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Farmhouse Table Goes Glam

It feels so good to have a clear vision for my dining room! Yesterday I got my drapery fabric ordered, and today I’ll be ordering my drapery rods. I have my side chair fabric narrowed down to about three, so as soon as I make that final decision, I can get that ordered. And yesterday, I gave my dining table yet another makeover (this is the third, if you’re counting) to bring it in line with my new dining room plan.

I decided that the dark table, whether green with a stained top or black with a stained top, just sucked the life out of the room. So I decided to lighten it up with white. But I didn’t want just a solid white table. I decided to glam it up just a bit with some gold.

white and gold farmhouse table - 3

I gave it some gold feet, and also added a some gold to the top.

white and gold farmhouse table - 1

I almost did a Greek key design in the corners with the thin gold border, but decided to just keep things simple.

white and gold farmhouse table - 2

I painted the table with Behr Pure White (sprayed this time using my Critter sprayer), and then taped off the areas that I wanted gold and used my favorite gold spray paint, Design Master Antique Gold from Michael’s. Then I gave the whole thing two coats of Polycrylic in a matte finish.

white and gold farmhouse table - 4

In hindsight, I wish I would have taken the extra time to actually use gold leaf on the feet and gold borders on the top. I think it would have looked much better. I might come back to it in the future and do that, but for now, I’m calling this finished and moving on to my next project. Today, I’ll be focusing on the entryway wall. I’m going to do a project that I’ve wanted to do for a VERY long time now! 😀

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  1. I love the new direction! I was a fan of the white walls and when I read the post yesterday I wasn’t sure how the painted walls were going to work. But, now that I see the white and gold table, I totally get it. I gotta say, awesome! It’s so cool how you’ve come up with a totally new plan! I’m amazed! Yay!

  2. Love the white table…you ARE FULL of surprises! Have to admit I noticed the gold appointments on the once (still?) black chairs and loved that!
    Can’t wait to see the other surprises in store!

    1. There’s quite a difference in appearance. Gold spray paint (or antique gold, like I used) is one solid color. Gold leaf has color variations because it never goes on smoothly, and it has wrinkles and edges, and so all of those variations catch the light differently and create subtle color variations throughout. It also appears more metallic than any spray paint ever will. It’s pretty impossible to get a gold leaf look with paint. There’s just something very special and unique about gold leaf. 🙂

      1. Wow, thank you! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gold leaf (or didn’t pay attention, didn’t realize what it was). You inspired me to try it on a mirror frame I want to make 🙂

        1. I have little visions of your table saying to you (in a high squeaky voice), “No Kristi! Don’t paint me again!” 🙂

          In all seriousness, as much as I personally liked the two-toned with the plain wood top, this is a really neat choice and very much “you” and far more elegant. I’d never have though to do the gold feet and trim on the top. I think it’s going to look really nice in the end.

          It’s also a far cry from your original inspiration farmhouse table photo. But to be honest, I always thought that was an odd choice for you, anyway. You don’t seem to gravitate towards rustic or farmhouse, even if it ends-up paired with something chic, traditional, or modern.

          Can’t wait to see what you do with the chairs…

          1. When I was painting the table…again…yesterday, I kept having your comment about “90 coats of paint” go through my head. 😀 I think I’m only at about eight so far (counting primer and clear coat), so I’ve still got some wiggle room for a few more coats. 😀

  3. YASSSSSSSS! While I liked the other two versions of the painted table you had done, I just felt they weren’t “you’. I only “know” you thru this blog so my guesses are skewed – but I gotta tell you, THIS table? THIS table encompasses your style. Well done.

  4. I love the new wall color and the table. I also love that you don’t always get it right (right being what you LOVE) the first time. I rarely get what I want the first go around. I always thought it was due to my lack of skill but now I see it’s just a process! Thanks for all your inspiration!!

  5. Love the new wall color and the new table! Nice!! Not read all the comments. But at any time did you consider painting the frame molding white for a little contrast on the top half of the walls?

      1. Makes perfect sense. I’m a graphic designer and I find myself trying things in print, a lot like you do with your home projects. I have to get it just right!

      2. I love how the green goes so well with your mom’s painting. I think it might be very nice painted on the overmantel behind where the painting will hang/lean, and leaving the “casing” white like the windows.

