Living Room Update — New Furniture & The Progress So Far

Several of you noticed in yesterday’s post that you could see a peek of some of my new living room furniture pieces, so today I’ll show you the progress so far.

First up, here’s my little green loveseat…

living room update with new furniture - 11

I have to say, I love this thing. The color is so pretty (I think that picture above is pretty accurate), and it works beautifully with all of my various teals. It’s definitely on that blue green spectrum, obviously way closer to the green side than the others, but it still works.

I got the loveseat from Wayfair (click here for the details) and the color on their listing is pretty accurate. It can comfortably seat two people, and it’s actually very comfortable. The seat cushions are firm, but not too firm. And since I’m short, I can actually take a nap on it.

I really love the fabric. It’s a thick woven fabric, but it’s not scratchy at all. Just before it was delivered, I put Soft Claws on Peeve (these claw covers that I purchase on Amazon that allow my cat and me to live in peaceful cohabitation), but I only put them on her four main claws on each front foot. I didn’t think she could do much damage with her “thumb” claws, so I left those uncovered.

Well, I was wrong. She immediately claimed the loveseat as her new spot as soon as it was unwrapped, and the very first night, she not only used it as her new bed, but as her new scratching post as well. The next morning, I woke up to find that there were pulled threads all over one of the arms and two really long pulled threads on the seat cushion. I almost cried. But because the fabric is a tight woven fabric, I was able to repair it (pushing the loose threads into the fabric using a large upholstery needle), and it looks perfect. No one would ever be able to tell that she had used it as her scratching post. And yes, I immediately put two more Soft Claws on her. 🙂 Lesson learned. Those little thumb claws can do some pretty major damage!

Anyway, I was so thankful that it had that type of fabric on it. Some fabrics can’t be repaired that easily, or if you try to repair it, you can still see where the snag was. But this fabric hid it perfectly.

I will say that I was very disappointed to find that it’s an Ashley brand loveseat. Had I known that (it’s nowhere on the Wayfair listing), there’s no way I would have purchased it. I made up my mind years ago that I hate Ashley, and vowed that I would never purchase another piece of furniture made by that company. But to be quite honest, I’m actually very glad that the listing didn’t mention it, and that I didn’t know, because I would have missed out on a beautiful little loveseat with great fabric in an awesome color that I love.

And next up, this is my new coffee table. I wanted something that was light and airy, and I wanted glass so that it didn’t cover up too much of my beautiful rug. This one worked out perfectly.

living room update with new furniture - 10

I purchased it on Amazon (you can find it here) and was thrilled with the price. I was a bit nervous about ordering something with a big piece of glass that had to be shipped, but it was packaged very well. It took about 10 minutes to unpackage it and put it together, with no extra tools needed. (The only tool you need is provided in the box.) It’s 36″ in diameter, and at first I thought it was going to be too small for the space, but once I got all of the furniture in the room, the size was perfect.

And the final piece of new furniture is my recliner.


My photo doesn’t do it justice. This recliner is really beautiful, and the fabric is so soft. And the color is interesting. It’s right there in that in between spot where it could be used with beige and taupe, or it could be used with warm grays.

I purchased the recliner on Amazon (you can find it here) and I highly recommend it for a living room where you might sit and chat with a visitor for a while. The seat is firm, but the reclining function is nice and comfy, so I could very easily and comfortably sit and chat with someone for a couple of hours in this chair. But if you’re looking for one of those cushy, squishy, super cozy recliners where you can curl up with a book and then fall asleep for a long afternoon nap, this isn’t the right chair for that. I mean, that should be obvious by looking at it, but I did want to make that clear. 🙂

One thing that I find worth mentioning is that the back of the recliner has a large flap of fabric that covers the inside working mechanisms of the recliner, and is held down along the bottom of the flat with Velcro. Because of that, I would never use this recliner in an area where the back of the recliner is going to be visible. But it’s just fine if the back of the recliner is facing a wall or a corner like I have mine.

So those are the new pieces. The other two chairs you see in the room are the blue velvet chairs that I purchased at a local consignment store for the music room. They still need to be reupholstered, because the blue that’s on them now is obviously a blue that won’t work with all of my blue-green colors. Right now they’re just placeholders because I wanted to see what the room looks like with the new furniture plus two chairs, but I’m thinking I might end up swapping these chairs and the ones I had originally planned on using in here. These are a bit smaller and I think they might fit the space better, while the slightly bigger chairs will have more room in the music room.

