Kitchen Progress & Weekend Heartbreak

After a long, forced hiatus from the kitchen remodel, I’m finally back on track.  I actually received my replacement cabinet door and drawer fronts a week ago, but at that time I was right in the middle of the rolling French door project, and I didn’t want to leave yet another project unfinished to move on to something else.  So this weekend, I was finally able to prime, sand, paint, and polyurethane the new doors and drawer fronts.

replacement cabinet doors and drawer fronts 1

All that’s left is the gold leaf and one more coat of polyurethane, and then I can get these installed and finish up the kitchen side of the peninsula.

I ordered my replacement doors from Cabinet Door World.  My original doors got rained on on a Thursday night, and by Friday afternoon I knew they would be a total loss.  So on that Friday evening, I searched for “replacement kitchen cabinet doors” online, and found that there are many places that sell cabinet doors.  I searched and searched until I found the place that sold doors that were the closest match to mine, entered the measurements I needed, and placed my order.  The three cabinet doors, and four drawer fronts plus shipping came to $216.

I’m actually very impressed with the quality of these doors.  They’re much better than the original doors.  I also ordered the four large drawer fronts just as I wanted them.  The original drawer fronts were just flat, and I cut out the center areas and made them into recessed panel drawer fronts.

This time there will be no need for that extra work because I ordered them as recessed panels.  I actually ordered very small cabinet doors for the drawer fronts because I didn’t like the way that their actual recessed panel drawer fronts looked.

replacement cabinet doors and drawer fronts 2

On the three cabinet doors, I also paid an extra $5 each to have them pre-bored for the cabinet hardware.  It’s definitely worth the money, and the holes are a perfect fit for the original hinges.

replacement cabinet doors and drawer fronts 3

It feels good to finally be back on track with this remodel, and to see an end in sight.  It’s been a long, challenging road, and I’m so ready for it to be over!

I hate to end a post on a sad note, but Matt and I had to say goodbye to our quirky little photo-bombing flame-point Siamese, Powder, this weekend.  🙁


She became severely anemic in June and required a blood transfusion.  When I brought her home from the animal hospital, she got stronger and stronger with each passing day, and seemed to be doing fine.  But over the last two weeks, she started losing weight again and became incredibly hard to please when it came to food.  Then during the night on Saturday, she just collapsed.  I took her to the vet first thing yesterday morning, and she said there wasn’t really anything else that could be done.  She said that a second blood transfusion is never a good idea because they build up antibodies to the blood.  So we said goodbye to her.

Powder had been with us for about 11.5 years.  We got her very shortly after we got married and moved into our very first house in Oregon.  This loss was especially hard for Matt because Powder actually came to us from Matt’s brother Eric, who died in 2011.  So Matt kind of felt like Powder was his continued bond to his brother.  On top of that, Powder was definitely Matt’s cat.  She loved cuddling with him each night after he went to bed.  She was very loved, and will be missed so much.

Isn’t it amazing how these furry creatures can capture our hearts?  They really do become family members, and when they’re gone, there’s such a huge void.



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  1. So sorry about your precious cat. We have two, both over 10 years old and I dread the day when we will have to say goodbye. I hope you feel better soon. By the way, your kitchen looks wonderful!

  2. so sorry for the loss. cat’s are part of the family too. we had 5 cat (a mom and 4 baby’s) that we had to take them to the humane society because my dad job was in question and that was a hard day but to lose a cat has to be harder.

  3. I am so sorry about Powder. She looks a lot like my part-Siamese who was only 8 when she left us. Big hugs to you and Matt.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about Powder. Our pets bring us so much joy and it is always so difficult when we have to let them go 🙁

  5. i am so very very sorry for your loss, they are part of our family, our world, our daily life. they are part of what makes home………..’our home’

  6. Kristie….tears came to my eyes as I read about your good-bye to Powder. She is a lovely kitty. But, more than that, I know she is family. I feel your pain, because just a few months ago, we had to say good-bye to three of our feline fur babies. For those of us without children, it feels like we’ve lost a child. I know there is no comparison. But, the hurt is intense. My heart cries for you and Matt. [hugs]

  7. So sorry about y’all losing Powder. Especially knowing the connection Powder represented to Matt’s brother. I lost my precious Snuggles six weeks after my husband died. Those two were inseparable. It was so hard. Praying for you and Matt.

  8. Those cabinet fronts look wonderful. I’m very sorry for your loss. I have three purring friends and dread the day that we have to say goodbye to any one of them. Cats can be such incredible companions! Wishing you both peace and comfort during this hard time.

