One Change Leads To Another (Entryway Changes)

As I hinted about on Friday when I showed you my new living room sofa, I’m looking at some upcoming entryway changes. When the new sofa arrived last Thursday, the first thing I noticed is that I absolutely LOVE the shape of the new sofa. The second thing I noticed is that the new gray color is cooler than the old one, and the new one has blue undertones. I love it because it lends a brightness to the room, where there was nothing bright about the prior sofa. But every time I look at the at the sofa from the kitchen (which I do many times throughout the day 😀 ), I’m so distracted by the console table sitting right behind it. Specifically, I’m distracted by the drawers.

I know a few of you said that you can’t see what I’m seeing, and maybe that’s just a difference between color settings on computer monitors. All I know is that when I see it in person, it makes me cringe. I just can’t stand seeing that cool gray sofa with the blue undertones in the same line of sight with the teal drawer fronts.

A few people said that they’ve had experience painting grasscloth, so I figured I’d give that a try. After considering the color options and looking over the paints that I had on hand, I decided to try the color that I have on my front door, which is called Bird of Paradise by Benjamin Moore.

I realized almost immediately that I do NOT like painted grasscloth. The beauty of grasscloth is not only the texture, but the variations of the colors throughout. Those color variations can be very subtle on some types of grasscloth, but they’re still there. And it becomes even more obvious that they’re there when you paint that grasscloth all one solid color and completely lose those subtle color variations.

So the painted grasscloth drawer fronts aren’t going to be an option for me. And I realized almost immediately that I chose the wrong color, anyway. I’m not even sure what color this area needs, but it’s most certainly not Bird of Paradise.

And the more I look at this area that now sits behind my new sofa with the straight, clean lines and the beautiful velvet fabric, the more I wonder if I shouldn’t just go ahead and paint the entire console table. I built the console table four years ago (you can find that project right here), and while I don’t dislike the current finish in general, it doesn’t seem quite right for this room anymore. And it’s kind of strange that I did this finish in the first place because “rustic” really isn’t me. But at the time, I was specifically wanting a finish that would go with the grasscloth drawer fronts. Now that those won’t be an issue anymore (I’ll be removing the grasscloth completely), there’s no limit to the options.

If I could choose any color I wanted, without any consideration for what else is in the room or in neighboring rooms, I’d choose a color from that top pinkish red bird, especially the darker area like its neck and head. I love that bird, and I love that color, which is considerably darker than the Bird of Paradise that I tried on that one drawer.

I don’t know if you can envision it. I think a color like that would bring some beautiful vibrancy and life to that otherwise dark area of the room.

The thing that keeps me from jumping in and doing it is that sitting in the room right next door sits this settee…

music room velvet settee

The photo below is an older photo (from earlier this year) with the previous living room sofa, but you can see the position of the console table (there’s the corner of it on the far left side of the picture) in relation to the music room settee.

So I don’t think the color of that bird would work since it’s so close to the settee color, and I’m pretty sure that would be an overload of that color in this area.

So I’m not sure what color would work. I’ve also considered green since I do have touches of green throughout the room. But if I do go with green, it will be a darker, richer green rather than something bright. I’d probably go with a green from the floral pillows in the purple chairs. That’s more of a dark, leafy green.

So I’m not sure right now, but I’m about 95% sure that I want to paint the whole console table rather than just altering the drawers. It’s been four years, so I think a refresh on that piece of furniture would be great! And now that I have my new sofa, I’d love to get it done. I just need to find the perfect color.



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  1. I know this is out of character for you…but I vote to paint the grass cloth white! I think that would allow the other colors from the vignette to pop without competing. I also think you should do it right away, and then return your focus to the bathroom. You can always change it later!

    1. I think white is a great idea. I personally really like the painted grass cloth – I think it allows the texture to pop.

      1. My thoughts exactly a deep purple to set back it’s prominence in the room and let the bird pictures and the ottomans be the star. Too much going on on that wall I don’t know where to let my eyes rest. Let it be beautiful but the foundation for the rest of the show

        1. This replied to the wrong comment . I vote a deep purple too much going on on this wall stick to three colors. Your piano room is beautiful because you are not using a lot of different color. Paint it white will make it stand out purple or dark gray will make it recede.
          I would als do the frames around the mirrors same color they distract from your beautiful sconces.

  2. I love the idea of the pink! You have spots of pink in several other places in your home so it would fit. I do see a change in the ottomans alongside the dresser though. If you go with the pink, that is.

    1. I completely agree with the pink—it complements the new sofa so well and I think it does tie the music room in with the living room.

  3. I really love wood accents in a room. It seems like this is the only wood piece in the living room. Do you think you could just change the finish but leave wood?

    1. I completely agree with the pink—it complements the new sofa so well and I think it does tie the music room in with the living room.

    2. +1 to wood. In that place, would love a darker wood finish with a white marble (or faux marble) top.