But I’m still thinking about it. The main point is that the blue chairs still need work, and even if I do use them in the living room, they will be reupholstered in a different color. 🙂

The loveseat is kind of a chameleon. At times, it looks more bluish. You can see it here with my teal cabinets in the background.

living room update with new furniture - 1

Over in the right corner, you can see my new teal drapery fabric and the Indian sari trim that I purchased to use as an accent on the leading edge of the drapery panels. That peachy orange color brings out the orange in the area rug. I don’t know why the fabric looks so dark in the picture, though. It’s nowhere near that dark in person.

living room update with new furniture - 2

I still haven’t painted my front door because I have no idea what color to paint it. I think I’ll wait until the draperies are made and installed. Right now, I think the door might be better just painted white to match all of my trim. With all of the other colorful items in the room, there’s really no need for my door to draw attention.

living room update with new furniture - 3

Here’s the view into the living room from the kitchen. I left space between those chairs because I want to find a table to put between them for tea glasses, a book, a lamp, etc.

living room update with new furniture - 4

Here’s a great example of the chameleon effect of the loveseat. That loveseat is definitely green. There’s no mistaking that it’s green when you’re in the living room. But any time I look at it from my kitchen with the teal cabinets, it looks like a really light version of my cabinet color. But it’s a medium seafoam green color, and not teal at all.

living room update with new furniture - 5

Another example of its chameleon-like powers is that it seems to work well with various other shades of green, like the more lime-ish green that I used in my entryway artwork. I was afraid that they might clash terribly, but they don’t at all. (At least, I think they work. 🙂 )

living room update with new furniture - 6

And it also works well with all of the more leafy greens in the bird artwork.

living room update with new furniture - 7

I’m telling you, I love this little loveseat. 😀

living room update with new furniture - 8

And I also love how my living room and entryway are coming together. I find that it’s colorful without being over the top. I realize that’s a matter of personal opinion, and for those who like neutral rooms, what I have here might already seem over the top. But I thrive on color, and I always find that I want and crave more and more color in my rooms. But finding that line between “just right” and “way too much” is often challenging for me. I’m going to keep on adding color until my toes get right up to that line. 🙂

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  1. The sofa is very much a chameleon, as you say. I like the blue chairs as they are with the rug but not with the chameleon…er, sofa. It will be interesting to see what they will morph into. It has all pulled together so nicely! And your bird prints are the crowning touch.

      1. That floor lamp is actually one that I’ve had for years. I got it at Home Depot, but they discontinued it at least three years ago. Sorry! 🙁

      2. There’s one that looks a lot like it on Amazon. Just click on where she got the coffee table and scroll down to the grouping of items they put together and you will see it. KRISTI— Girl I ordered the coffee table yesterday. I just could not believe the price and it is so beautiful. I’ve been looking for a coffee table that I like for over 2 years. Thank you for sharing where you got it from. the other day my mail lady brought some packages and she ask me the I bought all my pretty things from lol. She was so surprised that I had made at least 80% of them. She said I have the prettiest home the our road. This made me so proud. YOU are the one that got my to making things, the fireplace was the first. You have such great taste and I look forward to each and everyone of your post.

    1. It has been so much fun seeing your living room, as well as the rest of the house, come together. You are such a talented person and I have my daughter interested in your blog as well. She is a lot like you in creating beautiful homes. Thank you!

  2. I love how it’s coming together. Funny, Ashley furniture has been the best I’ve bought so far. I have 2 questions….how do you get your cat to sit still to put those claw covers on and what’s cooking in the crockpot??? Lol

    1. I spy an instant pot…oooohh
      Your living space is coming together BEAUTIFULLY!! I can’t wait to see the draperies completed.

    2. Depends on the cat! I had one cat who acted like it was spa day but his brother needed to be wrapped up in a towel and kind of sat on. I haven’t tried them on my current cat but he’s pretty good about scratching. You should know that you will need to trim their nails first and the caps are glued on so you have to work fast. Also, as their nails grow out, you’ll need to cut the caps off or there nails will start to curl under and might become painful. I have glossy red and they look awesome!

