Spring 2018 Video House Tour

Well, y’all, look what I’ve done! I’ve finally gotten around to making a video tour of our house! And it only took about three years of y’all requesting a video tour for me to oblige. I’m very accommodating like that. 😀

So before we begin, just a few notes:

  1. This is my first video tour, and I’m not the steadiest videoing-while-walking person, so you might want to take your Dramamine before hitting the “play” button. 😀 Seriously, thank goodness for iPhone’s video stabilizer, because without it, we’d all be hanging on for dear life as the video plays. Hopefully I’ll develop a steadier videoing-while-walking ability as I do more in the future.
  2. This tour doesn’t include the three bedrooms (the room that will be Matt’s game room, the room that will be the guest bedroom, or the master bedroom) because there’s nothing to see there anyway. It also doesn’t include the sunroom or the back yard. I’ll include those, if there’s something to see, in future videos.
  3. You’ll meet my new friend in this video, and hear me calling him Connor. Since I did this video, we’ve changed his name to Cooper.
  4. I said I never would have a need for one, but I changed my mind and have created a “Shop My House” page where you can find links to items I’ve purchased and used in my home, as well as paint colors. You can click here to find my Shop My House page. I’ll try to keep that page up-to-date, but if I’ve missed something, feel free to let me know!
  5. If you hear me mention a project that I’ve done, and that you’d like more info about, you can find all of my projects in the DIY Projects gallery (which is always linked in the main menu). You can even sort and view them by category.

I thinkthat’s it, so let’s start the tour!



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  1. Kristi, thanks so much for the tour — I loved it; it brings everything that you’ve done in the past few years together so nicely. And I must tell you that I love your voice! It is so pleasant, so calm, and love your sweet southern accent. (I’m from Michigan) 🙂

  2. Your house is looking beautiful! It was crazy to hear your voice. I didn’t realize that I “heard” a voice when I read your posts, but your real voice is nothing like I “heard”. LOL

      1. How funny! I’ve always lived in the South and thought she sounded just right! But that house is somethin’ else! It is so beautiful! I came on board just as she was starting, and, Kristi, you are an amazing woman!

    1. Same here. Voice didn’t match what was in my head. You do have a very nice speaking voice! Loved the video.

  3. awesome Kristi! Next time can you raise your voice a wee bit for us who are hearing impaired? The tour was fantastic! You have accomplished so much!

    1. So sorry about that! I’ll try to remember that next time. I need to learn more about video editing, too, so that I can adjust the volume better.

      1. no worries..just though I would interject my comment so you are more aware for next time. I loved the video itself…you have done so much. It is really amazing…

  4. Everything looks amazing….and on that pantry….JUST DO IT! LOL. I love your color choices so much…..I can’t convince hubby to paint the kitchen cabinets that color though, so I’m going with a med – dk grey and have turquoise accents. Enjoying following your progress!

  5. Wow. Just amazing!! And what about beautiful piece of land! I’d love to see the backyard and back exterior next time. Conner’s a lovely pooch! I’m sure he’ll fill out in no time!

  6. Great video! So nice to hear your voice describing ALL of your accomplishments in this house. You should be so proud. I’ve been in my house 23 years and STILL have projects to finish. Oh well, that’s life. Thanks for sharing and it was great to see Cooper.

  7. What a vision to put all of this together and have an end result as fabulous as this! Your hard work and attention to detail are remarkable. Cooper sure is cute and looks like lots of fun! Enjoy your inspiring posts!

  8. It’s nice to hear your sweet voice. Although I have seen your floor plan, this tour helped me with orientation. Thank-you!

  9. Would be great if you spoke a little “louder” I am hard of hearing and some of the sentences I heard but could not understand.

    Love Love your posts. I can hardly wait to see the next one, you are so talented!!

  10. I enjoyed that video. It was nice to see a recap of everything you have done. What about getting Cooper some elevated dishes? Otherwise he will probably knock that bowl over and water damage your nice floor. I did not see dear Peeve in the video. Has she made herself scarce or was she keeping Matt company?
    Well, I have to say that you are a very able person. you are a better carpenter than most men I know. I just cant believe all the cool projects you have done! I’m kind of in awe.

