Second-Guessing My Living Room Drapery Fabric Decision

Y’all, I’m hoping you’ll take a few minutes out of your holiday preparations and give me a bit of input. My living room has been coming along so nicely. Things are falling into place. It’s turning out to be the perfect combination of colorful and relaxing for me. I mean, everything is great…

right up until I get to the draperies.

Draperies for me are non-negotiable. To my eye, a room looks incomplete with out them. So leaving my windows bare isn’t an option.

I had originally planned to use teal linen for the draperies, but the more the room comes together, the more I second-guess that decision. With the room looking so bright and colorful, I worry that such a dark teal will kind of suck the cheer right out of the room. Plus, if I use teal, I’m almost certain that the fireplace will have to be painted white again.

option 1 - teal linen

The window of time for me to return that linen fabric is closing within the next few days, so I need to make a decision. I do like how the teal pulls out the dark teal/blue in the rug, but overall, I’m just not sure about the whole look. And there will be a lot of this fabric since this is a small room with lots of windows.

After seeing how the teal looks (that’s just the fabric and trim draped over the curtain rod, nothing has been cut or sewn), I decided to try one of the breakfast room curtain panels on the window and see how it looks.

option 1 - white linen

I think it looks better than the teal, which pretty much confirms to me that I should return the teal linen. Don’t you agree?

But other than confirm to me that the teal is too dark, the white curtains do absolutely nothing for me. It just looks so boring and lackluster to me. Even the orange sequined sari trim can’t save it. I’m just not a white curtain kind of person. When I look at my breakfast room, those curtains are my least favorite things in the whole room, and I hate that I let my fear of doing something bold and colorful persuade me into using plain white curtains in there. I know white curtains appeal to many people, but I think there’s just something in my brain that’s wired to crave more color and pattern than the average person.

So I’m stuck. Once again.

I considered for a brief moment just using the P. Kaufmann Paint Palette Punch fabric that I found last week (on the pillow below) for curtain fabric instead of pillows.

P Kauffmann floral fabric with the chair fabric

But I think that might be too much even for me. Not to mention, it would cost way more than I want to spend.

So I have no idea what to do. But the teal needs to be returned, right? That’s the most pressing decision I need to make right now.

In other news, my house was supposed to be painted today and tomorrow, but the weather has turned cold and rainy. I’m so disappointed. But there will be progress made in other areas today. I have some guys coming over to install the lights on my front porch (I’ve been without outdoor lights ever since the siding was installed), and they’ll also install the 15-lite pocket door between the breakfast room and the studio. I didn’t get to enjoy my completely finished breakfast room for very long at all before my new garage door was removed and replaced with this eyesore…

garage conversion to studio - week 1 - 1

…which I’ve had since summer. So I’m a bit anxious to have a pretty door there again, and to get the trim reinstalled.

But back to that teal fabric. Return for a refund, or keep and paint the fireplace white again?



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  1. I agree that the teal feels dark and competes with the fireplace. I’d vote to return it and give yourself some time to live with the other components of the room and organically come to a conclusion.

    Have you looked at Anthropologie curtains? There are a few designs that remind me of your style – the Felicity curtain in ivory could potentially go well with your rug. Whatever you end up choosing, the room is shaping up wonderfully!

  2. As another fan of color and unafraid to go bold, I agree that the teal is too much and the white isn’t enough. However, seeing that sari trim there… what about something in the gold/orange-tone family? I feel like it could still pick up color from the rug, play off the mirror above the fire place, etc.

    Obviously it would take the *right* tone, but I think it’s a worthwhile color family to consider 🙂

    1. I agree! The dark trim just pops! Going a tad lighter and letting the trim shine is the way to go! Definitely return the teal. And I LOVE dark colors but I think the fireplace needs to go light… I still love your breakfast room just as it is!

    2. I thought the exact same thing when I saw the picture. I do like the teal too although I agree that the fireplace would have to go back to white. The white curtains did nothing for me either. Good luck with your choice!

    3. I agree the teal is beautiful, but it does seem to suck some of the cheer out of the room. I also am not a huge fan of painting the fireplace white again. I love the color that is on it. What about some sort of white/ivory with a orange pattern that matches the trim? Yes I know it would take just the right fabric, but you are so good at that kind of thing!! 🙂 I think the room is coming together well and I can’t wait to see what you do with the curtains!

    1. Yes, teal has to go back !!! I am not an “orange” person, but an orange/white trellis pattern(more white than orange) would possibly be the right pattern……and maybe, if it was the right orange…..the trim could still be used to edge the drapes.

  3. Imo, teal feels to heavy and dark but the white curtains aren’t quite right either. Perhaps a shade closer to the wall paint?? And what about adding a band of color? I think you’ve done a floral shower curtain with a solid color bottom band before. Or stripes?

    I love that you’re not afraid to change course. Sometimes it can be frustrating. A home should be a “living” thing; it is never done.

  4. Definitely not teal! I think it would compete with the fireplace and I live the color you have there. I’m not a white curtain or anything white kind of girl but I have fallen in love with the earthy stone colored linen look and feel. It’s simple and doesn’t detract from anything and gives it a brightercleaner look.

  5. Yes to returning the fabric! It makes the room very heavy.
    Have you thought about buying curtains?
    Maybe get them extra long so you can finish the top as you like(know you dislike grommets)

    Merry Christmas!


  6. Good-bye teal! No, no white. I know you love that colorful fabric, but maybe a smaller, more geometric print version of something from the brighter end of that color palette that will coordinate rather than compete? I personally kinda love (!?!) the pink splash. Eeeks! I know. How would Matt feel about that? My Steve would say no way, “but he might learn to live with it anyway,” Kathy whispered.

  7. I like the white curtains, maybe you can stitch some small design on them or add some small embellishments, colors from the rug would be great. Not sure if I am communicating it correctly.

