New Living Room Artwork & Accessories

Y’all, my living room is so close to being finished, and I’m so excited about how it’s looking.

As a reminder, this is how it looked after I got the new purple chairs, but the room was still almost completely void of any accessories or finishing touches.

living room progress - purple velvet chairs and new ceiling light - 2

When I shared that update, I mentioned that I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the green mirror that was on the wall behind the purple chairs and next to the doorway into the kitchen…

living room progress - purple velvet chairs and new ceiling light - 5

I love the mirror, but the color is pretty jarring for that room. So I had considered painting it a different color.

But then one day last week, I decided to take it down, and see how the colorful pinwheel artwork looked in that area. I loved it!!! I love it so much more on that wall behind the chair because the details are so much easier to see with it right there. The details get a bit lost with it hung over the fireplace, and the details are what make that piece so pretty to me.

Anyway, I’ll wait until the room is finished to show y’all what it looks like (I have to save something for the final reveal! 😀 ). So with that piece moved, that left an empty space above the fireplace, and it seemed like a great opportunity to either make or find a colorful painting that would bring out the main colors in the living room and entryway.

I didn’t think there was any way I’d find a piece of artwork to fit the bill, so my mom and I talked about painting one. As y’all probably know, my mom is a very talented artist who taught painting classes in our home all throughout my childhood. So I thought she could do a “class” for me one day and walk me through painting something for my living room.

I went almost immediately to one of my favorite artists who I follow on Instagram named Mya Bessette. This is one of my favorite paintings from her…

Isn’t that beautiful? You can click here to see more of her artwork on her website.

That particular painting was too small, plus it was already sold. I didn’t see any prints of that painting available on the website, so my mom and I discussed painting something inspired by that, but probably more colorful.

But then last week when I was looking once again at nightstands on All Modern, I came across this canvas print…

Doesn’t that look like it was painted to go in my house?! It comes as a stretched canvas print, but unfortunately it didn’t come in a size that fit perfectly above my fireplace. I did go ahead and purchase it, but once I get it, I’ll have to remove the canvas from the existing stretcher, build a new canvas stretcher , and re-stretch the canvas before I can frame it and hang it above the fireplce. That means that I’ll lose some of it on the edges, so it’ll look more like this mock up. I also copied and pasted the pinwheel over behind the purple chair. Again, this is just a mock up…

Anyway, I’m so excited about finding that canvas print. That painting is just gorgeous, and it seems perfect for my living room. It won’t be here until Monday, and then I’ll have to restretch the canvas and then build a frame for it before I can show y’all what it looks like in place.

So here’s the artwork with a few more things I’ve picked up over the last week for the living room, plus the original floral fabric I purchased for the room. That fabric will be used for pillows to go on the purple chairs…

I still need to find a small table to go between the purple chairs, and I’m back to the idea of building a sofa table to go between the sofa and the windows. I still haven’t made my final decision, but I’m definitely leaning that way. I really like the idea of two table lamps on a sofa table behind the sofa as opposed to one or two more floor lamps. But we’ll see. I could very well change my mind a few more times before it’s actually done. 😀

I’m so close to being finished with this room, and I can’t wait!!



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  1. Never thought I’d use pink as an accent. But I have and pleased with it. Your pink drapes bring life to your livingroom.

  2. The pinwheel fit perfectly over the fireplace. It looks lonely in place of the mirror. Maybe the painting/print should replace the mirror. No matter, I know the room will be beautiful when it’s finished. I’ve watched you rethink this, change that, move something else until everything you do is just right. And I always love it.

    1. Keep in mind that that’s not an actual photograph of the pinwheel art behind the chair. It’s just a copy-and-paste mock up. And the photo still shows the room with no accessories or finishing touches. 🙂

  3. I agree that you’ll be able to see the spoon detail much better in the new location. I think that’s a great idea. And I like the new print.

    I’m afraid to tell you about this artist because I don’t want more competition buying his work and it’s already expensive (to me), but you may enjoy a painter named Renato Muccillo. I love his clouds. I don’t know if this will paste, but it’s a google image search (feel free to remove, I don’t necessarily want to share with everybody!)

    1. Masterful! Thanks for the link love this!

      Love the colors in the new piece here, too! Fits Kristi’s LR to a T

    2. Jennifer, I think it is nice that you shared another artist. We all love different things, and sometimes something just grabs you and won’t let you go. I’d love to see what you do too…not sure if you would be allowed to share with us, but I think all of us are always looking for a beautiful piece. Maybe ask Kristi? PS) I also love the piece she chose – the colors are so vibrant!

  4. great idea to put the pinwheel behind the chairs where it can be soon up close. Love the landscape over the fireplace. Looking so so good!

  5. I think the sofa table w/ lamps will look cleaner and less cluttered than side tables. I wish I had your….’’I’ll just restretch the canvas and build a frame…” mentality/ability

  6. Love the painting! Kristi, could you please provide a link to where you found the shades on your windows? They look to match mine that go too far back to remember, and I am needing more now and having difficulty finding online. Thanks!!

    1. She got them from I looked it up here a few days ago and ordered some too in a different color. Search “living room” in the archives.

  7. That painting is sooooo pretty!
    I follow Jeanette Vertentes on Instagram. I loooove her paintings, they’re so colorful!

    1. I got distracted before I finished my comment. The last sentence should be, “you should check her out!” haha

    2. I’m probably the only one who thinks the big frame above the fireplace looks too “heavy”. I like the color of the fireplace, and I think the clouds will look beautiful…..I just think you could do without the big teal background for the clouds…

  8. “Void of accessories or personal touches.” I beg the cats would disagree with that comment lol. Love how it’s coming together.