    1. Peeve was keeping Matt company. His lap is her favorite spot in the house. 🙂 She’ll spend all day on his lap if he’ll let her.

  11. Loved the tour – Thanks for bringing us along! The gift you so generously give, apart from your wonderful creativity, is your authenticity. You fold your projects into your everyday life, which makes it a very real process. This is a real help for those of us stalled in that place between a plan and a project.

  12. Most days, your blog is my lunchtime inspiration. It was a great treat watching this today. And ditto about your voice being good for narration.

  13. Thanks for the tour. At times, I’ve felt discouraged for you because the size of the project just seemed too daunting, your talent and perseverance not to mention your creativity and good taste prevailed. Congratulations. I don’t know which project is my favorite because they’re all just awesome but you’re right about that living room rug – it’s stunning. And the artwork over the mantle is perfect with it.

  14. Thank you so much for the tour. It was so nice to see all of your projects at one time. I loved it. It absolutely amazes me that you did all of that mostly by yourself. You are one talented lady. I look forward to continuing on this journey with you.

  15. Your place is absolutely gorgeous. One thing I’d change is to split the six prints of birds into 2 columns of three on either side of the doorway, and make the top of them line up with the bottom of the door trim (I think I’m remembering that right).

    Totally understand your hesitation about the pantry. It’s so utilitarian (except for that lamp – gorgeous!). And the more efficient a pantry is, the less appealing it is visually. I saw one with a rolling library ladder for getting high stuff. That made it interesting and a little dressier. Or instead of a grid of shelves, it could be differently sized cubbies. That would break it up visually, as would the occasional interesting basket. Much more work to build irregular cubbies, of course.

    Hey, do you sell your artwork anywhere? It is stunning.

  16. You probably hate the way that you sound to yourself, but you have a great speaking voice! You definitely should do more videos, whether you’re in front of the camera or not. 🙂

  17. So glad to get a complete 3d visual in my head on how the rooms flow. Thank you and I love your voice too. 🙂

  18. I loved the tour, also found this helpful for orientation purposes. Your coral doors just make me smile.

  19. It really brought home the scope of all you’ve done to see all the completed (and in-progress) rooms in one go. So impressive. It looks great!

    Question: Do you have the ability to add closed captioning to your videos? It would be of help to people with hearing issues–whether it’s degrees of deafness or, as in my case, the opposite: hypersensitivity to sound that makes listening to audio impossible. (To be honest, though, unless it’s good cc’ing, it’s worthless and can end up being just nonsensical jibberish.)

    Even without being able to hear your narration, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the fruits of your labor!


    1. I’m brand new to the video editing process, but I’ll definitely check into the CC option and see if it’s something I can do for future videos.

  20. SO enjoyable…and great to hear your voice. Suggestion; Cooper needs his nails trimmed (it will probably need to be done every 10 days or so until they are optimally short) AND get a “tray” (baking pan) with a thick rug under it for his water bowl…lest your beautiful floors be damaged. Water & dog drool are hell on wood floors. BLESS YOU for adopting him.

    1. His nails are actually incredibly short…at least the ones I’ve seen. But I think he has one rogue longer one that I haven’t seen yet, and that’s the one that’s clicking when he walks. 😀 Our last dog, Boo, wouldn’t let me touch his feet. The only time I was ever scared of that dog is when I would try to clip his nails, so I haven’t even tried to touch/look at Cooper’s feet. After 14 years with Boo, I’ve been trained to not touch a dog’s feet. 😀 I wanted to take Cooper to the groomer to get all clipped and washed, but he was one of the longest residents at the shelter (there since December 25th) and he was incredibly anxious and paced all day every day in his kennel. So I think it’s way too soon to take him somewhere where they’ll probably have to keep him in a kennel for any period of time. So I guess for now, I’ll have to get over my fear of touching doggie feet and see if I can find that rogue nail that needs to be trimmed.

