Pantry Cabinet Paint Color – Purple Or Teal?

If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you knew this moment of indecisiveness was coming. I can be going along just fine for weeks while working on a room, and then…BAM!  I hit that wall of indecisiveness. And that time in this pantry project came last night.

I’ve said from the beginning of this project that I wanted a purple pantry, but now I’m just not so sure. So I painted two plywood scraps with some paint that I had on hand. I have no idea what the purple is from, but it came out of a little sample pot of Behr paint called New Orleans. I don’t remember ever using that color, but it’s very close to the sample purple color that I painted on the actual cabinets. That purple is a custom mix that I used on the entryway wall before painting it the current color.

And speaking of the current color, that’s the teal on the right. I currently have that color on the entryway wall, the fireplace in the living room, and the music room doors.

This is the picture I took last night. I tried to wait for the paint to dry, but I exhausted and ready to get to bed, so they both still have wet streaks.

But the rest of these I are pictures that I took this morning.

I honestly can’t tell if I’m leaning towards the teal because it really, seriously, truly looks better than the purple, or if I’m leaning that direction because I will always choose teal over any other color when given the option.

Teal is my color. It has been for years now, so I don’t see that changing any time soon. Purple is new for me…or new again. Years ago, it was one of my favorite colors. Then in our very first house in Oregon (about 15 years ago), I used it in our bonus room above the garage (i.e., our upstairs living room where we spent most of our time at home). The purple I chose wasn’t great, but we lived with it for two or three years. It made me dislike and avoid purple for years. It has only been in the last couple of years that I’ve even considered using purple again, and now I love it. But I’ll never love it as much as teal. Ever.

The breakfast room, which is right by the pantry, has quite a bit of purple in it — the upholstered benches that flank the pantry doors, as well as the buffet.

But so far, I just haven’t been able to make myself fully commit to purple in the pantry.

So help me. Please! I need input from rational people who aren’t obsessed with teal (or purple, for that matter), but will objectively tell me which color would look better in the pantry.

Does the teal truly look better? Is purple the better option? Have I just not found the right shade of purple yet?

I don’t want to paint the pantry teal just because I’m obsessed with teal (although continuity and flow throughout the house isn’t a bad thing). And I don’t want to paint the pantry purple just to force myself out of my comfort zone and then regret it later. I really don’t want to be repainting my pantry in six months.

If all goes as planned today, I should be ready to start painting tomorrow, so I need to make a final decision by tonight.

Tell me your thoughts.


My pantry is finished! Want to see the entire project from start to finish? You can find every single post about the pantry build right here…

Or you can skip to the end and see how it turned out. Here’s a peek of the finished pantry…

Butler's pantry remodel with dark teal lower cabinets, floating corner shelves, and whitewashed wood countertop

You can see more pictures on the before and after post right here…

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  1. I’d go with the teal dor continuity.
    I think you will tire of the purple and it is best as an accent color like you have been using it throughout the house so far. Everything is looking great and you are such an inspiration for us color fanatics! Im a teal, apple green and orange girl but have my office and one guest bedroom on the top floor of my house painted in a smokey purple and it all works.

      1. Of the two, purple. But I think u haven’t found the color yet. It should be when u find it there’s no doubt. I’d keep looking. Also, sometimes maybe don’t try so many things in one area. There are awesome ideas, amazing really but spread out the awesomeness. Maybe a more subdued color so the tiles can shine. You want to make sure there are places to rest your eyes.
        All this to say, this is ur home and if it makes you smile and glad to be home….then that’s the right color

    1. I envy your wonderful use of color! Make yourself happy with the teal as I believe that’s where you are leaning. I love the use of purple in your home and that would be my choice, but with your great eye, you won’t go wrong with either color! The finished project will be stunning!

    2. Please reconsider-both colors are too dark for your tiles. The purple is muddy and the teal doesn’t match at all. How about something that is more turquoise/picks up the brighter green/blue in the tiles? Really, the two colors you’re considering are going to make the room dark will make a strange contrast with the light countertop and vivid tiles.

  2. I like the teal better, perhaps because it’s darker. The purple looks a little light compared to the buffet in the breakfast room but perhaps it’s the lighting. Go with what you love – life is too short to settle for anything else. And remember – it’s only paint!

    1. I agree – the teal seems to set off the tiles better. I know it isn’t going to be right against them, but I prefer it over the purple.

      I also think that continuity is a consideration. It seems to me that purple is great as an accent but I don’t see it for the main colour.

  3. On my screen the teal looks almost charcoalish – it is showing really dark. So based on what I’m seeing the teal does not complement the tiles whereas the purple makes them pop. BUT if you are seriously reconsidering the purple maybe a few other options in both colors are needed.

      1. I agree, it looks like blackboard paint to me. The purple hangs much better with everything else and the tiles pop out of it!

        1. I’m with all of ya’ll. My screen makes the teal look like an ugly charcoal. But it probably looks tons better in person.

            1. I actually thought the one which almost appears charcoal was supposed to be the purple–a really dark purple. But, teal (to me) is supposed to be a blue green or dark cyan. I seem to be confused as to what I am seeing.

    1. I agree! If your only two choices are purple or teal, I vote for purple. Besides, the tiles are not going to be right next to the cabinet paint so the variation in colors wont be noticeable. In my opinion, the tile back splash is the wow factor in this space. That being said, I think the cabinet color should stay quietly in the background.

    2. I agree with Susan and the others. At least looking at it on screen, the teal looks off and jarring while the purple makes me relax. Maybe a different teal of you really want to go that way? Of course it may look very different to you in the room.

      1. I say use the purple sparingly or the room is going to be really dark with only the one window and look very small. Love the tiles and i am going to make some this winter.

        1. Absolutely agree with you re the purple. Think the TEAL is the choice and she loves that color anyway. Accent with the purple!

    1. I think you can’t go wrong with either of them. But….I do like the purple except maybe a darker shade to really show off those gorgeous tiles.

  4. I say teal.

    The tiles are mostly greens and blues, and the teal blends well. The purple in the tiles pops like an accent. Let it be the accent.

    I also think that the muted purple for the cabinets looks a bit muddy next to the vibrant purple of the tiles (I do NOT think the muted purple looks muddy in your other rooms though). However, a more vibrant purple on the cabinets would probably look garish.

    I am in no way trying to make your decision harder, but I suggest finding a lilac purple and trying a large sample of that as well. If it doesn’t scream “YES THIS IS IT,” or if you’re not even attuned to that idea, then I’d say go with teal.

    1. I am just being such a jerk right now, but I have another idea.

      What about mixing purple and teal to create Indigo?

      I’m so sorry. I know this isn’t helpful for indecisiveness.

    2. I totally agree with this. The purple you have doesn’t look vibrant enough with the bright purple in the tiles. But, the teal manages to allow the colors of the tiles to be vibrant without feeling dull itself.

      I think you should go for the teal. If you change your mind later, you can always repaint! And, you still have a whole studio to design, so you can still try out your purple cabinets in there if you want.

          1. I actually completely agree. I suggested lilac before I actually looked at lilac. I was just drawing on some of the lighter purples in the tiles. But I don’t think it would work here now that I’ve seen it! 🙂

        1. That is absolutely gorgeous! I would never have thought of lilac on cabinets but now I want to repaint my kitchen.

          Between Teal and Purple I would choose the purple because it is an accent on the tiles and would tie it all together. Teal is my fave colour also but there is so much teal on the tiles I think they might get overwhelming with teal cabinets. Purple pulls it all together.
          The same colour as the buffet would look great.

  5. I am a lover of teal, however, I googled pictures of both purple and teal cabinetry. I think purple cabinets could lean more slightly overwhelming, while I feel the teal would be overall more cohesive. You are adding pops of purple all over, including in the tiles for the pantry, so it could definitely work, but I think the teal is something you could live with forever, and like you, fear you’d end up getting sick of the purple and want to repaint them.

  6. I think the teal is the way to go. The purple cabinets compete with the beautiful tiles you have; they’re too similar/coordinating. The teal cabinets provide a colorful yet subtle base for the tiles to really pop. Plus, looking at the wider context of your breakfast room, I think the purple cabinets in the pantry would just be too much.

    1. I agree that the purple and the tiles are too similar/coordinating. I was all for purple until I read this post and saw your samples. The tiles really pop against teal paint.

