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I’m sure about the direction I’m heading with my dining table, and I’m about 75% sure about the direction I’m heading with my side chairs — painted green with the seats upholstered in black and white striped fabric. (Full disclosure: When I started writing this post, that number was 95%. Now I’ve dropped it to 75%. 😀 ) But I’m still trying to decide on two main things. First, I’m unsure about what I want to do with the cane backs on the side chairs. And second, I’m completely unsure about what I want to do with the arm chairs.

The easier decision should be what to do with the cane backs on the side chairs. Initially, I thought about just painting them the same green as the wood parts of the chairs. When I look at cane chair makeovers, that seems to be the option that most people choose. In fact, one of my very first DIY projects that I did for my blog way back in 2009 was a cane dining chair makeover, and I painted the whole chair black.

In fact, I didn’t really think that there was any other option until I started looking at cane back chair makeovers on Pinterest, and I realized that it’s actually NOT a foregone conclusion that the cane backs will be painted to match the wood, as demonstrated by this dining chair makeover from La Tee Da Kids. They started out like this…

dining chairs from La Tee Da Kids blog - before makeovervia La Tee Da Kids

And here they are after their makeover painted white with stained cane backs. I think that looks fantastic!

dining chairs from La Tee Da Kids blogvia La Tee Da Kids

I also came across this barrel cane chair makeover from Lilikoi Joy that kind of demonstrates what it would look like with the wood painted black and the cane stained dark brown. The wood on this chair isn’t actually painted black. It’s stained a really dark brown. But on my screen it looks almost black, so I think it’s a close representation (at least to me) of what a black/brown combo might look like.

barrel cane chair makeover from Lilikoi Joy blogvia Lilikoi Joy

I also came across this mid-century George Nelson chair that has the black wood, brown cane back, and green seat. I really don’t like mid-century modern style furniture at all, but it still gives me an idea about the color combo on a chair.

george nelson black cane back chair with green seat, via Live Auctioneersvia Live Auctioneers

To be quite honest, I waffle back and forth over whether I should paint my chairs black and upholster the seats in green, or paint them green and upholster the seats in black. I hesitate to paint them black because that’s just so much black in that small room since I plan to have solid black curtains. But on the other hand, if I paint them green, they’ll be right there next door to my ALL green kitchen, and that’ll be a lot of green. So I’m really conflicted on that.

But either way, I do really like all of the examples I’ve found of the cane backs left stained and the wood parts only being painted. There’s also the option to paint the wood parts green, and then paint or stain the caning black.

The second big decision I have to make is what to do with the arm chairs. From the beginning, I’ve wanted end arm chairs that are different from the side chairs. In my mind, I’ve pictured them looking like they’re not even remotely related (i.e., not part of a set), and I’ve imagined them being fully upholstered. But that was before I got this set for a steal that came with two perfectly good arm chairs. And the idea of doing a makeover on these two armchairs appeals to me MUCH more than my original idea of turning those wingback chairs into end chairs since that would require much more work and much more modification to make them appropriate for dining room chairs. And even then, I’ve been thinking that they’re actually too heavy to easily slide in and out from a dining table.

So I am pretty much 100% sure that I’ll just stick with the arm chairs that came with the set, but I’m way less certain about what I want to do with them. I came across this makeover where the cane backs on the side chairs were left in place and painted, but the backs on the arm chairs were covered in fabric on front and back.

dining chair makeover from Uniquely Yours Or Minevia Uniquely Yours Or Mine

That idea appeals to me simply because it would be an easy makeover. And right now, I like the idea of quick and easy because I’m ready to have some decorating projects finished in my dining room. But it’s also quite a departure from what I have been envisioning all this time.