  8. Another vote for return the teal! I think a patterned fabric, even if it had dark colors with maybe a light base color, would be nice to pull in the dark fireplace color but not compete with it.

  9. The teal does look awfully heavy for the airiness of the room currently.
    Have you considered designing your own fabric and having it printed since your living room is such a pivotal room in the house, and the curtains will be such a large part of that? (I do like Anna’s idea of incorporating some warm tones in the curtains. Maybe an abstract pattern of pale background with some colorful paint-dab splotches?) I’ve never had fabric custom made for me, so I imagine it’s quite pricey, but it might be a worthwhile splurge to you since it’s been so tough finding just the right fabric for those curtains. I’m imagining some Spoonflower-style magic happening for you. 🙂

    1. My thoughts, too: stay in the blue family, but go a lot lighter! Aqua would match your loveseat and you could leave that adorably coloured fireplace as it is. if aqua is not working, I would suggest a white/orange trellis design as somebody already mentioned
      anyhow: return the teal fabric and take your time to find the one that really makes your heart sing!
      I wish you and your family a wonderful and relaxed Christmas and all the best for the new year – I’m looking forward to another year of adventures with you 🙂

  10. Agree – return teal. Nix on the pillow fabric for windows. I like the suggestion to live with the room minus curtains. I’m astounded at how much you’ve accomplished this year!

  11. You might just hate this, but I’d say go with a burlap fabric on the window…and that sari trim isn’t a good fit. It looks out of place. I like the burlap because of the texture it brings. Find another color or go with the neutral color – either would look find…and as long as you don’t cover the whole room in burlap – it won’t translate to rustic or too country, neither of which you are going for. I absolutely love my burlap curtains in the living room (they are bright holiday red, by the way) Made them myself and put them up last year, just as a holiday pop of color – and left them up because I just loved them. Consider burlap. And I agree, neither the teal or the white look right.

  12. I the color teal but too dark for this room.Maybe a light orchid or lavender pulling from the rug might be an option?

  13. Teal way too dark. Can you pull a color other than teal out of your new bird pictures? I LOVE color too, but at some point it stop complementing and starts screaming. …but I don’t like white curtains either. Really, what is the point?! You have a teal sofa, teal fireplace, teal grasscloth on the foyer wall. All lovely, more than lovely. Now come up with something else, off the rug even.

  14. No to teal and no to trim. The trim is distracting and coppery-looking in the picture. Start over. Maybe a ticking stripe for a cottage look or airy white curtains with brass hardware.

  15. The hard part for me would be finding a fabric pattern that doesn’t clash with the rug. In my house that means I would go with a solid color . You like plum- and that would not clash with the fireplace.

    1. I agree with Patricia.
      I was going to suggest either painting the fireplace the same plum that is in the rug so that the teal fabric would work or get some plum colored fabric for the window treatments
      If you get a fabric that has just a slight sheen to it it will feel lighter in the room.

      1. I think a plum would be nice, too, maybe the color that’s on the bench in the breakfast room. That looks like a nice, not too dark, plum.

  16. i think this teal shade is a bit heavy and dark. in 2018 you may opt for a brighter tone or different color which complements the cheerful orange trim. ;-D. thanks for posting so close to the holiday. Merry Christmas and looking forward to your posts in the new year!

  17. Return the teal but a firm “NO” vote for the white. With the walls and trim being neutral, I think some color is needed for the curtains. I wondered, at the time you chose it, if you would regret the white in the breakfast room. Given the years I have followed your selections, I just don’t see you as a “white curtain’ type.

  18. I don’t know that any of us can really make a completely informed decision based on the small picture. For me, at least; I would need to see the WHOLE room and how the darker color relates with/to other features and fabrics in the space. To only see a small portion of the wall, with the fabric right next to the fireplace doesn’t give us the full picture. You are the best judge of that since you live in and are the creator of the space. Just my .2 input

    1. I agree. I think you need a photo of the drape with the fireplace, the drape with the sofa and a full scale room looking back to the entry as those angles are all necessary for you to decide.

      Trust your gut and return the teal to buy yourself more time.

  19. Although I love teal, I think you will be even more unsure of the choice in the spring and summer months when lighter will suit your room better. Since you love stripes, what about something in a medium tone stripe, with just a subtle change of color or texture of stripes. Or with your love of texture, maybe a heavily textured (linen type look) of a medium tonal fabric maybe in a taupe and add color in your trim. I have fallen in love with your designs and just recently put together that I have pinned soooo many of YOUR designs without realizing how many come from you!!!!

  20. Stry a couple of their options; lighten the fireplace (I feel it is too dark for that’s room anyway), change the curtain rods/hardware etc. I like the teal without the trim and feel it wouldn’t be too overwhelming with a few other changes.

    1. I tend to agree, bringing that color out in the rug makes the room come alive to me. The color choices need to vary in value. And although I like the sari trim on its own, I don’t care for the teal/persimmon combo for the drapes. And, the watercolor fabric for the pillows makes the wrong statement in my mind. I find the watercolor fabric more suited to a contemporary setting. I can see multiple bold solid pillows with maybe one with crewel in vibrant colors.

  21. Yeah, I don’t think the teal works either. Way too heavy. Your point about it being a small room with lots of windows would have me lean towards a lighter color, maybe closer to the wall color or a white, with smaller print or something. Otherwise, it’s going to take over your whole room. That way you can still have color but it will still feel airy and light.

    I know this is no help to you, but it’s such a relief that you sometimes have a hard time pulling the final details together…welcome to my whole house, lol. It’s so hard to find stuff that works together but doesn’t compete for attention and isn’t too matchy-matchy.

  22. I think the teal needs to go back as well. I think that pulling one of the colors out of the rug and using a gold tone trim on it that would match the mirror would be a wonderful thought. Especially if you use the trim on the inside where the curtains meet.