    2. I’m with you on this. The teal flows throughout the house, providing continuity. Purple is a nice accent color you’ve used in other areas. Seems to me the purple cabinets would compete with the tiles whereas teal cabinets would be a better showcase for the stars of the room, the tiles. Plus, there is little chance you would later change your mind about the teal.

    3. I agree here, I’d go with teal! I like how it provides some contrast to the tiles while still coordinating. Plus the teal would make the pantry feel like an extension of the kitchen and the purple in the tile would pull in the breakfast nook. I think if you really are set on purple, I’d try a way darker shade to try for the same effect the teal gives off now.

  7. If you want the pantry to recede, then go with the purple. If you want a pop of color seen through the door, then go teal.

  8. I like the purple better because it’s a nice surprise. I do think it would look better if it were a little darker.

  9. I like the purple in such a small area. You can always repaint later if you don’t love it. The teal is so dark, I think it would be gloomy in there.

  10. The purple is perfect! I know you love teal, but don’t over do it. The purple looks much better with your gorgeous tiles. It’s so much more cheerful than the teal….in my opinion. But in the end, it should be the color that makes you happiest when you enter the pantry.

  11. I would go purple, but a darker purple than the sample board. I think teal is one of the more “on trend” colors right now that’s everywhere(and I do love teal and have it in my home)but there’s something about deep purple that is so elegant that it draws you in. And with those gorgeous tiles, why not give them something to put them over the top.

  12. I like the teal. It seems to me that you are really trying to talk yourself into wanting the purple more than you actually do. And if you always pick teal over everything else, why is that a bad thing? I think it means you won’t regret your decision in the future. Besides, as Sherre, above, says, “let the purple be the accent.” It really brings your eye to the tiles which is where I think they should go.

    As always, you’re doing an incredible job and I am in awe of your talent!

      1. This! You love teal and there is nothing wrong with that…especially since its is your home!

        Your home should be a relectuon of your favorite things. I like the thought of the teal cabinets and the cohesiveness with your kitchen. I think you’ll find a cool way to add a few touches of purple strategically in there.

        Trust your gut! It will be beautiful like everything else in your home!

    1. I agree with Becky. The teal is beautiful, and ties in – you can’t go wrong. The tile is stunning and the star that way.

  13. I really like the teal. If you went for a darker purple like the breakfast room credenza, then perhaps, but the current purple isn’t as striking to me as the teal.

  14. I lean towards the teal but I think that’s because the teal is a deeper hue. For me personally, the purple sample just isn’t deep enough. I LOVE TEAL, however, you have completely changed my mind on purple. I didn’t like it at all before you started using it as accents around your house. Now I can really see using it and loving it. The one thing I’ve noticed though is that I (personally) really prefer the deeper shades of purple. They look so rich and luxurious! Trust your gut, in the end YOU are the one living with it and looking at it everyday!

  15. The teal sets off the tiles. This particular purple appears muted and blends with the tiles lessening the impact of both. I’m on team teal for this one.

    1. I think the same thing. The teal comes across as more “neutral”, and that hazy purple is the wrong tone for the brighter tiles.

      Good luck!

  16. I’m leaning toward purple, but the deepest, darkest, richest purple you can find. I think that would look awesome with the tiles… or you could always go white with the cupboards. It’s hard to go wrong with white, and you’d still have the huge pop of colour with the tiles. So my choices would either be the deepest, plummiest purple ever, or white.

  17. I like the teal. The breakfast room is mainly purple. I like the idea of the pantry being the same colour as the kitchen cabinets.

    1. I agree, paint the pantry cabinets teal as a continuation of the kitchen. Let the purple be the accent color. Those gorgeous tiles will then become a focal point in the pantry.

      1. I had not thought of you painting the pantry cabinets to match your kitchen cabinets, but this is a great idea that Alta has. I LOVE the color of your kitchen cabinets and with just one small window in the pantry, it will seem brighter in there if you use the teal of the kitchen cabinets instead of either of the other 2 colors, which are darker.

        But, I think you will be happier with a shade of teal instead of whatever shade of purple. Purple makes a good accent.

  18. I like the dark shade of purple you have as a sample on the cabinets now. I think the large amount of teal cabinetry in your kitchen (whil ed a lighter shade) is enough for the kitchen/ breakfast room/ pantry area of your house. On my screen, it also looks as if the bright green in the tiles clash instead of compliment the dark teal color. I feel like the purple is dark and rich but let’s the tiles stand as the show piece. Best of luck on your decision!

  19. Teal. It’s a gorgeous shade and lets the tiles really pop. While the purple is very nice, it competes with the tiles and draws attention away from them. The tiles are spectacular and should be supported by the cabinets.

  20. My colors on my monitor may be off, but to me both the teal and purple look very dirty compared to the clean colors on the tile. I actually liked the second sample of purple. At the end of the day its paint and you are good at repainting when you don’t like something. So go for it. You are far braver than most of us!

    1. I respect your choise, but to my mind both colours are too dark for this small space. And the fantastic tiles you made need something that will “dance” with them and not be suppressed. Maybe to try more lighter colours, but in the same range? And i think not necessary to view the same gamma from all your house’ doorways.

  21. LOL! I can already tell the responses on this post are going to be split pretty evenly and will offer you lots of great thoughts, but won’t really help you make up your mind! 🙂 Sorry! We all appreciate your hard work and love to chip in when you ask for our opinions! 🙂

    I think you could go with either, so long as the color you pick is a pretty deep shade of whatever you pick. I think you’ve got good light in there and the counter tops are so light, that you can handle a deep color. I think a deeper color will help highlight the tiles.

    I was on the purple boat, until I saw the teal. I like both of those colors and would like them even more if they were a tad deeper (to let the tiles pop). I kind of like the idea of your house being mostly teal, with purple accents? But then again, I really like the deep purple of the buffet in the breakfast room.

    So, I guess just go with your gut?!?!

  22. From looking at your pictures the purple goes better with the tile. I think the teal is more timeless, so….I’m no help!

  23. Hi!! Unashamed purple devotee here 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ And I like the teal better. It is the color that dissapears like you were hoping would happen with the purple.

  24. Up until the very last picture I thought you were asking about a wall color! I’d go with teal since it’s your favorite color – and mine too! I don’t care for that purple when looking at the actual painted cabinet.

  25. I love the teal (at least on my screen)! It’s not in your face, but it makes the tiles stand out and be noticed in a really classy way, where the purple (again, on my screen) looks kind of primary and juvenile with the tiles. Maybe a darker purple? With these choices, I definitely vote teal.

  26. I’m not a fan of either color being more of a salmon, coral and green lover, so I’m hopefully objective. The purple looks AMAZING with the tiles. It really makes them sing. The teal just doesn’t do much for the tiles. Maybe if it were leaning more towards aqua.
    I do think that a dark, perhaps grayed-down, purple can be almost neutral really letting the tiles be the star of the show while teal would be fighting with the tiles for the spotlight.

  27. Go with your gut. You are always on point once you need to ask for opinions. You can never have too much teal. I love purple in small doses as an accent color as you have done so well in other areas of your home. Oh, and I love that you went back to the bold bright tiles.

  28. Personally I’d continue with the teal from the kitchen cabinets just to ease choosing accessories, but maybe it doesn’t play with the tiles well in the pantry’s light.

    Without that choice, I’d go with the dark teal as well to act as a neutral in your home, I love it. But if you are going for extra color and brightness, do the purple. Like others have said, it’s only paint. I’m a teal and navy gal, that doesn’t favor pinks and purples (too many girly hand-me downs as a kid).

  29. I think the teal makes your tiles the focal point where the purple might fight for attention. Love the continuity of teal and having purple as a fun accent. Going to be a beautiful and fun room!

  30. Kristi,
    The pantry is shaping up so beautifully! I’m team purple all the way!!! It looks the best with your tiles and will coordinate with the touches of purple you already have in your breakfast room. It’ll make the perfect view looking through the pantry doors. Purple’s probably not a color you, or most people, would do on their kitchen cabinets, so I think the pantry is a perfect place for it. Plus, to me it just makes the tiles sing whereas the teal just looks mismatched and not quite coordinated or complimentary [to the tiles].

    I’m really glad you went with the brighter tiles, they are perfect. Blessings to you today!

