It’s Concrete Countertop Weekend!

I have a pretty good start at prepping my countertops for pouring the concrete this weekend. If you missed how I prepped the countertop on the wall of cabinets, you can go back and see it here…

In all honesty, if you were standing in my kitchen or breakfast room right this minute, at 8:27 on Friday morning, you’d probably look around and tell me, “Kristi, there’s absolutely no way that you can be ready to pour these countertops tomorrow!”

I have just a tiny twinge of doubt in the back of my mind as well, but I’m determined to do everything in my power to make it happen, even if that means working until 2:00am to get everything ready.

But right now, my fridge/stove wall looks like this…

one day away from pouring concrete 3

Yep, that’s all I got done on that wall yesterday. I cut the concrete board and one piece of the edge form. I still have to finish cutting and installing the forms around the edges and add the fiberglass mesh. That should be quick, though, since those are so small.

And then on the peninsula, I actually took a few steps backwards yesterday. I was trying to get the cabinet installation finished, and something about the design just wasn’t sitting well with me. I finally realized that I was trying to force the whole wood column idea into this peninsula, and not only did they not add anything to the peninsula, but they kind of distracted from the one main focal wall that already has the wood columns.

one day away from pouring concrete 1

See what I mean? I think it’s just too much, and it detracts from the one main wall. And that’s the last thing I want. I designed my whole kitchen with the idea that the one wall of cabinets would be the main focus and everything else would just quietly complement that wall, so the last thing I want is for something else to try to steal the focus.

I love those wood columns though (all four columns were generously provided to me by for my kitchen remodel), so I have another idea for them, but I’ll keep that to myself for now.

In the meantime, I needed to do some rearranging of the cabinets on that side since I won’t need the extra space for columns. I sent my brother to Home Depot to grab two more 30-inch cabinets and I’ll use those in place of the 12″ and 15″ cabinets I was going to use.

That gave me a few additional inches of usable cabinet space, so I’ll still need to add some spacers to square everything up on the peninsula.  I’ll have to figure all of that out today.  That’s the kind of math and figurin’ that makes my brain hurt.  🙂

So after all of my backtracking yesterday, the peninsula looks like this this morning…

one day away from pouring concrete 2

Yep, like I said, there’s still much to do.  🙂

In addition to finishing up the installation and getting all of the concrete forms ready, I need to do some cleaning up.  Right now, my breakfast room looks like a tornado went through.

one day away from pouring concrete 4
one day away from pouring concrete 5

Everything is covered with sawdust, and now also with black shreds of plastic from the countertop edge forms, and all of that needs to be cleaned up.  We’ll be mixing the buckets of concrete in here, and I’d cry if any of that sawdust or black plastic shreds accidentally got mixed in with my white concrete.

So I’ve got a busy day ahead of me.  And tomorrow, the concrete will be poured.  Mark my words.

I can’t wait to show you the progress on Monday!  🙂


You can see the next step in this DIY pour-in-place concrete countertop project here…

Helpful sources and products:

Want to see how I ended up using those extra wood columns? You can see that here…



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  1. I’m really interested to learn how this turns out; I’ve actually done my own laminate counters but could never (of course) do the ogee edges. I like the whole idea; but wish there was a better option to the heavy concrete (at 45+, I’m not as strong as I used to be).

    As a side note, each time I see a picture with your flooring, that’s the first thing my eye is drawn too! I absolutely adore the pattern and color! great, great work. don’t hurt yourself and feel obligated to us readers to finish this weekend; goals are good to strive for…but, you are doing a ton of work in a few days.

  2. Hi Kristi,
    I’ve been following your work for a bit now, and just have to tell you how amazing you are!!! I also do decor/renovation/styling work for a living, and enjoy it very much, but take it from me, you are something else!!!

    Inspired…. Rachel

  3. I have no doubt that it will happen….you are one determined young lady!!!
    I will be off the grid for a month or so…… it will be a major transformation by the time I get back. I will certainly be looking forward to seeing all that you get done!!
    Blessings to you,

  4. I am probably in the minority, but I actually really like the columns on the peninsula. For me, it adds interest to the area and also for me, visually ties it together with the cabinets in the kitchen.

    Can’t wait to see the counters on Monday!

    1. Hi, l agree..!! The shot of the entire kitchen is great. l would try and imagine what the layout looked like..:) Kristi could you please give us more wide shots like that..!

      Great work Kristi..!!