  23. The first pattern that I think of that would look great with your carpet…stripes! Big wide horizontal stripes. And maybe three colors instead of two? Purple, teal and parchment?

  24. I agree the teal is too dark. And I personally don’t have a rule against white curtains – think they look fabulous in some rooms – but I quite dislike them there and don’t think they look any better than the teal. So there’s my two cents. I do prefer the idea of pulling the teal from the rug, but if it’s too difficult maybe the lavender shade would be nice.

  25. Send the teal back. I like the lighter with the trim detail. You have the darker textured Roman shade, so you really don’t need a patterned curtain. Plus the windows are right next to the gorgeous fireplace, I think a printed curtain may take away for that.
    Good luck.

  26. The teal competes with the fireplace, that’s the problem. You probably want something to compliment the fireplace, maybe a light-hearted floral pattern at the bottom of white panels? Or maybe on the edges? Do you think you want horizontal stripes with the teal?

  27. The floral fabric is so beautiful. How about a band of it across the top or bottom of the white drapes? It would be a lovely pop of texture and not as expensive or overpowering as drapes with only that pattern. Definitely no to the teal. ( maybe just a band of it on the white?

  28. My favorite curtains you had in that room were the black and white striped ones on the acrylic and gold rods. Black and white is crisp and they made a statement. I personally mix a lot of patterns in my rooms and I feel like yours get too matchy matchy. That is just MY opinion.

  29. What about good old, kind neutral burlap with a border of the watercolor flower new fabric that you are using for the pillows?

  30. I agree with Robbynn…so hard to get a good picture of “whole” room. We are only seeing sections of it and not getting a good feel for whole room. If you like the teal curtains then definitely change the fireplace color to white or maybe cream. Right now it appears your fireplace is the focal point of the room. I personally am not a fan of the color of the fireplace, so my vote is probably to change the color of it. Then work with your drapery colors. Your do beautiful work! And remember, please yourself first as you are the one that has to live with it. Merry Christmas!

  31. I agree that the teal is too dark and saturated for your room (or any room imho) but what about if you paint them? Stripes? Some white, some metallic and another sari border? I haven’t yet read other responses so apologies if this has already been suggested.

  32. I agree the current teal feels a bit dark. But I love teal! How do you feel about ombre? I feel like you could have the teal color without the heaviness with a teal ombre.

    The teal shade isn’t quite right on these, but you get the idea:

    Or, something that is a lighter color with some variation:

    Or, adding pattern like embroidery to the teal that would help lighten it up:

    Or adding some teal to the white/cream to liven it up:–turquoise-curtains-bathroom-curtains.jpg

    You LOVE color, so don’t settle for plain. I’m sure you’ll find a way to make it work!

  33. I agree with everyone, the teal with the coral trim is lovely but it’s too dark for the direction the room has taken. I know your a blues and greens person like me but have you considered a soft golden yellow because I see golden yellow in the Paint Pallet Punch fabric, the rug, and the coral sari trim? The right one would certainly keep the windows light and airy feeling.

  34. Yep. Return the teal. Too dark. About a lighter shade of the couch? Or a very light tan or gray stripe or even light coral almost faded looking.
    BTW, I have that same fabric for pillows that you do, and I bought the same rug, but my couch is cream leather. We like the same colors.

  35. Is it possible to do the white trimmed in the teal – possibly something like what you did on the pillows in the dinning room?

    1. I agree: a thick border of teal, with the sari ribbon on top would be just the thing to add some weight without sucking the life out, and would be so lovely with the carpet.

  36. The teal does suck the life from the room, but so does the white with the heaviness of the curtain. What are the focal points of your room? I would either blend the windows into the room matching the trim with a slubbed silk or a sheerer lighter weight fabric. Bring your teal in in accents.

  37. From another bold color lover, no to the teal. It is too dark. The white is blah. As many stated before me, how about a light teal, orange, lavender or pink. Those Would not require any repainting of anything.
    But have you considered a textured solid fabric? That would give interest without being married to a printed fabric.

  38. Definitely return the teal. I like while, off white or sandy color with either a pop of another color from what’s already in room of mix different shades and textures as mentioned above.

    Pop of color could be in throw cushion on single chair.

  39. Sorry another add. Even you change the fireplace color, the blue teal is too heavy. I agree above, something textured would be nice, or a very faint stripe.

  40. Yes, return the teal curtains. They’re a big block of darkness in an otherwise light room. The white curtains are too light, but be careful with prints. Too busy of a print will compete with the rug, creating a new set of problems. I think you should leave the fireplace as-is. Just my opinion!

  41. I think the teal reads almost navy from the photo, it’s just so dark. I would return it. Have you considered a purple of some sort. It would look great with that orange sari trim and complement the rug as well. Also, you might not have to repaint the fireplace mantle again. Just a thought.

  42. Apparently, I am the only one who loves the teal with the orange “ribbon” and the gray fire place… and I really love it.. but you’ll find something you’ll love..

  43. I’m not the person to ask since I would go with white or cream curtains so as not to overly compete with all the other colors going on. I find them serene if there are a lot of other patterns and colors in the room. I think the teal would look heavy too.

  44. I have to agree with the ‘return the teal’ people, even if it is one of my favorite colors. You’ve got a terrific rug and a smashing floral fabric…why not go a little more subtle on the curtains? Not white, but something on a natural spectrum in linen or raw silk, a little bit luxe, not competing with the rest of the room but making a statement with your great workmanship. Not everything in the room needs to say ‘look at me’.

  45. I agree that the teal needs to be returned; it’s too dark for the room. In a small room, I like the drapery to at least blend with the wall color. Unless, of course, you want the drapery to be the focal point of the room. But, from what I’ve read in your posts, you already have a focal point for the room, so everything else should be subordinate to that. I agree with some of the suggestions above to have the drapery a light coral solid or geometric pattern. Have you tried various patterns/solid colors in your Photoshop program in this room?

