Awesome Consignment Store Find – Chairs For The Music Room

Y’all, I have been an absolute crazy person these last couple of days. And this just shows why it’s dangerous for me to have a whole decorating plan for my house and know exactly where I’m going and what I’m doing. You’d think that would really get me focused so that I could get things done, right? Nope. Just the opposite. I now know exactly where I’m going on a thousand different projects, and I want to get them all done NOW. 😀

I paced my house nonstop yesterday trying to decide what project to work on, and ended up getting nothing done. At one point, I decided just to sit down and relax, and perhaps let my brain have a rest. So I sat down by Matt with my laptop and started looking at random stuff online. After a few minutes, he said, “Ummm…I’m gonna need you to leave. I can feel your nervous, anxious, excited energy, and it’s making ME anxious! Go work on a project, or leave the house and do something fun. But you need to take that energy somewhere else.” Ha!

So I did. I left and bought a bunch of paint. I still didn’t get anything done yesterday, but by the end of the day, I had two paint samples painted on my fireplace, three paint samples on my living room wall, one paint sample on my music room wall, one paint sample on the breakfast room door, and another paint sample on my piano.

I know exactly where I’m heading, and hopefully today I can channel that energy into actually getting a project finished. 😀 I need a break from my kitchen cabinets, but I have several other projects I can choose from.

Anyway, in the meantime, I wanted to show you my awesome consignment store find!! I rarely find treasures in Waco. Our Craigslist is a joke, and the consignment stores and thrift stores here are very hit and miss…but mostly miss. But this last week, I actually had a hit! I found two of these blue velvet tufted upholstered chairs, and while the color isn’t exactly what I would have chosen given a choice, the upholstery is in perfect condition and the color actually works with my new palette.


I couldn’t believe it when I saw them. I can’t remember another time when I found consignment store/thrift store upholstered furniture that was in such good shape, AND that was a color I could actually use! And I love the swoopy sides.


The upholstery is in perfect condition, but the wood is a bit beaten up, so I’ll need to do a little refinishing on that. That should be an easy project.

I thought these nesting tables that my mom had and no longer wanted might work here, but they don’t. When I turn the tables the correct way, they’re too wide and push the chairs too far apart for that narrow wall. I think a little round table would work better.


And I’m still amazed at how well the color works with what I have planned. Here’s a look at the chair with the drapery fabric.


Of course, this is the music room, and the drapery fabric will be in the neighboring room (the living room).

I got both chairs for around $219. One of them was marked $99, but the other was $120 because it came with this silly little foot stool that I did not want, but I had to take it (and pay for it) anyway since it came as a set. But that’s still a great price for two upholstered chairs!

Now I need to get rid of the black walls, and get some colorful pillows for the chairs to brighten things up a bit.



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  1. I LOVE the swoopy sides! Construction like that just doesn’t happen anymore, so when you can find it, buy it! While you’re kind of all over the place right now, I think that once you start knocking off projects everything will come together quickly! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh boy Kristi, what a find, I would like to have those chairs, ha. They look like they match your fabric really well. Bravo for you! It’s coming together for you, good job! Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Bingo! Love consignment stores! Somehow I missed the black wall though. Lol!
    Maybe lucite or silver small steel martini table.
    Having fun and fun to watch what unfolds next!

  4. Not sure if it would look good, but perhaps when you refinish the wood, you could remove all the solid welting and replace with a coordinating welting. Just a thought!

    1. The upholstery is absolutely beautiful as it is. In my opinion, contrasting welting would destroy the beautiful lines of the chair. It would also absolutely necessitate completely
      reupholstering the chairs. To me, the color of the chairs goes beautifully with the drapery material.

  5. Love your curvaceous chairs. I suggest you do not touch up the wood. It certainly looks fine enough. Character is beautiful. In no way does it have a shabby chic look. You’re over doing the perfection bit. And I love your fabric for the living room.

  6. The chairs are perfect with the fabric and I can even see you making a pillow with that fabric. You’re right, the lines on the chairs are so lovely. I’m excited for you Kristi to have your creative energy return. Matt is too cute to send you out. I think he did that as much for you as he did for him. 😉 What a good guy you have.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I found it at JoAnn Fabric. They call it SMC Designs Conductor Orion –
      Everywhere else, it’s called Swavelle/Mill Creek Stupendo Orion. But I’ve only been able to find it at a couple of places, and I just bought every yard left at FabriGuru, where it was $19.99/yard. It looks like the only place left that has it is JoAnn, and it’s only 40% off right now, which puts it at $29.99/yard.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! I absolutely love the chairs and when you decide you don’t want them (next week?) I’ll take them. I’m in Lubbock, so not far! Haha Love the kitchen plan too.