    YHWH Bless You : )

    1. Funny thing is I thought I was going to favour the purple, but seeing the tiles next to each of those colors, I found the opposite to be true for me. The teal makes them pop! The darker teal is receding and yet so complimentary. With the doors open the bench color stands on its own without competing with another shade of purple and the tones in the paintings are also complimented by the darker teal. The purple in the tile is the delightful thread that flows from the pantry, out to the breakfast room benches and then on to the sideboard to tie it all harmoniously together.

  31. Hi Kristi, I love the purple more than the teal but I get your hesitation. I love your tiles way more than your paint color and those pop way better with that blue (which I think is better described as a teal than a navy). So I vote for the blue – all the way! Those tiles are gorgeous and took so much of your time to create – they deserve to shine and steal the show as much as possible!

  32. I agree with others that the purple makes the tile ‘pop’ more. But I think the teal has a more sophisticated look to it and would be a better choice for cabinets.

  33. I never ever thought I’d say this, but I prefer the purple. I don’t even like purple for things like that…but I like how it looks with the tiles. A lot.

  34. I love the purple with the tiles. When you first mentioned purple cabinets, I thought no way. But love it now. There is enough teal in kitchen just next door and what color Will cabinets in studio be.
    That would seriously be too much teal.

  35. Of those 2 colors my vote is for teal. There’s just something that doesn’t quite work for me with the purple. I like how the teal will tie in with the other areas of the house. If you’re still not sold or open to other ideas, what about just matching the kitchen color? You know you love it, does it look good with the tiles? I like the idea of the continuity between the two spaces. Or, what about the Gentlemen’s Gray (deep navy color) you were considering painting the kitchen originally? I think a clean dark navy would be classic and look dynamite with the tiles, but be a great neutral backdrop.

  36. I like the purple. The teal seems a bit drab next to the bright tiles, while the purple hold its own without overpowering the tiles.
    As usual, listen to your own inner voice. Whatever you decide, it will be fabulous 🙂

  37. Purple all the way! I think the one you have is just not the right shade. I think it looks better with the tile and the teal doesn’t really match the tile. Plus it will balance out all of the other items of purple you have in that area. It will be boring if you have too much teal. And you are not boring!

  38. I was definitely in the teal camp while the paint was still wet. But boy did they dry differently; I think that purple is stunning and I’m amazed because I’m not much of a purple person. I think it looks terrific with the tiles and I don’t think having that purple chest in the breakfast room would be too much. When you walk into the pantry the first thing that I see are the paintings at roughly eye level on either side and those have lots of green in them so the purple makes a nice foil to that. All of that said, it’s going to be a tough choice because both colors are so pretty when they are dry. I don’t envy you trying to make a decision. But, you know what they say ….. it’s just paint 😉👍

  39. Oh Kristi, the purple is such a beautiful color and really makes the tiles come to life. In the two samples, I think the teal is dark and pulls the light from the room, whereas the purple gives the room the extra bounce of color and life. I have always loved the color of the buffet in the breakfast room and could see it every where. You have worked so hard to make the pantry perfect in every way and your initial feelings of using the purple should be your guiding force. As you have always said, it’s just paint and is the easiest way to change the entire look of a room. I know you said you don’t want to be repainting again in 6 months, but it could be worse…it’s not like you will be ripping out cabinets or walls to fix a mistake!! haha

    Love all the work you have put into this and I know whatever your final decision, it will be the right choice for you.

  40. The purple cabinet brings out the purple in the tile but the teal cabinet complements the tiles and brings out all of the colors in the tile. Since your tiles are the definite scene-stealers in this show, consider a deep, dark navy. A dark color will recede into the background and gives the tiles the spotlight!

  41. I’m team Teal! It lets the beautiful tiles be the star of the show and provides a soft supporting role for the room. What color will the walls be? I don’t remember seeing that anywhere. I know you said you don’t want to be repainting the cabinets in a few months, but you’ve also said in the past, that you’re okay with fixing something that doesn’t feel right after you’ve lived with it for awhile (entryway!!) Plus, you’re on a time limit with this project, right?

  42. I personally love teal and purple. That said I prefer the teal in this case. I think a darker purple would also help if you really wanted it. I love how the teal makes the purple pop in the tiles. The purple paint makes the tiles blend in more. Also maybe feels a little more teenager-ish to me.

  43. I like both of the colors but they both seem a little too…flat? Muted? Muddy? I don’t know what the word is that I’m looking for. I like teal better all-around, so I vote teal but maybe a deeper, richer shade? Or a shinier finish, maybe. I am not good at decisions, so I probably should sit this round out, lol.

  44. Do what makes you happy. You love teal – so paint it teal. I think too many people get hooked on doing something different for the sake of doing something different. Unless your passionate about the purple or passionate about doing something different because you feel you are in a color rut – go with the teal.

  45. please don’t hate me 😀 but i think i would go with the medium to light green in your tiles its the same green in the paintings that flank the pantry doors
    and in some of the decor in your breakfast room i think the flow from the teal kitchen to a green pantry would be nice plus you’ve done teal and you have a purple tv console so i would give the pantry cabinetry its own unique color 🙂 and then accent your pantry with purple and/or teal decor such as in your tiles
    but if you are dead set on purple or teal then i would go with purple
    i am so excited for your pantry!!

    1. Ok, I’m with you on the green…Sorry! A fresh green with a little yellow in it, but not chartreuse. The green in the print on your breakfast room chairs, or a green that pulls that color out as well as the green in the pillows and paintings flanking the pantry. But if not green, then I’m in the teal camp. If purple, then a different shade that is less “dirty”, i.e., more “clean” (I am referring to dirty vs clean colors).

  46. I’m surprised since I’m a teal Girl too that I prefer the purple. Maybe if it was a different shade of teal but I definitely think the one you have there doesn’t do those gorgeous tiles justice. Really in my mind those tiles would pop best in front of white cabinets but I know and understand that that’s not your thing. So I vote purple. BTW you are doing an amazing job and should be really proud of yourself!

  47. Loving the purple and especially how it’s used throughout. It’s royal and it looks great. Also, I think standing back from it the effect will be spectacular!

  48. I’d go with the teal. I loveeeee purple and think it looks nice, but it almost pulls out the purple in the tile too much and the other colors kind of fade into the background. The teal seems to act more neutral and all of the colors “pop”. Also, I think if you use purple, it will make everything in the breakfast area fade into the background. The teal will help the purple benches and purple buffet stand out a bit and add a nice contrast.

  49. That teal as it shows here is very pretty. But I think your house leans heavy with teal and at this point it doesn’t need more. However I can tell you aren’t sold on more than pops of purple. How about a third option? Say a muted white with those lovely tiles? Or a pale, pale yellow? You are the artist, but I say the teal needs to be minimal here. Look to the colors of those plates you have on the wall for inspiration. Good luck.

  50. I think the teal looks great, more fresh and modern and goes with the tile perfectly. For some reason (even though purple is one of my favorite colors) the purple just screams stuffy old lady from the 80s when combined with the multicolored tile.

  51. Love both but voting for purple (but in darker shade). I think the tiles look better with the purple and I think the countertops look better with the purple. I don’t like the whitewash on top of the teal for some reason (I love teal as you do). I think there’s a lot of teal already in the house and most of your accent purple isn’t really deep/rich/dark which is what I’d use (deep/rich/dark). So while very close, I’d go purple if it were my house.

  52. I’m wondering… have you seen what each color would look like through the pantry doors with the lights on? and from different angles? It may help make your decision?

  53. I like the purple, and I’m not really a purple person. I do agree with most of the others who like the purple that it might be a little better with a darker purple.

  54. My first thought when looking at the picture was that the purple paint was amazing and really made the tiles pop. Then I read your post and saw you liked the teal the best. Clearly you need to go with what you like, I’m just saying I had an immediate positive reaction to the purple. If you decide to go with purple, I’d vote for the sample on the left.

  55. Maybe it is my screen but I think the purple looks better. It compliments the tiles better and I think it will tie in well with your breakfast room. Since you said this is a room you will often just close the doors on, I don’t see the need to tie into the other areas of the house. It will be beautiful no matter what you choose and will still be lots of happy color which should make you smile when you go in.

  56. I vote for teal. First, I think it looks better period. Secondly, with the purple benches at the doorway, I think purple cabinets showing through the glass doors is just too much purple between the 2 rooms. The smaller amount of purple in the tile work allows for continuity without matchy-matchy…

    Some have suggested a darker shade of purple – but I think you may look through your doors from the breakfast room and be bothered by the multiple different shades of purple – like you meant for them to match but each one is a different shade. I did this with blue/turquoise in my home and ended up having to repaint. Too many close but not complimenting colors in one relatively small space.