  46. Hate the teal …return it. Way too dark in there. Not sure what to suggest since I like the white. Not a fan of the trim on either color. Wondering if you could pick up a single panel in several different colors to try in the room? I would try purple, pink, orange, green and any other shades in your rug or pillow . Then decide which color did the job of blending and enhancing the mix the best. I think light and airy weight would be my choice since everything else is substantial in feel.

  47. I would suggest going to a store and buying a few different colored curtains to “test” out other options. You can then return all the test samples 😉 I agree that the teal is too heavy for the room.

  48. Teal is just not the right shade for that room. It all looks so gorgeous. I think you are right, it just seems to suck the life out of the lovely room. You are so great with all this. I know you’ll pick the perfect thing.

  49. Looks like return the teal wins! To dark IMHO. No to white, too!

    Have you given any thought to a natural Linen color and cloth. It would be neutral and could be dress up in any fassion you wanted. It would be a warmer than gray option. Your trim would work also!

    I love linen! Both texture and color, and of course there is always died linen, I just love the natural color.

  50. Teal sucks the light out of the room… older I get, the more I want light and the solid light looks great and have fun with a border!
    The pillow fabric would cause a war with the beautiful rug you have – but you need to love it!

  51. Send teal back ✅
    I really love the fabric you used for the benches next to the pantry area. Is that a possibility for your drapes? As long as I am commenting, I believe your “desire” to use the orange trim may be part of your problem when trying to find drapery fabric. Leave that out of the formula and it may just open a whole new array of choices.

  52. No to the teal unless you try it in a sheer. And please don’t use orange, there isn’t enough of it in the rug to matter. I might try a dusty pink/lavender in a lightweight fabric. Stick closer to pastels.

  53. I vote to return the teal. I think it would darken the room and distract from all the other decor. I agree with Linda (above) in regard to the trim. A neutral color, whichever you choose, will let your other fabrics and colors shine through.

  54. I like teal! I don’t like how dark the teal is next to the dark fireplace. I think you should lighten the fireplace and keep the teal minus the trim.

  55. Please, please return the teal for a full refund. I say keep looking until you really find what you want. I am okay with the white curtains because the room has so many beautiful items to look at already and having a really bright or printed curtain may be too distracting. But it is your home and you must like it. Have a Merry Christmas!

  56. The teal is too dark in that gorgeous room. I love the floral fabric!!!!! What about the white curtains banded with the floral fabric either on the sides or bottom??

  57. Another vote for returning the teal. If it were me I’d probably do a natural linen but you probably will do something fabulous.

    Merry Christmas

  58. The teal is way too dark. Return for refund. Get the upholstery done and then decide on a fabric. Something very close to your loveseat would be wonderful.

  59. I like the teal and think the contrast with your walls would be pretty around the room. I must confess that I’ve never liked the dark fireplace – it feels like a black hole to me and really dominates the room. Agree in either case that the white is not the way to go. I’m still unsure of the trim, but like it best with the teal.

  60. Follow your instincts. If you go ahead with the teal fabric you will be banging your head every time you enter the room! Return it and I’ll bet you will feel like a huge weight is off your shoulders! As far as an alternative – I think I would look for a small print that ties all your beautiful colors together.

  61. Like K80’s suggestion… gold/orange….. but I see light old rose in the carpet…. which in the right tone coordinates well with greens and beiges….

  62. Agree — dump the tea. I do like the floral on the pillow and it might work but perhaps you are rushing too much (I know as I do exactly the same thing). Perhaps you might just need to wait, take a deep breath and let this happen organically. I figure you will know the “perfect” one when you see it!

  63. I know you love color, Kristi, but it seems like the colors you love/choose are always bold and attention-getting. I think you’re going to have to go with something that reads as a neutral for these curtains because there are so many of them and anything more would simply be overwhelming. I remember the last time when you made them from a printed fabric, it felt like a funeral home because there was so much of the same print. In a lot of the inspiration rooms you share, they have bright colors, but they also have a lot of neutrals to allow the colors to shine. I feel like so often that is the missing link that would pull things together even though your gut recoils from neutrals.

  64. Yes, you are right: the teal is too dark. The white looks nice but the sari edging is a bit too much bling for the style you’ve designed. Maybe a pretty mauvey-lavender would work?

  65. No to the teal, it’s way too dark — go aqua, lavender, or orange (you wanted to bring in that color with the chairs, if I remember). No to the floral print — to my eye it clashes with your rug because the two styles are so different — the floral print feels almost tropical and that rug pattern is so traditional.

  66. Lots of comments but mine would be to let it lie. Keep working on finishing the room “sans” curtains. Your windows are covered, leave it…. eventually something will inspire you ❤️

  67. I’d get the chairs done first. Then take samples of all the colors in the room and look thru websites for a fabric that compliments all. If something works with most, but not the fireplace I’d consider repainting it. I would not use the pillow fabric as drapes. Competes with the 2 areas with colorful artwork.

  68. I’d also say return the teal. Maybe a lighter sea foam color like your couch would work well? It pulls out some of the greens of the rug and balances both sides of the room. It’s not quite a neutral, but the color is so much less demanding.

  69. Well I guess I will chime in for a rose lavender solid with some texture that would also compliment the purple chairs if you so choose to go that route. I agree with you teal is too heavy not working . It would be nice If you have a light color in a drapery that makes your fireplace still stand out as a focal point (complimenting and not complicating ) Good Luck and a Merry Blessed Holiday to you and your family .