  8. The chairs look great with the drapery fabric! I’m so glad everything is clicking with the new color palette.

    (I’m also glad that you’re getting rid of those black walls! )

    Wishing you a happy thanksgiving!

  9. I like the chairs and the table in the position you have it right now. A small lamp would make it s cozy reading nook or place to listen to music.

    Don’t throw out the little footstool. You might find a use for it somewhere else.

    Happy, Blessed Thanksgiving to you and Matt!

    1. Cut the nesting table & repurpose it as a round table to hold a lamp for reading. Love the chairs. Lumbar pillows in the drapery material would look nice. Are walls staying dark or going lighter?

  10. What a great find! And the color is perfect. I actually love this color/pattern combination:

    I love the contrast of the dark wall with the light wainscoting below…the mid tone of the chairs with the fabric that ties it all together in that great pattern. What about a dark navy on the walls and a couple lumbar pillows for the chairs out of your new drapery fabric?

  11. Love the toned blue shade of your fabulous chair finds. Don’t see that they need refinishing, though. Saw your note above that piano will become a deep purple, also a toned shade I imagine? That will be so awesome. I love the toned jewel colors against white woodwork and wainscoting. It’s going to be so elegant! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Matt.

  12. What a great find! Their purchase will be one of those tales to tell for years to come. The swoopy sides evoke images of seated ladies wearing big-skirted dresses, listening to the ‘pianoforte’. Perfect for a music room!

  13. PERFECTION!!!!!!!! DARLINK!!!!!!!
    You are AMAZING!!!!!
    LOVE consignment stores!….I have many pieces from that and Craigslist in my home!
    So so tickled for you!!!!!!!!,

  14. $219 for 2 upholstered chairs seems like a good deal. Those chairs are pretty and nice color too. Just hope they came from a clean house and there’s no pee or bugs in them. Hate to be a downer.

    1. I have a little green machine that heats the water. When ever I get something used that I can’t put in the washer I clean it with this. I have removed stains on things I got for a good price & now look like new. I spray disinfective on it & let it sit, then clean & suck it out. I also have a couple of different steamers I use for things. Steams kills germs. I’m a clean freak that likes her bargins.

        1. Definitely. Great if kids or pets have accidents. I’ve used it on mattresses. Not big & bulky. Use it in car also.

  15. Awesome find! They look great with that fabric choice.
    I like the black walls – do you really need to change them? I can imagine them setting off almost any color you could put with it, and they just provide a nice backdrop. Like a classic LBD, where you can accessorize with a pop of color!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  16. I consider those chairs, their shape and the fabric to be a consignment find of a lifetime. And can’t believe that they fit right in with their current fabric.

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve had to make myself stay out of consignments/thrift stores lately because I buy things that I love but don’t need. So I have chairs and lamps that are wonderful but there is no place for them. Now your post is making me itch to get out there.

  17. I am so jealous love the chairs . Sometimes we need to shop to get our brains clear of thoughts and it is great when you score at the same time!

  18. What an awesome find….the chairs are perfect. Personally I loved the dramatic black walls in your music room, so now I’m super excited to see what color you’re going to re-paint them and your living room walls. Kristi, you have us on tender hooks, waiting to see your postings with your new vision! You well and truely have your designer ‘groove’ back!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Matt.

  19. Those are very pretty chairs; what a lucky find. I’m looking forward to seeing the paint colors you’ve chosen. I liked the green kitchen but I’m really loving the blue and cream.

  20. Why are the black walls going? I missed something again! I think you should just make lumbar pillows from your fabric for the chairs. That will tie the music room into the living room and also shorten the depth on the chairs. They look very deep, I love them and what a bargin!

  21. The chairs are certainly a great find. And I think a small round table would sit better in between them. You are certainly on a winning streak.

  22. Wow Kristi!

    I’ve never, ever found anything that good in a thrift or consignment store!! On my computer it looks like they go perfectly with your living room curtain fabric. And the condition they’re in! Major score. Congratulations.