The Bedroom-To-Bathroom Conversion Is On!

Y’all, after much discussion and budget review, Matt and I have made a big decision. We’ve decided to go ahead and combine the Phase 1 remodel, which is scheduled to start around the middle of November, and Phase 2 remodel, which was originally planned for Spring 2020, and do them at the same time!

I’m so unbelievably excited about this!

So in case you’re new around here and have no idea what I’m talking about, the Phase 1 that I’m referring to is a remodel of the two guest bedrooms in our house. and the moving of a wall in the hallway all in preparation for Phase 2, which is to turn the current master bedroom into our new master bathroom. So the rooms labeled “Matt’s Game Room” and “Guest Bedroom” and “Master Bedroom,” along with the hallway they all connect to on this floor plan…

…would look like this after Phase 1…

At the end of Phase 1, the plan was to leave the room labeled “Master Bathroom” as basically an empty room that would then be turned into an actual, usable bathroom during Phase 2. And then everything in pink would be added during Phase 3.

I share more details about our plans in this post…

But now, we’ve decided to combine Phase 1 and Phase 2, which means that when this first part is done, barring any unforeseen circumstances, we’ll have an actual master bathroom!

Thankfully, I’m not completely unprepared. I’ve been planning and dreaming and thinking about this bathroom for a while now, and I already have a vision of what I want it to look like.

I decided on the floor plan a couple of months back. So the room labeled “Master Bathroom” on the floor plan just above will be arranged like this…

I originally thought that I wanted a freestanding soaking tub, but I’ve changed my mind. I want a built-in tub. I just love a pretty tub skirt with beautiful molding, pretty much like the one I built in the hallway bathroom. You can see that bathroom here…

I imagine something very similar to this tub layout (minus the vanity right up against it, obviously), with the large mirror on main wall, a beautiful chandelier, a tub skirt with beautiful molding, shelves at one end of the tub, and shelves plus a TV at the other end. Yes, I definitely want a TV in the tub area. 😀 It’s one of my crazy “dream bathroom” list items, so this is my chance.

As far as my idea for the vanity/window wall, I’ve been very inspired by this bathroom by Studio Dearborn…

Of course, I don’t want mine to look exactly like that, but the overall idea is inspiring me. For our bathroom, swap out the black tiles for teal, vessel sinks for undermounts, small mirrors for much larger mirrors, and the modern vanity for something much more traditional in style. But just the combo of the light floor, medium-to-light wood vanity, white countertop, dark wall tiles, and brass accents is the look I’m going for.

This is probably closer to the vanity color and style that I want in our bathroom…

Bathroom by Greige Design, image via Redfin

This is going to be fun! And I’m excited that we’re going to have a big master bathroom much sooner than we had planned.

Now I just need to find teal tiles. I’ve been looking, but so far, no luck. Everything I’ve found so far is either way too dark, or way too light. There’s nothing so far in the sweet spot of just blue enough to not look green, and just light enough to look teal and not black while still being dark and gorgeous. I’m not picky or anything. 😀

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  1. Congratulations! That is going to be beautiful, and perfect for Matt. By the way, I know someone who has done some beautiful custom color tiles. 😉 Which room will y’all sleep in until Phase 3 is done?

  2. Yea, I know your excited! Its going to be fablous!!
    Try google teal pearl tile and then images. Lots of beautiful options. Also, dont forget to look at tile for pools too! Lots more color selections/options/patterns there!
    Looking forward to the watching the journey unfold!

  3. So great! You guys really need a bathroom that functions for Matt, so I think this is great! Why are you even looking for tiles? Make your own! I was really surprised by the Studio Dearborn inspiration photo, because it’s totally my style and not really your style. Glad to hear you’ll be making it your own. And, good thing you decided on a layout a little while ago! Now you’re ready to at least give them that. Will you be farming it all out to them or are you going to have them frame and plumb it, you do electrical, them come back to do drywall, and then you finish? I’m sure you’ll figure out a good way to split up the work. Yay! Exciting!

  4. I feel your tile pain! I’ve been searching for the perfect navy tile for months. Not so dark it looks black, not too purple, and not too bright. 😪 I wish there was one giant tile warehouse where I could see all of the tiles in one place. I count count how much I’ve spent on samples.
    I’m excited to see this next phase come together!