  70. My opinion is that the teal and the fireplace are too dark together. I think you could keep either one and make it work, but together they are not light and airy enough to fit with the other decisions you’ve made. I think you could go lighter on the curtains and keep the fireplace gray or maybe even put the teal on the fireplace. Or I think you could go white or light gray on the fireplace and keep the teal curtains. If you go light on the curtains, I think you need to use some kind of airy fabric. I like the idea above of a orchid or lavender color. I also think a small geometric or art deco print would be nice. I know some folks are going to think these links are crazy, but oh well! The first one is an iPhone background, but I think it could be really cool as a fabric… The third one is not exactly the right color palette, but I like the idea…–iphone-backgrounds-wallpaper-backgrounds.jpg

    or even a teal print that is lighter than the teal linen…

    I know you’ll find something that works! Sorry about the delay in the painting.

  71. Another vote for return the teal. It’s way too dark! I too would pull a color from the rug and my first thought was a lavender (for me) as you, I do not like white curtains. I think the pattern on your pillows is lovely, but it would be mega bold on walls of windows! If you choose a pattern, I would personally go with a small scale one. Just my two cents! Love all your work!

  72. Have you ever considered white shades or blinds? IMO I feel that the brown clashes with the dark grey of the fireplace and frankly, every curtain you have put up there. However, I love the ones you ordered for you dining area but then again there was no dark grey right next to it. I love your work and you always figure out what’s best for you. Best wishes!

    1. I guess I should retract my comment because I went back and looked…I covered up the teal curtain and the shade looks fine next to the grey by itself. However, my eye is drawn to the shades every time. Sometimes I think your curtains would look best up against white. Again just my opinion.

      1. Yes, I, too, think the problem is the brown shades competing with gray fireplace. Probably need to keep drapes neutral or change shades.

  73. Hey lovely lady.

    Return the teal fabric, give yourself a breather and then look for fabric like the floral one you like in the sales after Christmas.
    You may find it’s affordable after all.

    Merry Christmas

  74. The teal is definitely not the right color, but when I looked at your second picture, with the white curtains, my eye was immediately drawn to the beautiful tile work in the fireplace (which I didn’t even notice in the first picture). If you are really opposed to the white, perhaps pull another of the tile colors.

  75. I agree that the teal is too heavy-looking. What about something a little darker than your wall color but with a small or subtle pattern or texture, a nubby silk or rough linen?

    A small pattern like this one from West Elm could be pretty and interesting without competing with the fireplace or rug.

    Or let it percolate a bit and don’t rush it. 🙂

  76. I think it’s pretty clear that the vast majority agree with your feelings on the teal… and I don’t disagree. But I had to laugh when you started out with hoping people would take a moment and give you their opinions… Hello! Have you met this blog!? LOL!

  77. I agree return the teal no white but I wonder what the fireplace would look like painted teal then have a softer version of your pillow fabric or a grayish geometric design for the curtains. Have fun deciding and have a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  78. Return the teal absolutely. Keep the fireplace color. Maybe find a fabric that blends with wall or fireplace color and then use sari trim. Or something in the orange spectrum with sari trim. I like the orange.

  79. Return it! Some thing lighter in tone is what I think you need. The room has an airy light feel to it and the teal brings it down.

  80. I agree that the teal doesn’t work and that the white is better but not you. Another possibility is a camel color that would go with the embroidered trim as well as all the grey. Something like Benjamin Moore’s Manchester Tan, but in fabric. I have found it to be a great color to complement grey.

    I do like the fireplace the way it is. Happy Holidays, Kristi!

  81. I think the sari ribbon gets lost on the neutral panel, but if you banded a neutral panel (maybe a little darker than the breakfast room panel) with a dark teal and applied the sari ribbon on top of that, I think that would give it some weight, without turning into a blackhole. You’d still get the nice link between the drapes and the carpet.

    My two cents. 🙂

  82. I don’t think either of them work. For me I would eliminate the curtains and open it up. Or hang white or sheer to expand the space. Curtains are a must for you, then try hanging sheers in a gold to go with your mirror and the gold/yellow in the rug and paint the fireplace white. Or lavendar sheers would be pretty. The rug is beautiful. It really is nice to know that even a designer struggles with decisions. Good luck!

    1. Sorry I should have just answered the question: Return the teal curtains and left it at that, but maybe a different opinion/taste will help.

  83. May I suggest a darker peach colour with the orange sari trim? There’s a peach tone in your rug and I think it would compliment the fireplace colours as well. The teal, much as I love it, is so dark, particularly in that corner. As some of the others have said, it is competing with the fireplace colour.

  84. Trust your instincts. If you loved it, you wouldn’t even be asking us. Send it back while you can. It will come to you like all the other fabulous decisions you have made.

  85. Remember you always regret it when you back away from color, regardless of what others say. If you paint the fireplace white, the teal will be fine. Looks great with the rug and pillows. I think the gray’s a little blah for your colorful personality/taste anyway. Just my 2 cents. Best wishes on your decision!

  86. Return the teal Consider curtain colour to blend in with walls to give the eye room to travel round rather than landing all the time Something floaty-ish to offset the heavy fireplace colour My twopence worth Merry Xmas!

  87. nope- not the teal. It’s a gorgeous color, but it just sucks all the energy out. What about something from the orange family? Not sure how that works with the fireplace, but that’s all I can think of. I didn’t mind the white curtains, but when I saw it- I was like… meh. The trim is gorgeous but it just doesn’t sit right. Could you do some sort of metallic aspect? It feels like it needs more visual impact, like a texture or metallic luster or heck- I don’t know….LOL!

  88. Return fabric. I love neutral curtains with texture. No trim. Showcase your rug and get color with pillows and throw.

  89. I gave you my two cents a while back when I commented that the dark teal with brown blinds and dark fireplace would be too heavy for that one wall. I’m glad to hear that you finally agree; I thought you would. No, to the bright floral for draperies; that would be overpowering.