    3. My thought was also to change the finish. The current stain is what is trending the piece rustic. A beautiful darker stain with a slight sheen would be really beautiful. A patterned wallpaper or stencil/faux paint on the drawers could add a bit of color or you could go with som
      more subtle with some type of gold finish on the drawers to tie into the frames and sconces. I think white would be too much and a brighter color would take away from the beautiful art.

  4. My first thought was painting the grasscloth a dark gray. Deeper than the couch but same tone (like the top left bird’s head. Or purple like his body). Perhaps you could dab a deeper shade on the high parts of the grasscloth to bring out the texture.

  5. Oh Lord, and I am thinking a purple to pull the purple of the opposite chairs into the room and unify… what sort of purple? dunno??? You’re the expert but wanted to share, however, I like the wood too. purple stain…not too red, not too blue, forgive me, I don’t know what I would do either (but I Love the red on your bird too!)

    1. My thoughts exactly a deep purple to set back it’s prominence in the room and let the bird pictures and the ottomans be the star. Too much going on on that wall I don’t know where to let my eyes rest. Let it be beautiful but the foundation for the rest of the show

      1. The purple she has in the breakfast/sitting room on the console perhaps? One small change always throws me into the “oh no it doesn’t look right” loop too! As usual Kristi will make it look stellar!!

  6. I agree a change would do the console table good. I love greens but fear the green from the pillow would not look right up against the teal wall. How about the green from the wall sconce on that same wall?

  7. you could try a color wash over instead of paint, that would keep all the different tones but change the hue a bit

  8. I vote for the white paint on the grasscloth and maybe using a muted off white/cream to distress the white but rubbing most of it off’
    BTW, I need that fuzzy cushion in the center of your couch. I have 5 of those at home but not one that color!

    1. I think if paint is tried again on the grasscloth, it should be diluted A LOT, more of a wash, and dabbed off right away with a dry cloth. I’m thinking of a look similar to stained glass…..very see-through!

  9. Maybe purple to repeat (go with- not match) the purple on the ottomans… might nicely repeat the purple TV console …. (or not…). Just thinking out loud!

  10. Could you mimic the coffee table finish by doing a faux marble top, paint the base white, then use the brighter pink on the drawer fronts? That might be a subtle enough color pop to not overwhelm the space!

  11. I understand the brain the keeps screaming at you and won’t be quiet until you do something about it! That being said, I wouldn’t change too much or you will most definitely go down a redo rabbit hole that you don’t want to do because you want to finish your lovely bathroom and gym! I strongly feel that another color would just force you to realize it doesn’t match something else, like the purple on the chairs, so I would leave the wood tone alone and paint the drawers a neutral white to match your woodwork. The only color that I see perhaps working on the drawers, but not the whole piece, would be the green that is on the pillow on the sofa that is in the photo. It looks like it would match the sconces nicely, brighten the wall up and only require that you change out the yellow pillows. Good luck!

    1. Yes, this is what I am afraid of too. If you paint it a shade of green, it may not work with your fireplace, and if you give a mouse a cookie,……

      1. Completely agree with Leah and Connie. Honestly, if you have more of that grass cloth left, I’d redo the one drawer so everything matches again. Then live with it for at least a month. I honestly think it looks very nice with your new sofa and I’m still a fan of the wood finish. I think it balances the room nicely. But time will allow you to decide if you like it or what will really work.

  12. Nice couch! Since there’s so much color in the room and on that entry wall, why not stain the console the color of the piano or the legs on the coffee table? It would ground the room and not take away from the color on the entry wall.

  13. There’s a lot of color already–what about wood for the console. It would move that piece to a supporting role, but that wouldn’t be so bad. My two cents. 🙂

  14. With all the other colors going on around the console (and in sightlines) I’d vote for white. You could leave the top wood to mirror the two-tone you have on the coffee table. It’d be bright, but neutral.

  15. I like the idea of keeping it stained ;even a lighter stain if you want to brighten up that wall. Stain brings a warmth into the room that is not currently there. I like color but you’ve already got a lot of color going on and it works. If you really want to go with color, I wouldn’t go any shade of pink or red, it will compete with the settee and you don’t want to take the focus off the settee, purple is too matchy matchy considering you have purple accented ottomans right next to it, White … well you don’t do white and to be honest it doesn’t really fit the room and there will be too much white with the ottomans. While I like black furniture, black will just make that wall darker, green will cause you to update the sconces; I know that is an easy fix but it is just one more color to change. Once you start updating that piece in color you are going to set off a domino effect and there will be more changes than just the console. You will figure it out, somehow you always to, I wish I had that touch 🙂 Good luck, I’m looking forward to seeing what you decide.

  16. One thing leads to another, or six!. Been there , done that. Domino effect. Whatever you do, it will be perfect

  17. Take off the grass cloth and make the drawers the same wood tone as the furniture. The wood looks good with all the surrounding accessories.

