One Room Challenge, Week 1 — Half Bath & Back Entry

Well, there’s nothing like last minute. I decided to take part in another One Room Challenge as a guest participant, and I’m barely coming in under the wire with this commitment. The spring challenge technically started last Wednesday and Thursday, but guest participants have until Sunday night at 10pm central (that’s in about 30 minutes from right now) to link up a post. Like I said, nothing like last minute! 😀

I had talked myself out of participating since my last challenge didn’t end in a completed room, and I would hate for that to happen again. But I already have two areas in process, and I think I can actually get them done in time. So for this challenge, I’m going to continue working on the studio half bathroom and the back entry, and I’m fairly confident that I can get them done in time.

So just a quick recap, the back entry still looks like this…

Right now, I have the walls painted, the doors painted, and the light fixture installed. I still need to:

  • install flooring and finish,
  • install doors on the bathroom and storage closet,
  • install door facings and baseboards and paint,
  • install new door handleset,
  • make artwork for the entry walls.

And as of last Friday, the bathroom looks like this…

I know. It looks like I’ve lost my mind. 😀 But that’s painters tape, and the finished walls won’t look quite that crazy because I’ll be painting the taped off design in these colors…

Here’s a little sneak peek of how that actually works with the design I’m doing…

I love all of that color, but I’m wanting to add a large dose of black to the room just to kind of balance the colorful fun walls with a dose of class. I think black always adds a touch of class to a room.

So I’m either going to do black wainscoting, inspired by bathrooms that I keep seeing like this one…

Or I’ll do white wainscoting with a black vanity, more like this…

The rest of the details are still to be determined. I’m kind of making this up as I go along. 😀 But the overview is that I need to:

  • finish taping off the wall design and painting the walls,
  • add wainscoting,
  • cut an access panel behind the toilet,
  • install and finish flooring,
  • build a vanity,
  • install a sink and faucet,
  • install the toilet,
  • install and paint door and window casings, baseboards, and crown molding,
  • select and install lighting,
  • build or buy a mirror

There may be other items added to that list that I’m forgetting about, but the main thing is that I hope to have both areas completely finished, functional and decorated in five weeks.

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  1. Wow! At first I was reading the headline as a “1 Week” challenge. 😛 and eventually realized it is the first week… not the only week. You can do it. We know you can. And we will all be cheering you on.

    1. Love the look! I vote for white wainscoting and black vanity very classy look to it I think the black vanity will be beautiful in there! The colors with that design is such a fun look very inviting!

      1. Oh, my—those pendants are gorgeous!! I can really see them hanging in Kristi’s completed bathroom—icing on the cake!!

  2. Wow! When you’ve been talking about color…I’ve just not participated. I love white. BUT, I also know that everything you do turns out beautifully. I just have a different form of vision than you! I am not disappointed! I really like the pastel gradations in the colors, and the white breaking it up just makes it pop. Very pretty. And THEN you showed the black wainscoating…which I would never in a million years do. And I love it. I especially love that first photo. And I love the floor tile in that photo, too….though I don’t for a minute presume to think you’ll do that. I love your blog. I love seeing what your creativity does to make your home beautiful!

    1. I love black in a room also. I like the black sink with white wainscoting….but a great statement sink against black would look good too. I look forward to seeing the completed room. You have such patience to do all that taping!

  3. oh I am liking that! I saw it on instagram and couldn’t quite get the real sense of it. I think that black would be amazing, and tie back the the lovely doors and the entrance. What you end up doing will be cool.

  4. When I saw the masking tape design last week, it made me so dizzy that I couldn’t imagine liking the final result – which is rare for me. I usually love everything you do. Now that I see a preview of what it will look like in color, oh that’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to see more!

  5. I absolutely adore that wall pattern. And, I totally think you can nail the 1 room challenge. But, and I’m so sorry, I’m really not having a vision of how the black will tie in. In my vision, white wainscoting and lighter wood tones would keep it fresh. I’m also wondering how the pastels tie in with the more intense green of the entry way. I’m sure it will all come together. I’m just not seeing it in my mind’s eye. I’ll keep watching, though!

  6. I love the colors you have chosen! You are a determined and brave woman! Best of luck to you during the challenge. I vote for the white with black vanity.

  7. What sheen will you use with the black paint? I was thinking a glossy black would look so chic and add a bit of reflective light to the bathroom. This new direction is so crazy colorful, I can’t wait to see the end result!

  8. I wondered if you would be interested in another One Room Challenge. Your last challenge may not have finished in 6 weeks, but look what you did accomplish in that time frame, and you didn’t slow down after the end of the time period. And, that pantry ROCKS!! I know you got this one too, even if there is some finishing work to complete at the end.

    Either the black or white wainscoting would look great in the room, can’t wait to see which direction you go. And, that wall pattern is wonderful (but makes my head hurt trying to figure out how you do that!!).

  9. I also like the black as an anchor in this bathroom and I think it would work with your geometric wall design.

    I have had no real luck with the high glossy paint (it shows every imperfection/flaw in the surfaces I have painted). You probably know how to use the gloss paint to make it perfect.

    I would do a satin finish (if I sand and use a primer first) the finish turns out well and doesn’t show the flaws in the surfaces (usually wood).

  10. I think white wainscoting with white woodwork in the foyer would look great and lighten up the area. A black vanity and mirror would add elegance to a colorful area.

  11. Yay!!! I was hoping you would do the ORC again! Finished or not, you made a TON of progress on a very involved pantry and it all paid off! Love the design on the walls! I am amazed at your patience and talent!!!!

  12. I love it! I’m so hoping for a step-by-step tutorial on the gradient-painting part of this pattern on your wall. I can’t wait to see the finished product. I love the black accents you have planned as well.

  13. Love the wall design! I really like the photo with the black vanity and white wainscoting but know that whatever you do will look amazing!

  14. Oh my goodness! How do you come up with these fabulous ideas?! Will be excitedly waiting every step of the way until the big reveal. As for the wainscoting color, for myself I would choose white with a black vanity, but perhaps it also depends on how much light that room gets? Is there a window?

  15. Are you planning on putting a utility type sink (but not ugly) in this bathroom because of its proximity to the studio?

  16. The colorful geometric walls are absolutely gorgeous! Did you see it done somewhere else, or did you come up with it yourself? I’ll be looking forward to a complete tutorial on how to achieve it.

    Also, I vote for white wainscotting and black vanity. That way the white in the entry is an easy transition.

  17. Wow, a post on Sunday….which I missed. We worked on the yard all day since we finally had a gorgeous day! I LOVE the wall design! My vote is black vanity and white wainscoting, if you haven’t already decided. And I always find great mirrors at Kirklands, either online or in the stores. I have 5 of theirs in my house! And the prices are good, especially if you have a coupon. Glad to see you are doing the challenge – I think it helps you to keep on track and focus on your vision, instead of asking us what we think! LOL! You won’t have time for us to answer!

  18. Well, Kristi… I don’t even know where to begin. I “come over” for coffee numerous times a week and man oh man I am the lazy “friend”… yeah okay, so we have never met, live in different countries but I feel like I spend some serious time “with you”!
    I am blown away by your creativity… I can not thank you enough for always bringing us along for the ride.
    Let’s get this studio going and talk about your workshops again 🙂 You go gurrrlllll!!! You have got this, you are amazing, incredible and a heck of goals!!!

  19. oooh, this is looking exciting! I love the idea of a black vanity with the white wainscoting and colorful walls. I can hardly wait for this room challenge to be over!