      1. We just do a walk – in at Petsmart to get our doggie nails trimmed. I have a fear of cutting into the “quick”, so I won’t do it myself, and our Vet, who is 5 mins. from our house, charges $25!!!! ( Office visit fee!)

      2. Hi Kristie. I don’t think I’ve a comment before but you might like to check out a mobile groomer to come to your house for grooming…..no waiting, no other dogs barking and you are close by….well worth any extra cost. Beautiful home.

      3. Loved the video tour and hearing your voice. Not as shakey as I expected based on your warning. Very happy to see that you, Matt and Peeve have a new friend. I recommend sitting and petting Cooper and touching his legs and feet as part of the petting to see how he reacts to it. Then touch his feet more and more if he doesn’t seem to mind. That will get him used to you touching his feet if he isn’t totally afraid of it already. That’s what I did with my dog to get her used to me touching her all over. I also lay on the floor with her when I clip her nails then I grind them to file them smooth. She doesn’t love when I trim her nails, but she tolerates it because she loves when I lay on the floor with her.

        1. My previous dog had a nail clipped into the quick on her first grooming as a puppy. For he whole life (and about 5 different groomers) she fought every attempt to touch her feet. My last groomer said “that is no problem. I’ll use the Drexel on her nails I stared of clippers” it worked like a charm and she never had another problem. It was great also because the Dremel smoothed her nails as well so no sharp edges to scratch furniture, floors or people.

  21. Thank you for sharing Kristi, your home is so pretty. If I were you I would sit and stare at it all day! I especially love the glass sidelights and black French doors, they are both so pretty. It was nice to hear your voice too!! Happy Easter!

  22. I am so impressed with everything you have done in your home! It is so beautiful. I second the person that mentioned elevated dog bowls. We have that for our two larger dogs and it makes a world of difference! Easier for them not to make a wet mess.

  23. Your home is beautiful! I love how your colors flow from one room to the next. It is all unbelievable from your before and after pictures. About being intimidated about the pantry, I actually laughed out loud. You need to sit down and watch this video. You have done all this! A pantry can’t intimidate you. I loved the video and so look forward to each blog! Thank you for sharing.

    ps – my favorite thing is EVERYTHING!

    1. Maybe the pantry isn’t the matter of intimidation. Could it be because building cabinetry is something you have done and shown already? Remember that blog post you spoke of that? Maybe RTA cabinets would be an option? We have a kitchen remodel in the works and I have been looking at Conestaga RTA cabinets. The seem to be super customizable in size, style and colors if you want them “finished”. Not as inexpensive if you built them yourself but maybe could get you motivated to get it done 🙂

  24. YOU are truly “Superwoman”!! I have followed you along and know that you did much more than you mentioned in the video. Please know that you are truly blessed with tons of talent. You go girl!

  25. Thank you so much for the tour 🙂 your home is beautiful.. I love that you named your new pal Cooper, that is my dogs name 🙂
    NOw I can put a voice with your blog 🙂

  26. This is awesome. You are a one woman wonder. Would also love to see videos of you actually working on projects. I am one of those who learn quicker with a video. Any chance of this happening?

    1. Haha! Well, I’ll have to get MUCH better with video editing before I could make that work. My fear is that those types of videos will really slow down my progress on my house because I’d be spending so much time editing videos. Either that, or I’d have to hire someone to do the videos for me. But let me give it some thought, and I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

  27. What a wonderful Easter surprise! I’ve already had a very good image in my head of how your rooms are connected (I’m pretty sure I know your house better than those of some of my friends :)) but it is wonderful to get the connection and view from one to the other so fluidly!
    I too like your voice a lot and relished your presentation – it wasn’t too wobbly! I love that you’ve given home to a new dog and wish you a wonderful time with him. I’m looking forward to him photobombing your project pictures like Peeve does 🙂
    Many thanks for the tour and have a lovely Easter time,

  28. The video was fun! I had already mentally toured your house many times, but it was still fun to hear you talk about it! My grandkids were watching with me, and I told them that you had done all these things yourself – they said WOW! She’s really good! 😉 And they said to tell you they like Cooper!