  6. You know, this colour combination would never be my choice, but I can see where you are heading with it in your room and I actually like it! You are amazing in that you manage that time and again: Make me like things I would never consider to have myself and of which I’d have thought – without seeing them in your pictures – that I would not even like looking at them… You’re very good in broadening my perception of decoration, so thanks for that on top of all the other things that I like about your blog 🙂
    I’m really curious about the next project (I would have guessed mirror, but birds is a close second :)) so cannot wait for tomorrow’s post!

  7. Love how the table top looks but not sure about that much gold on the feet. Maybe just gold in the grooves of the leg spindles would make it look less bottom heavy. What are you doing with the chairs?

    1. I know it’s not a look for everyone, but I really wanted big gold feet. To me, it looks like my table is wearing glamorous high heels. 😀 And you’ll just have to wait and see on the chairs. 😉

      1. I love the glamorous gold high heels- very pretty and couture! You are a Jimmy Choo of the interior design world 😉!

  8. The gold accents against the white are stunning. It looks fantastic in the room and the gold will tie it in nicely with your beautiful green kitchen. I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the room.

  9. I am a sucker for gold accents! I have to admit I like this much better than the two previous iterations (though I might like it even more if it were black and gold – but that’s just me :).

    I have a question about the Design Master spray paint: Is it “sticky” after it’s dry? I’m about to spray paint a lamp, which will be my first ever spray paint project (I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to paint … I’m usually a hand brush kind of person), and I’m thinking of going with the Design Master spray paint. However, I’ve read reviews of other gold spray paints stating that they were sticky long after they “dried”, so I’d like to know if I should also pick up a can of that Polycrylic you used as well. Thanks so much!

    1. I don’t have that “sticky” problem with the Design Master spray paint at all. In fact, it dries very quickly. Now one thing I need to warn you about is that it doesn’t seem to work that great on metal. I mean, it’ll coat the metal, but if it’s a metal item that will be handled AT ALL, then I wouldn’t recommend it. I used it on my sconces on the music room bookcases, and I had to be VERY careful when installing them. I did also clear coat them with Rust-Oleum clear spray in a satin finish, which seemed to help with the durability.

      So just be cautious. As far as the color, you won’t find a better metallic gold paint than Design Master. No other brand compares. But as far as durability on metal there are other brands that are far better, like Rust-Oleum.

      1. Thanks so much for the quick reply, Kristi! I really appreciate how you’re always willing to share with your readers. 🙂

        Hmm, the lamp I’m planning to spray is ceramic. I might still use a clear top coat like you did for added durability, or check out Rust-Oleum. I do like the more matte, more understated look of the Design Master, though. Other gold spray paints I’ve seen on blogs were almost “bling-y”/reflective, which is not the gold look I’m going for.

        Thanks again!

        1. Be very careful covering Rustoleum metallics with a clear coat of any kind. Some of the metallics lose the metal look with an extra clearcoat. I don’t remember which blogger had it happen and showed the results.

          And, the voice of experience, use a primer paint on your lamp before the metallic color. I didn’t on one ceramic lamp- vintage and everything peeled down to the original bare glass. Seems the vintage ginger jar was just painted on the outside.. big mess.

      2. On the other hand, 2 years ago I had a friend weld together some old and new metal pieces to make a coffee table for me. I used the gold spray that you recommended, Kristi, without any primer, and it looked beautiful and held up to touching and being moved around. However, it did fade within a year and needed to be freshened up.

    2. It’s not just you May. I would probably like it better in black and gold myself – but even the white is a huge improvement.

      I knew you were going to end up painting the top Kristi. The exposed wood grain just didn’t cut it in this context. I’m betting you’re going to end up painting the top of the coral buffet too.

  10. Glad you are using white somewhere in room besides walls. i think the acrylic/gold curtain rods will work every nicely with the white! Good call! I love it!

  11. This is a bit behind the curve, but the pale green walls make a lot of difference. They help bring out the detail in the room. No one would ever guess what that table originally looked like. That’s a unique and personal take on a dining room table. I’ve never seen a white gilded one before, but it is quite attractive. The picture over the fireplace is a good addition. I look forward to seeing the final result.

  12. Loved the first two versions of the table personally – more the style I would have myself. But I can still admire how beautiful the new version is and looks great in your room! And you have three inspiration tables in your blog for anyone searching for table designs! Bonus!

  13. Ooh, ooh! This is exciting! I like that you’re keeping it a secret. It’s fascinating how much trouble you had deciding before, and now with the new design you’re just rolling.

  14. Oh yeah! The white table really makes a huge difference. The dark wood tabletop WAS weighing down the room (not that I could pinpoint the problem). I look forward to the next “reveal”.