Closer to my vision would be this cane back dining chair makeover from Blesser House. The chairs started out looking like this…

cane back dining chair makeover from Blesser House - beforevia Blesser House

But rather than just upholstering over the caning, they wrapped the entire back in fabric.

cane back dining chair makeover from Blesser House - aftervia Blesser House 

That idea is definitely closer to what I had envisioned for my own end chairs, and that would also be a somewhat easy makeover. However, I’m trying to devise in my head a way to upholster everything — the seats, the backs, AND the arms — so that the end chairs really don’t look like they’re even a part of the same set of chairs. All this time, I’ve envisioned something more along these lines of this end chair…

So if I now plan to use the arm chairs that came with the set, I will have to make some compromises. Compromises aren’t always a bad thing, and aren’t always something I regret in the end. It’s just that now that I’m presented with a different set of circumstances, I need to come up with a way to use what I’ve got, but still get close to the vision I’ve had in my head all this time. It’s a challenge, but I’ve never been one to shrink away from a challenge. 🙂



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  1. I like the top pic with the entire cane and wood painted the same color. It kinda looks more modern-y 🙂

  2. I like uniquely yours or mine chairs painted black with green fabric. this is my thought about it is you have the green painted cabinets so for the chairs have green fabric and black fabric for the windows and black painted chairs.

  3. I’d love to see white chairs with black caning with green seats or a black & white stripe. Then the arm chairs done like the last example with your original pretty fabric.

    1. I also concur with this idea. I think the armchairs with the pretty floral fabric will stand out more if the other chairs are white with black cane and green fabric which matches or is a lighter shade of the kitchen cabinets.😀

  4. Do you have anyone in your family that has a hard time getting up and down from a sitting position? If so those arms on the chair would be a godsend to them to help them get up and down gracefully. ( I am telling you this from experience and knee replacements. )

  5. I can’t imagine why you would want to cover the chairs as shown in your last picture, which you say is what you imagine. Why on earth would you cover the cane? I think the blue set is beautiful, with one exception, I would leave the cane alone, just clean it good, and use tung oil to deepen the color and give the cane some moisture. It would cost you hundrends, if not thousands of dollars to have chairs caned like that. Caning is an art form that is slowly being lost. Yes, you can probably go to HD or some other place and buy sheets of it, but why fake it when you have the real thing. I love the arm in the blue set, I hope the cane is showing on the back. The side chairs could be covered in the same fabric, and the frame of the chair painted. You are already making arguments for your green and black, why not find a beautiful color that goes with your buffet? Maybe the same color in a lighter tone. You also said you do not like the black linen that you got, so why not find something else. I think a printed drape with the coral, a green,a yellow and a few other colors would be beautiful, especially if you use it on your chairs. Or, if you really want to blow the lid off the room, go with white drapes with the coral, green, etc border, and the same fabric on your chairs. I am sure you could find a stripe fabric with those same colors for the side chairs, or make your own with the coral, green print and white. That would be pretty cool. You have your black walls in the music room. The house isn’t that big that you can’t see everything at once. I think you need to concentrate on coordinating the dining room, entry, and music room, since they are all visible from the front door. Stop trying to bring the kitchen into the rest of the house. It is a room of it’s own and does not need anything to compliment it. Someone said in a post a while back, that you should think about all the colors. You don’t want the eye bouncing from one place to another. Color is great, sensory overload not so great. Blessings

  6. I feel like a need a recap of all the current plans to decide what the chairs should be! Table all stained medium brown, or was the base black and the top stained? It’s full black curtains with either a green or black/white trim, right? And what what the rug decision…woven neutral or none (the stripes is out, right?) When did the painterly colorful chair fabric get ditched? Anyway…I like stained cane, side chairs green, arm chairs black, with either a common seat fabric or perhaps a black/white stripe on the arm chairs and something else on the side chairs. I think you need some other color in there though…all green and black might be too much with the other green and black elements close.

    Whatever it ends up, I’m sure it will look fab. It’s fun to be along for your design process! I’m anxious to see where it ends up!

    1. I agree: “…stained cane, side chairs green, arm chairs black…” I think the stained the table top will be lovely (especially with stained cane backs on the chairs), but I would consider painting the table base black. I feel like that would create more of a ‘connection’ between the arm chairs.

      1. Kristi, I applied gel stain to freshen up the woodstain on some dining chairs found at thrift store. The chairs have caning on the back. It seems that the caning has warped somewhat so that the back is now wavy in spots rather than taut.
        Did I do something wrong? Is there a way I can mold them back into shape?

        1. Oh no! I’ve never had that happen with paint or stain. I really don’t know what suggestion to give you. I mean, my mind goes to heat, since heat shrinks things. But that would mean getting it wet, and then using some sort of hair dryer or heat gun. But now that you’ve got stain on it, a heat gun would remove the stain, and then you’ve got a big mess on your hands. So I really don’t know. 🙁

          1. Thanks for your quick reply Kristi. I applied the stain in a covered carport yesterday. I left it there overnight to dry. This morning is when I noticed the warping. After I panicked and sent you my email, I decided to bring it indoors and went out for several hours. It has gone back to normal. Perhaps it wasn’t yet dry or perhaps it was too humid outdoors. I live in Florida. Sorry for false alarm.