    Good luck making your decision!

  57. To start off I’ll say I gravitate to to teal all the time. But in trying to be objective for you I went back and toured through pictures of your finished rooms. I think the pantry is a great spot to “pop” with some unexpected and I would continue with your original idea of purple.

  58. Purple, but a much deeper purple than the painted sample. It would tie in better with your breakfast room, and provide a more neutral background to let the tiles take center stage.

  59. The teal color looks better, but I definitely think the purple could work if it is the right shade of purple. You could go with a purple that has deeper darker undertones like the teal color you choose. Or you could go with a more vibrant purple. If your heart is set on purple, I personally would choose one with deeper darker under tones, which would highlight your tiles. A vibrant purple may compete with your tiles.

  60. Whatever you choose will be amazing! Personally, I like the teal better, to me the tile is the star and the cabinets need be quieter to not compete with their impact.

  61. I was on board with the purple until you talked about continuity. Since you have glass doors into the pantry, I would go with the TEAL!

  62. I like the teal better. The purple could work too, but in my humble opinion it might be better darker – like eggplant.

  63. Before you decide a purple if equal intensity would help. One equal in depth saturation or whatever the correct verbage is for discussing color. Of the two you present us choose the teal. I do believe there are purples that would do the trick the one presented is not it.

    Look forward to next post. Love love love what you’ve done. Rooting for you to make your deadlines. Appreciate your blog greatly.

  64. I like the teal better with the tiles. I’m not sure why but as soon as the email arrived I thought “oooo I like that Teal!”

  65. Hmmm, I think the teal looks better against that gorgeous floor, but to me, it does not complement the tiles very well (maybe due to lighting? and pic resolution?) But I do think the purple complements the tile better (perhaps a slightly different shade?) but the purple seems to wash out against the floor. I would vote for purple, but perhaps play with the hue a bit. Good luck!

  66. I prefer the teal… is it inappropriate to suggest the color of your kitchen cabinets? (any reason to want to “match,” or at least coordinate, with those?)

  67. I am gravitating toward the purple….which actually shocks me…but I think it looks better with the beautiful tiles you made and with the rest of your décor.

  68. I vote for the purple but I would call it eggplant. You already have so much teal and although teal is more conservative, I think the eggplant looks better.

  69. Purple. But a little more vibrant purple in my opinion.

    Don’t compete with the cabinet color in your kitchen.

  70. I have to say the Teal color makes ALL the colors in the Tiles POP! But the purple one only makes he color purple stand out to me.

  71. I am OBSESSED with teal personally (maybe one of the reasons I love your blog ;), but I’m voting purple here. I think I might light the far right swatch of purple better than what was used if it’s an option, but I’d still vote purple using the shade you used. To my eye, it works better with the tiles, I’m just not feeling the teal with them at all. And having a “different” color in the pantry will help the kitchen cabinets pop even more imo.

  72. For the reasons you listed; especially the breakfast room weighing heavily with the purple, I would choose the teal. The teal will allow the tiles to be “the star” and the teal will be secondary, but no less striking. Think of green foliage accenting the bright colorful flowers in nature. The current purple is too muddy a color, and if you went clearer in tone it would compete with the tiles and then make your breakfast room look muddy. For best cohesiveness, my vote is definitely TEAL!

  73. To me the teal looks like a neutral and lets the tiles shine. I love the pops of purple in the tiles. But maybe with a darker shade of purple may have the same effect

  74. I like the teal. It grounds the space and allows your work on the tiles to shine. Best of luck either way!

  75. This is going to sound weird, but when you have the tiles right next to the purple and the teal, I like the tiles with the teal better and I love the continuity of using teal………..but, then in your last photo, where you have the tiles at the top of the counter and the painted samples below, I like the purple better. So, I’m voting for purple!

  76. I am not normally an intense purple person but purple takes your gorgeous custom tiles up another notch.
    Looks like the sample on the cabinet is more intense than the one on the plywood. Both are beautiful but the lighter one might brighten the room a bit more making it less formal than the darker purple would,
    and more Pantry-like?

    Bottom line is that this is your panty! Breathe and ask your heart what will be pleasing in an entire room and over a period of time and GO GIRL!

    I continue to be amazed at your talent and drive. I am praying that you will be able to make the choice that pleases YOU !

  77. I vote the exact purple you are showing. This is a big statement from me because I love real and hate purple. Purple looks much better with tiles and countertop.

  78. Not sure if it’s the lighting or what, but both colors look “muddy” to me. The colors in the tiles are so bright and clear. I think you may need to get some other paint samples that are also bright and clear (clean, true, sharp) and then you will be able to choose.

  79. My very first impression when I looked at the samples was wo I love the purple with the tiles…so not sure of any reason other than I just liked the colors together.

  80. I so wanted it to be Purple! But truthfully the real makes those
    beautiful tiles pop! So Teal for me!

    Sheila F.

  81. I think a brighter shade of teal that brings out the color in the tiles. I’m not a purple fan, but have switched gears on that opinion after seeing your house. However, your breakfast room has a tremendous amount of purple accents in it. If you want the tiles to be the star, then go with teal, just a different shade of it. I’ve used teal in my time; my little Toyota Tercel was teal, the cutest care ever!

  82. Well… as someone who has resisted using the same color. I am subconsciously and consciously drawn to every version of the same color, even my CLOTHING! I asked myself why do I resist it? The answer is because I did it at the old house, I did here, I did it there, now it’s like the trendy color, which makes me want to not use it even more. lol But at the end of the day- my favorite color just makes my heart sing and brings me joy and calm and it feels polished and put together. Regardless of the urge to try a new color- I am in love with the color my brain has been drawn to for well over 10 years. I even tried to buy a new tablecloth for the dining room. I was like- OOOOH branching out and trying some new palette. Nope. Same family of colors. They are just trendy now, so it’s even easier to find. HA!

    I think both colors are gorgeous with the tiles. But the teal makes them pop.

  83. My color is red – so no bias here! The purple seems to melt into the tiles, whereas the teal makes the colors pop, so I’d go with teal. There’s enough blue’s in the breakfast room to tie it all in. After you’ve read all the comments – go with your gut!

  84. Purple looks nice! Teal would work too, but a light shade of teal. The teal you are showing is too dark. You do beautiful work!

  85. When I saw the two colors, my first reaction was “OOOOHHH!” towards the purple. (And I’m not a purple person–I’m typically more drawn to teals.) I think the purple really makes the tiles pop. In this case, the teal doesn’t do much for me. If it were me, I’d do purple.

  86. When I see the purple with the tiles all I see is the purple popping out…..with the teal paint I see all the colors in the tiles….

  87. I see the problem. They are both great choices. And like you, I gravitate towards teal anything. Love purple as well. I’ve watched you make hasty decisions with artificial deadlines and then end up redoing. Give yourself another day to look at the paint in all the different light. Another purple option might be Behr GrayLac. New color last year. It’s a neutral purple…if there is such a thing. I know you actually do have a deadline, but give yourself time to see it in all the light. And have your Mom over…

  88. I’m not a purple person. At all. EVER. But I absolutely LOVE the purple with your tiles.
    But it’s you who has to live with it! It’s looking awesome, BTW. Whatever you go with – it’s going to be fabulous!

  89. I purposely didn’t read any other comments so they wouldn’t flavor my choice. I am normally a purple person all the way! Just check my closet and you’ll see a sea of purple. But in this case, I prefer the real. No reason why, it just made me feel “right” with everything else. Can’t wait to see which one you settle on.

  90. Go with what YOU love.

    You’re the one who will be seeing and using the pantry for years to come. You seem to be trying to talk yourself into the purple, and clearly aren’t 100% sure about it. But, you know you’ll like the teal….
    Just sayin’

  91. The purple on the cabinets does not look like it “goes” with the purple in the tile to me. The cabinets looks more greyed out while the tiles are a royal purple. Thus I like the teal better. It feels more neutral to me also, which I like in cabinetry.

  92. I’m team purple! Purple really makes your tile pop and I think the focus when looking into the pantry from the breakfast nook should be the tiles and the purple compliments them perfectly without drawing all of the attention.

  93. Kristi,

    I hear you trying to talk yourself out of using the teal and into using the purple. Go with your gut feeling. Teal all the way.


