New Bathroom Fixtures (Plus, A New Wall Color!)

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Build.com. All opinions are my own.

My bathroom is finally starting to look like a real, functional bathroom thanks to some items provided by Build.com, including an undermount sink, faucet, toilet, vanity mirror, shower trim package, and pulls for my vanity!

The sink that I chose is the Miseno 18.5-inch rectangular undermount sink, and I can’t even tell you how relieved I am that it actually works with my DIY wood countertop.

build.com faucet and undermount sink

I was so nervous installing it (which I did with the countertop removed and flipped upside down, using silicone adhesive as well as the mounting brackets provided with the sink) so when I finally got the countertop put back in place and saw how great the sink looked, I breathed a huge sigh of relief!  Then about 45 minutes later, after the silicone adhesive had started to set a bit, I realized that I had installed the sink backwards, and had to undo everything and do it all over again.  🙂  True story.  But it all turned out okay, and I love how the thick countertop looks with the undermount sink.

The faucet is this Delta Windemere Centerset faucet in the Brilliance Stainless finish.

build.com faucet and undermount sink 2

I ordered this faucet when I first started the bathroom remodel, when I still planned on doing a temporary makeover, and when I planned on using a much smaller vanity.  But when I changed my mind on the temporary remodel, and then decided to use a bigger vanity, I decided to go ahead and use this faucet because I think it’s very pretty, and I actually really like the smaller size.  It seems like most people use widespread faucets with undermount sinks, but I’m okay being a little different!  🙂

The mirror, the Gatco Channel Large Oval Beveled Tilting Wall Mirror, is also something that I ordered at the beginning, when I thought I’d be doing a more temporary makeover, and using a much smaller vanity.

build.com faucet, sink and wall mirror

I’ve wanted one of these tilting mirrors for a very long time, but now that I’m using a much larger vanity in here, I think I might save this mirror for the master bathroom that I hope to spruce up later this year (which is why the mirror isn’t installed, and it’s just sitting on the ledge).  I think the size will be perfect in there since it’s a smaller bathroom with a much smaller vanity.  I’ll do something much larger in this bathroom to better fit the larger vanity.

And hallelujah, I finally have a toilet!  😀  I got the American Standard White Evolution 2 toilet tank and matching elongated toilet bowl, both in white.  And let me tell you, it was so nice having this shipped to me and delivered right to my front door.  In the past, I’ve bought them locally, and had to unload them and carry them from the car or truck to the house by myself.  Sometimes it’s just so nice to have others do the heavy lifting for you!

build.com toilet 2

I’ll actually be swapping this toilet with the one in the other bathroom (Matt’s bathroom).  Matt complains quite often about how the other one is too high.  This one is and inch-and-a-half shorter, so it’ll be perfect in his bathroom.  The other one also has a taller tank, which I think will work better sitting next to the tall vanity in this bathroom.  So I have the fun of swapping and installing two toilets to look forward to this weekend.  🙂

And if I can ever get all of my tiling and caulking done in the shower, I’ll actually have a fully functional shower because I have running water now!  I got the Delta Windemere Tub & Shower Trim Package, which is the same style and color (Brilliance Stainless) as my sink faucet.

Build.com - bathtub faucet and valve from Buiild.com

Build.com - shower head from build.com

And finally, those vanity pulls that so many of you asked about the other day also came from Build.com.  They are these Hickory Hardware 3″ Studio Collection pulls in the stainless steel finish.  (I took this pic before I repainted the walls.)

Build.com - bathroom vanity with stainless steel pulls from build.com

So I just need to finish up a little bit more plumbing, get those toilets swapped out, and this bathroom will once again be a fully functional bathroom!  That’s so exciting to me!

Now, speaking of wall color, you might notice that I painted my walls.  🙂  I said yesterday that once the tile was installed, it make me second guess my wall color, and while many of you suggested that I wait until the shower curtain is hung to make my final decision, I just didn’t want to wait.  You know how it is when something just doesn’t feel right?  That’s how I felt about the wall color.  It just competed with the tile too much, and started to look more like a color suited for the condo.  No shower curtain fabric would make it right in my eyes.