  7. Lots of good ideas – I’m excited to see what direction you head! I know what way I’d go, but my vision, reality and skillset are different from yours. I don’t make the progress I want to, but you help keep my motivation up. Thanks!

  8. I think I would like them all painted 1 color and I like the idea of using the green paint. It ties together your kitchen and dinner nag room and what is better than that? I’m sure the black and white stripe on the seats would be sharp. As for the arm chairs at the end I like the idea of using the fabric on the back as well. For $51 you have quite the bargain with a lot of possibilities.

  9. I prefer how the set from Uniquely Yours or Mine is done only using whatever colors you decide on.

  10. What about painting them white with black cane? Or black with brown cane. Weren’t you going to use that print fabric for the chair seats? I don’t see the green wood looking right with everything else in the room. Maybe playing around in photoshop will help you get a better idea.

  11. Hi Kristi! I LOVE your blog…I am always excited to get an email update in my inbox. Makes me smile to see what you are up to. I also love the color green…you’re kitchen is amazing!

    When I first saw the example of the white painted chairs above and before I read your description, I thought the cane part looked slightly metallic. Just a thought…how about paint the wood green and the cane a metallic color to match the accent in your kitchen? It may be too much metallic…it’s just a thought. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing what you decide.

    1. I LOVE this idea! I don’t know if it would work in Kristi’s dining room. But, I would totally do this somewhere if I could! 🙂

  12. Kristi- I feel like your taste is evolving and this is why you’re struggling. I don’t think you should rush into anything, until you are 100% sure. Maybe finish the table first and then decide on the chairs. Get your fabric and curtains, finish another project in there and then go back. Personally I prefer the dark stained barrel chair. I think it would look lovely with your chair structure and it’s a bit of a more refined look, but not too fussy. You can always paint over it later if you change your mind.

  13. I vote painting the chairs black and doing green fabric. And do the arm chairs on the end either completely upholstered in green (if you use the big chairs you already had) or partially upholstered if you use your new set. Both the ‘Uniquely Yours Or Mine’ & ‘Blesser House’ are awesome additional upholstery options. That way you have the green tie in to the kitchen, but it’s not more wood being painted green. Regardless, I trust you will make it beautiful 🙂

  14. the Lilikoijoy makeover caught m eye the most. I love the solid green seat and the dark stained cane and black trim. I’m afraid if you don’t leave something “woody” in the room, it’s going to lack warmth. White is definitely out. You already have white walls. The other thing I like about the Lilikoijoy chairs is the really cool piping. Would look wonderful with the black and white curtains.

  15. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, because I usually dislike cane back in all forms, but I really like the examples where the chair is painted black, the cane is stained, and the cushion is upholstered in a bright color. I know you really really want black and white stripe fabric, but the high-contrast fabric over the black and brown chair is really nice and pops out without being so overwhelming–especially in that shade of green you like. What if you did that and saved the stripes for the end chairs?

    Speaking of the end chairs, I really like the example where the cane section is upholstered like a cushion. I also like the ones where they’re completely covered, but I think the nail-head trim might be a little over-the-top. Since you’re painting the wood, I wonder if you could modify the wood parts of the chairs to make them stand out more. Like maybe change to taller or more ornate finials. Or add additional wood to the top to make them taller (you’d have to slice-off the rounded trim and do a good job joining the wood with pegs or something). Or maybe add the extra top board and make a fabric head rest (like a thin pillow attached to it). Or maybe add the extra top board and add a raised wood or plaster applique on the back to give it more formality. You could give the arms upholstered wraps (like Miss Mustard Seed just did on her recent chair revamp) or upholster the sides entirely. You could add stretchers to the bottom, which might make them seem more substantial (I’m not sure on this one). Lots of ways to make them look unique!

  16. I have 8 cane back dining chairs. 3 cats and 2 kids later, the canning HAD to be covered up due to damage…apparently cane makes a great scratching post!