  94. “I can’t commit to purple” – so don’t! Either option looks good, but follow your instinct. If teal is calling you, maybe play around with teal shades until it feels just right. I think a bit bluer might go with the tiles as I see it in my screen. But don’t choose purple if it doesn’t feel right. Whatever you pick, we will be impressed, so do what makes you happiest!

  95. I do not like the teal at all! When you said you were going with purple I pictured a darker eggplant version. Like the darkest purple in your tiles. My vote is for purple

  96. You are sweet to ask our opinions, but I think your heart says teal or it would not have come up as an option. The teal is you! Purple is your accent! It will be awesome!

  97. I really Love that rich deep teal . Loved when you painted the fireplace Teal. I think the purple in the breakfast room will give enough purple. I truly think you want Teal and I also feel it is by far the best choice!

  98. Kristi:

    Purple is my least favorite color in the color spectrum. With that said, when you showed the vibrant tiles yesterday, I just LOVED it because of the bright purple and I even wondered if I should consider adding a little bit of purple into my own home!

    To me the purple cabinets look great with the beautiful tile and I think it would really make that purple pop. The teal seems to distract from the tile and compete with it. Maybe a darker shade of purple would help you with that. In the end, I think you should go with what your gut tells you since you are the one that will look at it every day.

    Kudos on the great progress that you are making!

  99. I’m not a fan of the tile, but I understand why you love them. I am a traditional neutral based person with color in my accessories and you love the pop. That being said, the teal looks far better than the purple. Much better blend of the blues. While I love both the purple and teal, the purple just doesn’t do anything for your tile in my opinion. Can’t wait to see which one you choose and the finished project!

  100. Purple. The teal is lots of places already in your home, and this pantry is just a small jewel box. A surprise if you will. And, I just think the purple compliments the tiles better (from what I see on my screen anyway!) good luck! It is amazing so far!

  101. I’m a teal gal, too, and, in this case, I say, purple, purple, purple, purple, purple. Did I stress enough that I like the purple best? When you were deciding between the sagey green and purple, though I loved that green, you were right on with your evaluation. The green sucked up all the attention instead of the tiles. The teal looks much better than that green with the tiles, but I still think the purple does the best job of showing them off to advantage. And I love the continuity the purple cabinets create from the credenza in the adjacent breakfast room, as well as the upholstery on the benches flanking the pantry door. I don’t think you’ll tire of the purple, but I think you might tire of the teal sooner. Whatever you do ultimately choose, it will be beautiful–that much I know.

  102. Going by the boards, I like the teal better. BUT then I saw the purple cabinet frames and I think you’re original thought that the purple will not steal the thunder of the tiles like the the teal (or green in the original discussion) would. I think that is true. The purple will add a nice shot of color but will recede a bit and allow the tiles to be the star.

    My two cents. I’m sure either will be lovely.

  103. Kristi, I haven’t read the previous responses so if I am repeating what other people said I’m sorry. When I saw the teal I thought “wow, that looks beautiful”

  104. I think the teal would be too dark, and there isn’t teal in the tile. There’s purple in the tiles and I think it would be a little lighter

  105. Personally, I wouldn’t go with either purple or teal. White would make everything so clean and crisp and those tiles would really stand out.

    1. I agree, and I also know Kristi is not a fan of white cabinets. The room is small and the tiles are demanding attention so why compete with that, Let them shine, go white for some relief of colour and choose some accessories like containers/jugs etc. in the colours. Not everything has to have colour. My second choice would be the colour of the cabinet in your dining area…I do love it. The brightness of the colour will be key because of the brightness of the tiles…that is why I would choose not to compete. HOwever, I know what ever you decide, I always love the result. You do exceptional jealous

  106. I vote for TEAL because it will repeat your kitchen cabinet color for a more cohesive look. You might choose to use a different shade of teal than your kitchen cupboards, however. And, teal is your favorite color.

  107. I’m saving my opinion until you declare the room “finished”.
    THEN, I’ll give you a laundry list of suggestions.


    Just kidding…

    Actually…I just went back to your post of October 4th. There’s a photo of your pantry entrance from your dining room table. I am worse than you at making decisions, let alone making good ones. HOWEVER…you might look at your samples/colors/tile etc from that distance and see how it all plays with the rest of the house in view. That may help you decide.

    I’m sure it will be fabulous and YOU when it’s done. Love your fix to the tiles!

  108. I personally think the pantry should be cohesive with the kitchen and the dining area. I feel like the purple is going off the rest of the house. Purple has been an accent not the main color, so continue with the accent. Why not paint the cabinets the same color as the kitchen cabinets?

  109. good morning Kristi. I agree that perhaps the hue of each shade might be slightly off. But working with these specific colors the purple works better than the teal because it pops the purple in the tiles. Popping the purple works as a counterbalance to all of the teal in the tiles.
    I am really enjoying watching you put this room together….so many things to learn from. thank you

  110. I am team purple in this case — it looks amazing with the tiles. Purple is a pretty intense color, but the pantry gives you a small spot where it can shine without overwhelming. And lots of light from the window helps, too.

    Mostly I want to say that I truly admire your energy and your ability to clamp down and focus on projects. I’ve been wanting to re-paper 2 walls in my dining room for 15 years, and if you lived in my house, that room would be on its second or third round of decor by now! You are amazing.

  111. The teal shade is much too dark for the doors. Go with a lighter shade, closer to what is in the tiles. You need contrast between the teal & purple. These 2 just blend into each other. From your other pictures, it appears that you do like contrast. The purple is very close to what’s in the tiles so in the interest of cohesiveness, go with a bright shade of teal. This will make the whole room pop because, like your other rooms, which are beautiful, it will contrast with the purple and carry the tile colors into the rest of the room.

  112. I am usually obsessed with teal or any blue for that matter. But I have to vote purple on this one. I think it makes the tiles pop more and ties into the purple console in the breakfast room.

  113. I personally think with the cabinets being purple and having the gorgeous tile I would to do a more subtle wall color. a light grey/white. something very light reflective that would make the tiles the show stopper 🙂

  114. I like the purple better. I think it makes the tiles pop while the tiles blend-in with the teal. I don’t really even notice the tiles next to the teal. Plus, you already have teal cabinets in your kitchen and using a different shade of teal in the pantry would just be redundant and boring.

  115. Well, I’m a huge purple fan, but my brain sees the cabinets in a gold metallic for fun and brightness and the unexpected-ness of it. For me, with those fantastic tiles, I’d want the cabinets to be as fantastic, and I’d consider washing the floors with purple, for color depth. Because that, too, would be fun.

    But I’m a bit…weird. 😊

  116. With either color, it would depend on what colors you want to accentuate. I think the purple paint brings out the purple and blues in the tiles, while the teal brings out the blues and greens in the tiles. I personally like the purple better with the counter top. Will you be making your floating shelves the same way you made your counter top? I think the color of those will impact more with how they play against the tiles because they are closer to the tiles.

  117. I don’t know which one looks better, I just know that I like the teal better. It’s a much prettier color than the purple.

  118. I prefer continuity among cabinet colors in adjacent rooms, so for me, it’s REALLY WEIRD that I love the purple. That said, I believe you will have to use 5k lighting to make it work.

  119. PURPLE. But a different, more saturated, slightly darker tone. This is too light and pale to do justice to those tiles.

  120. Both colors are beautiful, but I feel that both are too muddy to go with your vibrant tile. I would go with a “cleaner” teal, since if you use a “cleaner” purple it might not go with the other muddier purples you have adjacent to the pantry.

  121. Obsessed is a strong word. : ) So I guess I’m not allowed to vote because my closet is full of teal. But my second favorite color is purple. Carry on without me… : (
    Just kidding, I vote teal!!!!

  122. I would go for the teal. Number one, you have a lot of purple in the adjacent breakfast room, and number two, the teal is much more subdued than the purple, which will be nice considering all of the colorful food and storage items that live in a pantry- not sure if you’ve considered that.

  123. I would choose Purple! But a more clear, brighter Purple! than your sample.

    A happy Purple!, like the Purple! in the lovely tiles!

    And you will need to work in some happy lemon yellow somewhere!

    🍋 🍋 🍋

  124. What color do you want to emphasize in your tile? Right now the purple is a better match but I like the idea of teal—just a less bleak shade. Either will be fine. Eager to see what you choose.