So first thing yesterday morning, I grabbed the gallon of paint that I had originally purchased for the room — a light neutral color called Chocolate Froth that I actually pulled directly from the mosaic tile.  I painted it on one wall, waited a bit for it to dry, and I absolutely hated it.  It was kind of a light pale fleshy color.  Just…yuck.  So I grabbed the gallon of Crisp Celery and added some of that green to the Chocolate Froth to cut the red.  It was better, but still not great.  Then I added more green, and more green, until I had this really beautiful, very subtle light green color.

You can see all three colors here:

repainted walls 3

On the far (right) wall is the Chocolate Froth.  On the far end of the left wall is my first mixture of Chocolate Froth and Crisp Celery.  Still too red.  And then on this end of the left wall is the color I ended up using.  You can see that it’s still green, but it’s sooooo much lighter than the original Crisp Celery.  Here’s a closer up view of the two colors side-by-side.   The strip of Crisp Celery looks SUPER green compared to the new color.

repainted walls 2

And a look at the two in the cans — Crisp Celery on the right (obviously) and the new mixed color on the left and in the lower tray.  The tray in the upper left corner of this pic is my first attempt that was still too red.

repainted walls 4

I’m so pleased with this new color.  I didn’t have to settle for a boring neutral, and I still get my green, even if it is oh, so subtle.  It’s not an in-your-face green, and this one doesn’t fight with the mosaic tile border.  And it still complements the shower curtain fabric beautifully.

build.com bathroom fixtures

And here’s a side-by-side before and after view of the repainted walls.

bathroom repainted before and after

So if I’m remembering correctly, this was my first project redo so far on this whole bathroom remodel, right?  That’s pretty good considering my track record!  😀  And if I have to redo a project, I’d much rather it be painting walls than something much more complicated like sanding and refinishing floors.

Things are really starting to come together on this room now!  It’s exciting to see the finish line!



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  1. You redid the counter five times!! 😉 man it all looks GREAT! Definitely on pare with your amazing kitchen! 🙂

        1. Dang it! Well, I guess it just goes to show that redoing projects until I get them right (in my eyes) is just second nature to me. 😀 I don’t even remember them!

          1. Kristi I was going to say, doorways-door-the countertop- all redone 🙂

            Can I just say I think the new color looks great with the tile border but also is complimentary to the flooring you chose? I kept quiet but I felt as if the crisp celery paint color made the floors look almost dirty in comparison

            1. I agree. the new color you created is just right. Please take a picture from a lower position so I can see the feet of the vanity and still see most everything else too.

  2. Wow, I wish I had an ounce of your energy Kristi! You blow me away. You were right, it does look so much better. I actually like it better with the vanity as well. Again, that wainscoting/tile work is just stunning. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  3. I loved the crisp celery green and didn’t want to see it go! But after seeing the comparison I think you made the right call. It looks so fresh.

    I admire your work and and a faithful follower (Never miss a post!). You certainly are an inspiration!

  4. okay,,,I’m LOVING your new colors! I knew yesterday that you wouldn’t be waiting for fabric hangs! It’s amazing!

  5. i love the new color. It looks so much better. I felt like it was to much with the vanity color. It looks elegant now. Have you been able to install the exhaust fan in shower ceiling?

  6. The new wall color is perfect! (Sorry if this is a duplicate comment, I think the internet ate my first one)

  7. Wow so glad you created the new green for the walls. When I saw the post showing the wainscoting/tile finish I had an oh, yuck moment. But I knew right then you would make it right somehow, and you sure did. I like the new green a lot and I can envision how lovely it will be with the shower curtain fabric. And I like the smaller fixture with your long counter. Sometimes less is more. Great progress and lovely work, as usual!

  8. Good call on the wall color, and what an inspiration to NOT settle when it just doesn’t feel quite right.

  9. You. Are. Awesome!!!! I have never commented before but am a follower. I can’t wait to sign on each day to see what you have accomplished. I beg my husband weekly to find a older/farm house to remodel. Maybe one day. In the meanwhile, I will live vicariously through you.