    I picked a beautiful fun upholstery print and glued it to the backs, then got some light weight foam padding for the backs, sewed a corded trim to a matching piece for the fronts, and stapled it around the edge of the cane, between the cording and the fabric to hide the staples, leaving the wood of the chair exposed. Covered the seat in a coordinating solid color and they are gorgeous and look way more expensive than with the cane. I get lots of compliments.

    So far, they have been 3 different looks with different fabrics each time I decide to redecorate! I’ve stripped the wood numerous times as well. These types of tables and chairs are so versatile!

  17. I really love the chair makeover done by Blesser House, but then I think about that real cane on the chairs and what a pity it would be to cover it up, so my second choice is the chair makeover done by La Tee Da Kids, but I’m also having trouble with the color combinations. I think you should do the table first, then photoshop the chairs with the different color and fabric choices to see how they look. One thing for sure, it’s really getting exciting seeing all the progress!

  18. I love the cane chairs, and would hate to see the backs covered. I think you need to move on from the green! This room needs to flow with the entry and the music room. I love the staining it black.

  19. I vote for painting the chairs an off-white and leave the caning natural like one of the pictures above. Maybe you could darken the cane slightly. Then cover the seats in some sort of black fabric (solid black?). I’m not sure black and white striped would look good with caning and I am a lover of black and white stripes. If you have decided to paint them, paint one and see if you like the off-white. It’s only paint and you can always go back over it with black. I definitely would not paint the caning because it would be the devil to remove later. You inspired me so much and I am in awe of your talents…..Rebecca

  20. I haven’t read all these posts, so I apologize if this is a repeat, but perhaps you can use those 2 cane end chairs in the breakfast room or elsewhere and get 2 different head chairs like you have envisioned? That way they are not wasted, and you can still get what you love. Just a thought.

  21. Girl! Go with your gut!! BUT, BUT in my opinion 😀…..stain side chairs, add that POP of fabric on seats, then MAYBE, MAYBE paint your head chairs…either the green (LOVE 💘) or add that black, that just screams sophistication with the farm table! Even bring in another fabric complementary to side chairs! Good Luck!

  22. If you start with black and the cane natural, you can always go to all green if you don’t like the mix (or the black or whatever). You would have a much harder, even impossible task if you went for all green and then wanted a change. I like the black/natural with the green seats the best of those pictured. Plus that touch of natural in the cane will look nice with the wood tones of your table, I think.

  23. Stain the cane, honey! Seems like painting it would make the cane brittle. Black paint, stained cane & green fabric. Also, is there room to flank your coral buffet with your 2 wing back chairs? You could work your magic with fabric on them instead of the armchairs at the table…

    1. I don’t think there’s room for two wingback chairs, but I’m thinking that I might use the two armchairs there, and then buy or make two upholstered chairs for the end chairs at the dining table.

  24. I like the black chairs with green fabric option. Its the perfect color flip – painted surface vs fabric between the kitchen and dining room. As for the captains chairs…I would do them to match the side chairs (maybe incorporate the multi colored fabric instead of the green for the seat cushion) and flank the entry way buffet with them. Its the perfect opportunity to unite the two spaces without being too matchy, matchy. Back in the dining room, use fully upholstered chairs per your original (ha!) plan. Maybe not the wing chairs made over, but something along those lines. See if you can find another eBay score! Overall, it gives you more seating options for larger gatherings and day to day a spot to rest a purse or package and put on your shoes. All without blocking traffic flow for Matt.

  25. Don’t forget you have an ALL WHITE ROOM now. I vote for Uniquely Yours & Mine. Use that very colorful fabric that you had and paint the chairs green wiped with stain! Just my ideas!

  26. Kristi,
    If base of table is black then I’d do the side chairs like the barrel chair inspiration. Paint frame black, leave the cane natural. Upholster seat in green with cording made from the colorful fabric you chose for end chairs originally. Do the captain chairs the same, only cover front cane with green fabric and back side with the colorful fabric.

  27. Ive never thought of the cane being left a different finish…but it really looks good…I like the idea of the painted wood black and the green fabric myself…on the other hand…the wood painted green could be such a unique look…Looking forward to seeing the finished product!!!

  28. Hmmm, maybe you could do something like paint the two armchairs green and put the multi-colour fabric on the seat and over the cane; paint the rest of the chairs black and use the black and white striped fabric on the seat? (and maybe not all black, but black for the wood parts and stain the cane part the same brown as your table? or maybe not stain it but leave it a white-ish colour to match the fabric stripes?)