    1. Congrats Kristi! I’m happy to hear you’ll be getting the bathroom you’ve been waiting so long for! Love you’re inspiration pics!

    2. Yes! Thats beautiful! Weird how adding the word pearl with teal changes the search results!!!
      Try teal pool tile, wow, the options and patterns in yummy shades of perfect teal!

    3. So cool Kristi . I wanted to mention that my daughter and her husband just built a new master suite . My dear son in law has PLS ( a motor neuron disease ) and he is usually in a wheel chair . They made below the sink in the bathroom open so that he can wheel right up to the sink . Also , the toilet area is in the very large shower area which makes everything very accessible.
      So excited for you both Kristi – this will be fun to watch unfold !

  5. Glad you are going with the bathroom now (and I bet the contractor is happy too!) Are you thinking wall mount faucets for the vanities? If so, will Matt be able to use those? Will you be using the guest room as your bedroom afterwards? Having that smaller room to sleep in might encourage you to push through and complete the entire reno sooner!!! I love your tub idea – wish I’d thought to have a TV! I did do shelving at one end, because we had a space to fill. Our setup is similar to the photo you showed, where the tub and vanity leave a corner for the shelving. I love my shelves, but at my age I have to get my daughter here to dust it for me!

  6. Congrats! And if Kristy is unable to find the perfect color tile… I wonder is she is likely to “do it herself”? lol

  7. Your master bathroom floor plan is genius (per usual with you).

    I just took a five week class given by a designer about handling a remodel. One thing she told us, which looks like you are doing, too, is that more and more showers are being designed now without curbs, to allow someone to roll in to use it. Not only does it make the house ready for aging in place, it is a cleaner look, for sure.

  8. Kristi, what great news! I am so happy for you two! Closer and closer to your dream. I happen to feel like I know someone that can probably custom create tiles to the exact color you are looking for. She is fabulous and very creative. I think you would love her work!

  9. Awesome! Don’t forget other luxuries like heated towel bars and heated floors. I love having those items in my bathroom. So nice in the cooler months.

  10. This is probably not something you’d want to consider but there are a lot of peeps pouring epoxy vertically on mdf and coating the back with redgaurd. They are then installing them as shower surrounds. Stonecoats face group group has beautiful examples.

  11. I’m so dang happy for you guys! And guess what, if you can’t find the exact tile you want, I can guarantee that a woman named Kristi, can probably make her own! 😂😂

  12. Hi Kristi, so thankful you can get all of the project going ahead of time. I know it will be beautiful. I am on this journey with you. Can’t wait to see all the updates.

  13. Wonderful for you all! I can’t see anything but good logic in your decision. I would think the master bath would be the highest priority, and only logical to do it along with the other construction mess and get it out of the way. It will make your lives much easier, even without the big addition.

  14. I’m totally “over the moon” about this next project! Matt has been such a trooper throughout all your projects, now he is finally going to get a bathroom suited to his needs.

  15. I know the shower is wheelchair accessible for Matt. I’m just wondering about the sink? Usually they’re lower & open to wheel the chair under. Are you going to do anything like that?

  16. This is exciting! Did you ever see the episode of Fixer Upper where they did a tile rug in front of the fancy tub? It was absolutely gorgeous (just google Fixer Upper tile rug). Something like that would be beautiful here!

    Also, I just saw a really cool project on Good Bones. They did an island with a gray hexagon tile on the back where the seating was. They carried that tile onto the floor and created a slightly random pattern in how the tiles tied into the wood flooring. It defined the space really well. Something like that in the large shower, where the tile would spill out of the defined space and tie into a wood or different tile floor, would also be pretty! 🙂

    I’m just living vicariously through you, haha!

  17. I like the layout a lot and think it will be very user-friendly for you and Matt. You have a lot going on right now trying to finish the living room, build another table for your studio and now Phase I and II of the remodel. Hang in there and enjoy the ride!

  18. Kristi, please hire or consult with a Universal Design Certified Professional. They have training and experience in designing spaces for people who use wheelchairs, and can help you space plan so you both get what you want and need out of the space. I know you have a lot of experience in thinking about what Matt needs, but they have the knowledge to make sure you are maximizing your investment for both of your comfort.

  19. Sooo excited for you and Matt and US! LOL! Seriously, Kristi, really excited to see this progress for you guys!