new fabric for the shower curtain goes up. I’m pleased you’ve decided to go with wainscoting and grasscloth for your entryway and I think painting your dining room table black will look absolutely stunning. I really LOVE the new geometric patterned green and white fabric and as soon as I saw it, I thought of your rolling doors. The pattern perfectly mimics your doors design. I’m not sure about teaming the border of the fabric with an oatmeal color, I’d have to wait to see the rest of your dining rooms decor, but at this point, I think the fabric border would look sharper and crisper matching the white of the circle pattern. Or have you thought about using the fabric as a soft roman blind or an upholstered pelmet instead, as i think either of these two ideas would create more of an impact and statement in your dining room, with that gorgeous geometric pattern. We can’t wait to see your vision come to life….it’s so exciting!!

  30. I know both the feelings you are describing… I like different things and have alternative ideas about the same places, and that makes me confused and indecisive – but in reality it’s the best combination that we are looking for, I think. And then one thing comes that spurs the creativeness and boom! ideas keep falling in place and that combination is decided, using that magical thing as a starting point! I’m nowhere near that point mind you, but then again, you never know with such things, they do tend to come suddenly…

  31. I love love love these idea.

    BUT….I don’t understand what the painting had to do with anything.

    1. I don’t really either. 😀 Or I should say, I can’t really explain it. I just felt like I was really struggling with direction, not only for finishing out (decorating/accessorizing) my bathroom, but also with the whole plan/vision for the entryway, dining room, music room, and breakfast room. But for some reason, as soon as I hung that picture up in the bathroom, it struck me that it had a very elegant look — a look that I felt really complemented the kitchen. And then from there, it’s like I could suddenly envision how the rest of the areas also needed to look in order to bring about that same look and feel that would complement the kitchen.

      I know. It sounds very strange. 🙂 But it really did all stem from that painting, and the way it changed the whole feel of the bathroom.

  32. Isn’t it a good feeling that one little thing, like your painting, triggered your plan for the whole house? I’m happy for you and hope that it all comes together just as easily. I’ll be checking in often to see what each room will entail.

  33. I made the connection to your rolling doors (have I mentioned that I LOVE them?) before I read that you did. But for me at least it seems that it all came together with the fabric. I don’t usually voice my opinion when you post something that doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t NOT like the picture, and I definitely agree that it needs non-glare glass, but I’ll reserve my opinion for when it’s complete. But overall, BRAVO!!!! Happy for you!! Wish I could make decisions about MY house.

  34. I’m seeing it, Kristii! So excited that it’s all clicked for you. And you’re right. The picture in the bathroom is a game changer. Just what the bathroom needed. And you validated what I felt about your painted dining room table. I commented on that post that it needed to be black. I can’t wait to see it. You will be so much more motivated to finish it and other projects now that you have such a strong, clear vision.

  35. I find it fascinating when you shift gears. I think what I see is that your own style is more visually assertive than what you initially tilt toward (with the exception of the black dining room idea, of which I think I was the only fan). 🙂 I like where you’re going!

  36. I kinda think that your original shower curtain would work/you might like it better if you hung it upside down, with the bold blue border at the TOP of the curtain instead. I think it just looked too bottom heavy. I still love that fabric and how it works with the rest of the design elements in the bathroom.

  37. I Love how you are not afraid to change your mind! And I like the changes you’re thinking about. If you really don’t like the picture, why don’t you take it out, use the print as a guide and paint your own colors over the top of it to make it yours.
    Good luck, I look forward to seeing this bathroom done! 🙂

  38. When my sister first told me about your blog, she said that you asked for peoples opinions on your ideas and it was a fun forum. So I checked it out, and immediately was hooked. It has only been recently that I have felt comfortable enough to post my opinions on what you are doing.

    Thank you Kristi, for allowing us to feel like we are a part of your team. I think that it is an amazing gift that you do not get defensive about how we inject our opinions and criticisms!!! You must feel very free and comfortable in your skin. A freedom that comes from Christ. It is beautiful. Keep up the great work. You inspire many many many people. I am at the top of the list!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Carol! I always welcome input that is given in a kind, helpful, constructive manner. 🙂 I may not always agree with the suggestion, but I do like reading suggestions and seeing how other people’s “decorating minds” work. It fascinates me how everyone has such different ideas and styles. We won’t ever all like the exact same things, but we can all learn so much from each other! 🙂

  39. For a while we moved every 3 yrs, so I know what it’s like to need a WHOLE HOUSE inspiration. This is wonderful. The drapery edging is a great ECHO to your doors (and with neutral drape investment, leaves you room to re-inspire in 10 yr!!!) .
    Explaining your thought process and how one piece can inspire was beautifully written. Don’t worry if everything matches — I listened to a decorator who was worried about that once, and made a costly mistake that wasn’t at all me. (ended up with the fabric she “rejected” and loved it for over 10 yrs) Go with what you like and your gut. The dark frame really pulls the room together. the mat and print can be modified, so have fun and keep being creative and enjoy the process. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!

  40. Kristi…This is so amazing and I can ‘feel’ your enthusiasm with each word you wrote!!! How incredible is that new green fabric that when folded mimics your panels in those rolling doors?!? I say definitely meant to be…..You are so encouraging to me and I love reading your posts!!! Thankx for consistently sharing a piece of your heart with us, it is wonderful!!

  41. I so get the part about not being able to see it all in your minds eye and then having it click. For me it was a simple piece of fabric that put it all together for me. I just wish I could work as fast as you do and get to the finished part already. I have and love that green fabric. It’s going to look great as a leading edge on long neutral panels! Having seen it person I think it will be a fine combination with the green in your kitchen. When I make quilts, I have found that when one fabric doesn’t seem to quite “go” as perfectly as I’d like, the trick is to add more that are similar so the contrast between nearly alike shades doesn’t stand out so much. Just think of how many greens there are in a large bed of flowers! The more greens you use in the house the more cohesive it will all become. Happy for you that you’re back to what’s important to you and that you’re making some decisions that feel right!

  42. Perfect. I’ve also tried to do a lot with green in my house and come up short every time. Do no other people/designers/consumers like green as much as I do!? And I agree – you don’t want to much of it, but it is just such a fresh, clean, color to me.

    I think your idea for the curtains is dead on. I’ve had that trellis fabric pinned forever and never thought to use it as a trim. And to have it work so well with your new doors….perfection!

    I’m similar to you, where I make a change and feel restless with it. Way to follow your gut! Love it when inspiration strikes and it all comes together!

  43. I agree with Mary that the square frame would possibly look better if it was placed a few inches higher on the wall. Obviously, it’s impossible to know unless you can see it as it relates to the rest of the room. Get someone to hold it up on the wall for you and give it a try!

  44. I LOVE hearing you explain your design process and my only advice to is this, “Follow your own muse!”. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how many times in my life, I’ve given away my power, for lack of a better phrase. No one knows what will please you more than you! And when you follow your instincts, you are always happy! You have a beautiful talent- don’t listen to any other voice than your own!