  10. It’s just beautiful..I look forward everyday to seeing what else you’ve done..I definitely think the new paint color is the best…ive never been a fan of the light lime green, my mother used to call it… I know lots of people are..but that aside, this new color is just wonderful and perfect for your room..I can’t decide what I love best about this bathroom…I love the tile border…the white floor..but that teal vanity, I think is my favorite..once again…you rule!!!!

  11. Yes I do Like the new color better! That celery green did not look good to me once you did your tile work…This bathroom has turned out fabulous!!…There is only one problem with it, Its not mine!!!…LOL!…Your just amazeing Kristi.

  12. LOVE the new color, and that you still get your green- that was a creative solution. Definitely turns it to a more sophisticated direction, and lets the vanity stand out. One comment, though, is that the faucet does look a little too small on that larger, more substantial vanity, especially with the larger “heavier” looking drawer pulls (which I love). It’s beautiful, but I don’t know. The size just doesn’t seem right.

  13. Looks amazing. I thought the green and blue fought against each other…the new color is soft and fresh and looks so good with the blue. You amaze me every day..

  14. I love the lighter green. My living room walls are painted a very similar color, and I love it! Makes it seem brighter.

  15. The new wall color is gorgeous! Great job Kristi. Beautiful bathroom!!! Giving me lots of inspiration for my next project.

  16. The bathroom is coming out beautifully!!!!! I love the new color! It all looks very elegant! Great job!

  17. I hate to say this, and please don’t hate me, but I’m thinking a wall color in the tan/cocoa/brown range might look nice too. I don’t remember your fabric so can’t factor that in.

  18. I loved the Crisp Celery with the teal vanity but this new Chocolate Celery (or Crisp Froth?) color that you created is much nicer with the tile. What a pretty, fresh bathroom this is becoming!

  19. The new wall color is much better – the green was too much against the tile 🙂 Good for you for trusting your instinct, it paid off!

    The new fixtures look great, the room is really coming together!

  20. I like this wall color much better also. It was going too much your condo colors instead of a little branching out for a different color combo for a “new to you” home. That is not to say I didn’t love what you chose for the condo. Have you thought any more about different bulbs in your overhead light…..LED, for example? Pictures can be deceiving but from the perspective I see, like Rachel commented, the fixtures for the sink do seem rather small in comparison to your vanity. I like the type you chose though. As you said, there’s nothing wrong about being a little different. For the most part, I’m happy when Fridays finally come around, but I don’t like knowing it won’t be until Monday when you post again. Have a wonderful, fun, productive weekend, Kristi. 🙂

      1. On the subject of lighting, have you considered CFL “Daylight” bulbs? I put them in the closet/dressing area because they give much truer colors. So coordinating wardrobe pieces is easier, and with fewer mismatches! 😀 Also, if you take photos on “automatic” without white balancing, the Daylight bulbs will produce much more accurate colors.

  21. Long time lurker, 1st time poster.
    Wanted to be sure to tell you I love the new color choice!
    The 1st color made me think of condo Kristi a bit much, and I know thats not what you are going for, so I love your new color! Much more sophisticated.

  22. The new wall color (though showing more cream on my computer) brings an elegance to the bathroom that the Celery didn’t and I love it. I don’t keep track of redo’s…they are written into the DIY contract! How does the new wall color effect the choice of back of built-in and shelves?

    1. Now that the walls are more neutral, and everything has a calmer feel, I think I’ll go for the tile on the back of the built-in shelves. I’m a lot less concerned now about the tile looking too busy now that the whole bathroom has much more of a calmer feel to it.

  23. I LOVEEEEEEE the new wall color…much more suttle and warm…..really really like it.
    This is done so beautifully Kristie…it really is. I am in awe of how you turned those cabinets….because I have looked at them at HD and Lowes….and they look NOTHING like what I have seen but you made the, look like furniture and so so fictional and NON-LOOKING…..just off the store floor cabinets. Swapping out potties?….good heck girl….you talk as if it’s a cup of coffee…..you are amazing…..CONGRATS!!!! It is a beautiful little bath and done so well….but then again…..you do,everything that way!