  9. I am so sorry about the loss of your sweet cat Powder. I have loved and lost several cats through out the years and it never gets any easier. I enjoy seeing the progress on your home and love reading your blog. My condolences to you and Matt.

  10. Another kitty who loved the keyboard! I get the part about Powder having once been Matt’s brother’s. His brother would be so happy that his cat was well taken care of and truly loved for the duration of her life.

  11. I’m so sorry for the loss of your furry family member. They take a little piece of our hearts when they go, but I wouldn’t trade my furbabies for anything! God bless you both.

  12. So sorry to hear about Powder! The loss of our first cat, Tabatha, at the age of 18, was hard for our whole family too. You are exactly right when you say that they become members of the family. Tabatha was my first baby three years into our marriage and talked to me like I understood exactly what she was saying. LOL! She would chew me out when I had been gone to long, and gave us the cold shoulder when we brought a dog home, like, that thing is not staying here! I hope you will remember all the fun times you had with Powder and that her memory brings you joy. While her body may be gone, her spirit will live with you forever. Blessings Kristi!

    BTW: The kitchen doors look beautiful! You are so close to the end of this project. I am sure you can’t wait to have a fully functioning kitchen. You should be so proud of all you have accomplished. You make me think that I can do anything I set my mind to too. Truly an inspiration!

  13. So sorry about your cat Powder, she really was a pretty cat! I am so glad you are back on tract with your kitchen, I cannot wait to see it finished.

  14. So sorry to hear about your loss. When our budgies died, a friend told me of a belief that the animals who we loved and cherished will wait for us when we enter heaven one day and will put in a good word with God on our behalf. I think that is a cute concept and it might be a bit of a consolation to you both? I’m thinking of you…
    Btw, the kitchen will be so wonderful!!

  15. Glad to see the cabinets doors were without issue. But I’m really very sorry to hear of your kitty passing. That is never an easy decision or situation to deal with no matter what. Especially when they have the history they do. They intertwine into our lives so seamlessly it never ceases to amaze me how they impact us. Sweet little stylish ombre kitty. <3 <3 <3 many hugs for you all. <3

  16. Oh Kristi, I am so very sorry. I’ve lost two fur babies and I know how difficult it is. For those of us that are animal lovers, they become such an integral part of our lives and the heartache is immense when we lose one. Hugs to you both.

  17. So very sorry for your loss. But so very happy for your progress. So happy that things are going again on your kitchen. We’ll look for glamour shots before long. I pray the days will become much brighter for you and Matt.

  18. Oh what a beautiful cat. She was so very cute in the pictures of the front living room. She almost looked like a statue in some of them.. I am sorry that you no longer have her in your home, but you have her in your heart. Pets are such a wonderful blessings.

  19. Princess Posie cat and I will be thinking about you two and your loss. It is SO hard to lose a critter….they are such a big part of the family.
    Blessings to you,

  20. Oh, Kristi and Matt, so very sorry to read of your loss. Powder was a precious pet to you, and a loving member of your family. People who do not have house pets, don’t quite understand the loss, but for those of us who know the love, comfort, companionship and loyalty of an animal, there is almost nothing that can match it. They are the most unconditionally loving creatures that God has gifted to us. He has charged us to watch over them, protect them and care for them and in return we are given such amazing love. The first time we lost a dog, I thought my heart would break. I could not bear to even think about getting another one. Then my kids grew up and got dogs of their own and I became Nana, and once again was in love. We have sinced lost one of those precious labs after twelve wonderful years. There are still two of them left, but old and run down but still so happy to see you, or hear your voice which ever the malady may be. I know they won’t last forever and my daughter will once again face overwhelming heart break, but she will get past it with the love and support of those close to her. My little Timmytwo is only 4 and I hope he will be with us for a very long time. He was a shelter dog, and to this day, I cannot imagine anyone giving him up. He is a Mini Schnauzer/Pug mix and the funniest little guy. He goes to a play group for socialization a few times a week, and I have been told he is the most personable dog they have ever had. He is like the leader of the pack, even though he is little. He loves running and playing with the big kids and gets so excited when he see where we are going, yet at the same time, after a few hours when I come to get him, he cannot wait to get home. It sounds silly to say, but I just adore my little guy, so I know how you are both feeling. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers and know that Powder is off playing with lots of other felines in a special place God has reserved for his creatures great and small. Blessings. PS cabinet fronts look good!

