Half Bath Progress — New Mirror, Crown Molding, and Trim

I had a rather productive day yesterday! I made a new framed mirror, installed crown molding, and installed the rest of the chair rail trim. You can see my progress here…

Having trouble with that video? You can see it on YouTube here.

So part of my day was spent redoing an item on my list that had already been done and crossed off — the mirror. But I’m much happier with version two of the mirror. That oval mirror I had installed was one that I received free for my hallway bathroom remodel back in 2015. But the scale just seemed way off to me, so I decided to make a larger mirror.

half bathroom progress - 9-24-19 - new framed mirror and crown molding

I like this one so much better! To my eye, the scale seems much better with the vanity. It’s almost identical to the one I did in the hallway bathroom. You can see the details of that project here…

That mirror is incredibly easy to do. The nutshell version is that I purchased a 24 x 30 beveled bathroom mirror at Home Depot, attached it to the wall with double-sided mirror tape and mirror mastic, and then built the frame around it using 1″ x 4″ lumber on the sides, and creating the header out of a 1″ x 6″ piece of lumber sandwiched between two 1″ x 2″ pieces of lumber. So simple!

half bathroom progress - 9-24-19 - new framed mirror

It still needs to be wood filled, sanded, caulked and painted, but I’m going to do that when I finish the rest of the trim in the room.

And speaking of the rest of the trim, I finally tackled the project I’ve been dreading — installing the crown molding. I hate installing crown molding, and I almost always have at least one corner with a big gap, but that’s what caulk is for, right?! 😀

half bathroom progress - 9-24-19 - crown molding and wall trim

And I also installed the rest of the chair rail molding on top and bottom of the tile accent around the room…

half bathroom progress - 9-24-19 - crown molding and wall trim - 2

So things are coming right along! I still have quite a bit of trim to install — baseboards, base cap, quarter round, and picture frame molding. And I’m so anxious to get the rest of the tile installed so that I can grout it! I’m getting tired of seeing the dark lines between the tiles. I think the white grout makes such a huge difference.

Anyway, I’m not sure how much I’ll actually get done today (if any at all) because Wednesday is the day I usually take off. But I’m feeling pretty motivated, so I might come home after lunch with my family and get busy. We’ll see!



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  1. Great to see you happily moving toward accomplishing your finished half bath! I am sorry to see the oval mirror gone. I thought it was a great contrasting feature in such a linear room.

    1. I loved that oval mirror also. It was simpler and did not compete for attention with the beautiful geometric pattern on the wall.

  2. I’d get the rest of the tile done next so you can grout. Getting that done will make such a difference in pulling the room together it will inspire (and help motivate) you to work on the rest of the room. At least it would for me. It’s looking good!

    1. Hi Kristi
      I like the new mirror better. I think it looks so much better with the framing. It also blends very well with the window frame.

  3. I know you probably know about the spray foam gap filler, but I thought of it for that toilet pipe. You can shave it down so it’s flush with the wall.

  4. Looks great! The mirror with crown molding goes well proportionally with the vanity! Congrats on getting a pretty big piece of decor done.

  5. I like the new mirror so much better than the oval one. I know that the oval was a good contrast, but in this case, that contrast just didn’t work. I like that the mirror works well with the window frame, too. Coming right along, Kristi, it’s looking great!

  6. The new mirror does a world of good matching the window frame, accenting the picture frame molding and giving the eye a rest letting the walls glow. It adds some class.

  7. I am wondering about your crown molding. Judging from the pictures which could be off a little, it looks like the molding is not installed at a 45 degree angle to wall and ceiling. My husband used to volunteer me to help his friends install their crown. Told them it was my super power! I think it has more to do with being born “bass-ackwards” so it’s easy for me to look at crown and figure out how to cut it. It can be difficult to install and keep the 45 degree angle so that everything fits as it’s supposed to. Other than walls being out of square, the next biggest problem is getting it to sit at the correct angle, especially if you don’t have a helper to hold the other end. That would explain why there is a larger gap at the top in the corners.

  8. Ithink you need to hold yourself accountab!e until you finish the studio ,half bath,and living room.like yu did in the pantry