The Happiest Front Door On The Block (My Cheerful Coral Front Door)

Y’all know I’m all about the quick and easy projects right now. And since my house was finally painted last week (you can click here to see the before and after if you missed it) and my front porch lights were installed, I thought it was time to get some color on my front door.

And my color of choice? Coral! I had a hard time deciding between the pinkish corals or the orangish corals, so I tried to go somewhere right in the middle. Compared to the others I was considering, this one leaned the most orange. And yet on the door, it looks like a very pink coral. Doesn’t it just look happy?! 😀

The name of the color I chose is Benjamin Moore Bird of Paradise. Just the name is a happy one. It conjures up images of the dancing Birds of Paradise on the first Planet Earth series, and every time I pull up to my house and see my pretty front door, I kind of want to dance around my front yard like those guys.

Of course the really close up view is the best one. A bit further away, and the image is kind of ruined by the unfinished porch ceiling.

And from the street view, it gets upstaged by a brown yard void of any landscaping and a sagging porch roof.

It’s one step at a time, right? It’ll all get done. But for now, I like to stick to the close up view.

The lights I chose are these Allen + Roth Castine Wall Lights from Lowe’s. My doorbell is this Ring video doorbell in antique brass from Amazon. And my handleset is this Schlage Matte Black Addison Exterior Entrance Handleset from

Now that my door is painted, I can make a decision on the color for the shutters. I tried two different colors, and so far I’m undecided. They’re very similar, and yet, they’re not. The dark blue on the right is Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray. It’s such a gorgeous, deep blue. But it’s more of a true blue, and I tend to lean more towards teal. So I took some Gentleman’s Gray and added some green that I had on hand (kind of a Kelly Green), and that’s what you see on the left.

Here they are in the breakfast room window, with the Gentleman’s Gray on the left and the teal on the right.

Actually, after looking at that again just now, I think I’m leaning towards Gentleman’s Gray. It’s definitely much closer to the mock up I did…

(Edit: My brother just came over and before I could even ask him, he said he liked the teal better. 😀 )

What do you think? Gentleman’s Gray or teal?

And then one more thing that I can’t decide is what color to paint my studio door. It can be seen from the street, so should it also be coral? Or should the coral be reserved only for the front door?

I think it would look so amazing for that door under the cute little portico to be coral, but then part of me thinks the coral should be reserved just for the front door. Y’all give me your thoughts, because I’m a kind of out of my element when it comes to house exteriors. And for some reason, I’m a lot more timid with the “try it and see if you like it, and if not, redo it” attitude that I bring to my projects indoors. I find exteriors a bit intimidating.

So I need to decide on…

Shutter color: Gentleman’s Gray or teal?

Studio door: Coral or white?

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  1. LOVE the coral door and Gentleman’s Gray for shutters. I say go for the workroom door in coral as well. Life is too short not to have a door that makes you smile when you walk up to it–all because of someone else’s rule about door colors!

        1. Me three. A beautiful combination and the side door should make you want to dance just like the front door does. When you first bought the house you blogged about front door colors and coral was a favorite. If this door was any other color, any shade would do, I would have been bummed.

      1. I agree, too! Coral and gentleman’s gray- besides, that little office door doesn’t face the front of the house, so it won’t compete with the front door.

          1. Yep! I like the teal but I don’t like it with the coral. I think the gentleman’s grey looks great with the coral. And I didn’t realize there were “rules” for doors. My back door is painted the same as my front! Do the coral!

          2. Gentleman’s gray and coral on both doors. (Kind of thinking it’ll start to look too busy if you switch colors. I don’t think anyone will mistake the studio door for the main entrance….) good job!

        1. I would go with a slightly lighter,dustier blue. Check out Valspar’s Blue Arrow. We’ve just decided on this one after much deliberation!

    1. I agree… Gentlemen’s Gray and Coral. Don’t think you should add another door color into the mix… and the coral is so right!

    2. I also agree….Coral for both doors and Gentleman’s Gray for the shutters.
      I love the picture with the front door opened into the inside……I’ve always been wishing you’d add some of that gorgeous coral back into your entry/living area. I always loved that beautiful buffet in the coral. Love the outside of your house. Can’t wait to see the shutters and flower boxes up also.
      Have a blessed day.

