To Buy, To Build, Or To Remake

As I’m trying to get the basics done on the guest bedroom (trim installed, floor finished, etc.), my mind naturally wanders to the fun stuff. I’m ready to get to the decorating and the pretty stuff! And for the last couple of days, I’ve been a tad bit obsessed with one particular suggestion that I received.

If you’ll remember, the wall color that I used on the accent wall in the bedroom was a custom mix that I had color matched to the blue velvet that I had intended to use for the headboard. But as I got the wall finished, I no longer liked the blue velvet with the wall. I have another fabric that I thought would work, but it’s just a creamy off white color. And as much as I like the fabric, a creamy off white just wasn’t really doing much for me. I like color and contrast, and using a neutral headboard would send this room in a direction that isn’t really me.

But then someone (thanks, Adele!) suggested a golden yellow headboard, and I haven’t been able to get that idea out of my head. Golden yellow isn’t a color that I’ve used anywhere else in my house, but I do love the boldness of it. And I don’t really know that a guest bedroom needs to coordinate exactly with the main areas of the house.

So last night, I did a search for yellow headboards, golden yellow upholstered beds, etc. And I found one that stopped me in my tracks. Check out this Whitman Upholstered Headboard from Birch Lane. It comes in ten different colors, but this yellow would be perfect for the room…

whitman upholstered headboard from Birch Lane
Whitman Upholstered Bed from Birch Lane

I tried to do a little copy and paste to see what it would look like in the room. I think it would be amazing!

So I think that’s the direction I’m going with this room. I absolutely love that bold color.

As I was thinking about how to get that look, I was debating whether I wanted to just buy a ready-made bed, or build one from scratch. Building it would certainly save quite a bit of money.

But then I realized that I already have quite a bit of that bed built. Remember the bed I built several years ago for our master bedroom? You can click here to see how I built the wood bed frame. Here’s how it looked before I stained it.

So as far as building a bed, I’m halfway there. In fact, I’d say that I have the hard part done. To transform that into a beautiful golden yellow upholstered bed, I’d just need some foam, batting, spray adhesive, and fabric. I’d also need to switch out the feet.

I also made this headboard to go with it, but it may be easier just to start from scratch with a new headboard. You can click here to see how I made this DIY headboard.

So I think I’m going to use our existing bed frame and reupholster it, and build a new headboard from scratch. I mean, I’m a DIYer, and I love to build and make things, so that seems much more satisfying to me than just buying a bed and sticking it in the room. Plus, I can reuse something we already have rather than trying to figure out how to get rid of a fully assembled queen-size solid wood bed frame that doesn’t come apart.

I think I may have found the perfect fabric, too. This Majesty Velvet in Gold from seems pretty perfect. There are two customer photos in the review, and it looks really pretty.

I’m not sure if that’s too gold, though. The customer pictures make it look a bit more yellow and less gold, which I think I would prefer. Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to purchase a sample. I’d actually prefer a linen or woven fabric like the Birch Lane headboard, but if I can’t find that, then polyester velvet is certainly a favorite of mine as well.

I love this direction. This seems much more exciting, and much more “me” than a blue headboard that blends in with the wall, or a creamy off-white headboard. Now, see? This is why I love input from y’all! Sometimes I get something stuck in my mind and can’t see past that. All it takes is a suggestion for me to see other possibilities.

Now if I can only get the trim and the floor finished, I can get on to this fun stuff! 😀

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      1. Oh my! Yes!!! That is the color to go with the blue walls. That yellow gold would be the perfect pop of color.

        1. Love the gold color. It has become one of my favorite colors. I am putting gold curtains in my breakfast area.

        2. You have great taste and exceptional skill, which I know is from working diligently at learning that skill. Love what you do! This do well done.

  1. Since you will be making the bed and headboard, will you raise the bedframe a bit? The headboard in the photo appears to tower over the mattress.
    Just my opinion. I do think that gold/yellow tufted headboard will be beautiful in the room.

    1. I don’t agree. I wouldn’t be able to sleep with that headboard and it’s bright yellow looming over me. Bedrooms are supposed to be soothing.

      1. Unless she buys glow-in-the-dark fabric or her guests sleep with the lights on, this shouldn’t be a problem. 😉

    1. I don’t know yet, but when we finally do get our new master bedroom built, we want a king-size bed in there. This one is only a queen. So we’ve been planning to get a new bed eventually anyway. 🙂

  2. The wall is amazing and I love the plan of a golden/yellow headboard. This room will be stunning and for certain, one of a kind!

  3. I normally detest the color yellow but I absolutely love it in your mock up. Can’t wait to see how it comes out

  4. kristi,
    I have not received your emails for quite a while. I keep subscribing and checking my spam but its not there.
    Help please

        1. I have the same problem! If i didn’t see u on FB i wouldn’t know where u went!
          Miss reading you!

      1. I had the same problem. I re-signed up three or four times before I just got this post today. Yeah!

      2. Same here. Glad to know it’s being worked on! Also, FYI I actually GOT this email today, so maybe it’s fixed?

  5. I’m also having trouble not receiving your emails. Darn. I’ll keep checking back until they start arriving again

    1. I made slip covers on black and cream toilel, 😂I cannot spell but it’s the little scenery material. Had twin headboards in small Quest room for GKids made about 63-65 inches tall, padded and covered in Cream sunbrella material. Could change ten out to the personally of ea child. But, main ho to was the black and cream. So much fun. They loved their own headboards.