  29. As a longtime follower of your blog, I was just shaking my head all through the tour at all the progress you’ve made since first buying your home. I’ve seen the Befores for every area you toured, and girl, you are just amazing! Every single surface has felt your hand, your skills, your creativity and design. Yes, there’s lots more to do, but look what you have accomplished already!
    Wow! Just…WOW!

    Onward and Upward!

  30. Your home is beautiful, and your video was one of the best house tours I’ve watched in quite awhile in terms of shakiness. I agree with others who said your voice is lovely! Do you do anything in terms of Instagram and video stories on there? I’m fairly new to your blog, and watching your house tour gave me so much motivation and inspiration for my own home. I always thought your house was much larger than mine, and I would get discouraged about what I could do, but the video really puts it in perspective that I could do a lot with my own home. I look forward to more videos!

    1. I do have an Instagram account, and while I don’t post every day like some people, I do try to post somewhat regularly now. You can find me here –> instagram.com/addicted2decorating

      I don’t do Instagram stories, though. I tried a few times, and stuff like that just interferes with the flow of my work day. But after 10 years of blogging, I’m using to taking photos during my projects, so that’s what I stick to. 🙂

  31. Since I’ve followed you for so long, I am pretty familiar with the original house.
    You absolutely blow me away with everything you have done (and the few you’ve re-done). You are amazingly talented and have a fantastic gift. I loved hearing your voice as well, as I can now put your “voice” with your words now.
    You’ll get a lightening feeling one of these days and take off with that pantry, so don’t worry about it 😉 Beautiful home!!

  32. You might be tired of hearing this – but your voice is so lovely! If you had any time left in your day you would be a great audio book voice. I felt like I had a good grasp on the layout of your house from your previous posts but it was such a treat to get oriented to the outside as well. Your lot looks so spacious and lush. Can’t wait til you get some of the landscaping projects going since I am a gardener. 🙂 Thank you for the enjoyable tour.

  33. So enjoyed your tour. Everything looks so beautiful. I really look forward each week or day for your updates. I am amazed at your abilities to do all that work. Your new dog is precious. Thank you for rescuing him. I loved your voice. It does not sound so southern to me. It is very nice to listen to. I live in Houston and am from Little Rock. I am not crazy about my accent. Whatever!! Keep up the good work. I look forward to your posts.

  34. Oh my goodness! How wonderful to really get to experience walking in the front door and looking around at all the projects I’ve followed over the years! Love all your projects, excited to see you get started on that Pantry…it’s going to be great. Thanks for letting me visit.😍

  35. Kristi, an inexpensive tripod or monopod might help with any shaking in the video, though to be honest, this wasn’t so bad. I’m very sensitive to movement and watching shaky videos makes me totally nauseated — that said, I could watch your video and it didn’t bother me.

    To echo everyone else, your home is beautiful, and it is a total treat to see all of your fabulous projects all at once. You should be so proud, I’ve never seen anyone do such amazing work as you, and your before and afters are no less than astounding.

  36. Full of admiration for all you have achieved – terrific. Loved the video – how far you have come One gold medal to you!!!!

  37. Wow! It’s been so fun to read your blog for a long time but this was a treat to see how everything connects together in your home. You are so incredibly talented, and I love seeing your creative handiwork!

  38. Hi Kristi. To say you’ve been a busy girl and that you’ve done a FABULOUS job with your home is amazing! I well remember when you were renovating your condo and what this house looked like when you first purchased it. I was just in Waco (I’m from NC) last week and can’t believe that I didn’t take the time to see if you were available to meet!

  39. The flow of that house couldn’t be more amazing. Something that I know Matt must be thankful for. I can’t imagine it getting much nicer, but at the same time I’m anxiously waiting to see what you tackle next. You are our amazing Wonder Woman!