      1. I tried the Soft Claws on my cat. Once. He hated the process as well as the nails. Once I got them on he sulked in a corner for days until he finally picked them all off with his teeth. He wasn’t himself with those covers on; very depressed. I’ll never do that to him again. Wish it’d worked out, though. Would have saved $800 in cork flooring that he ruined.

    3. My cat Peeve is such a trusting cat. She’ll just sit on my lap totally relaxed while I put the Soft Claws on her. They don’t bother her a bit.
      I don’t have anything in the Instant Pot right now, but I’m always looking for suggestions and great Instant Pot recipes! 🙂

  3. The furniture is perfect of course, but what I really notice in these pictures is how very wonderful the opening into the kitchen is. It just seems like it has always been there. When you first suggested opening up that wall, I was aghast because the artwork was so gorgeous. But you were right of course. Seeing how the colors go between the rooms just made me smile and giggle. You are truly a wonder..

  4. I love everything about this post and how exciting it looks. However, reading this and examining the pictures, I discover to my horror that somehow I have missed posts: what happened to the idea of reupholstering the old sofa? When did the gorgeous glass front door arrive? Was there a photo of the birds hanging in the hallway? When did the fab new retro fridge and matching dishwasher show up?

    I’m a bad fan!!!!!! 😳😟

    1. The sofa decision was made just a couple or three weeks ago. I just decided the thought of reupholstering a sofa plus four chairs (two for the living room and two for the music room) was too much, so I took one of those things off of my “to do” list and just ordered a loveseat online. My glass front door was installed last December, so it’s been almost a year. I haven’t really talked about it much since it was installed because I’ve been so unsure about what color to paint it. I’ve just been waiting for clarity. 🙂 I never hung the birds in the hallway. They never made it that far. As I was putting the pictures in the frames, I loved how they looked so much that I just bypassed the hallway altogether and decided to put them in the living room. And the fridge has been here since shorty after we moved into the house. The dishwasher came during the kitchen remodel in summer/fall 2014.
      So you’ve missed a handful of posts. 🙂

  5. Wait a second – Peeves is a polydactyl!?! He’s even cooler than I previously assumed! =)

    Also the living room looks amazing. I ordered a rug last week after seeing you rave about yours and it arrives today. Very exciting!

    1. No, I think I explained it wrong. She has five claws on each of her front paws. I think that’s normal, right? But just like a human hand, she has four “fingers” on each paw that are longer, and then one really short one that would be like a thumb. It’s kind of hard to get to, and since it’s so far up on her paw, I didn’t think she could cause much damage with it, but she can. 🙂 Now I’ve only ever been able to see four “toes” on her back paws. That’s normal, right? It think cats have a total of 18 claws — five on each front foot, and four on each back foot. Anyway, don’t be deceived by those hard-to-find “thumb” claws. Those things are dangerous. 😀

      1. Yep, Kristi, that is correct — ‘regular’ (non-polydactyl) cats have 4 clawed “fingers” and 1 clawed “thumb” on each front foot (or “hands” as I call them!), and 4 clawed “toes” on each back foot, so 18 opportunities to destroy our furniture, rugs, clothes, etc.! Gotta love the little brats, they are just operating on instinct!

  6. I think it looks GREAT! You’ve incorporated the colors so well, and with the neutral background, it all makes sense. I’d agree, just paint out the door same as trim or wall.
    CATS! I love mine, but it is so disheartening when they decide they like a piece of furniture.UGH. I’ve had good luck with “Sunbeam Barricade Max Cat Deterrent”. It’s a musky smell at first, best to stay out of the room an hour or so. And it has to be resprayed about every 10 days…I just put a reminder in my calendar. It works!

    1. Gotta try the Cat Deterrent! Thanks for the suggestion. If it works with my cats it will certainly be a fabulous thing.
      Dare I say, it will rank right up there with discovering Kristi and Addicted2Decorating?!?

  7. It must be so exciting to see these beautiful spaces come together–especially looking back at what you started with!

    Thanks for taking the time to give us a tour and sharing the thoughts behind your decisions. It’s really helpful!