  90. I’d put the teal on those chairs instead of that neutral fabric (I realize it’s just draped over the chair in the picture, but it blends into the rug in a kind of blah way to me) and then use something else for the drapes. Maybe the teal is even too dark for the chairs, but I’m also a person who loves pops of color and three neutral off-white pieces of furniture in the same room seems way too bland. There’s a big difference between an accent of color on a piece and the piece itself adding an accent of color to the room.

  91. Hi Kristi,

    I agree with you the white is just not you or the living room. I like the Teal and [as that is what colour my sofas are], anyway I would take the teal back if you are not 100% happy, because you will never be satisfied with it. Why do you have to have curtains at all, your blinds are beautiful. If you are going for curtains [I love curtains too] and don’t want to have them dominate the room with all your windows why not match the curtain exactly to the wall colour and then it will give a continuous feel to the room. I wouldn’t put any trim on the curtains either as they are not the feature in your living room all the furniture and your art works and décor are. That is beauty of your style and where your colour choices should shine. You are a very talented designer/renovator.

  92. I love the teal, but not not the trim. A brighter trim that pulls all the other colours together would look great. Perhaps the pillowcase material? Fireplace looks fantastic as it is too.

    Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and an even better New Year. Bring on 2018 I say!

  93. Another vote for returning the teal and getting some sort of white or cream curtain with a gold-yellow or orange print on it. I really think that would look great with your trim but keep the overall pale color block.

  94. RETURN THE TEAL! Lose the orange trim…it just doesn’t work. How about a soft shade of teal or a really light shade of purple like in your rug?

  95. I agree with your instincts, the teal looks very heavy with all those soft colors. Since you can still return it, go ahead! There’s not loss. I love the contrast of the fireplace paint, and feel like it keeps the room from feeling too pastel and feminine.

    The white just feels way too bland, even with the sari bling. My thought when looking at the white curtains was that a low-contrast copper or coral geometric watercolor fabric would look great with the trim, and would bring in some of the orange you were thinking about for the chairs. Something similar to this Kaufman fabric, but a little more washed out.

    Another thought; since you’ve already sewn curtains for just one of the windows in that room then changed your mind on the fabric choice a few times, maybe wait on picking a fabric until after the other pieces in the room are finished. They’re not there for privacy or insulation, and you’ve said how one of your least favorite activities is sewing (at least until you have a good size work area in the studio), so I’d save the decision for later.

  96. How about curtains the color of the walls, without the border please. There’s a lot going on in the room and adding other color to me would be competition. Let the windows be a backdrop so other elements can shine.

  97. I love how the new velvet pillow cover goes with the rug. I would consider something similar or in that color for your drapes.

  98. I absolutely agree the teal drapes will close in your room and make it feel dark and smaller. Having said that I previously had felt that your fireplace was also too dark with all the new decor choices. However, if you decide on the floral fabric… with no trim… the dark fireplace color might work very well. I’m a plain drape gal… but you beat to a different drummer… go with the floral fabric… it’s totally YOU… at least order enough to be able to see what it would look like.

  99. Glad you are second guessing the teal. I felt it might be too dark, but was waiting to see. Now I saw it hanging and agree. I know I’m late to the party, haven’t read through all the comments, but when seeing the teal or white draped up – neither one does it for me. What I was struck by was the gold mirror on the fireplace, and the softened gold/melon in the rug. I liked how that played with the fireplace, and the sari trim has gold threads. I seem to recall that yellow is not a favorite color of yours, but a slightly orange-ish tone of gold would look nice I think. JMO, since ultimately it’s your home!

  100. Sometimes I’m not certain my photos give an accurate read of color or texture so bear with me if I’m off.
    Agree teal is too dark, heavy.
    I like the sari trim by itself but it doesn’t read compatible with the rest of your beautiful things in your photos. Hard to say if the light or color is the issue causing me to feel it sticks out. Or maybe it just doesn’t read compatible with the teal drapes in the photo.
    Can’t quite figure it myself.

  101. Teal is too dark, don’t care for it with the trim. Paint the fireplace white. I’m still voting for that beautiful coral to reappear somewhere. I’m sure whatever you decide will be perfect for you.

  102. I would return the teal. I like the fireplace color as is. And I love how the pillows pull out the magenta from the rug. Rather than go for orange I would go for a stripe that incorporates several shades of magenta. As I squint my eyes and blend in the straw color of the shades with the rug I would use that color as another shade in the stripe curtains. Maybe also a shade of gray. I know it is a lot to ask to find a stripe that is cream, straw, two shades of magenta, and gray. Maybe even the shades of green that you are using on the bench. If the stripes were small, or variable, at a distance, the color of your curtains would be very similiar to your carpet. They would not detract, nor stand out, but rather, put the focus on the pillows, move to the fireplace and the darker chair and creating movement in the room. You might consider getting a stripe that is close and then painting the missing color and/or even gold which would replace the sari color.

  103. Neither color works for me. That said I don’t have a clue what I’d pick, unless it would be a decorator such as you th help me. I know what doesn’t work but have a difficult time beyond that. Good luck, can’t wait to see what you decide.
    Love that rug.

  104. Teal is definitely too dark. Have you thought of a light grey with a design in it or something. I just bought the perfect curtains for my dining room that would look absolutely lovely in there. Light grey with a wee bit of the same tone as your fireplace and some white. Not too busy at all.

  105. Teal fabric is dreadful!! (for many reasons and I sure don’t think I need to tell you them)

    The white would be boring, but with the trim, I think it looks lovely and fresh. Maybe it’s just that it looks so much better than the teal. How about a medium gray with the orange trim??
    I love Love LOVED the purple chairs with what you have going. (like the chairs you showed not the deep almost black purple sample) Wish you would stick with that.
    And the fabric over the throw pillow…. That’s a no from me. Too much pink/rose. Need more purples etc.

