Hallway Artwork Framed & Hung (Watercolor Chapel & Colorful Geodes)

Yesterday I worked on getting the artwork for the hallway framed and hung, so now my hallway has a bit of color in it (besides the teal door).

You may remember from a few weeks back that I had originally intended the colorful bird illustration gallery wall to be used in the hallway. But as I put those pictures in their frames, I realized I liked them so much that I preferred them in the living room. (You can click here to see how that turned out.)

So I went back to the drawing board for hallway artwork inspiration, and finally decided to turn one of my favorite pictures from our wedding day into a watercolor. I couldn’t do it myself, so I recruited my very talented mom to help me with the project. (You can click here to see the whole before and after, from photograph to “watercolor.”)

It took a while for me to decide just how I wanted it framed, but I finally decided on a double white mat and a very simple matte gold metal frame. Here’s how it looks framed and hung above the small console table that I built for the hallway. (I’ll work on hiding the lamp cord later.)

I just love how it turned out.

The thin matte gold frame is from Hobby Lobby. I had to custom order, and it took about two weeks to come in, but I was pleasantly surprised at the cost. It was right at $35. I had a heck of a time finding a double white 24″ x 36″ mat, but I finally found this one on Amazon (you can find it here). I ordered non-reflective glass, which is more expensive than regular glass) from a local glass shop, and it was $40. And finally, my mom ordered the print from her professional lab, and I asked for it to be mounted on foam board. That cost $70. So in total, this “watercolor” came in at $175. I guess that’s actually not bad for a completely custom 24″ x 36″ piece of artwork.

The console table (which I built myself — you can click here to see that project) got a couple of coats of Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal. The lamp is one that I found a couple of years ago at Marshall’s. It was turquoise, which seemed a bit dull in the hallway with the teal doors and artwork with lots of blue, so I gave it a little makeover with Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch spray paint in gloss Coral, which I found at Home Depot.

On the opposite wall, I hung the set of six watercolor geode prints that I bought from WatercolorPaperie on Etsy. (You can click here to find these prints.) I really wanted to put these in acrylic “frameless” floating frames, but after searching extensively and not finding any that I liked and that were budget-friendly, I finally decided to go with these frames that I found at Hobby Lobby. They still give the “floating” effect with the prints sandwiched between two layers of glass, but they obviously have frames.

I do like how you can see through the glass to the wall, and also how the actual artwork creates shadows on the wall. It’s an interesting effect.

I bought the frames during one of Hobby Lobby’s 50% off frame sales, so they came in at just over $10 each. The artwork itself, with shipping, was $93.50. So with the frames and the artwork, this wall came to just under $165.

Now if I can just get the new drawer built for the cabinet and do those paint touchups, and then find some black door pulls for the bathroom doors, this hallway will officially be finished!



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  1. The wedding picture is beautiful as is all the other decor in the hallway. I love watching your rooms come to life 🙂

    How about the painting on outside of house? Has it not been rescheduled?

    1. It hasn’t been rescheduled yet because the weather has been so cold and rainy. I think we’re finally going to have a sunny and warmish day today, but then more rain this weekend. If only we could just have about four days straight of temps in the 50s/60s and sunshine, that should be enough. But looking on the forecast, I don’t see that happening any time time this month.

  2. Kristi, the frames are perfect for your watercolor and for the geodes. I like your idea of having the geodes between the glass and no mount. Great idea to paint the base of the lamp, it blends in with the coral color flowers in your watercolor and with the geodes. Love your hallway table painted in the charcoal gray, it’s the neutral allowing the other colors to take center stage! Well done and great start to your 2018 goals!

  3. Love the gray color on the table. Thanks for sharing paint color. The stripes are just beautiful. I love everything about this area.

  4. It looks terrific, Kristi. My daughter is a big fan of geodes…she will LOVE those prints.

    I know you wanted “frameless” floating frames, but I like how the black unites the prints and grounds them, while still letting your wall stripes show through.

    And…your wedding watercolor will be so fun to pass by throughout your day. I have a huge wall with family photo ledges and it gives me joy every time I walk though it. 🙂

  5. I love the artwork of your wedding day! It’s so personal and perfect, a wonderful memory of the start of your life together. The simple frame showcases the picture rather than competing with it, and the frames on the geode prints give a boundary to the glass that also complements the prints. You now have a lovely hallway that invites one to linger rather than just passing through! Happy New Year to you and Matthew!

  6. Love it all. It turned out fantabulous. Aside from loving the prints, I’m crazy about that lamp! It is the icing on the cake 😉

  7. I love all the Francine Rivers books too! ..and oh yes..I love what you have done with the prints and that beautiful lamp. So much beautiful wow in a space that is usually left unattended to.

  8. Love how far you’ve brought the dark hallway!!
    But how bout if paint frames with geodes same color as wall stripe? May then get the desired floating frame effect!!!

  9. I think the geode prints look FABULOUS floating in the black frames, and I think the dark frames are helpful there. And the wedding “watercolor” is so lovely. It all looks beautiful! And I am in awe at what you get done!

  10. So pretty! I especially love your wedding picture. Your hallway is so nice and pretty now. It must be so great to see all the changes and progress. Congrats!

  11. My favorite thing in the hall is the custom watercolor of your wedding chapel. Use an LED bulb that equals 40 watts, but actually burns only 6 watts, so that you can leave the lamp on to highlight your mother’s watercolor. And I LOVE hiding electrical cords or cord covers. Seems like they trip me up visually if they aren’t hidden. Love your hallway, and so very close to being 100% done.

  12. As usual you knocked it out of the park……sorry for the baseball lingo, but it is all beautiful. My favorite is the wedding picture. How creative and special. You never disappoint. Looking forward to following this years renovations and decorating.
    Enjoy the process!

  13. Looks good! Nice artwork and the table looks soooo much better in grey with no grain showing. So how are you going to disguise the lamp cord? I am curious to see how you do it.

  14. Hi Kristi! Everything is absolutely beautiful! This is my first time commenting, but I have been enjoying your progress for about 2 years. You are so ambitious with all of the projects you tackle. I have to say I’m envious of your skills. Thank you for always sharing your thought process too. I’ve learned so much from you! I’m looking forward to your developments in 2018!

  15. I love those geode pictures in the frames! I especially like the way they give a colorful accent to an otherwise neutral-colored wall. Thank you very much for sharing!

  16. I’m catching up on your progress after missing a few weeks. The watercolor is beautiful. I’m surprised with everything you do, that you don’t cut your own picture mats. All you need is a Logan Mat Board cutter and you can be cutting and changing mats whenever you feel like it. You can purchase Mat board from an art supply store. The size you needed was a little larger than the typical Mat board but you can order it. You can get several mats from one piece of board. It’s definitely worth the investment, especially if you are planning on concentrating on artwork this year. It’s very easy, but being precise helps.

  17. You’re so handy with everything, I’m wondering about you moving the electrical plug-in down behind the console leg. That isn’t terribly difficult, is it? I love everything in this little space. I just see so much of your style

    1. Moving outlets is much more difficult in my house than most because of the shiplap behind the drywall. I think I can creatively hide the cord without moving an outlet, though.

  18. Love your watercolor wedding picture. I don’t live too far from where you were married. Do you sometimes miss our part of the country? Surprisingly it’s not raining and in the low 50’s right now. I have enjoyed all your great work on you house. Thanks for sharing it with those of us.