Half Bath Progress — The Tile Is Finished!

I ended up taking the whole day off on Wednesday, so I didn’t have a half bathroom update to share yesterday. But yesterday, I got busy and finished up the tile. I thought that I could get the tile finished and the rest of the trim installed, but I was so wrong! I have no idea why the tile took so long. It’s just a small border in a tiny room, and part of it was already installed. And yet, it’s the only thing I got done yesterday, and it took me a ridiculous amount of time to finish.

Oh, well. Some projects are just like that. 🙂 But I’m so glad to have it finished. I always love seeing the big difference that grout makes on tile. If you’ll remember, this is what it looked like before…

half bathroom progress 9-23-19 - 1

And here it is now, all grouted and bright.

Half bathroom remodel progress -- tile installed and grouted - wainscoting with tile accent

It seems like every time I install tile, there’s a pretty long lag between the install and the grout, and I get used to seeing the tile with the dark shadows between them that look like black or dark gray grout lines. And I always think, “Ugh, that’s not how that tile was supposed to look.” But then I grout, and it totally changes the look of the tiles.

half bathroom progress - 9-27-19 - tile wainscoting border installed and grouted - 3

I’m so glad to have this done. I’ve been procrastinating because it required me to get out my tile saw, and that’s low on my list of tools that I like to use. But as it turns out, I really only needed to cut about eight tiles in total, so it wasn’t a big deal.

half bathroom progress - 9-27-19 - tile wainscoting border installed and grouted - 2

Now before I get the inevitable questions about why I didn’t finish the wall first before installing the crown and wainscoting border, let me just go ahead and share my reasoning. I did it this way because I wanted to. 😀 That’s it. If you’ve been around here for long, you know that I don’t always (or ever) do things in the order in which they make the most sense, but things always seem to work out in the end. And I am dreading doing that wall simply because I’m out of the paints that I mixed for the walls. So that means that I’m going to have to trial and error my way through mixing six colors to match what I’ve already done. I’m dreading it, and procrastinating as long as I can.

half bathroom progress - 9-27-19 - tile wainscoting border installed and grouted - 4

But for now, I’m just going to pat myself on the back for finishing the tile. Future Kristi will worry about the wall. 😀

So as of this morning, my “to do” list for the bathroom looks like this…

  • Raise vanity 1/2 inch (in progress, but still needs paint)
  • Install HVAC air duct vent
  • Install ceiling light Done!
  • Install crown molding Done!
  • Put a clear coat protective finish on the upper walls (just on the “wallpaper” design)
  • Install wall trim — chair rail, picture frame molding, baseboards
  • Finish installing the tile and then grout Done!
  • Wood fill, sand, caulk prime and paint all of the trim
  • Paint the bathroom door and install the pull
  • Install the mirror Done!
  • Install two outlets and outlet/switch covers (in progress!)
  • Finish the wall design and remove all of the tape
  • Install the toilet
  • Print and frame photo print for wall
  • Find a privacy solution for the window (tried and failed…I’ll try again!)

Ugh. When I look at the room, it doesn’t seem like there’s that much left to do. But that list says otherwise! I’ll just keep pressing on until it’s done.



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  1. The grout makes such a huge difference between dingy and clean look. I really like it! You’re getting things knocked off your list so that is a step forward each time. Go Kristie!

    1. I agree. I have fibromyalgia & am able to only be on my feet for 20-30 mins. So I do my jobs little at time. Yes, it gets done!

  2. The tiled look 100% perfect grouted! So soft. I love them! You are getting it done–1 thing at a time! Great job👍. As Alta always says, onward and upward!?

  3. Bravo….! 👏🏼 BRAVO…..! any progress no matter what you conceive as “Small” is not ever small….. it is called…..DONE! and a very big check off the list….. Also, do not worry about paint match…. you have an artist “Eye” you will find it…. besides its on a totally separate wall from the rest and the light will “Hit” it differently…… which will be the PERFECT reason if you feel they are slightly different from the rest……. and finally there is always the need for an additional “Kristi Original” to accompany the one on the opposing wall…😉😌……

  4. Hi Kristi.
    Nice to see someone take such pains to get it right. Did you try etching compound to create privacy in the powder room window? I wonder if it would work? Just a thought.