  21. When they are gone,there is such a void of space even. We had to put our 14yr old black Lab down last week after a year of doctoring.
    So sorry for your loss……please tell Matt that there are many others that feel his pain.
    God bless, Janet

  22. So sorry for the loss of sweet Powder. They are truly members of the family and are missed when they are gone…it’s always too soon…always! I lost my sweet mutt, Bonnie, over two years ago and have since moved, but I still think abou ther. She was a lifesaver for me (long story) after a long, complicated relationship ended…and she was my first pet that was mine – not shared with siblings, parents, room mates, spouse – mine. When she passed it was like a little of that magic she brought back to me went with her. Hugs and prayers of comfort to you and Matt.

    The cabinets look great…and I love that you ordered small cabinet doors for the drawer fronts – so clever!

  23. Being a farmer’s wife I’ve learned to harden my heart to the loss of small, helpless animals but I don’t forget that others have not learned to do this out of self protection. My deepest sympathies to you and Matt on your precious loss.

    The cabinet doors look amazing and I’m going to check out the website you mentioned. After spending the weekend moving and closing up the doorway from my kitchen to nearer the dinning room (in the living room) I’ll now be starting work on my own wall-o-cabinets that can not exceed 14″ in depth. Obviously they’ll have to be made completely custom and I’ve been thinking about whether I can make the doors or wondering if just ordering them would be possible. Now I know…thanks for sharing the info!

  24. I’m so sorry to hear about Powder, they are such wonderful friends … I lost my baby Ivan 3 years ago and I miss him so much. I believe…Powder’s cuddling with Eric…

  25. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Powder. My heart goes out to you and Matt. I know the pain of losing a beloved pet and I feel for you both. I hope you can take some comfort in knowing you gave her a loving home and that she was so happy to share her life with you. She will be waiting for you on the other side for you both.

  26. I am SO sorry to hear of the loss of Powder. Our animals are our kids & family members. It tears your heart out to lose one. We lost our beloved Dozer (Dalmatian) on 9/3/14. Each passing day in minutely easier, but I still find myself looking for him and my heart skips a beat when I remember he’s gone. Big hugs to you and Matt. RIP Powder.

  27. Kristi and Matt,

    So sorry to hear of the loss of your precious fur baby Powder. I feel your pain as in the last two years we’ve had to let go of two of our own fur babies due to severe illness. It is close to the hardest thing we’ve ever had to go through. Hug each other a little tighter tonight.

  28. WOW you have been in a love hate relationship with those cabinets! It is looking good! I am so sorry about your kitty,We lost our Chocolate lab of 16 1/2 years a month ago. I still hear sounds like she made and turn to look. The house is coming along quite nicely keep up the posts I really like your attitude.

  29. I am so very sorry to hear of Powder’s passing. Believe me I know how difficult that is from losing my own pets over the years. My sister passed away in March, but a few months later her dog had to be put down, and that seemed to be the final straw. It was with her dog’s death that my sister seem truly gone. I hope that Power has crossed the rainbow bridge and is romping in the grass with kitty friends. you are in my thoughts.

  30. My deepest condolences to you and Matt! I’ve had to put down a fuzzy daughter as I called her and the heart aches, as they are indeed family. Hugs!

  31. Kristi & Matt, I am so sorry to hear about Powder. I know it will be difficult on all of you for some time including Peave because she was such a big part of your life. Fur babies bring a special kind of joy to our lives that cause so much hurt when they leave. Let yourself heal and greave and don’t ever let anyone down-play what you should be feeling because after all she was “just a cat”. People mean well they just don’t know what they are saying sometimes. I found this to be true when I lost my beloved dog over a year ago. I pray that your hearts start to heal soon. Blessings, Wendy

  32. I am so sorry about your sweet kitty. Furkids become such a big part of our lives. It’s hard to describe the bond that forms.

    Those new doors look fabulous!

  33. Oh kristi I’m so sorry about the loss of Powder. Fur babies are just that your babies. We have two dogs. Our beagle Bud is now seventeen. He was with me before my husband and we have been through a lot. That dog cuddled with me during a major health issue and through many of my ups and down. Don’t tell my chocalote lab but bud is my favourite. I know he’s now on borrowed time and each day is a blessing he is still with me. Hang in there and hugs to you and Matt.

  34. Oh Kristi I am so sorry about your kitty! They say our pets leave their paw prints on our hearts and I truly believe that. I also believe that we honor the pets we lose by getting another one. It is not a replacement but something we can share our love with. Again, so sorry.

  35. First of all, I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved pet. I’m hoping that in time, you will smile when you think of your kitty and the antics that made you laugh.

    Secondly, the kitchen is coming together and I’m sure in the next couple of days it’ll be complete and we’ll once again be dazed and amazed with your skills and thoughtfulness in decorating.

  36. I am very sorry for your loss of Powder. The furbabies become parts of our family, even the cranky difficult ones and losing them is just as difficult.