  2. Coral for the studio door!

    Normally I would pick blue over teal any day, but the teal you mixed really has some depth to it and screams KRISTI!

  3. Gorgeous! I love the coral with black accents. As for the shutters, my vote is Gentleman’s Gray. It’s rich and classic, and not overpowering. It will be s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g. with the coral door and the color of the house.

  4. Love love love it! Though my initial thought was to keep the front door the only coral colour, since your business is from that side door, it might be better to paint it the same as your front door. I can’t see enough difference in the two shutter colours to offer you my opinion. But, I am truly impressed with all the changes you’re making outside.

  5. Yes, I would say the coral should be reserved for the front door. We had a problem years back with the side door being the same color and we would get people knocking on the side door because they didn’t know which door to go to. Now that we have a stronger color on the front with a porch, and the side door as the color of our azek trim around the house(off white), the side door seems to be more camouflaged and the front door is where people realize to go to. If you don’t care where people are knocking then it probably wouldn’t matter but in our case the color controlled which door people came up to the house. Something to think about:) LOVE the coral color by the way!!!!

    1. For similar reasons I’d say a deeper or more muted version of the Bird of Paradise. Or grey-purple.
      I adore the refinement of the Gentleman’s Gray against your more exuberant punctuations!

  6. Kristi, you said it all when you said you want to dance every time you see your door. You should paint it the coral so you dance when you see it!! The colors are for you not for the city of Waco. I like the Gentleman Gray for the shutters. You have wanted to use it inside the house for forever and now is your chance to get it out there. Your color choices are great. Go for it.

  7. i think the gentleman’s gray for the shutters and the side door. Not feeling the coral for the side – i think it will look like you are trying something and it didnt work. Make your front door the welcoming door.

    1. I agree with Joan. Gentleman’s gray for the shutters and the side door. If you paint the side door coral, then the front door won’t look as special. Also, the probably of someone knocking on the wrong door greatly increases if both doors are coral.

      1. This was my first thought, too. Love the Gentleman’s gray for both shutters and side door. Front door will be less special if you use it somewhere else and when you are using side door for business, it will be easy to tell clients which door to come to 🙂

        1. I agree with this. I think the front door should stand out more and it will be easier to tell clients where to come. Adding landscaping with corals on that side will tie it all in. Love the Gentleman’s Gray for shutters and side door and the Bird of Paradise on the front door. Beautiful color combination!

          1. I agree. A different/darker color on the side. I know I am always carrying things in the back door and I feel like I need to wash scuff marks off of it more often. The front is so pretty but landscaping could tie in the coral on the side.

    2. I like Gentleman’s Grey for the side door, too. That was going to be my suggestion. With maybe a coral-colored floral wreath/deco of some sort to tie it all in?

      1. I like this plan as well, keep coral on front door, gentlemen’s gray for shutters and side door with a coral accent in a wreath (or something) on the side door to tie it together.

    3. I vote for the coral door (LOVE it!), Gentleman’s Gray shutters and Gentleman’s Gray studio door—maybe with some coral touches in a small sign by the door.

  8. I know guys are not supposed to say this, but our house is looking cute. I have named it the tea cup mansion. It will be fab!

        1. I Love when Matt comments! I would use the coral on both doors. But, I love symmetry. I think with the studio door on the side visitor would know to use the front door. Also later landscaping could lead to the front door. As for the shutters I love the Gentleman’s Gray. The teal is a lovely color but it pulls green from the house. Now if you want that then I would go with the teal. But my 1st choice is GG and both doors Coral. Just beautiful and not common!

      1. No kidding… Tea Cup Mansion! 😍😍

        And I vote coral for the side door. No one would ever get it confused for the front door.
        I also vote Gentlemen’s Grey for shutters.

  9. Gentlemen’s Gray all the way. White for the studio door. IMO, the two coral doors would be too matchy-matchy and take away from the front door. Personally, I am not a fan of coral but I am rethinking that! That front door look awesome and so inviting!

      1. I agree with the ‘too matchy’ comments. I would add some pots of coral flowers near the studio door to pull that happy color over to the studio area. Love the gentleman’s gray for shutters as well & than some cute pillows with grays & corals on porch chairs.