  15. I love the new wall color and with the table now it is so unique and so stylish. I love how you describe the table legs wearing high heels. I can’t wait to see the new fabric and the chairs done . I can see this in a glossy spread of House Beautiful. So please hurry up. I can’t stand the suspense.

  16. Love the gold and white, and especially the gold feet. It completely transforms the table and makes it a standout.

  17. Great change! We built a dining table a couple of years ago and stained it a VERY dark espresso… It basically looks black. I’ve regretted going that dark with the stain since the moment we moved it into the room. I have found myself slowly turning my entire dining room white (cream walls, white curtains, white lampshades) to try to balance out the darkness of the huge 10 person table. Can’t wait to see how you pull everything else together!

  18. Love it!! The table looks amazing and this paint with the gold trim took the country/farm look away. Are you planning on painting your chairs white too?

  19. You made an amazing choice to paint the table white and gold. It immediately ties in with the chandalier and the frame around your painting. Now you can be much more free with your color without feeling heavy. This is so creative…..glam yet still farmhouse! Maybe you invented a new style Farmhouse Glam! Love it.

  20. I knew it on the touches of gold! i don’t know diddly about decorating, but in a previous article I commented that a touch of gold on the green chairs as they looked too “flat” for your style. I love it on the white version of the table as well.
    Don’t know about this particular spray paint, but I’ve spray painted a lot of metal including heavy use items such as door hardware, and I use an etching spray paint first. Holds up great.

  21. What an exciting idea to use the gold the way you did. Once again, you’ve inspired me. Think I’ll do this to my table but with another color. Might not work, but it looks so fun. Thanks, as always, for your creativity.

  22. Wow, what a transformation of your table. I love it, it’s so glamour-ish and really picks up the chandelier beautifully! I really liked the table with the wood stained top with the black, but in white and gold, it takes the table to a whole new level of stunning and looks amazing against your new green walls!!!! I’m so, so happy for you Kristi that it’s all coming together……and so quickly! You’ve definitely got your vision and groove back. It’s so exciting!!

  23. I love the direction you’re moving in!! 🙂 I’ve said it before,but I just really enjoy “watching” you work once your vision becomes clear! 🙂

  24. The green on the walls is so much nicer, there are too many beautiful colours in this world to just stick to white!

  25. I love it! And I love that you’re not afraid to admit that you get stumped and change your mind mid-makeover, i do that all the time and it’s nice to know that professional decorators do it too :). Thanks for all the inspiration!

  26. I never would have thought to paint the table white. But it makes a big difference to how the room now looks/feels. So light & airy.
    I was noticing your floors near your baseboards. Did you spray your baseboards? Am I seeing overspray on the floors?

    1. Yes, it’s overspray. Since I’m planning to sand and recoat my floors with one or two more coats of Waterlox, I wasn’t very careful when spraying my walls.

  27. Yeesssssss!!! This is “IT”! With the color on the walls, the “other” colors on the table made it look too heavy and depressing for your room. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! Now, I’m waiting with bated breath to see the chairs finished and how you tie them all together 🙂

  28. Kristi,

    I have been following your blog for a few years now and I continue to be amazed at what you accomplish. You are such an incredible person with an abundance of talent. I love everything you do. You are an inspiration. Because of you, I have made headers for my windows (like the ones in your beautiful condo), actually built a simple daybed, made tile top end tables and am planning to build a large cabinet. I have acquired most of your recommended tools and I am excited about all the possibilities they offer.

    The dining room table is simply beautiful. The room is going to be stunning. The walls and fireplace are gorgeous. Congratulations on all your wonderful work and thank you for being such an inspiration.

  29. Oh my!! Awesome.

    I’m wondering if I could do that to my table? (Current light oak with green tiles on the top) … I hate it but maybe it’s an option for me. The green doesn’t go at all in my kitchen but with if I paint it white and dress up the base ….??? Hummmm

    Thanks for your post. Got my old feeble brain thinking …

    Again – AWESOME table

  30. It is such a fascinating process to watch you… I can see now how going with the all white walls sort of blocked you from the pulling the other elements together. It was almost forcing you into other choices that just weren’t what you wanted. But once the walls gained their color it meant the table could go light, you could get your gold in, the fabric seems to be falling into place…
    The foundation was the wall color. Thanks for the teaching moment!