  8. Wow, wow, wow. Love it. You can buy double-side sticky tape for protecting furniture made especially for cats. It works better than regular sticky sided tape. They hate it. Petco or Petsmart. The soft claws come off. Usually in the middle of the night, and then your couch is toast (I know from what I speak). Also, get a scratching post and put it next to the couch. Between that and the sticky tape, they will be trained to stay away from the couch and use the scratching post. Did I mention the soft claws don’t stay on? And, you have to give the claws a break from them any way.

    1. I too, have had great luck with double sided tape on upholstery. You can use regular double sided scotch tape or buy the big sheets of it at Pet Smart. Either way my cats won’t touch it and go back to their scratching posts or use the seagreass rugs ( which hold up like iron and don’t show any claw damage). That said the room is coming together beautifully- colors are lovely. imo don’t paint the front door a color. It will be too busy.


      1. I saw the rug at our local HomeGoods store a couple of weeks ago. I keep trying to find a place in my home for it, but then I’d have to change EVERYTHING…however, I look at that as an opportunity rather than a problem. 🙂

  10. What about the wingback chairs you made from scratch? Could those be repurposed to where the blue chairs are in these pictures? I think they had some pretty peach in them, but even if you had to reupholster, it’d be nice to showcase your furniture alongside the store bought pieces.

    You have so much cool stuff you’ve made and shared with us over the years. If you ever want to have an e-garage sale of those items, I’d be so excited!

    1. I actually ever only got one of those chair made. Making another chair from scratch might be a bit more work than I want to put into this room right now. 🙂

  11. Kristi,

    I’m just amazed at what you have accomplished this year! Your living room looks fabulous! Love all the choices you have made. I appreciate the views from the kitchen into the living room and vice versa……it just shows how well everything flows so nicely! I know you have many more projects you will be working on, but seriously, give yourself a big pat on the back!

  12. Would you ever consider moving your 3-piece artwork in the entry to the hallway? I love your bird art work – and thank you for the great tutorial on hanging a gallery wall yesterday!

    1. It’s a GE Artistry refrigerator, but the Artistry line has been discontinued. If you’re in or close to the Waco area, I’d be happy to sell you mine! 🙂

  13. Hi Kristi!
    I love how the room is coming together. I have to admit though i am puzzled by the placement of the loveseat. I had it in my mind it would be in front of the windows with side tables and lamps flanking it.
    If you leave it where it is, will you add a console table behind it? It looks like it might not work with side tables.
    Just wondering out loud!
    I love this journey you take us on! It’s inspiring and makes me feel better when I cjange my mind about colors/purchases/etc too! No one else understands!

    1. I do plan to try that arrangement as well. In fact, the loveseat has been in front of the windows ever since it was delivered, and then last night I decided to move it to its current placement and bring in those chairs just to see how they’d look. Then it was getting too late to try it the other way. I really liked the loveseat in front of the windows. I don’t like walking in the front door and seeing the back of the loveseat. I thought about trying a narrow sofa table, but I think that might look odd walking in the front door and having a sofa table on one side and a credenza on the other. I have a feeling the other arrangement will work better.

      1. I agree, it may look awkward with a sofa table and credenza. Please share pictures when you try it the other way!

  14. I like the blue chairs with the green couch. If you look at the photo that has the chairs, loveseat and your hallway art they look great together. They’re in the same hue and pleasing to my eye.

    1. I think the picture is deceiving. I do see what you mean about the colors working in the picture. In person, those blue chairs are really blue ( more of a true blue) and fight with the teals. I do like the idea of using a darker color on the chairs, though — either a teal or maybe a dark purple.

  15. Love the intensity of the blue chairs myself. It adds a dimension to the muted palette. Everything is simply lovely together!

  16. That is a lot of color. What is your plan for the fireplace? You don’t plan to leave it that dark foreboding color do you? It kind of looms over room with the airy and light furniture. Things are coming along.

        1. It’s Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal without the white. Evidently that color formula has quite a bit of white in it, and I asked the to leave that out because I wanted it just a bit darker.

      1. I LOVE the fireplace! I don’t think I’d ever seen it before. Of course, if you decide to change it, it will be beautiful, but I love the richness of it as it is now.

  17. I love your house because there is COLOR! I’m trying to redo my living room in golds and terra cotta. Decorators keep pushing gray on me…everywhere. Walk into furniture stores and I feel like zombies live there. No color at all. I will get what I want, just have to work harder at it!