    A mix kinda like that anyway, to use both ideas, just on a diff subset of chairs. So you won’t have to have all chairs the same, and you don’t have to abandon your designs.

  29. I REALLY don’t like the cane left “natural.” I tried. But to me, it just looks dirty, unfinished, and ugly. I understand being tentative re: using green on those chairs. Now that you are using a “farm table” or whatever that is called, I’m not sure the green chairs will work, either. But, it seems like you are getting so much black in your house – I’d be hesitant to paint those chairs black, too! Also, it kind of seems like you really don’t like that fabric for the “captain’s chairs” anymore. So, I’d probably start with tossing that fabric out of the mix. Now, what if the arm chairs were covered in a green fabric, (floral or whatever), and the side chairs were black with green cushions? It seems like that would flow and you would get a nice pop of green without committing to a bunch of painted green chairs. 🙂 Personally, I LOVE the thought of green chairs with black and white cushions. But, I’m not sure it will work in your room anymore. Also, in my mind, I keep coming back to the two chairs that are going to flank the coral buffet. Are you still going to upholster them in all black with white piping? If so, that is gonna be a LOT of black. What about black and white stripes on those chairs? Seems lighter and happier! (at least in my head it does) 😉 Excited to see what you do next!

  30. I think the table base should be painted black with the top stained like you said. I love the black chairs with the stained cane backs. I think the side chairs would look great with a green seat. Then I would do the end chairs, whether you decide to cover the cane or not, with the other floral, painterly or whatever the first fabric you had was. You could do the fronts in the green and backs in the pattern or vice versa. That tied in the buffet in your entry to the rest of the room and also your kitchen and music room. I think there is enough solid black and white throughout the room as is with the black curtains and white walls without adding black and white fabric to the chairs too. I also think you don’t want to add too much green by painting all of the chairs that color. Just having the seats covered in that color will tie it into the kitchen. I do think adding that patterned fabric is needed to add some additional color into the room and tie it all together. I also like some of the other suggestions people made on going with some other chairs on the end and upholstering them and then using the end chairs from this set flanking your buffet. Also, as other suggested, use Photoshop to get a better idea of how it all might look before doing anything. I think that will give you a clearer idea of what is going to look best.

    Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  31. Oh, I still think that you should do them in green with black and white seats…one can never have too much green in a house…and it will tie in with your kitchen.

  32. I like the idea of stained cane with either black or green chairs, and upholstering over the cane on the captains chairs, but not a full on redo. I guess you are going in a different direction, but I thought that painterly fabric was really pretty.

  33. My vote is for black or very dark charcoal chairs, ebony or dark mahogany stained caning, with the P Kaufmann fabric you mentioned in this post. https://www.addicted2decorating.com/dining-chair-plan-combining-patterned-fabric-and-solid-vinyl.html
    For the end chairs, if you want rounded back chairs you’d have to buy them. You could extend the look of the Blesser House chairs though by making a small frame below the arm which you could upholster similar to the way a Bergere chair is but taking it and your seat fabric to the underside of the chair or not. If you really want a wing, it’s not that hard for someone with your skills to make (see video.) Then you could upholster the outside of the chairs with the P Kaufmann fabric and the inside in green and bring a lot of nice color into the room.

  34. I vote for the black chairs with the stained cane. With the chair covers in either the striped black and white or a pretty solid green. Personally I’d go with the green in a nubby material. I’ve had issues with white upholstery on dining chairs. I’d do the end chairs to match. I’d do the table legs in black to match the chairs and the table top stained to match the cane. You’d still have lots of interesting colors and textures going on but also a very pretty continuity and subtlety. I can see it with a natural jute rug.

  35. Kristi, The white chairs with the stained backs made my heart skip a beat. It’s so beautiful. I love the modern fabric on the seat cushions. But whatever you decide it will be beautiful. Can’t wait to see the results.

  36. I never thought I would make this comment on your blog, but you need more color!! Your original floral/watercolor fabric was bright, fun, colorful and tied into all the rooms connected. It seems like this is going in the direction of a lot of black, white, and green with not much else. I love the look of the upholstered cane captain chairs, they will work better than wingbacks in the space and have a lighter and airier look. I also love the look of using two different fabrics on the front and backs of those chairs. I am excited to see what you choose! You are a great inspiration!!