  10. Gentlemen’s Grey most definitely and I would also paint the other door Coral also. Since they both can be seen from the street I think it would bring the whole house together.

  11. Definitely the Gentleman’s Gray for the shutters and I would say also for the side door. Coral just doesn’t look right there and, as someone mentioned above, could cause confusion. A blue door would be welcoming to clients (and friends and family) and add a bit elegance.

  12. Definitely the Gentleman’s Gray for the shutters! The added green just muddys the color. The subtle gray on the siding looks great with the crisp true blue. As for the studio door, I think it should be white and let the coral front door stand alone. And, even though you didn’t ask, your entrance is screaming for a new, colorful welcome mat! 😉
    Looking great so far!

  13. Shutter color: Gentleman’s grey
    Studio door: Coral

    I painted a side door the same turquoise as my front door, and I still love it on a side door.
    I think the Gentleman’s grey better compliments the pop of coral.

  14. Oh, another reason for the Gentleman’s Gray over teal: my neighbor painted her shutters on a small white house teal and it was awful–it clashed with all the landscaping plants! Perhaps she could have replanted to have plants that were specially chosen to look good with teal but that would have meant ripping out existing plants and also a very fine eye and great knowledge of plants. A few years later she repainted the shutters dark blue and it looks great.

  15. Gentlemen Grey shutters and white side door. I think the door you want people to come to should be the coral color. That’s where you have the rolling doorbell.

  16. Personally, I would pick the Gentleman’s Gray. But for you, I think the teal. The landscaping point above is a good one to consider, though. The teal might not look good with whatever you plant.

    For the studio door, I think you should think about whether or not you plan for folks to go to it. If you paint it coral, you’ll definitely get some folks walking up to it, like one of the commenters noted above. So, you may want to put another Ring camera bell over there. If you paint it white, or another neutral, you’ll likely get a lot fewer visitors using it. So, it kind of depends on whether you want to draw people to it. I think you want people to use it, right?

  17. If there were two front doors in a line I would advise you to make the main one pop and blend the adjunct one in with the siding, but this is not the case with your abode. Go for the coral on both doors. I personally love teal colors with coral, but in the fall it won’t be a great look with autumn leaves, the blue will look best at every season.

    1. I agree. I don’t like the idea of seeing 2 corals saying either could be front door. But a strong GG door will be welcoming, strong but supportive of the drama queen front door

  18. My vote would be Gentleman”s Gray for the shutters. My concern with the side door is like some others, I am afraid it would take away from your beautiful front door. If I looked at your house with 2 coral doors my eyes would go to both and not focus on the front. Just my thoughts.

  19. Gentleman’s Gray! The front door should be the only coral door. If you do your studio door coral, then it seems like all doors on your house should be coral.

  20. Does the studio door have to be either white or coral? I would vote no to both and throw the shutter color (whichever you choose, which I can’t decide on ☺) in as a contender. If not the blue, maybe black?
    Really love the happy front door!

  21. Gentleman’s Gray for the shutters and Coral for the studio door. There is a house in my Aunt’s neighborhood that has a gorgeous red door, both on the front and then on the side. It looks fantastic and adds a little pop of color where you wouldn’t expect it :). BTW I’m loving your house, I’m so excited for you and Matt.

  22. Gentlemen’s Grey will look best year-round, I think, on the shutters…and the studio door. As a client, id be a bit disappointed walking up to a plain white door. Plus,weren’t you thinking of a pale lilac for the studio? I think that Gentlemen’s Grey would look fantastic with that.

  23. I love the coral door and think the same color would be a cheerful welcome to your studio, as well.

    The Gentlemen’s Grey for the shutters will look luscious on your shutters.

    The outside of your home makes me smile looking at it!

  24. I like the teal better – it seemed to complement the siding and the coral. Can you paint one set of shutters and try them against the siding? If you like coral for the side door, too, go for it. Put a small attractive sign on the side door saying “Please use the front entrance.” The two doors will only be visible at the same time from that one side, I think.

  25. Gentlemen’s Gray for shutters and white for side door for all the reasons previously noted. However since you love the coral why don’t you paint the mud room doors coral.