  18. I also want to say that I think the blue chairs are just fine with the rest of it. I like things not to match too much. I’d just leave them as is, find the small table you like for between them, and go with it!

  19. Lovely as usual! The coffee table and rug just get me. My kids just broke our current storage ottoman that we used as a coffee table, and I think the glass one might be a good replacement! Hmm, that sound illogical…replacing a broken storage ottoman with a glass table…the ottoman was worn down and broken over many years! Ha!

  20. It looks great. So fresh and light. It must be so nice to finally have furniture and decor in there! I love the sofa color too. In the last photo, that corner near the door where the box is needs a floor plant. Just sayin’ LOL

  21. When we bought new furniture we had two dogs who thought the house belonged to them. Old furniture had washable slip covers that I would wash every time guests were expected, but with the new forever furniture, I didn’t want doggie odor and hair, so I bought scat mats, which give a static zap when they’re touched. First hour, dog #1 jumped on one loveseat, got zapped, hopped onto the other loveseat, got zapped and never got on either again. Dog #2 observed all this and never got on either one. I left the mats in place for a month, to be sure, then put them away. The two dogs lived 8 & 10 years longer and showed no interest in the furniture!

  22. I do like your loveseat very much and love how it changes color in different light/settings. I like the idea of the door being white but that is up to you and what you really want. It’s all coming together nicely. Each room you’ve done has it’s own personality and yet, they all ‘play together’ well.

  23. My favorite elements in the room are the rug and that Capiz chandelier! Is it actually considered a chandelier?

  24. Everything looks so fresh, bright, and airy until your eye is drawn to the fireplace wall with the brown shades. Don’t you find those shades a little jarring? That wall is going to look even darker once the draperies are up. Have you considered spray painting them a lighter color? I did that for the shades in our master bedroom, and they look wonderful. The fireplace itself might be a nice contrast as dark as it is if the shades weren’t brown. Brown, dark gray, and dark teal (although I realize you say the fabric isn’t as dark as it looks here) just seem an unhappy juxtaposition alongside the airier personality of the rest of the room.

    The bird prints are beautifully done. I’ve decided to download some of the parrot prints for my slightly boho master bedroom.

    1. Nope, I don’t find them jarring. Natural woven shades are one of those things that I think go in just about every room regardless of the style. I love how the rich wood tone warms up a room. I also don’t like everything in a room to be light and airy. I like a good mix of deep, rich tones with the light, airy ones.

      1. I also like a mix, and that’s why I said the fireplace might be a nice contrast left gray (you had mentioned the possibility of changing the color). Different strokes…

  25. So pretty, and I like the mix of colors. Wonder if the fabric for the drapes looks dark due to the nap?
    Have you thought of looking at “At Home” stores for a table to fit between the chairs? I got two small round tables in metal that would match your coffee table there for $12.99 each. Then we got a puppy and found out she could get her head stuck in the fretwork sides, so they had to be stored away. She never got big enough for us to use them, so they sit on a shelf in the basement!
    I feel the same as you about Ashley, even though I’ve never bought much from there. They just seem to carry what I call “starter” furniture. And at our stage of life, kids grown and gone, we can afford better quality.

  26. This room is really looking fantastic!!! I love how the new artwork and rug bring it altogether in an eye pleasing manner (well, at least to me!). You’ve got beautiful pops of color that don’t overwhelm the room. The furniture has such a great scale too, the room looks nice and spacious.

  27. I love all the new additions . The rug really brings it all together. I also have the same concerns about the fireplace . I hate to criticize anyone’s choices but I find the credenza’s paint colors too stark white and true gray fo the softness of the rug and sofa . Maybe it is just the light of the photo.

    1. It’s not the photo. I think it’s the gray that I used that’s throwing things off. The main part of the credenza is the same color I used on my trim, but that gray that I chose is way too cool (almost looks bluish or purplish) to go with my warm gray walls. I think the white credenza will need a different contrast color — something different from the current cool gray — by the time this room is finished.

      1. I know you are considering a bright color for the contrast but I think a toned down shade of green like wilderness by behr would let your artwork be the star. I am sure wilderness is not the right color but something in a grey/ green would compliment and not conflict. I am not a decorator by any means . I am a self taught artist that would love to see your artwork be the star of this side of room. You are more talented than you give yourself credit .