  40. Kristi – Loved seeing your beautiful home tour. You are such a talent! Wish I could hang out with you for just one day and watch you work. Your home is gorgeous and I love your use of color.

    When you showed your music room, you commented on the new end table you purchased from Wayfair. I’ve been eyeing that same table. Would you consider the color a creamy white with yellow undertones? I’m looking for off-white but not cream. I would appreciate your opinion in the comments.

    Keep up the great work you’re doing. I look forward to your new posts in my inbox 🙂 Jill

    1. The table definitely has a cream (not just off-white) appearance to me. If you’re looking for an off-white (i.e., white but not stark white) table, this one will probably be too cream for you.

  41. The video tour was awesome. I have been following you for a little while. You and your home just keep getting better and better. I love a person who is always willing to learn new things. BIG THANK YOU to you and Matt for adopting Cooper he needed you all. Again thanks for sharing and letting us into your world.

  42. Everything is wonderful! The landscaping will truly transform the outside of the house (even more!) The only surprise for me was the living room was smaller than my mind had made it from the photos. Do you think when you get the addition of the family room done, you will change the living room to have four beautiful chairs, either circling the table or flanking the fireplace (2 ) facing each other ? More like a “visiting” room. I think the room would lend itself to that beautifully. And I love a reason to buy more chairs!😋

  43. Thank you for the tour! Your first video was good! Although it kept repeating some parts, not sure if it was on this end or yours. I really like your use of colors and your artwork, (waiting for you to sell some). It all looks amazing. Looking forward to more videos. Congrats on Conner. Have a great weekend.

  44. You have helped inspire us to try so many things that I never thought we had the skills to do, but reading your blog daily has inspired us to try things even when scary. The house is just amazing! I found myself saying out loud “oh” when I realized the order of the house as you walked it. On a side note I read with a voice in my head for you, and it was not the voice I heard on the video, which cracked me up!

  45. Thanks for the great video. It really helped to give better scale to your house with the rooms being a little larger than I thought. As others mentioned, it will also help me to put your nice voice in my head when I read your blog.

  46. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful home! Following your progress from Nova Scotia, Canada!

  47. Your home is just beautiful. You’ve done amazing things…wish I could do HALF what you do!

    I don’t watch a lot of videos because there is too much movement & I can’t hear or understand the audio part. But I was so curious to see your home & was pleasantly surprised at how clear & steady your video was. Thanks for posting.

    Happy Easter!

  48. Wow, lovely voice. Funny, I read that someone said you had a sweet southern voice, I hear pacific northwest. Time to do voice overs. I have been on the fence on some points of décor, but seeing it all together in the video, I am impressed all over again. Great job on everything.

  49. I just now got a chance to look at your video and was very pleasantly surprised by your voice and the quality. Congratulations to you for keeping your dialogue going so smoothly while walking and shooting the film. Sometimes a still shot can enhance a room by taking that perfect shot where a video puts it all in true.perspective. I have to say I found your home even more inviting and beautiful in the video than in the still photos. That is not to say it wasn’t gorgeous in the blog. I have followed you since you began on this journey and really loved seeing it all as a whole. Be sure to make a before video of the remaining rooms and the total back of the house before you begin remodeling them. It will show us all and yourself how far you have come when things are completed. Because you are doing this complete makeover at a slower pace you don’t get that one wow reveal. I love all your determination to do as much as you can yourself and knowing when to let others help. I know there are hundreds of us who wished we lived closer just to be your apprentice for a few days.

  50. Hi Kristie,
    Thanks for the tour! Wonderful! You have a really lovely voice! Very soothing and calm. Chuckle.
    Regards, Liz.

  51. Well hello been a long while since I have posted a comment. I have been busy working on our home,along with travelling about our beautiful country Australia.
    Enjoyed your video was lovely to hear your voice and view what you have been doing. Love your home and your new Dog. Happy Easter.

  52. Enjoyed the tour of your beautiful home!

    Can’t believe you feel ‘intimidated’ by the pantry. Anybody who could rip the bathroom and kitchen to the studs and more or less rebuild it single handed has nothing to fear when it comes to DIY! When the inspiration to get it done appears, I bet you’ll have it done in no time.

