Finalized Bathroom Remodel Decorating Plan (Shower Curtain Fabric, Vanity Paint Color)

I finally took a day off of working on my bathroom/house.  On Friday, I did absolutely nothing all day except sit in bed and watch past episodes of Fixer Upper, Rehab Addict, and Downton Abbey, with a couple of naps in between.  It was glorious!  I’m pretty sure that’s the first entirely relaxing day, with not a single bit of work on the house or any house-related projects, I’ve taken since I started my bathroom remodel almost a month ago, so it was very much needed.  My body (and my arms!) have thanked me for it.

But then on Saturday, I got back to it and tiled my bathtub surround, which I grouted yesterday.  I still need to do some cleaning up, and I was frustrated to learn that Home Depot didn’t carry sanded caulk at the store in the grout color I chose (Alabaster), so I had to order it online.  They carry sanded caulk at the store to match every single color of pre-mixed grout that they sell in the store…except for the color I chose.  Of course.  So it still wont’ be finished for at least another week.

Anyway, as I was working on the tile for the last two days, I was thinking about the remaining undecided design decision — mainly the shower curtain fabric and the vanity color.  And of course, the shower curtain fabric needed to come first, so that I could choose my vanity color from it.

I kept thinking about the characteristics I wanted in a fabric.  I wanted something floral (of course, because I love florals), but I didn’t want anything too crazy and bright.  I wanted something with shades of greens and blues, set on a neutral background.  I didn’t want the neutral to be white, because that would be too much white against a white tub with a white subway tile surround and white wainscoting, but I did want it to have some white accents on the pattern.  And after finishing my stained wood ceiling and installing my new ceiling light with the linen shade, I decided that a floral fabric with a linen-type background would be just perfect.

stained wood slat ceiling in hallway bathroom - 9

And most importantly, the fabric needed to coordinate with the accent tile that I chose.

selections for bathroom finishes 4


So I knew everything I wanted in a shower curtain fabric — floral, nothing crazy and bright, blues and greens on a linen background, some white accents, coordinates with the accent tile.

Remiiiiind you of anything? (Read that in your best Craig Ferguson impression.)  😀  It turns out that I already have the perfect fabric hanging right in my living room.

Yep, it’s the P. Kaufmann Florabunda Sea Glass fabric that I used on my living room window treatments!

Now I know you’re thinking, “But Kristi, you decided you didn’t like that fabric!”  I actually still love the fabric.  I just didn’t like it for my living room, used on all of the windows.  But used in a much smaller quantity, and in a context where visitors will see it more closely rather than from a distance, I think it will be perfect!

So that means that my vanity will be dark teal — the same Behr Mythic Forest that is currently on my living room walls.  (This is a very old picture, but it shows the color very well.)

It’s funny how these things didn’t work out for my living room, but I’m pretty confident that they’ll be perfect for my bathroom!  I have a feeling that this is a situation where context (and quantity) are everything.  I had things out of proportion in the living room, but I think it’ll be just right in the bathroom.

By the way, I am still planning on selling these window treatments, so if you’re interested, stay tuned.  I just think it’s foolish to take apart one panel of a set of fully lined, pinch pleated draperies to use as a shower curtain, making the other panel completely useless on its own.  I’d rather sell these as a pair to someone who wants them, and purchase new fabric for my shower curtain.  That way it all gets used, and none of it ends up in a scrap fabric pile in my closet, never to be seen again.  Anway, I’ll give details soon on the price, measurements, etc.

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  1. This is so strange – I was just thinking that I would LOVE to have the curtains from your living room. I’ll certainly be keeping a close eye to see if I will be able to afford them.

  2. I’ve been searching for tile and I trust your judgement. I like your selection. Can you tell me what the names are and where you found it? I need to do a shower floor and walls so I want 2 sizes like you show. i am working with a bathroom that just had the floor done in a tiny square and looks great so really interested in your two larger size tile. THANKS!