    1. Return the teal, the color is too “heavy”
      . I agree in going with the purples or lavender line, something lighter.

  106. Yes, please return the teal. It’s a beautiful color and fabric but just too dark for the room and I don’t want you to have to repaint the fireplace because it looks wonderful in the gray. What about a soft to mid-tone gray fabric with the sari edge banding for the curtains. Perhaps a gray that has some blue/purple tone to it? Both colors work nicely with the orange color of the sari fabric and would also work with the other colors you already have in the room. You still get color but in a more neutral way. I know whatever you ultimately do will be truly fantastic!!! It has been fun to watch your home develop this year and I look forward to seeing all that you do next year as well!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Matt and your family!!!

  107. I don’t think the teal is too dark so much as it clashes with your fireplace because it’s “cleaner/brighter” in comparison; the earthier color of the fireplace feels dirty next to it. I think you’re going to hate any fabric (light or dark) in the same color spectrum for that reason. Personally, I like the contrast of the dark curtains with the light furniture and rug; but you’d have to paint the fireplace a lighter/cleaner gray or white to make it work with brighter curtains.

  108. I guess I’m late to the party at this point, lol, but as most have said, I’d return the teal. It’s just too heavy. There has got to be a fabric that will work with your sari trim and the fireplace that isn’t white. You’ll never be happy with white in there and I wouldn’t even bother to waste the time and money to put in white. And that color on the fireplace is lovely with everything else you have in the room that you’ve shown us, so I’d concentrate on finding fabric that compliments, not competes, with what you have. I don’t think you’d be happy with a white fireplace either!!!

  109. Return the teal. I think you need a light gray linen fabric for the panels–close to your wall color. Add a trim along the leading edges–maybe an orange/ivory Greek key. Leaving the window treatments neutral will be a welcome relief to the other colors/designs in the room. The neutral panels will still lend warmth to the room.

    1. Totally agree here – there’s too many windows in the room to have something that says “LOOK AT ME” for drapery. Go with something light colored and neutral – I agree with the light gray linen. The room will appear “dressed” yet the drapery will not be the focal point. And ditch the orange trim. There’s plenty of color in the room otherwise. Have fun with accessories instead.

  110. Agree with most others about the teal. I like the idea of something light and airy like sheers or a solid linen/burlap. The trim seems way too busy and distracting for the space.
    You are so talented. Good luck

  111. I would return the teal fabric. Personally, I like the trim you picked out because it compliments the gold sunburst mirror you made over the fireplace. It picks up the gold because there is gold in the trim. Is there anyway that you could find a fabric with the color of the flowers in the trim? It looks like they may be a light aqua, but I’m having a little trouble seeing it in the pictures. I saw on instagram where you put the trim against the fabric of the couch and I like that much better together color wise than the teal with the trim.

  112. The teal doesn’t work for me either. Feel like you have so many solid colored pieces in the room that you need some print/pattern on the curtains. Not the floral watercolor on the pillow fabric (that feels too 80’s!!) though. I vote wait on curtains, move on for a while, and you will come back to it with fresh eyes next year.

  113. Agree. That teal is too dark and heavy. I agree with some of the comments above that an aqua might work. A lighter shade won’t feel so heavy, but could still be in the same color family.

  114. I definitely say go with your gut and return the teal, then take the time needed to find just the right thing. I’m a fan of the fireplace as-is and vote for something lighter for drapes.

  115. What if you were to do a very light aqua/turquoise? That would give you the pop of color you want (in the blue/green family, which I know you love) without being as overwhelming as the teal.

  116. My vote would be to return the Teal curtains. I did not read any of the other comments yet, so I apologize if I am repeating it, but have you thought of dyeing your own curtain the shade you want ? I hear that the Ikea curtains are great for dyeing. Then you can try and pick a color that can be pulled from the rug and still add the gorgeous trim. Maybe even dip dye ? Then you can make a tutorial for all of us, and it’s a Win-Win situation ! 🙂

    Honestly, if I could come live in your living room, I would. I am loving it !!!!! And I also love that you are fearless and make changes when you are not happy. Keep it up !

  117. I think I am late to the party. And, I haven’t read the comments, but I am guessing the teal fabric did not win many votes. It doesn’t get mine either. Kristi, your indecision about it told the story. Your instinct wasn’t sold on it in the first place. Yep, return it, for sure.

    Ultimately, you will make the right choice if you are patient and let it fall into place later. At this stage, I think the window treatment question is premature. A room needs a focal point, which is your fireplace. If you ask observing eyes to deal with several points of interest within a room they tire and the impact of where you want them to go is lost. As far as your windows go, did you mention there are several? If that is correct the result of a busy choice could look like a patchwork quilt. You already are committed to distinctive blinds. They add a color and tie in well with the rug.

    The handicap your readers have to deal with is not being able to see the whole room. A picture of it would help all of us see what you are really working with. I’ll wait to see how things progress. I’m sure it will be lovely.

    By the way, your recliner is a winner. Eventually, will there be a small table to sit beside it?

  118. For some reason, on my desk top computer and on my laptop I can’t find this post. The post from 12/13 is showing up there. I’ve tried refreshing the page but I still see 12/13. I can see this new post on my phone. Strange?

  119. Hi Kristi!

    I am thoroughly enjoying watching your vision come to life 🙂 I love the eclectic feel of the rooms and I agree a 100% with you, hands on always feels better – executing the projects such as draperies, upholstery and painting along with the design aesthetic yourself gives such a wonderful sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

    I think you had the right idea selecting a colored fabric for the Living Room panels, although I do not feel the teal is the right color. The fireplace has such a strong presence and it makes such a statement (I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the mirror you chose!), you definitely need a fabric that will balance the fireplace and anchor the windows. The acrylic rods although very lovely, fade away in contrast to the fireplace and I feel that is part of the reason why you are not liking a color fabric. (The light beige | natural color fabric blends with the casing thus is does not appear disconnected from the acrylic rod like the teal fabric does).