    1. I’d hate to try something so permanent on a window. If I messed up with something like that, there would be nothing I could do to fix it except replace the window.

  5. Congrats on completing that task. I’m working on matching about a dozen cans of paint for touchups around the house and what a nightmare. I’m painting samples on a piece of wood for comparison so I sympathize with you.

  6. What color are you planning to paint the lower walls? This might sound like a crazy comment but I think the bathroom needs more color. The white lower walls seem kinda blah next to the vanity and upper walls. I wonder if painting the lower walls the same color as the vanity would work. Maybe you discussed this in an earlier post but I have forgotten. I’m sure whatever you do will work out great. I love your work!

    1. Funny you should say that – but I was thinking the same thing. The white lower walls just don’t seem to offer sufficient grounding for the rest of the colour and pattern.

    2. Not sure what color to go with, but I agree. The white doesn’t add anything. Maybe a soft version of one of the wall colors?

    3. I’m sticking with white for the lower walls. 🙂 I’ve already tried other colors, and none of them worked. But right now the lower walls look very underwhelming because they’re not finished. I think once they have the picture frame molding and the baseboards installed, it’ll look much more balanced with the upper walls.

  7. I know any mismatched paint colors would bother you in the long run, but I’m thinking a nice large piece of art would cover up that up nicely.

  8. Tile looks lovely! Really makes bathroom so cheerful.

    Re: window, what about a micro rolled shade hidden behind a pelmet or in cavity that has been colored to match the wall design? I know it is more construction but what fun you could have making a resin pull.

    1. I never considered questioning your color choices, but as I read some of the comments re. the white lower walls, I looked again at the pics and the upper walls. I have to agree that one of the design colors would complete the room. I’d go with the light green or blue. Just a thought. This is an amazing project.

  9. I love this creative room! I’m in love with those soft yellow tiles. In my head, I see soft yellow and white, very spring, girly, romantic, soft, old victorian type bathroom. But that’s me…. love the tiles. And while I wouldn’t choose the patterns and colours for me, I love love love the room for you. It’s so fun, and creative, and inspiring. What I love about you, Kristi, is that you go for it. It might not work out, it might take a while to get there, but you go for it. Please don’t ever stop. Your fearless and positive (and honest) approach are exactly why I follow YOU. Looking forward to watching the rest!

  10. Hi! Regular clear contact paper makes for a very pretty, perfectly frosted window covering at a fraction of the cost. Cut it to size and spray windex liberally on the window before placing contact paper. Then use a credit card or something similar to get any air bubbles out, pushing from the center out. I’ve used it on a lot of windows I love it.

  11. You are so good at anticipating folks who can’t keep a governor on their keyboard and reflexively “pick” as if they’re the only ones smart enough to ask the question, “Why didn’t you do that first?” Have they never had to find ways to motivate themselves or dreaded a task or are they robots? Sorry for the rant.

    1. You’ve checked items OFF the list and that’s always forward progress! Maybe a simple white wood slat (2″) blind would be good for the window. Adds a “texture”, but doesn’t compete with the walls.

  12. Rustoleum has a “frosted glass” matte spray that I used on a french door for my coat closet. I just taped around the wood and 10 years later it still looks like the real thing.

    1. I have used this too, as well as film. For both materials, I have created a design in the glass by either masking off shapes or narrow stripes, or cutting them out of the film before applying.

  13. I used simple Contac paper in frosted pattern and it worked out fantastic. It never peeled off or anything. Held up fantastic. Might be a good idea for interim.