  6. I haven’t been receiving emails either and am happy to see your post. That room will be stunning with that color. Wow!,,,

  7. My suggestion is to order the fabric samples, if possible even get a fabric sample of the bed fabric from the manufacturer. Maybe also you can find an in person fabric store so you won’t have to guess at the online colors. I’m so jealous of your talent!

  8. Stunning and stick with bold, meaning go white with the sheets, comforter, etc. Just add texture instead of color.

  9. Love the color! Not a fan of wingback headboards, personally. I could see you reupholstering the headboard you have and tufting it. It would be lovely.

    1. So happy to see this post. In looking back, I see that I did not receive the four before this — now I have some wonderful reading to do to catch up which I look forward to.

  10. Adele is so smart! I love the gold bed idea. Why not just order a yard of the fabrics you like? You can always make pillows or something with it if you decide it won’t work for the bed.

  11. Kristi, You can get fabric samples from or See if they have the same fabric that you’ve picked or get a look alike. Have fun on the sites. It’s so hard to choose there are so many choices! Where DO you get your motivation and energy?

  12. I’m not normally a yellow person, and I thought I’d be more on board with blue, but I LOVE that combination together! And with your love of a pop of color, this compliments that beautiful wall you did. I can’t wait to see this completed!!

  13. If you’re not familiar with Warehouse Fabrics aka Best Fabrics, they send samples and have some yellow linens.

    1. If you go with a yellow gold linen, you could use the blue velvet for the window seat cushion or a chair.

  14. This is the first email I’ve gotten from you in forever! I thought you’d gone away! So happy to see you’re still here! Love the bold yellow!

  15. Kristi,
    If you scroll to the bottom of the page, under the column “Learn More”, you can click on swatches. It’s $1.50 for a sample.

  16. I love the yellow color. My guest room had yellow walls (a Disney color) my bed was black and cream toile with black /cream dust ruffle. Furry yellow and black pillows popped on the bed. I loved it. My real estate agent strongly suggested we paint over the yellow. We will always refer to it as the yellow bedroom!

    Question—do upholstered headboards, especially those with tucks, collect lots of dust. I’ve love them but avoid because of allergies.

  17. Krista, I was wondering why you had been MIA for so long?? Glad it was just a technical issue. I haven’t gotten posts since your moms kitchen re-do. Hope I can catch up and see how you created that beautiful bedroom wall.

  18. At first I thought the yellow color was too bold… but I should have learned by now never to doubt you. When you did the mockup of the room with the bed in it… I have to admit, even this neutral loving girl was wow’ed! Can’t wait to see the finished bed and room!

  19. I love color!! And the yellow bed with that wall is fantastic! Love that you’re using a bed that you’ve already made. Can’t wait to see it!

  20. Golden Yellow will be beautiful against that wall! Normally, I shy away from golds (I lived too long with Harvest Gold in the 70s-80s), but this is striking!

  21. Navy(ish) and gold is a such classic! Ohh-La-La sophisticated! Perfect for a guest room with a boatload of options for you to play with and easily updated! All of your overnighters will be delighted!

  22. I’ve ALWAYS been a fan of yellow, but I’m just not sure. But then again, you’re much more of a color person than I am – especially in home decor. I’m a little confused about the bed though. I know you’re going to use this as your master bedroom until you do the addition, and I don’t remember when that’s planned, but will you be building another whole bed (frame) when that time comes?

    1. I don’t know if I’ll buy or build when that time comes, but I do know that we want a king-size bed for our master bedroom. This one is just a queen size.

  23. Kristi, So glad to get your email! My daughter-in-law has me liking yellow, I’m surprised but I love it. I like the yellow headboard and I’ve seen your posts enough to know you’ll ‘knock it out of the park, again’ trust yourself. I like how you show so much detail when working on your projects, I was watching the one of how you made your bed frame, you almost make me think I could do it too well with a little help. Maybe one of these days. I LOVE what you’ve done with your house, can’t wait to see more. Linda

  24. Dear Kristi, so glad I got this mail from you again. Hopefully the technical glitch will be fixed now 🙂 even though it was lovely to read 3 posts in one go for a change! I do not normally like yellow much and esp not as a decoration, but that bed in that colour in front of the wall (which is fabulous!!!!) is simply perfect. So glad to follow you again on a decoration journey and get a bit of the normal life back by that. Thank you!

  25. I love that yellow. Not usually my first. How else but it sets off beautifully in front of that blue wall. It would have looked great in a room with your Yellow piano.

  26. So relived to hear that others haven’t been getting your emails either. I’ve subscribed for your blog at least three times, but I’ll try once more.
    Your room looks amazing, and I love the mirror where it is and the colour it is.
    God bless.
    Linda D.

  27. So relieved to hear that others haven’t been getting your emails either. I’ve subscribed for your blog at least three times, but I’ll try once more.
    Your room looks amazing, and I love the mirror where it is and the colour it is.
    God bless.

    Linda D.

  28. If you haven’t already started on the headboard, you could make it a bit lower and then put the fabulous gold sunburst mirror you made over the bed.