  53. Off topic but I wanted to let you know… I went into Home Depot last week to get some trim paint. I was looking at the paint chips when the clerk asked if he could help. I told him what I was looking for and he said “This is a very popular one”. Then he handed me the chip for Polar Bear White. I told him why is was the most popular white. It is what Kristie uses. The power of the internet and blogging in particular is so amazing. I live in Canada, in a small town of 2,000 people, in the centre of British Columbia. I wonder how many other people, in how many cities, in how many Home Depots have chosen Polar Bear White because of you?

  54. I haven’t had a chance to catch up here in the longest time, so I thoroughly enjoyed the video to appreciate all you’ve accomplished and happily anticipate the projects to come. At the risk of repeating myself, YOU ARE AMAZING!

  55. Love your house tour to recap all the incredible work you have already accomplished and to listen to your very sweet voice. You have a wonderful calming voice Kristi.

  56. I loved this trip into your home and getting to hear you! You have one of most pleasant voices I’ve heard on a video made by someone who isn’t an actor or professional voice-over speaker. I would never have guessed your home was that big by looking at the outside, and for some reason I had the orientation of the living room all wrong. 😉 I love your sweet, new 🐕 and am so happy y’all gave a needy boy a home! I wonder, did you feel intimidated by the pantry before you made the hall cabinets? Maybe all the work on that one (double, though) cabinet spooked you.

    1. I’ve actually felt intimidated by the pantry since I started planning it, so way before the hallway cabinet issues. I figured it would go away, but here we are, over a year later, and I’m still feeling that way. I can’t put my finger on exactly why I’m dragging my feet. Could be that I’m not completely sold on my plan. Or maybe because the room isn’t square (the left wall specifically is way out of square) and I have no idea how to deal with that. Or possibly because when I’ve built cabinets before, they’ve been only one element in a room with other interesting elements, whereas this pantry is pretty much 100% cabinets. So if I screw those up, I’ve messed up an entire room.

      Or maybe a combo of all of those things. 🙂 It’ll come to me eventually, and I’ll be ready to jump in with both feet. It might be two years from now, but it’ll happen.

      1. Doing all those cabinets would be a no-deal for me, but I have faith you’ll make it amazing! What are you going to use, cabinet grade plywood?

        1. Probably MDF since I’ll be painting them. I much prefer the smoothness of MDF for painted cabinets. If I were staining them, I’d do cabinet grade plywood.

  57. Thanks Kristi! Love the beauty and simplicity you have created. I also appreciate the perspective of things taking time. I am just absolutely beginning. Just got paint color cards, and designed a color scheme for the laundry room first…ha…starting with an easier space before the living room..
    I am inspired by you!

  58. Beautiful home. You are very talented and creative.

    As a dog owner myself, with 3 dogs inside, I couldn’t help but notice how thin your dog looks. I had a male who turned 4 years old last October, and passed away in mid November from complications of a congenital enlarged heart. Interesting enough, he could never gain weight. I noticed you had a full dish of dog food on the counter in your bathroom. I understand that it’s none of my business, but I have found through the years that leaving dog food out all the time is beneficial. It’s called free feeding. My Giant Schnauzer has always been free fed and has maintained the perfect weight. He will be 14 in December, which is much older than most giant breeds live. One trick for thin dogs is to feed them puppy food, which has more fat and calories. If your dog is very active and not neutered, it might be harder for him to gain weight. I just thought I would suggest free feeding.

    1. I did that video just days after adopting Cooper from the Humane Society, where he spent all day and night, every single day, pacing in his kennel for three months. He has gained about 20 pounds since he’s been with us. He’s very healthy now. 🙂

      1. Hi Kristi,

        I feel terrible because, later, after I had already sent you the note, I saw more recent pictures of Cooper and he looks perfect. I finally got caught up to all of your videos and posts. I am enjoying seeing all of your projects… old and new. You are inspiring me!