  14. You are almost finished!! Just a little more and it will be done. I bought a shade for my bathroom. It is an up and down shade. I love it. It moves all the way to the top or all the way to the bottom, or half up or half down. I bought one the wrong size and then I bought a second one, right size, wrong color. so I have to brand new shades, but I do have the correct one and I love it. Wish I could show you a picture, that might work for that window.

  15. I have this little motto: if you want to be efficient, watch a lazy person (which I am, and you are not).

    So… just wondering: instead of mixing up paint to match the hues and blending (which seem to be “done”), couldn’t you instead just tape off the design and leave the white area open, then set your lines with the white? (Or maybe I don’t see the whole “unfinished” part that comprises the complete problemo.

  16. I bought a small white roman shade from ikea and I had some white liner from the fabric store to give privacy that I attached to the back facing the window. Also what tile saw do you use?

    1. My tile saw is probably 10 years old, and it was the cheapest wet saw at Home Depot at the time. I think I paid $99 for it. 😀 But it’s lasted, and still works great!

  17. list looks good — little things make a huge difference —- I am stealing a part of your mirror trim ….. I had a beautiful home built for us …. so much fun I had with creative fun and imaginative ideas all from me but we moved into a used small home and I do not want to put all the money into it to make it mine yet we are doing a few things to improve , so the big plate mirrors over the bathroom sinks we wanted to trim but the mirror is sitting right on the edge of the backsplash …. how do I trim the mirror and make that look right ? Well now I will have my husband to make a edge shelf like at the bottom of yours , possibly a bit wider so as a few of my little old time glass bottles can sit there …… Thanks for the idea .. keep on , keeping on …. wonderful colors

  18. When you cross off what you call small things it is deceptive. Hang mirror might sound small but not when you actually make the mirror.

  19. When you cross off what you call small things it is deceptive. Hang mirror might sound small but not when you actually make the mirror. Also, is the light above the sink different?

  20. A question about the trim you have planned for the half bath: Are you planning to do more box panel trim for the other walls of the bathroom? I think it would look very good if you did, and I personally like the idea of the lower wall being white, as it will allow the eye to go to the extraordinary wall treatment and not compete with it for attention.

    I have a suggestion for your method for doing your To Do lists. I suggest you break down the tasks into sub items, as it produces a false sense of parity between quick, one-step items and the ones that have many steps. Each step should have its own listing, then you will feel that you have accomplished more, and not just not completed an item.

    1. Agreed–it’s so much more validating when you can cross off more lines every time you pass the list.

      I really feel for you having to re-mix all those paints. 🙁

    2. Yes, all of the walls will have the same trim. I’m definitely keeping the lower walls white. I’ve already tried other colors, and the white was my favorite. Right now they look very plain and underwhelming compared to the upper walls because it’s just plain painted drywall. But the trim and baseboards will give it a much different and much more balanced look.

      The funny thing is that I do generally break down my to do lists like that, but I always feel silly doing that if I’m actually putting my list on the blog. 😀 I don’t know why! I do like a longer list with more detail and items that can be crossed off more easily.

  21. Mixing that paint will be a breeze, Kristi, you have a great eye for color. I love the softness that the white grout gave to the tiles, and am so happy for you on the progress you’ve made. It’s all going to come together soon, and you’ll be able to have a finished, working powder room for your studio. Onward and Upward!

  22. Love the tile grouted! A question about your unfinished wall. The other designs were taped off, first? or did you tape over the colors, and paint the white in. last. I can’t remember Is there still tape to pull? It might not need much touch up!
    If it is a huge deal, I would paint that wall a solid color, and hang some of your lovely art, problem solved. It is facing the toilet, and art is always nice to look at! I’m for easy!

    1. I painted the wall white first, then taped off the design and painted the design. That wall still has the tape on it, and the design needs one more coat of paint. I shouldn’t be hard once I mix the paints. I’m just procrastinating. 🙂

  23. If you could bring Home Depot a sample of the color paint you need,
    they can match it for you. You can get a sample size to check it out.
    I’ve had excellent luck with this.