          1. Wilderness is the same color as Annie Sloan Chateau Grey . This might help to know when looking for a piece of furniture styled bin this to e with white. I have used it many times and it is an elegant color on with contrasting off white. Will shut up now since this really isn’t my business. Your home your choices.

  28. I love this. Have you ever considered switching the gray in the credenza for a brighter color, like, maybe even the orange from the drapery trim and the rugs?

    1. I’ve been thinking that it needs a different color. The current gray looks very cold — almost bluish or purple in the sunlight from the door, and that doesn’t work with the warm gray I have on my walls. But I’ve been thinking I’d need to use another neutral color (I’m stuck in neutral 😀 ) and hadn’t even considered a brighter color! I love that idea! I’ll wait until more of the main items are in place and then reconsider, but right now I’m loving the idea of an peachy orange to coordinate with the drapery trim!

  29. It all looks beautiful. I love the beautiful frames your bird artwork is framed. Would you mind sharing where you purchased those, please?

  30. It’s all coming together nicely. Just curious…..where will you use all of the furniture and lighting that used to be in the living room?

  31. It’s all coming together so beautifully Kristi. The new sofa, recliner, coffee table, rug and the new framed prints all look great in your living room. You must feel ecstatic and so proud about it all, as this room, your entryway, your kitchen, breakfast room, music room, hallway and hall bathroom have been transformed so amazingly!! You are truly an inspiration of everything you have achieved so far in your home. Well done.

  32. Wow Thank you for sharing the living room pictures with your fans. It looks gorgeous. It is so exciting to get to share in your decorating victories.

  33. What if you put the love seat under the window, as you described, and then only have one chair off the end to the door. That would leave an open area where the second chair would go that Matt could wheel up to in his wheelchair, and be part of the conversation or discussion. No need to keep moving the second chair out of the way. Love the love seat.

  34. I’m sure you’ve discussed it before…but what are your plans for privacy at the front door? Are you going to leave it clear or provide some option for nighttime privacy?

  35. Kristi, just wanted to speak up for us silent followers. I think there are more of us than you might imagine. Found you via pinterest. As a woman who builds and has her own tools, I thank you. Your site is so well done. I really appreciate the details about your design process and where you shop. Your photo tutorials are impressively clear and so easy to navigate. I have learned so much! Your kitchens are the bomb and I think you are starting a new color epidemic. You are the new antibiotic for “neutral flu.” So thanks again, Doc, for a job well done. Off to assemble a custom chandelier!

  36. The room is coming along but I agree with the comment above. The fireplace is now too dark and the tiles around the fireplace just don’t work, i’m not sure the tiles ever worked.

    I like how the room flows and love/love seeing your beautiful kitchen from the room. The seagrass wall with the artwork is lovely. I would leave the entry door white. I like the dark blue of the two chairs. The loveseat is a good size, but the color looks celery green in most of the photos and just doesn’t seem to work. In the only photo where the loveseat looks more of a green/blue color it worked somewhat better.

    1. I think maybe your monitor needs calculating . The sofa was not celery in any photo I observed on any device, the sofa color was perfect for blending from any shot any angle.

        1. What sofa? And celery? She said and it is described on Wayfair as a seafoam colored loveseat. That’s what I see on my monitor.

          1. Love seat and I was replying to Raven who said it was celery colored in her photos it was not in mine . Perfect color on my monitor.

  37. I adore the loveseat! I’ve had similar experiences on Wayfair, and often end up frustrated – they list products under a fake name and different price, and I end up very confused about receiving a brand I didn’t order!

    Has this made you change your mind about Ashley, or will you still avoid them in the future?

    1. It has made me reconsider my complete boycott of the company. From here on out, I’ll just evaluate each piece individually. This one feels like it’s made better than the first sofa I purchased from them. And Matt reminded me that I actually had an Ashley sofa and loveseat when we got married, and both of those were great. Perhaps I just got a defective sofa when we lived in the condo, and that tainted my view of the company. I still don’t think I would ever use one of their sofas as the main sofa in the main family room of a home where all of the family members use the sofa daily. I’d spend more money and get a better quality sofa for that purpose.

  38. Is there history on the living room rug! I love it and think i want one like it…..any info would be much appreciated….and i love your design style; it looks so real and livable and unique. Thanks for sharing so much so willingly.