  24. The new wall color is AWESOME!! I am soooo glad you changed it, did not want to be a party pooper but I really did not like the first color but this one pops in my estimation. Love the bathroom..love it love it love it

  25. I agree with the other posters (on some things). The Crisp Celery didn’t look quite right with the tile. The new color is great. I think the faucet might look small to some people now because you don’t have the vanity accessorized yet. Once you have your soap dispenser, lotion dispenser, etc. out, it will look perfect. You will probably even appreciate the extra space!

  26. All I can say is WOW….love the new paint color! I really liked the crisp celery color, but when you see the 2 photos together, you were right, the new color looks stunning!!

  27. Love the new wall color! The faucet size seems appropriate for the size of the sink. The whole project is coming along beautifully. Can’t wait to see what you do with the back of the linen cabinet. As that may be a darker corner of the room, maybe the lighter wall color would be nice.

    1. It doesn’t have brackets that will hold it sideways. It can only hang one way. 🙂 But that’s okay. It’ll look great in the other bathroom, and I think I have a pretty terrific idea for this bathroom.

  28. Wow – it’s really coming together! Love the new color and the sink looks absolutely fab. I think the kitchen is still my favorite but this is a close second. Who knows maybe it will beat it in the end! LOL Fabulous work as always!

  29. The new wall color is sooooooo much better! I think the old one competed too much with the ceiling/tile/vanity. Now it flows with the rest of the room and looks very fresh and spa-like.

    Like others have said. I wish I had an ounce of your energy. I’m currently painting my living room and it’s taken me a month! That includes trim, a fireplace and ceiling… But still. Have you ever done a post on how you stay motivated and where you find the energy to keep going even when you want to give up?

    1. I’ve never written a post like that, but I can tell you very quickly, and in a nutshell, what keeps me motivated. First, I made this my full time job, and I’m the primary breadwinner in my household. 🙂 If I don’t work consistently, my blog suffers, I lose money, and we can’t pay our bills. 😀 And second, just the realization that I’m literally the only person who will get this stuff done. If I don’t do it, then we’ll live with a partially remodeled/partially hideously outdated house indefinitely…until I get the work done. It’s all on my shoulders, and I’m really determined to NOT live in a construction zone for the next decade. I’d like it done so that I can eventually just sit back and enjoy it. 🙂

  30. I had to laugh when I read that you attached the sink backward the first time. Wish I could have been there to get your reaction. 🙂 I would have given up right then and called in some help, but not Kristi whose first sentence was, “Me do it meself!” The bathroom is looking so elegant now with the new wall color. I love it!

    1. You really ought to paint a decorative sign with “Me do it meself!” to hang somewhere in your house. That sums you up! What a combination you are: taste, talent, initiative, and perseverance!

  31. Looking forward to seeing that pretty shower curtain. You’re going to have a lovely bathroom.

    I’m sooo glad you changed the paint color. Somehow I thought you would when you saw the tile with it.

    Congratulations on another job well done!

  32. So much better Kristi. Love the new color. Can’t wait to see it all finished. It’s looking awesome already!

  33. I love the gleaming mosaic tile and the beautiful floor tile, but seeing a shot of everything combined I have to say my favourite part of the room is that amazing ceiling! Such a great combination of choices Kristi, a joy to follow along and admire!


  34. I, like Jean, laughed when read about the sink :). Have made such mistakes myself. And there is no way I would do all this work in one day.

    Like both colours (or at least what they look like on my monitor) but you are right – the tiles stand out better with the new colour.

    Great job Kristi! You are my hero!

  35. I am so glad you changed the green. Before I just felt like it was taking away from the beautiful vanity (not that I would have commented on it, I refuse to be one of those negative commenters). Before the colors were competing and taking away from focal points like the tile. Now everything looks more cohesive. And it’s still green, just not as green.

  36. I would never have the nerve to mix those paint colors by myself, but you did an amazing job. And you got a perfect color to blend with everything. Love, love, love that faucet. In fact I have the same style in brushed copper for my kitchen faucet.

    I’m so happy Matt is getting a shorter, more comfortable commode for his bathroom. A taller one will look much better with the taller vanity.

    This room is so perfect. I’m so happy for you that you didn’t do the temporary fix.

  37. I love, love, LOVE following all of your hard work! You are my hero! I can’t believe everything you are willing to tackle on your own. I’m glad you had some sponsorship help on this one–you deserve it! Great blog!