    I feel pulling a color from your gorgeous rug like the pumpkin | terracotta color or the claret (which would pull in from the beautiful Etsy velvet pillow) would work wonders and would make a beautiful back drop for the cream color Lounge Chair. That along a statement rod and contrasting finial would would make a feature of the fireplace flanked by the gorgeous windows and window treatments.

    Kirsch 1 3/8 Inch Designer Metals offers a beautiful collection that is budget friendly with a high-end look which would flow seamlessly into your beautiful design concept.

    This finial in Gilded Bronze with the matching rod (which can be easily cut to size) would be just gorgeous; and if you want to be even bolder, choosing a Black Bronze for the rod and the Gilded Bronze for the finials and the rings would really kick it up a couple of notches!!

    You have made such wonderful color choices that are bringing your home to life, it would be a shame, in my opinion, to go with a light color for the drapery fabric – I don’t feel that really suits the sense of uniqueness of the room. I feel it is not a color issue but rather a hardware issue as to why you are unsure about bringing color to the drapery fabric.

    I enjoy your posts very much and am looking forward to updates!!

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful and blessed holiday and the happiest of new years!!

  120. I like your fireplace with everything else in the room. I think returning the teal might be better. As far as your drapery fabric, what about one of the other lighter colors in that rug or pillow? It might brighten the room without any clash.

  121. Return teal

    Paint fireplace

    Crushed velvet curtains
    in a pretty berry or a light purple-lavendar color using water color floral fabric as trim.

  122. Much as I love the color teal, I love the color on the fireplace more so I vote to send the teal fabric back or save it for some other project. And the white doesn’t seem to offer enough “support” in your beautiful room. It needs a color, but what that would be, I don’t have a clue! A lighter tone for sure. It may take waiting until you have the other pieces done, and then you will know.

  123. I agree the dark teal is no longer right for your space. With all your windows you would be changing a light and breezy color scheme for a much darker one. What might be right is going for texture rather than color, except for the orange beaded edging. A silk, especially slub or raw silk (real or faux), in a color close to that of your walls would be very sophisticated. A linen with some heft and texture. But there are woven or tone-on-tone embroidered fabrics as well.

    I know you don’t like the white curtains in the photo you took. They aren’t quite right, I agree, but I rather like what they imply.

  124. I didn’t read all comments but I agree with most I did read about returning the fabric. I love teal however I think any darker color defeats the purpose of keeping it light and airy with all of the new beautiful windows. Best wishes on whatever you do decide. Have a blessed and Merry Christmas!

  125. I love the colors in this room 😀 My vote is black/white striped curtains to break up the matching colors and then painting the front door black.

  126. Another thought: Striped drapes like the ones you made before but in white/wall color, matching your hallway stripes. Might be best in a silk-like fabric. No orange trim.

    I cannot see comments when viewing on my desktop computer at work or on my tablet at home. I can see the comments on my phone, though. I wonder if this is just a glitch I am experiencing or if others are, too.

  127. Have you thought about revisiting your previous teal and white patterned curtains? Maybe you could switch out the lime green banding for the pop of orange sari trim. The navy leading edge banding should still go and would give you a nice neutral edge.

  128. Kristi, I really like the teal fabric, just not with the orange trim. I have not been a fan of the orange trim since you picked it out, I just don’t feel like it is you. The orange looks good with the white curtain, but I really prefer the teal curtain. I also think the teal with play in with the wall paper in your entry. Just my thoughts!

  129. I wish I could see your rug better. I know you LOVE it and it’s likely the key to the room; not only the colors but the subtleness of it. Your gut is saying no to the teal because it’s overwhelming in intensity compared to the other things in the room. Perhaps making a board with all your elements would help. My advice is to walk away. You need the other things in place first. And your room is beautiful without draperies for a while.

  130. Love following your process and always impressed with your, can do spirit…’s inspiring, thank you.
    I know you are not fond of white, but I can’t help but think white cotton sheers would look perfect and functional too. It would add some softness but not distract from the fireplace. I’m guessing they would usually be kept open, but great for diffusing light (I think you get stronger sun in the morning from the front of the house.) It seems like this route would be a wonderful compliment your curtain rods, which I love and your light fixture, also love and let them shine. Bed Bath and Beyond has a nice cotton sheer. I believe they only carry 84inch in store, but can be ordered longer. Plus, you can use a 20% off coupon for each panel seeing you will need quite a few.
    Regardless of what you choose, thanks for the fun journey.

  131. After looking at your pics from your long list of decor accomplishments for the year, in my opinion a soft purple/ eggplant color would look really nice in your living room. It would compliment your fireplace and that beautiful area rug. Also, it goes well with the teal you have in the rest of your house and would tie everything together 😊 Your home is looking beautiful. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

  132. I would send the teal back
    I would stick with the white
    Or a close to wall color curtain
    I love the sari trim just not on your curtains 😬
    I feel like you already have enough warmth there from your shades
    The white or light color drapery would compliment your mother of pearlish tile accent on the fireplace
    Truly what a great year for your house
    You inspire and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in 2018!!
    Thanks for sharing with us 😃😙

  133. Your home is coming along beautiful. Your color choices are stunning. I agree, the teal is too dark.
    Off the subject…where did you get your chairs you have in the living room? I’ve been looking for a style like that, and similar color too.
    Can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for your home!!
    Thanks for sharing with all of us 🙂

  134. Kristi, I have seen and loved some of your painted fabrics. Why not pick a color or two or several that go with your rug and other pieces in the living room and PAINT a design or pattern on plain curtains?