      1. And mine!! I love the warmth of the wood in the room and I truly think it’s needed. The birds don’t need any more focal points to fight with and the domino effect/total loss of momentum in the bathroom and gym is such a real risk.

  18. If you paint it the darker green, won’t that space go even MORE dark than it already is? My eye keeps going to the gold pillows and the brass of the sconces. I’m like you, I love that bird, and it’s unfortunate that the settee is in sight line of the console. I also like the lime-y green pillow that ties in with the sconce shades. The lime or gold would liven up that area.

  19. I vote for painting the console white. Replacing the grass cloth or covering the grass cloth with a neutral color or even using a rattan/ cane and make the pulls more shiny brass or gold. It will tie in the blinds and table legs.

  20. To my eyes, a white shade of paint on the table would look best against that teal wall. Perhaps you could pick up the purple on your stools in a very subtle way, like lining the grooves in the drawer trim for instance so that it would relate to the stools which sit next to it?

  21. Ooh I can’t wait to see what you pick! I vote either super duper dark eggplant or something like Peppercorn (super dark gray).

  22. Why not leave the console color as is and put caning in place of the grass cloth to give the drawer fronts texture?

    1. Yes absolutely! I think the wood should stay as is on the neutral side…there’s plenty of color already no need to bring in more

  23. What about a shade of eggplant? To carry the purples from the chairs and rug to that side of the room?
    OR make it all off-white and go gor tge bold presentation of the silouette of the console?
    OR, for the recesses in the drawers, why not do mirror?

  24. I hope you find a fun color to paint this piece but I like the wood tone personally. I do understand the desire to try something new. I’d like to suggest that you eliminate the ottomans. Live without them for a while. Then either lower the mirrors and place a plant or basket at the base or eliminate the mirrors all together. Perhaps you’re being thrown by the strong color of the ottoman and the bulk of so much on one wall. It makes the console look overly large. Give it a try!

  25. I’d like your bird throat/settee color in the entry, and don’t think it would be an overload. Because the settee and console are on opposite walls, the color seems dispersed and pleasant. What’s distracting on MY monitor are the pieces at either end of the console — there’s a lot going on with the beige and purple-striped hassocks and yellow pillows.

  26. Your entry is the one area of your house that looks overdone to me. Just too much going on and excessive deliberation over drawer colors seems like the least thing to think about. In my view, the console need not have a starring role. Make it all neutral and not another color so as to uncomplicate that wall. One’s eye cannot focus happily on so many different colors in one space. (Gold pillow, chartreuse lamp shades, and others.) I never have liked the two ottomans there. They seem like the problem to me. They are screaming for attention. (I remember you saying you sit on them to put on your shoes. So, this comment will have little impact. So be it. It is your house, of course. But you seem to be asking for opinions.) The pictures are lovely and deserve the spotlight.

    The sofa is absolutely beautiful and so much better than the previous one. That direction is where I would want my eyes and those of my visitors to go. Look what good taste the kitty has. Aimed right for the choicest spot.

    Please cover a surface before you plunk down open cans of paint. Mama sez.

    “You aren’t my mother!” Kristi says. All in good fun.

  27. Love the new sofa, especially the single cushion! The color is very nice, too.
    For a long while I’ve loved painted furniture and have painted many pieces in our home-mostly white though! Recently, I’ve been drawn to pieces that aren’t painted. I stripped my white-painted kitchen table top and stained it a medium pecan and it looks so cool I’m my all-white kitchen and breakfast area. Really grounds the area.
    What about either removing the grass cloth or somehow staining it to coordinate with a darker stain on the console table? Because you’re so clever with woodworking, I’d change he curvy legs to something straighter or more simple in design. As always, whatever you do will be amazing!

  28. What Gets me right away is the brown on the consul/credenza against the blue gray of the sofa

    they just do not go together in my pinion.
    my guess is that if you get rid of that brownish color on the consul ya me whatever you do to the drawers would be better and would go with the gray blue sofa

    Good luck

  29. What about moving the console from the breakfast area (the dark purple one), and using the grasscloth console in your breakfast area under the TV? A simple switch of the furniture pieces (even if only as a temporary solution) would save time and money and energy for now. I also like the idea of painting the glasscloth drawers white (again, it could be a temporary solution), or getting new grasscloth in a color that you prefer. I agree that the grasscloth loses some of its character when it is painted. I don’t like the idea of more pink. I’m sure that you will come up with a solution.

  30. Natural seagrass. The eye needs a place to rest. The stools on either side are very attention getting so more color isn’t the answer. It seems if ur replace the drawer fronts with the same natural tone as the table, it would be perfect. Beautiful piece!

  31. I like the idea of just redo the drawer fronts to match the rest of the console. You’ve got a LOT of color going on and those bird pictures are the focal point on the wall. Having a natural wood piece to ground the whole wall would be nice.

    And it’s too late now, but I wonder if you could do a color wash, more a of a transparent watered down painting of the grasscloth so you don’t lose all the color variations but do change the color enough to play nicely with the couch.