  38. I know what you mean about when a colour just doesn’t feel right. I recently repainted a room and had my heart set on a dark blue colour that I loved. Bought a few samples and painted swatches on the wall – my husband, and mom and friend all liked the muted blue but I went ahead with the dark. I was determined… However, up on the walls with the white trim it just looked navy, and vaguely nautical. Repainted with the colour everyone else liked, looks a million times better. Should have listened in the first place 🙂

    I think the new colour looks great, the green you originally had didn’t look nice next to the earthy toned tiles.

  39. Just lovely. I think the new wall color looks more refined and is keeping with the style/feeling you are after. I do think that choosing the more refined colors can be a bit more tricky to do and often better suited to being one of the last things chosen for a room. Well done. You really inspire me to keep going on my home projects.

  40. Wowza! I liked the celery green, but I agree that the new color looks even better. Once again, your professional eye made the right call. It’s much more elegant and sophisticated, while the celery was more ingenue. I personally think that the faucet is just the right size for the bathroom, as someone above said, and perfect for giving more room on the countertop for accessories. I too agree that the mirror is more appropriate for a smaller vanity, and look forward to seeing what mirror you will choose for this one. Have you made a choice yet ? Will it be a silvered frame?

    You are very close to having a completed bathroom, and along with the kitchen remodel, these will be the hardest remodels of your home. Everything else will seem like child’s play!

    Onward and Upward!

      1. I’m super excited to see what you come up with. .. You amaze me with all of the creativity that you have.

  41. I love the new wall color! It isn’t reading as a green on any of my computer screens, but never the less, it looks great. Maybe it’s just my old eyes. I can’t wait to see it completely finished and I’m even more excited to see what you’ll be doing next. Btw, did you ever get your condo sold?

  42. I’m loving it! Glad you changed the paint color and I agree a larger toilet will be a much better scale with the vanity. I can’t wait to see the fabric and accessories in this bath. I too never miss a post and look forward to each and every one. Onward Kristi!

  43. The picture of your shower head reminded me; how are you going to finish the ‘ceiling’ of your shower?

    1. I’m gong to tile it with the same subway tile that’s around the tub. I’m procrastinating because I have to install the ventilation fan first, and I’m dreading that for some reason.

      1. Agree. That toilet does look dwarfed by the vanity. But the new color is really great and the sink, faucet, and shower fixtures are terrific.

  44. I guess I’m the odd man out 😉 I liked the crisp celery better (the first one) but it is kinda hard to truly tell in these photos. It may look better in real life. Either way…..it IS your bathroom 🙂

    1. I loved the crisp celery, too!!! But, I am a serious COLOR LOVER!!! The new color is beautiful, though. It is going to be more elegant, for sure. And, that floor and those doors deserve an elegant bathroom!!! 🙂 It is going to be stunning!! I’m excited to see the shelves!! 🙂

  45. it LOOKS FABULOUS!!! The next best thing?! I haven’t installed any pulls or knobs on my master bathroom cabinets and I’m soooooo using these!!!!! I like the angular look. I have the same faucet, shower head and etc. So this is awesome.

  46. Oh my, this is looking stunning. While green is my favourite colour and I loved the Crisp Celery, I wasn’t a fan of it on the walls – but I’m only looking at photos, so assumed I would see it differently in the flesh. But I just LOVE the colour now – it brings everything together beautifully. One of my favourite colours in my house came about by me adding bits of this and bits of that to a badly chosen tin of paint.

    You are such an inpiration – even to us down under!

  47. Wow! Your bathroom has come such a long way…I remember when it was a construction zone. And now look at it – it’s simply awesome!

  48. Oh yes, much better wall colour. I know you love saturated colours, Kristi, but you’re right: This one is lovely and yet, not in your face. Much more soothing and spa feeling. Good job.

    Also, I do know the feeling of not the right colour and needing to fix it right away. I may have had my husband paint our nursery five times over the course of three days and then I had to buy him Chinese food which I can’t stand. You just know when the colour is working or not. It’s a feeling that is hard to describe to others who think it’s all the same colour (in my case off white).

    Keep up the great work!