    The kitchen is coming together and looking great, you are almost there!

  37. So sorry about your kitty. We have two babies (dogs) that we adore. I can certainly understand your sadness. They become family and enrich our lives greatly. So sorry for Matt, too.

  38. Having to say goodbye just sneaks up on you, no matter how ready you think you are. My deepest sympathies on the passing of Powder and you couldn’t have said it better, those furry creatures become such an important part of the house and losing them makes the world a slightly less happy place.
    Will you have a little corner in the house or garden in Powder’s memory?

  39. I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your precious fur baby, Powder 🙁 Prayers of peace and comfort are being sent to you and Matt.

  40. Kristi & Matt- I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your four-legged furry child. Last year we lost out 11 year old lab and 5 year old cat within a week of each other. It was by far the hardest week of our lives but knowing that neither were in pain anymore and were running around doggy/kitty heaven made it easier. I still catch myself looking for them or thinking ‘oh they would love that toy or treat’ but I know they will be in our hearts forever just like Powder in yours.

  41. I am so sorry for you and your husbands loss. I lost my cat of 13 years from cancer last year. It is/was so hard. But I know he was in pain, and now isn’t. Cats are your family too, sending prayers for you!

  42. I’m so sorry for your loss! It is true, our pets become like our families!! We lost a son in 2007 so I know how hard it was for Matt to let this precious part of his brother go!! Prayers for you both!!

  43. So sorry for the loss of your Powder. We have 3 dogs and 2 cats who rescued us. 🙂 We lost our shepherd Maggie last year after 10 years. Such a void is left.
    Be blessed, and again so sorry for your loss and Matt’s loss of that connection to his brother. That’s surely a tough one.

  44. Kristi, I am very sorry to hear about Powder. It’s a truth: You can be prepared, but you’re never ready. It might comfort Matt some to think that his brother has now been reunited with his cat.

  45. I’m sorry to hear about your cat Powder. What a beautiful cat she was. I understand this heartache. The connection with Matt’s brother Eric really touched me, and my heart goes out to you and Matt.

  46. I am so sorry for the loss of your cat. Ironically we have a dog that is 11.5 and we got him for our first year wedding anniversary.

  47. Powder was a gorgeous cat. I’m so sorry for you and Matt both. Having lost a cat to cancer recently I know how big of a hole is left in your heart and home.

  48. So very sorry for the loss of your loved family member. My cat was a family member to me, and when we lost him it left a big empty space in hour home and hearts.

  49. So sorry about the loss of your cat. I follow you everyday, and knew there would be much sympathy expressed. So here is some more. We can never replace our animals, but their lives certainly can enrich ours. My sympathies to you both.

  50. From one cat love to another..may you enjoy the memories that Powder left with you. God bless you both as you get through the days without the warmth and love that only a cat can give. I’m sorry for your loss. Gina

  51. 🙁 So sorry for your kitty loss. Never easy to say goodbye. We have sent too many to animal heaven, and for now, have decided we don’t want to do that again. We are in our 60’s and have always had at least one pet, most of the time two. Our most recent was in June, and I still expect to see her wanting to find a hiding spot from storms or the dreaded beeps when Biggest Loser does the weigh-ins. She was beside herself then, and I tried comforting her or muting the tv, but she didn’t buy it. We love them while we can, and keep them in our hearts when they move on.
    Cabinets are looking GOOD!

  52. Kristi, I’m so sorry about your beloved pet, Powder. Losing a loved pet is never easy. And thank you for all you freely teach us in your remodeling adventures.

  53. Kristi and Matt – I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your beautiful Powder. I know just how hard this is, especially if Powder was Matt’s special connection to his brother. I lost my 20 year-old cat back in May and he was my last real connection to my husband who died suddenly 14 years ago. I know exactly how you feel.
    I’ll keep you both in my heart – and it will take time to heal.

  54. So sorry to hear about your loss. Certainly hard when we loose our furry babies. It will be hard on you both in particular Matt due to the circumstances surrounded Powders life. Feel for you both. Lolxxxxx

  55. amazing outpouring of sympathy and empathy from all your fans and friends, we lost our little guy a few years ago and i still sometimes find myself coming in the door with ” is there a baby in the house?”. it is a wonderful quality to love and protect one of god’s little creatures, but it does make it hard to say goodbye even when we know it is time. your stamina with that kitchen project sure is inspiring, it is going to be beautiful when done.

    1. So funny,we have two cats and when I come home from work I call out “where are the babies?” They truly are our children. So sorry Kristi and Matt. My thoughts and prayers are with you both..