  125. Of the two samples standing up in front of the window, the teal on my screen looks harshly dark. If you’re really into the teal, maybe make it a tad lighter. I really like the purple sample best, but I’m not living with it 🤷 So do what makes Kristi happy 😂

  126. Totally do what makes you happy, but I LOVE the purple. I will say I don’t think that shade of teal is quite right, but I would still love the purple, even if the teal was the right shade. I think the teal makes the purple on the tiles look a little stark and out of place. But you’ll pull it together and it will be beautiful, no matter what you choose!

  127. HI Kristie I love your blogs and your ideas.
    Personally I love the purple for the cabinets as I think it brings all the beautiful colours out in your tiles.
    I look forward to seeing the direction you go for colours.

  128. The way I see it, you have two choices:
    1) pick a color by tonight and then maybe regret it and repaint again later
    2) give yourself the time to make the decision you know you’ll love. Don’t force a choice because of a one room challenge – unless finishing the challenge by tomorrow will help your blog traffic/career/etc.

    In the end, you need to love it.

  129. Are your tiles gong to be against the cabinet color? In your previous post you show a photo of the tiles on the countertop with no paint color next to them. In that photo the purple on the cabinet looks dark enough and almost neutral and allows the tile to be the star of the show. I suppose the teal would do the same thing but it seems a bit ‘safe’. I really like the purple.

  130. I don’t know if this is a “thing” but to me, you have used purple as an accent in many rooms. Painting the cabinets in a room purple would help anchor the color for me. And it’s completely unexpected. It gives a definition between the beautiful teal cabinets in your kitchen and the pantry cabinets. I wonder if your hesitation is because you haven’t found the correct shade of purple yet?

  131. I can’t believe I’m saying this because I’m not a purple fan and I love teal, but based on these photos, the purple looks amazing with the tiles! And if you are standing outside the pantry looking in, I think the purple will be less UNDERwhelming because there’s a lot of teal in the room outside the pantry. The purple will stand out and not fade away. Just my two cents. ☺️

  132. Team Teal. I think you are asking because you are not feeling that purple, otherwise you would have gone ahead with the painting already. For me, I love how the tiles really stand out with the teal and it lets them take center stage whereas that shade of purple seems to compete with the tiles and sucks a bit of their life out. Perhaps a deeper shade of purple similar to the teal would make a difference?

  133. I agree. If the purple were in the same colour family (that is dark) it would be easier to choose. You had some really nice dark paint chips up and the darkest one would ‘disappear’ I think. But then, if you had a really dark purple I’d be just like you…unable to choose! Try a dark purple on a spare piece of wood and see if that helps with the tiles (don’t want to limit our choices if we haven’t tried them all 🙂 …Good luck, God bless.

  134. I like the teal but the color shown looks a little dark…maybe a more vibrant teal? Love love love the tiles….

  135. I like both but I’d go with the teal.

    For some reason the purple reminds me of my granddaughter’s princess play house – it reads a bit, fairy-princess-sparkly-unicorn to me. That’s in no way a disrespect to your wonderful work and art though. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  136. The Purple pulls out all the colors in the tiles more effectively. It’s also a better match to the colors in the tiles than the teal is. I vote purple. (and one of my favorite colors is teal).

  137. I didn’t read all the comments but I wonder if you would like the purple more if you looked at a few more darker purple options. The tone of purple may be off compared to the vibrancy of the purple in the tiles.

    I would revisit the purple by looking at a few more color options.

  138. Okay . . . please don’t be upset with me! But I would go with something much more neutral for the cabinets BECAUSE the tile is so vibrant and beautiful – which has the purples and teals that you love already!! Let the tile take the stage!! And by neutral I mean whatever your walls are in your breakfast area or a shade darker? But if you force me to decide between purple or teal, I’d pick purple. 🙂

  139. Ok, adding a vote to the pot.

    The purple looks too flat here.

    Teal is a mix of blue and green, which are actually neutrals!

    It flows with the tiles better but this particular teal looks too dark.

    Either slightly lighter or pull from the teal in the tile and darken that.

    And yes, look at it from a distance! You’ll know.

    And no, one cannot have too much color! White/pale walls will give the negative space the colors need!

  140. I’m dying! I knew you’d get a lot of comments, but didn’t expect this! Good luck, seriously, with making a decision after all this input. And, remember, it’s just paint. If you want to change your mind later, change your mind!! 🙂

  141. I think a deep eggplant purple would be great. True purple no leaning towards red or blue. I would pull the deepest purple from your tiles and match it to that. The teal is too gray, IMO, at least on my computer monitor. The tile teal looks much cleaner and more like derivatives of thalo blue which is a deep clean turquoise color. Is it the same teal color as in your kitchen? It could be the lighting that is graying it up. Colors are so tricky depending on the orientation of the house. North light is by far the trickiest. It tends to give a gray cast to everything. Did you try your tiles against your kitchen cabinets? If it doesn’t coordinate with your kitchen cabinets I don’t think I would pull in a slightly different teal color. But bottom line, YOU have to love it!!!

  142. Casting my vote for teal!

    You already have purple in the breakfast room and benches, the teal will contrast nicely through the doors
    You’ll get a happy peak at the teal through the doors 🙂
    Accent with the purple so you don’t overwhelm with all the purple in the adjacent breakfast room.
    You love teal a little more so why not?

  143. Kristi, did you decide about handles\hardware of the cabinets? Probably, adding one for example will help to see the whole picture of the pantry, the color and texture palette. This might help you with the color choice.
    In interior design I always try to avoid big areas of purple, living it for accent details. There is something in this color feeling over saturated. While teal is primary, clean hue, much “tolerant” and living in peace with other colors around.
    good luck dear

  144. Based on the color on my monitor, the purple seems to go better with the tiles. They pop more. However, I think you need a richer, brighter purple. It looks too muddy/muted for the tiles. (Same goes for the teal – too muted for the tiles.) I hope you have lots of sunshine today to look at other hues that can work with your beautiful tiles. Good luc picking a color, Kristi! Don’t dismiss your love for vibrant hues. Listen to your gut instinct. 🙂

  145. I would choose purple, but a different shade than your sample board. That purple seems too muddy like chalkboard paint. I’d pick a deeper richer cleaner tone that picks up the dark purple in your glorious tiles! Maybe like the sideboard but hard to tell with the lighting.

    I’m not sure what color you are painting the tall tower/refrigerator case and the open shelves. But maybe the purple on just the lower cabinets and white/wall color on the open shelves would make the room feel bigger. Not sure about the tall tower cabinets. I love purple or teal on the lower cabinets just maybe not all over the walls in a smaller room.

    Part of your paint conundrum may be the glossiness of the tiles vs the ultra flat paint colors. It might help to increase the pigment of the paint.

  146. Stand waaay back and have a look at the entire picture. Either teal or purple would work well. Your gut will tell you!

    I vote purple if you can decide on the right value. It brings out the tiles better (on my monitor) and would make for a fun surprise. How many people have a purple pantry?!!

  147. I wonder if you would like it better if the purple was more like the purple in the tile. They both seem a little dark.

  148. I like both, but lean towards the teal. 🙂 BUT, do you think maybe the reason you are having trouble deciding is that both colors are too dark? I feel like they are competing with your beautiful tile. You definitely want to show those off and make them stand out (in my opinion)!

  149. On the purple swatch board, I like the #2 from the left side, the lighter purple goes with the tiles purple. The teal looks really dark and doesn’t go with the tiles. Just a note from my husband. 🙂

  150. Being a teal person myself, I’m gonna vote teal. The same teal as your kitchen! Why not line up some tiles in your kitchen? I’m betting they would look awesome!
    And although I’m not a big purple fan, I surprisingly like the purple with your tiles, but I think that would make your pantry too “busy”.
    And somewhere in your many blogs that I enjoy,, I do believe you’ve said, “it’s only paint”!

  151. Just an idea, place a large number of the tiles on the purple buffet, take a picture and see if you like
    it or not. Of course the white frame around the tv can be covered up while looking at your picture.
    Which ever you choose will be lovely and both colors are ones you currently use in your house so it
    looks planned either way. Just be thankful, at least you have narrowed it down to two magnificent

  152. Both swatches are muddy! Pull colors from your tiles and you’ll have a lot more clarity I think! Aqua could be fun! It’s definitely brighter, would blend well with the teal cabinets you already have in the kitchen and the purple buffet you have in the breakfast room, yet add a nice third dimension I think. And bonus-it’s already in your tiles and your breakfast chairs! 🙂

  153. Purple is my least favorite color in the world, BUT….looking past the awesome tiles and focusing on outside of the window. The purple will play nicely against the green from the trees outside. I think if you go with teal, you will loose the power of the landscape outside of the window.