  3. I think, having now seen that fabric very close up that it will be lovely in the bathroom. That whole kind of sea glass blue and green speaks of water and what better place. My computers (2) plus tablet always show your living room walls as a dark blue. Must be the lighting or something. It is a shame that this is not the bath connected to your master bedroom, since I think the fabric would be lovely with the navy walls. Maybe you can save the panels for yourself and drape the whole wall behind your bed. It would make a beautiful back drop for your head board and lights. I don’t know if you have any other windows in the master, but if so, you could always use the roman shades, or if not, maybe make some pillows for the bed and/or a chair. Sounds like you got some much need rest, and your plan is coming together. Wish we would warm up weather wise in these parts. Have lots of painting projects to do in the garage, but even with a heater it is way too cold. Hopefully one more week and maybe, just maybe we will turn the corner.Blessings, as always.

    1. Love Mary Anne Looby’s suggestions… Something to consider….. Sooo glad you gave yourself a MUCH DESERVED day of rest…..

  4. I LOVE floral fabric!.I have several oil paintings of floral in my bedroom and also an old but fabulously beautiful floral bed assemble.
    My hubby’s a sweetie and doesn’t mind. I have had it for eons!
    Can’t wait to see the shower curtain !
    You have inspired me to do my ceiling…….going to go,get the cabinet grade plywood today……wish me luck!
    Have a fabulous day….and week….so glad you got some R&R!

  5. I loved the design of your living room, but cannot wait to see the direction you decide to go with it. So I am thrilled to see it re-imagined in your bathroom. I think it’s going to be a visually stunning and elegant room!

  6. I loved that fabric and wall color in your living room, so to change it to this bathroom is going to look stunning in there! Can’t wait to see the progress. So pleased you got to have a day of rest. You sure do deserve it Kristi.

  7. Isn’t it great when it works out that you can use/repurpose something you already have? I think that will be a really pretty shower curtain.

  8. That fabric is gorgeous and will be lovely in your bathroom, especially since you made such a stunning custom ceiling. Although I can’t explain why I feel that way, I just do! I’m sure someone will want the window treatments you have in the living room right now, and then you get the fun of making more. Although I personally like that fabric in your living, hey, it’s you and hubby that have to live with it, not me. It’s always kind of frustrated me how an item I chose at one stage in a redo will eventually not look right and beg for replacement. Even though that item in and of itself is perfectly fine. The perfectionist in me makes me want to replace that item too. It’s all coming along beautifully.

  9. That fabric is a great choice for a shower curtain. What a brilliant realization. And people will naturally be close enough to appreciate the floral pattern. Good Girl!! Love it!

  10. I am so glad that you explain how your design choices change. It isn’t that you don’t love a piece but what is in our head doesn’t always work for us in real life. Seeing you change your kind helped me make changes in my bedroom. I felt like I was wasting money when I changed decor. But now I love my room. And slowly I have found other places to use the decor I bought. You make me fearless in my decorating and remodeling. If it doesn’t work just change it! BTW I think the teal will be GORGEOUS with the wood counter top. So excited to see how you bathroom comes about! Have you decided on a vanity style? Open bottom I hope. Lol

  11. What a rich and luxurious bathroom this is going to be. I’m tickled pink you took a full day for relaxing, and I also love that you are now into the pretty stuff. You could not make restoring an old house more fun than we are having by following you.

  12. Love your shower curtain idea against your tile choices. Yum! Sometimes you just need to take a break before you get to the breakdown zone. Glad you’re rested up and ready to go.

  13. When you make your shower curtain, place the rod up along your ceiling. Hanging your shower curtain from this height will make the room feel taller. Trust me.
    And please show us how you make your curtain.

  14. Kristi, isn’t it funny when you find something you are in love with in your house and you love it all over again! I can’t imagine a more perfect fabric! I love those drapes, so keep us posted! Always smile and enjoy that you can do this remodel!!!!

  15. I’ve been binge watching Downton Abbey too, as I recuperate from surgery! Almost done with Season 3! Oh, and the decorating part of your blog today was good too. hee hee

  16. Kristi, I’m afraid, these floral motives on fabric are printed in a bit large scale. It may not work we’ll in a tiny bathroom. Maybe you tried first just to bring that panel to the bathroom to check how it works? Best wishes

  17. I think that fabric will look great as a shower curtain in the bathroom. I liked it best when the living room walls were the brown color and, with the ceiling basically brown, that fabric should have a similar look.