  9. Love your room (the mock up) everything looks like it was meant to be together. I know you hated my comment about the purple benches in the foyer but now that you have purple chairs it makes it perfect. There is one thing that bothers me and grabs my eye in the mock up and you may block me this time which I hope you dont because Iove following you. The thing that bothers me is the black kegs on the coffee table. They clash with the legs of the purple chairs plus theres no black anywhere else in the room. It’s just me and my OCD. Please just ignore if you disagree.

  10. When I scrolled to the picture that you chose, I thought to myself, “that is so Kristi”. Then I scrolled further and saw your comment, “Doesn’t that look like it was painted to go in my house?” Yes it does, perfectly.

  11. Your room is so good!! The gold/brass finish on the chair legs kinda grab attention right away but I love the metal on the coffee table better.
    I am a long time follower and look forward to any update you share….keep it up.

  12. Isn’t it wonderful how one discovery suddenly takes a room right where it needs to be? Congratulations!

  13. I’m glad you thought to move the pinwheel art, I’d always felt it was hard to see on the fireplace, but we only see the one view. And the new art will be great as a replacement! Have you considered finding a brass and glass sofa table? I think you need some sparkle in the room, since you changed the light fixture. And the glass might just give off prisms with the sunlight! Also, I had not seen the previous post about the bedroom end tables until today, but I think the brass and glass idea would be perfect there too. It would allow your “wallpaper” to be seen and not obstructed much at all. Guests don’t need drawers other than what will be in the dresser across from the bed. It would be nice to have a shelf under the top of the end tables, but if nothing else, you could do baskets if you desire some storage. ( Maybe even picnic type baskets!)

  14. This is so beautiful! I love the print you’ve ordered and think it will be the perfect. So glad to see what you’ve been up to. Missed you.

  15. I originally was opposed to any chairs because of the wonderful floral fabric. 🤭 but all your choices are fantastic! And brings everything together 👍🏼👌🏽…glad you didn’t listen to me! Lol!

  16. Crazy, isn’t it? One small detail or two can completely transform a room! I can say now, Miss Cleverpants, that I quietly (like a good guest) wasn’t feeling this room for some time.

    And that’s okay, YOU live there, not me.

    But wow! An artwork swaperoo here, and a pillow or two there, and all of a sudden I’d Be plenty happy to live in that living room. It all now works for me (which it never had to) but I’m thrilled it works for you! As usual, bravo to you and your ability to figure it out!


  17. Kristi, I really love this room now! You’ve created a colorful space that blends and contrasts. This colorphobe would be very comfortable there lol I love dual lamps on a sofa table visutally, but I find it provides better light for me on the couch!

  18. I just spent the day narrowing down which Scott Naismith canvas I wanted for our living room. This is gorgeous.

  19. Kristi,

    This room will look magnificent. One thing though …… I realise you love your pinwheel and I too think it is charming. Buf for me, it is just “not quite right” and perhaps there’s another room where it can shine. The new print you have purchased is perfect and the accessory items blend faultlessly. Perhaps your scallop mirror re-painted in one of the deep pinks would suit.
    Nevertheless, it’s your room and if you love it, that’s all that counts.
    Great job!

  20. I love all the furniture, fabrics and artwork.
    In my very humble opinion, I would remove the doorway to the kitchen (there are alternate ways to get to the kitchen, right?) I just feel like you could open the room up more and have a dedicated living room…

    1. I could never do that. My kitchen is tiny, and before I added this doorway, the kitchen was dark (it has no windows) and felt like a tiny shoe box. That doorway opened it up so much and brings in a ton of natural light from the living room. The openness and sunlight are well worth a somewhat awkward furniture arrangement in the living room. 🙂

    2. Had to chuckle at this comment, because I remember when there WAS a wall there, and Kristi took it down! I was shocked, because it was so pretty on the kitchen side! But I totally understood the need to remove it for a doorway, it made so much sense!

  21. Wow, Kristi! Everything is looking absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to see the final reveal! You have such vision… and I am pretty sure I am not the only who is envious!!!

  22. Thanks for the introduction to a new artist and Thanks to Jennifer for the same. I, too, love that style of landscape painting so I am going to introduce a third artist. Greg Gustafson is an artist I discovered when I visited a friend’s gallery in Atlanta. It was love at first viewing. I am from Memphis TN and the Mississippi river has been a big presence in my life. Greg’s paintings reflect the area of the river Delta and brought lots of memories. Take a look at his work. Kristi, be sure to click on his Contact page. It has one I think you will like. He also does Plein Air work. Sorry don’t know how to turn this info a link.

  23. Hello; I’m a huge fan! That canvas painting will be perfect! It almost seems like the room is out of balance, though. The left wall, where you moved the pinwheel, seems too bare. It seems like artwork or a gallery collection that nearly takes up that whole space would help it to hold its own with the other walls that are all window/fireplace. You’re the expert, though, and I’m sure the finished room will look great!

  24. Kristi I need your knowledge please. I want to print some of the bird artwork you created in the entryway. Thanks for the link to the flicker page!

    Anyway, I know nothing about printing pictures and was very confused when downloading the images from the web site….. It had square, small, medium etc. to choose from…(I guess that means different number of pixels?). But how do I know which size to download that will fit into, say, an 8×10 frame or 18″x24″ frame? Any guidance would be appreciated!!

    Thanks for all the inspiration you give us and look forward to all you do….
    -Maria B.

  25. You are so going in the right direction with these tweaks! The painting is beautiful, fits the more sophisticated tone of the room, and deserves to be highlighted about the fireplace. I think your other piece looks great on the side wall and will get more up close attention there. I’ve never loved that mirror in that room, but know you will find just the right place for it elsewhere. Can’t wait to see…you are so close!