  5. Kristi….. I don’t think there ever existed a more determined woman than you….. But of course we will see poured concrete countertops on Monday….. We know that the Pope is Catholic and that there is Salt in the sea…. therefore the conclusion…. there will be curing countertops in Kristi’s kitchen on Monday……!!!!!

  6. Just don’t force yourself to overdo. Keep you health in mind. It’s the most important thing you have. And except for that, YOU GO GIRL.

  7. I am confused as to how you’ll do the peninsula countertop without having the extra sheetrock and cabinet in place in that back corner. And if you plan on getting that done first, I am confused as to just how many hours are in your day! Looks amazing though.

  8. Now you’ve tweaked my curiosity about the turned legs! Looking forward to your posts later in the weekend and please! Watch out for yourself!

  9. You are doing a fantastic job on this kitchen. Don’t be sidetracked by the construction debris. You will get to that when needed. I admire that you adapt your peninsula to fit your original plans You are not afraid to step back and punt. Keep going!!

  10. only two words can come to mind,,,
    Bless you,,,,,you are a TROOPER!!!
    I know men that wold have caved LONG ago on your kitchen over smaller things – you may have a cry moment – but you go for a drive and clear your mind – you truly are AMAZING!!

    you are totally my idol!

  11. Hi Kristy,
    I check every day to see what new idea or progress you’re going to show us. I LOVE your blog! Recently you mentioned that you love your Dremel. I am curious as to which one you own (forgive me if this is dumb question). Also, I was looking through your DIY Basics and saw other tool info. that was helpful, but I didn’t find anything specific on the circular saw that you use.
    Thanks for sharing your creativity and inspiring me to go out and tackle my own projects!

  12. Bless your heart, I wish I lived closer so I could help you with that cleanup! (Alas, Baton Rouge is just a tad too far for me to come.)

    If I was a betting woman, I’d bet that you’ll pour those countertops tomorrow. But if it doesn’t happen tomorrow, it will happen within the next few days, so not to worry!

    I agree that having the posts on the island will take away from your focus wall. And I have no doubt that whatever your mind is cooking up (pun intended, it IS a kitchen,hehehehe) will be suitable and lovely. I trust your instincts!

    Onward and Upward!

  13. Haha Kristi, a tornado DID go through your breakfast room – YOU!!!

    I will be following your progress over the weekend, but don’t overdo things.

  14. Kristi
    Incredible….love this story…waiting with baited breath to see the whole thing done….easy for me to just sit back and watch and oooh and aaahh…but you are doing the heavy liftin’ and that is all to your credit…my hat’s off to you!

  15. My first thought was rough keep the decorative posts but cut them in half to put against the cabinets. BUT, I am not the decrator/renovation goddess! Lol. I know that what comes at the end I will love! It is such a pleasure to read your post each day. Be safe and don’t over do. I would rather wait and have you healthy than have you push yourself. But, I think you will will not be able to wait. Lol. OK I am rambling. Bye now.

  16. Please don’t over do things! You are a human not a robot girl. I love everything you do to your kitchen, but please take care of yourself first.

  17. Wow, I can’t wait to see how these turn out. I especially love that the countertops are going to be white. I am curious about one thing. In a lot of new kitchens I’m seeing drawers in place of just cabinets with shelves. I myself plan on replacing “some” of my large cabinets with big drawers. As I get older I’ve noticed that my back does not like me to bend down to dig for my pots and pans in the lower cabinets. Temporarily I’ve moved my popular pots & pans to an upper cabinet and it has relieved my back like you wouldn’t believe. I just wondered if you had considered it. I know you say you don’t cook very much so it may not be as big an issue for you.
    By the way, I like the turned legs on the breakfast room side. Have you considered ripping them in half to make them less distracting? You would still have the look but it would only take up half the space.

  18. I swear, every day just gets funner and funner 🙂 Monday is gonna be even better. BUT, if you don’t get it all done by then, don’t kick yourself. You have made more progress in the time since you started this project then the professionals made getting my kitchen cabinets put up – after the demo! And they didn’t knock down a wall!

  19. It is Saturday night and I just finished reading this post. I’m envisioning those countertops and hoping that you got your ‘to do’ list completed yesterday so those beautiful countertops were poured today. Can’t wait for Monday…

  20. I keep checking back every hour to see if you have posted something regarding your concrete countertop weekend. I’m sure your arms are too tired to type, but please hurry! Can’t wait to see your progress.