  31. Bling-A-Ding-Ding! That looks nice and bright. I did like the look of the stained top but couldn’t figure out why it didn’t work. Now I can see it.

  32. Have you ever tried a product called Rub n Buff? While it’s definitely not the same as gold leaf it has so much more dimension and depth to it than paint does. It is a paste that comes in a tube and goes on with a brush or your finger. I use it on every frame that comes into my house.
    Love the white table with the green walls. Can’t wait to see this room come together.

    1. I have tried it, and even considered it on the table. I have an unused tube of it, but thought it might be too hard to get into the crevices on the turned legs. It’s great stuff! Doesn’t work so well on metal, though. It’s great for porous surfaces.

  33. Everything blends beautifully now. I am so happy to see the bluebonnet picture back. It really sets the room off.

  34. Well this is certainly you! Just took you a while to get here. I noticed that you have once again turned the table. Was that for working or have you changed your mind about that too? You will probably have to add some gold leaf to the fire place to help it blend with everything thing else that has gold accents. Did you ever decide on what you plan to do about a rug for the dining room? I imagine the one for the foyer would be the same pattern, but more of a runner type, since the space will be narrow. It will be fun to watch this week. Seems like someone or something lit a fire under you!

  35. The white table is “singing” with the white trim and wainscot and fireplace!! The fireplace looks gorgeous and really “pops” now! Just gorgeous!

  36. I like every direction you go in! Not that all is my taste, but I like your tenacity for plugging along until you are truly satisfied. I’m loving what I see here, but I liked all the other ideas as well. To me, none of them were bad, just not what you wanted. And for that, I am glad that you can blog about it, get opinions (good or bad!) and still stay true to what you have in mind. I would be all over the place with so many opinions that I could never settle on anything!
    This room is going to be amazing! Can’t wait!

  37. I have a table that looks so much like this (before your paint job). I never even thought to use it in my new kitchen that is underway. I kept thinking I would have to go buy a table but I might just do this to mine. I so enjoy your blog! I bought a wooden lamp at a thrift store for 50 cents and did the faux glass tiles in the same colors you used. The shape was a little different due to the base but I really think I might get my carpenter to cut some wood while he’s here working so I can make one just like yours with the same dimensions. Anyhoo, keep inspiring us!

  38. I adore it! I admit, none of the other ones looked very good to me, but I was sure you were going to pull it together beautifully. This is already stunning! I sure can’t wait to see the result… and hopefully the appearance of the watercolour fabric again? =)

    1. The table is beautiful…and I’m gonna make a wild guess and say that you r going to do a mural on the entryway wall…I’ve always wanted to do that in my entryway…ant wait to see if I’m right!

  39. Loving the table….. Just looking at the pics again and I love the gold on the bottom of the legs. It reminds me of a ballet dancer when she is up on her tippy toes. Makes it look very light and a bit more dainty.

  40. Well I’m happy for you! You have found yourself again,and with the painted walls. And now your beautiful table. So all I can say is Wow!Wow!!!

  41. The wall color is nice but I’ll be honest where some of your commenters are not….the gold accents on the table make it look like one in a cartoon or that cheap white and gold faux French provincial furniture from the sixties. All it does is accentuate the farmhouse style legs and glam gold does not look good down on the farm!

    You are very creative but stop trying to incorporate every trend you see.

    1. I see. So because you don’t like it, then it’s impossible that anyone else would? And therefore all 100+ people here and 80+ people on Facebook are lying to me, while you’re the only one who will be honest with me? Interesting. How about if you let me decorate my house the way I want to, and with things that I like, since it is, after all, my house?

  42. It is all falling into place. Choosing the material for the chairs will be easier.
    BTW – Glam table, terracotta curtains (good match with the floorboards, subtle way of enhancing the discreetly green walls) and repainted green walls: more like you. Definitely.
    my 2 cents worth, on the chairs:
    – green material: great with the new look of the room. the pattern reminds of the doors of your music room. Which I find stunning.
    – black and white fabric: gorgeous. especially with your newly painted table.
    – multicoloured fabric: love it. However I don’t feel it is a right room to have it – from where I stand!
    My preference would be the green fabric – just because the colour blends in. I mean to say, all the colours are now softer, and you can attract attention on that painting, or other decorative items (china, oriental carpet, etc) or even on the view to your garden, not just on the chairs.
    a graceful room to relax with a great meal and friendly company.
    Don’t stop! I love what you are doing, the thinking behind, and your courage. Thank you for sharing what you do and what you think.