  56. I’m so sorry to hear the sad news about Powder. We currently have 2 dogs but have loved and lived with a menagerie of cats and dogs over the 38 years we’ve been married. It never is easy to lose one of them because they really and truly are family members. Why, I still miss the first cat in my life and he’s been gone for 40 years now! I will never forget his antics.

    Please go and give Matt a hug from all of us. It must be dreadfully hard on him because of Powder’s connection between Matt and his brother. My little dog lies near the foot of the bed curled up behind my legs and I can’t settle down to sleep until my little buddy is settled in too. (I know, some people would say that’s silly but I’m telling it like it is.

    Your cupboards will look just splendid in the blink of an eye! Gold-leaf, polyurethane, and hardware and you’re good to go! Or maybe I should say ‘good to cook!’

    Don’t forget to give ?Matt that hug!

  57. Kristi and Matt,
    I am so very sorry to hear about your kitty. They do become family and love us unconditionally. I had my Mainecoon for 18 years and lost him a few months ago. I still come home and expect him to be at the back door to greet me. I feel your heartache.

  58. So sorry to hear about Powder! She was such a beautiful girl; someone up-thread mentioned that she looked like a statue in some of your pics and I have to say I agree! She was so pretty and perfect, for a while before I figured out she was real, I though you had a cat statue you liked an awful lot and would move it from room to room! I can understand that special bond Matt felt for her because of his brother makes it even harder to say good-bye. ;( Condolences to you both, and to Peeve and your pup, both of whom will be missing Powder as well.

  59. So sorry to hear about Powder. Cats become part of our family. My Siamese mix, Starbuck, is 18.5 years old. I am so aware that my time with her is limited and feel blessed to have her each day.

  60. So sad to hear about Powder.
    I have a question about your kitchen that just won’t go away. How did you get the paint off your floor? I mean, how did you get it out of all of the crevices?

  61. Oh, Kristi, I’m so sorry about your sweet Powder. the loss of my kitty several years ago ranks among the biggest of my life, including human family members. Best to you and Matt.

  62. I just have to add my condolences to you and Matt. I know how hard it is to lose a pet. I was just thinking about my dog, Trixie, this morning. She’s been gone just days over a year now but she lives on in our memory as will Powder in yours. She sure was a beautiful kitty.

  63. Thinking of you and Matt at this time, our pets are a part of daily life, so sad you lost Powder.
    Love the pic with Powder on the laptop keyboard, what a beautiful face.

  64. The cabinet doors look wonderful – I would never have guessed you could order replacements:)

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your cat – our pets are also a big part of our family, so I know how you feel. My husband lost his dog, Rusty, this summer and it was very hard for him – Rusty was his side-kick, companion, and best friend for so many years. My condolences to you and your husband:(

  65. I’m so sorry to hear about your kitty. Losing a beloved pet is such a heartbreaking experience. My sympathies to you and your husband on the loss of your lovely Powder.

  66. My sympathies on the loss of your cat. What a beloved member of your family! I hope you and your husband can find comfort in your many memories.

    Your kitchen looks wonderful! Glad to hear you gave yourself a little treat in having the cabinet company do some of the work for you. : )

  67. So sorry to hear about your sweet cat. It never gets any easier and I understand the living tie to a lost relative. We had my fathers cat for a couple of years, and the grief felt completely fresh when we lost the old girl.

  68. I will miss looking for Powder in your photos. She certainly loved the camera. Our fur babies help fill out our hearts and loosing them leaves a very empty space. Powder has completed the circle now and is again with Matt’s brother. My heart goes out to Matt and you. You and Matt gave Powder such a wonderful, loving home that the link she made between Matt and his brother will always be there. I guess the grief we feel with the loss of a beloved companion is the price we pay for being blessed with the gift of the very special love they bring to us everyday. Our animals also grieve the loss of their four-legged friends so a little extra attention and cuddle will help all of you right now.

    My kitchen envy set in long ago when you painted the first bank of cabinets. I’m glad you were able to get replacement doors that won’t entail all the extra work. It won’t be long now!

  69. Yay on the cabinets! I am so sorry, Kristi, about Powder’s passing. Crazy week since my cousin had to put down this week her beloved cat, Widget who was 21 human years old. Always hard to say farewell.

  70. Hugs to you and especially to Matt on the loss of your beautiful Powder. I went 2 years without an animal and didn’t realize just how lonesome I was until we rescued our current cat Charley. Funny how they choose who is their “owner”. I’m the one who feeds him, cleans his potty box, and brushes him and my husband is the one whom he sleeps between the legs of. Powder surely felt the special connection between Matt and his brother. Makes me tear up just thinking about it. Sorry got behind in your posts and catching up (again).