  37. How about painting the chairs in a burnished metallic to coordinate with your light fixture and gold leaf on kitchen cabinets?
    That would really make the black and green pop.

  38. Ann… I was about to send the same link! LOL!

    Kristi, I’m sure whatever direction you go in will be fabulous!

  39. I’m nowhere near a decorator, but all of the shows I watch say a color in one room can/should “reference” a color in another. If that’s true how about the captain’s chairs could be green and the armless ones black? I love all the samples you pulled from the Internet; it’ll be a hard choice, indeed.

  40. somehow your post makes me giggle: here I am looking for a set of chairs for our dining room table and having to forego this as what I crave would be faaar too expensive. so I’m looking for individual chairs and trying to bring them together by perhaps painting and upholstering them alike.
    and there you are, having gotten this fantastic bargain and thinking how you can design the chairs in a way that they don’t look like belonging to a set!
    I have not yet considered cane chairs as they are rather dear (normally :)), but I love the look of them in your inspiration pictures, esp. in the combo of nearly black wood and dark stained cane. Cannot wait to see which choice you’ll come up with in the end!!

  41. Those arm chairs have a simle shape on the arms. You should be able to figure out how to upholster the whole chair.

  42. I admittedly lost track of your central struggle in this post, but I came here to say this: *natural elements.* Your room is quickly being covered in paint and fabric and could use an injection of natural. So I vote for staining the cane chairs and upholstering them in green. I think that was an option?

    Good luck!

  43. I wish I didn’t feel this way, but I’m just not a cane fan. Cane just screams “cheap and dated” to me. I’d cover the cane with fabric on all the chairs. I wish I could say otherwise, but I just am not a fan of cane, and while some things sing with a new coat of paint, cane just looks tired to me no matter what. Still, I’ll bet your talent could produce something that will surprise me with how much I could live with it.

  44. Wow, there’s a lot of ways you could go with it! Hope you’re able to find something that works. It being green with black and white striped fabric sounds great! Can’t wait to see.

  45. I agree with a previous poster that you need to have some wood or natural elements to keep the room warm; otherwise it gets too far into children’s territory. For me, that would definitely be the table top and probably the caning in the chairs.

    Too keep things related but light and bright, consider using a stain on the chairs in the spring green color found in the floral fabric you previously showed us. Using a gel stain over the existing finish would tone it down and also give much more depth than would paint. I fell in love with a chair at Arhaus with such a stain but, unfortunately, had absolutely no room for it. That was about four years ago and I still think about it! I wouldn’t use black and white fabric with the black drapes but instead would use the floral. But then, I *would* use black and white fabric on the chairs and use that beautiful floral on the arm chairs or on the windows.

  46. Gorgeous ideas, Kristi! I’m so honored to be among them. I actually vote for the white with dark caning. I love the ones I did for our dining room, but they were a BEAST to finish. No matter what you choose, I know they’ll will be beautiful. 🙂

  47. The chairs in the La Di Dah kids photo (before) are the same chairs in my dining room down to the upholstery. I keep thinking its time to change the seat fabric (I’ve only had them for 25-30 years). I REALLY like the after version. Great! My project just expanded. ;-).

    Good luck on your decision. I just finished reupholstering a club chair I picked up for free on the side of the road. Thus my lack of enthusiasm for another upholstering project. Plus we are pretty close to closing probate on my deceased in-laws house in Napa, Ca. It was built in 1938. They bought it in 1945, and due to a disability and lack of finances haven’t really done any maintenance in about 50 years. We are having trouble getting insurance because it has a fuse box and post and wire electrical system. First order of business will be to demolish walls interior and replace plumbing and electrical. Thinking about it makes me tired (we are both engineers and DIYers). I am in awe of your energy!

  48. Don’t care for the blue chairs (AT ALL! lol, sorry) Really like the one at the top that you did in 2009. The last transformation is amazing (they evidently also cut off the top part of that chair) but like another comment-er, I also think re-doing all of them is a shame, but they apparently had a look in mind, which is very nice (IMHO). I’m disappointed you won’t be re-doing the wingbacks. Hopefully you’ll find another area to use them in, as I was looking forward to your transformation on them.