  154. Teal looks MUCH better with the tiles. Definitely need a glossier finish though. The way it is now makes it look like blackboard paint. Very dull, especially right beside the tiles.

  155. I didn’t read through the over 200 comments, so don’t know what the majority said. But in my opinion, why not paint the cabinets the same as the kitchen ones? The samples you have provided, to me, seem too dark and muddy. I think the kitchen color is the perfect shade – not too light, not too dark. You’ve probably already headed out to buy paint, so I may be too late to vote anyway, but that’s my two cents worth.

  156. So, now I’m changing my mind. I originally thought deeper shades would look better, but now I’m wondering about a really bright vibrant turquoise like the color in the tiles.

  157. Both colors are nice, but I like the teal much better. It is more soothing. I think I would like the purple more if it was darker.

  158. I don’t think there is any such thing as “objectively” looking better….better is a subjective quality. And since it doesn’t sound like you are in love with the pretty purple pantry, then go with what makes you happy and use that gorgeous teal! Just like the entryway, this is for you, not other people’s subjective view of what looks better.

  159. I love both colors, separately and together. In this case I think the teal is too dark for the size of the room. With the ability to close the pantry door going with purple gives you an opportunity to go with an old favor to see if it grows on you again.

  160. I thought I would prefer the teal, but I really like the purple with the tile. But so what if you are obsessed with Teal? If that’s what you love, go with that. And if you don’t love it when you’re done, it’s just paint and you can repaint it.

  161. The teal has more richness to it than the purple. The purple looks washed out next to the tiles, and the teal brings out the vibrancy of them. Teal! And I say this as someone who hates both colors, so no bias here 😉

  162. Okay, I just had another thought…..what about white cabinetry to let the beauty of the tiles shine, the a gorgeous deep eggplant violet purple wall color.

  163. My vote is purple. It seems to go better with the tiles and the purple accents in the breakfast room. However, you have to look at it everyday, so go with your gut.

  164. I don’t know if the color is coming through true onscreen but the teal is showing toned down. Sorry but I vote no for teal–it’s just not the same saturation as the purple. That being said, I think a turquoise/aqua would look fabulous with your beautiful tiles. I’m an art teacher, btw, and am kinda obsessed with color theory.

  165. Teal. The purple is gloomy, a bit funereal and high altar. The teal is more of a jewel colour and seems to have more continuity with the tile colours which are gorgeous. I too like your kitchen cabinet colour. Of course this is very subjective as you know. But Im so looking forward to seeing the end result. PS I like the teal also with the wooden counter – the purple might encourage a different response!! But admire your tenacity and skills. Good luck with your choice.

  166. I like the purple best but both are awesome. To me the purple is the lighter brighter choice. Since the pantry only has one small window the lighter the paint to better for me. I have experienced this in my closets and have kicked myself for not lightening them up to be better able to find what I’m looking for. Good luck and whichever you choose will be great!

  167. I’ll throw the wrench in the whole this-or-that debate and say I think pale gray or white cabinets so the tiles are more of a feature. Rather than make the cabinets a matchy-matchy color, I’d use color in other places. But that’s just me. I’m definitely over the teal, but not feeling the purple. If purple was the only choice, I’d be going something very, very dark, bordering on black.

  168. I’m on Team Teal. That was my gut reaction because I thought it made the tiles somewhat richer. I’m actually doing 2 rooms in our new house presently…one I chose deep teal for an accent wall and the other a dusty lavender! Both are outside of my normal colors.

  169. I am a teal fan as well….but I really love the purple with the tiles so much better. It DOES make the color pop more.

  170. I’m not sure you’ve got the right shade of purple. Or, quite honestly, of teal. I know I’m looking at them on a computer monitor, and I trust your eye’s on ability to see the true color, but both shades seem muted somehow… kind of dusty like (I think someone above said it reminded them of chalkboard paint)… and your tiles are anything but muted. I think I’m wanting your color to pop more, like the tiles.
    Just thinking about the color choices philosophically… I love the purple, but seeing how much purple you have going in the breakfast room I think the teal is not a bad choice. It gives continuity from elsewhere in the house, while the purple in the tiles still ties in the purple in the breakfast room. I do think that either choice is valid though… both are visually pleasing.

  171. Well I’m a purple lover so I may be biased. However I don’t actually like the energy of that purple compared to the teal. Have you considered darkening the purple a bit? The teal has a dark vibe to it. Maybe that’s what you are missing in your purple.

  172. I’m not a fan of purple as a rule, but I think a deep purple like the one on the far left looks really good with the tiles. The real doesn’t seem to capture the colors of the tiles like the dark purple. I’d also consider a lighter teal, even a turquoise, for tying in the tiles.

  173. The fact that your even questioning the purple tells me you’ve already made your up your mind. Go with your gut and go with the teal. I prefer teal over purple, too, however in this case I do think it really looks better. You do you!

  174. What about the teal that is in the kitchen or a variation of it that is lighter? I sort of feel like you have enough of the dark teal in the house now.

    If you prefer purple, I think the one you are testing with is too dark and murky.

  175. First, I didn’t read all the other comments, but here is my opinion. I think you need one or two more samples of purple. The color of the buffet seems much richer/darker and I think that would be a better choice. The purple in the tiles is bright and deep, I think the cabinets need to be a deep color, lots of pigment. The teal is the right depth of color, just need a couple more purple choices to make a decision. Just my opinion.

  176. PURPLE ! That sample us SOOO yummy you ! The teal is nice but this is YOUR space – you wouldn’t have tried the purple if you weren’t drawn to it.

    Either is great but like the lighter tone of the purple !!!

  177. I didn’t read all the comments because there are too many but it looks like there is a split of opinions.

    I like the real better. The purple looks “old lady” to me. 🙂

    Good luck figuring out exactly what you want!

  178. I think two adjustments to the purple will make it the clear choice. First, it needs to be tweaked towards a more royal, luscious shade. Second, and possibly more important, it needs a little touch of gloss, maybe about as much as the trim or slightly less: half way? The gloss on the tiles is so prominent that having none on the purple and samples makes them seem dull and lifeless, which is steering you toward your tried and true teal. But the purple goes better with the tile. Whatever you choose, it will be perfect I am sure!

  179. Purple.
    I am not a bold color person, but I think the resin tiles look better with the purple. I feel the teal makes the tiles look very green heavy.
    Also, Ican’t believe how many comments you got- I think you broke the internet!

  180. Both colors are beautiful, obviously, but the purple seems to have a little more life in it. It may be my screen or something lost through the picture, but the teal comes across a little flat. The polar opposite of your beautiful tiles. Maybe even flatter when placed next to the lively tiles. Just one person’s opinion. Everything you do is beautiful and I’m always so impressed that you can stay so true to yourself! And props to Matt for being so flexible to your decorating.

  181. In terms of which color do I prefer, it would always be teal over purple, but the teal is doing nothing for those gorgeous tiles. I like the deep purple paint chip on the upper left the best if you must choose to use a color but I’d only apply the color on the bottoms making the shelving and walls white. If it were my butler’s pantry, I’d do clean and crisp looking all white cabinetry and shelving and let the tiles and some accessories on the countertops and shelves be the color.

  182. What about the teal on your kitchen cabinets? They can be seen from the kitchen with the doors open and they would be beautiful with the tiles.

  183. I love the purple! Like the inside of a jewelry box * A nice unexpected surprise! The kitchen cupboards are teal, so purple in the pantry would look AMAZING IMO. Anything you do would look great though – you can’t go wrong either way!!!

  184. In looking at the two paint samples above the beautiful tile all I can see being my choice— is a spring green. It would make the room light and airy where both the purple and teal are dark and a bit dreary for my taste.

  185. I like the purple. It feels lighter and has an energy to it. I guess you could lighten either one as well.

  186. It would be a shame not to let the sunshine and pretty green come through that window and the teal might be too much or not go with the green. Hard to tell iin the pictures. The purple is so beautiful in the darker colors you have at the top of the board and would work well. You are great at this and it will be amazing when you are done either way you go.

  187. If I may…you won’t know if you’ll love the purple unless you try. And I know you say you don’t want to repaint the cabinets, but you can if you hate the purple. And I don’t know anyone who can bust out a repaint job the way you do. Because you know the real is tried and true for you. But you can’t see you full vision come to life if you drop the purple now. Remember your initial vision in your head and see it through. And you’ll know in a heartbeat if it’s wrong. And in a fashion only you can do, you’ll adjust accordingly!

    I can’t wait to see it – and for the record, I am also unashamedly a teal devotee!

  188. My vote is for purple too – I like how it works with the tile. Awhile back, I asked you about adding another color to a room (love the purple added to your breakfast room) – per your advice, I’ve added aubergine to my tan/khaki and turquoise living room – thank you for the great decorating tip 🙂

  189. I vote for teal. The purple just competes with the tiles for attention. You won’t know where to look first. The teal is something I don’t think you will get tired of. It’s kind of a modern classic where as purple is kind of well…out there!

  190. My opinion will probably be lost in this record number of opinions, but here it is anyway. I think purple can be overwhelming, especially in a small space. I have a friend who just painted a small room purple (against my advice), and she’s now going to change it. Besides, I can see piles of fruit and veggies (those not needing refrigeration), looking beautiful against a teal background…but not against purple. Mind you, I like purple, but in small doses.

    Also, I think the bright tiles and purple will draw your eye into that room rather than making it a pretty (and more subtle) background for the breakfast room which I would want as the focus rather than the pantry.

  191. The teal is calming and sophisticated. It sets off all the colors of the tile. With the purple, all I see in the tiles is purple, it mutes all the other colors out and you don’t really see them. You need symmetry, there you go, kitchen cabinets and pantry cabinets. Maybe that’s why the purple doesn’t feel right to you. I vote teal, but do what you love and feels right to you.

  192. Haven’t read any comments before mine. The teal was instantly superior in my eyes. I don’t dislike the purple at all and want to like it better than the teal…but I don’t. The teal looks awesome. I would also like to see the green that is in the fabric of your breakfast room chairs. But between the teal and purple, I went right to the teal and thought it went beautifully with the tiles.

  193. Obviously we love being asked for our opinions…just look at all the comments. To me the teal doesn’t match the tiles at all. The purple picks up the color in the tiles, but I don’t really like either choice. I don’t know what to suggest though. I have faith in your color sense and I am sure you will come up with something wonderful, and if you don’t like your choice…it’s only paint and you can try again.

  194. At this moment I lean towards the teal….the problem with the purple is that it has way too much white in it… add some blue back and you might just like it better…..

  195. I can’t believe how many comments there are, and you probably have already made up your mind at 9:23 pm, but I’ll give my thoughts anyway. The purple looks beautiful with the tiles, and I might vote purple if you were using it on upper cabinets, but if purple is what’s on the face frames below–it looks a bit muddy, although that might be my screen. I definitely love the teal, though!! I’m afraid if you paint the cabinets purple (which would be beautiful), you’ll be repainting in less than six months.

  196. I personally like the teal. I think it looks better with those amazing tiles and will look great with the purple cabinets. Like you I love colour.

  197. Hello Kristi,

    I haven’t read all of the comments, so if someone has already mentioned this please forgive me.

    You asked if perhaps you just haven’t found the right shade of purple yet, but I think you just haven’t found the right shade of teal yet. The shade you’ve picked is such a dark, grayed version that it seems too dark against your gorgeous vivid tiles. I may be off the mark, but perhaps one shade brighter might be exactly what you are looking for.

    I sincerely hope I haven’t offended you. You are an extremely talented lady and I absolutely love remodeling homes vicariously through your blog.

  198. That teal makes my heart flutter! I think it looks beautiful with the tiles and will be stunning when the pantry doors are open and your paintings are flanking the opening. On a practical note, teal is your preferred color so even if you decide you want to change you will be able to live with it longer than if you paint it purple and then change your mind. AND… you will be able to use that free time to work on some other incredible project you are no doubt dreaming of! You are a real inspiration!!!

  199. You need a stronger/deeper purple that leans more towards plum than that one. the teal is dark enough that it grounds the colorful tiles and looks good. if you get the right shade of purple/plum, it will do the same! google “kohler plum kitchen” for reference.

  200. There’s too many comments for me to read them all. So forgive me if this has already been said.

    I think I remember you saying you were going to make some changes to the breakfast room, didn’t you? I ask that because the purple looks the best to me, but not with the breakfast room as is. I don’t know why. Teal has been my favorite color since I was a kid. I’m shocked that I like the purple more. I think it’s because there’s no true teal in the tiles. Either color will be beautiful, though. Good luck making your decision.

  201. I am more of a teal person but I think it overpowers the tiles. The purple allows the tiles to be the star of the room.

  202. Good grief, there is no way I could read all the replies, so my suggestion may have all ready been noted. To give the purple and even chance against the teal it , imo, needs to be darker. On the board you have darker examples. But be true to you.

  203. Hey Kristi, I photoshopped some paint colors for your pantry and sent the image to your Pinterest account. Hopefully it helps you make a decision.

    For the top row from left to right, the first two are from the painted plywood examples and the third is from the color that’s already on the cabinets. Beginning with the middle row, the next four are from the paint chip samples you taped to the purple plywood (in the right corner there is a small red dot indicating which paint chip I used). The last two are there just because I had extra space. Anyway, I hope this helps you with your decision.

  204. I’m obsessed with teal, and usually despise purple, but I think the purple looks best with your tiles, and it ties into the breakfast room beautifully

  205. I say you do you! Personally, the purple on my screen makes the tiles really stand out and the teal just looks awful with the tiles but that is on my computer screen. When it is all said and done this is your home and your tastes. It should not matter to us what color you choose. You are talented but truly are so indecisive. Do not let your readers influence you so much! We come to your blog because of your TALENT! I say go with your gut. You are truly amazing and I wish you recognized that more. Just my honest opinion.

    1. I completely agree with you, and mainly because we never know if our monitors show the true color. I could never ask others to choose a design element in my house because that wouldn’t really be me – if I truly loved both options, maybe it would work.

  206. Late to chime in, but both look good. Purple is my favorite color, so I love that, but I have said from the beginning I think you should do teal, since you will always love teal, and keep the purple to the stuff that is a bit easier to change.

    Can’t wait to see which way you go!

  207. I like the pops of purple in your breakfast room and that could work in your pantry. However, I love the teal with the tiles. It makes the colors in the tiles truly stand out. My choice is teal but you do what makes you happy!

  208. Teal is my preference, it looks fabulous with the tiles and you have various shades of teal in the painting and chairs in the dining room as an echo of that color.

  209. Please don’t take offense, but I would prefer white cabinets with your tiles. The teal or purple feel like color overload in that room. Your house is stunning by the way!

  210. First of all, CLEARLY, we all need to rent a bus and do a walk-through of your home; these monitors are just not cutting it!

    And it looks like I’m going to be no help at all, because I love both teal and purple. And the sad fact is, on my computer monitor, both colors look nearly equally as good with your tiles. Having said that, I’m leaning toward the teal because it looks to me as if the teal really allows your tiles to “pop!” As someone else said, the darker tone seems to recede and give the tiles their moment to shine. Perhaps you could find a place for a purple accent, as you’ve done in your other rooms? Y’know what? I have faith that you’ll make the right decision and whatever you choose will be awesome!

  211. I like the purple. The teal looks very dull next to the tiles. Maybe just not the right shade of teal.
    The teal would be rich looking…in a different shade of teal!

  212. Personally, I truly love teal. However, with your tile and countertop, I am very much drawn to the purple. It is a beyond beautiful combination and just the perfect shade as well.

  213. The teal is way too dark and it says look at me! The pantry should complement, not fight the breakfast room. Your cabinets show your love of teal. I say purple.

  214. I would go with the purple because it really brings out the purple in the tiles, which are beautiful. Christy can you tell me what the color of Teal is? That is the right color for a feature wall in my living room to set off all my ocean pictures.

  215. No wonder you are tired Christy. I am tired just reading your post. You are truly an inspiration and you are doing a fabulous job. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and if we believe what it says in the bible God rested on the seventh day. Look after yourself. You too Matt.
    xxxx Kathie

  216. On my computer screen, the purple looks best, but I agree with the few that suggest white might actually be the way to go. I know you love color and that’s wonderful, but your pantry has just a small window and the French doors for natural light. Purple or teal would make the room look small and dar,nespecially with the dark flooring. I’d be really tempted to use white cabinetry and let the tiles glow!