    1. One more idea for the side door, paint it the same color as the siding. I realized after I voted for white that I had painted my two side doors rust to blend with my house’s brick and I love it. Gives them color but does not compete with my dark robins egg blue on my front door.

  26. My vote would be Gentleman’s Gray for the shutters, and Bird of Paradise for the studio door. If the thought of both doors being coral really bothers you, maybe you could use the shutter color (whichever you ultimately decide on), rather than white like the trim?

  27. Gentleman’s gray all the way… looking and totally agree with the teal clashing with the greens in landscaping. Have seen teal siding and accents on lake homes around our lake house and they never look right…not a natural color from nature that outdoor colors should be. And white for the side door to let the front door sing…you can add color around it with flowers and landscaping.

  28. My vote is for the cleaner, crisper looking Gentleman’s Grey. I would paint the door that color too!! Leave the coral for the front door only.

  29. I like the Gentleman’s Grey for the shutters.

    I’d paint the side door a a shade or two darker than the siding. Dark enough for some contrast but not so dark as to look stark. White doors are always dirty and show finger prints and smudges. Let the coral door be the star of the front porch.

  30. Have you thought about wood-toned shutters? I think it would be more beautiful than two colors on the outside and it would tie into the porch and then you could ‘faux’ wood-tone your studio door and by doing that you would get a pop without competing with the front door which is fabulous. Classic and beautiful. That’s my vote.

  31. What if you painted the studio door the same color as your shutters? (leave the trim white, add more color to that side of the house without confusing people as to which door they should use)

  32. Gentlemen’s Gray, and Coral for all.the.doors! Would make me smile as I drove up. Why not! Much as I love teal as an inside color, I think the teal will muddy out with the sun as it ages and it is not as easy to work with with landscaping.

  33. Love the coral door! Your eye will naturally go to the brightest color. If there is an angle where both doors are visible, even slightly, the eye won’t know where to look. The front door should be the focal point. If there is no way you can see both doors at the same time, go for whatever color you want!

  34. Gentleman’s Gray all the way! My bedroom color scheme is gray, navy, and coral and it looks fabulous. I think the teal doesn’t look as good with the coral as the truer blue, and I agree with whomever that the teal might look weird and clashy with green plants.

    For the door, I have two doors on the front of my house, one the “front” door and one the “side” door (it’s on the front of the house but has a small portico instead of a small porch). When I first moved in, I would have delivery drivers knocking on both doors. I painted the front door a bright Robin’s Egg blue and put the house numbers up on the front door in Mexican tile. Now, no one ever knocks on or tries to use the side door. And, since I imagine you will mostly access your studio from the interior door in the breakfast room (for now) or from the french doors in the back (when you pour your new driveway), you probably won’t actually use the side door much. I’d leave it white for now.

  35. My vote is for the coral side door. You will have signage anyway indicating your studio so there shouldn’t be any confusion as to which door goes where. Either color for the shutters as they are both beautiful. The side and front doors will look more cohesive and why not have passers-by smile when they see such a happy color? if it makes you want to dance, imagine how happy your clients will be.

  36. You simply can’t lose either way you go. I do think I prefer the Gentleman’s Gray and a coral door but like I said, no matter what you chose you can’t lose. Gorgeous decisions to make.

  37. I prefer the Gentkeman’s Gray. To me it is true, not muddled, which is what I think of with the t al. But that’s me! I’m painting my whole exterior Hale Navy, so you see where I’m coming from! I love the front door to be it’s on color, center of attention, and paint nothing else that color. Love your choice for the door! It is looking all so beautiful!

  38. My vote is for the Gentlemen’s Gray shutters and either Coral for the side door or the same color as your house. White does get dirty and using the color of the shutters seems too confusing. I love the changes so far!

  39. If that absolutely gorgeous shade of coral makes you want to dance… put it on the side door too! Life needs more happiness and it’s definitely a happy color. I’m so happy that you’re finally able to use a coral somewhere in your house, Kristi. And I disagree with your bro. The Gentleman’s Gray snaps better against the house color… the teal seems a wee bit muddy. Everything is starting to look “fab” to quote the hubster. 😉

  40. Coral for the side door too! You’ll still smile as you drive on the new driveway to the back. Neither of the blues. One is too dark and one is too green for the gray it is beside. The blue needs to be more of a greek taverna blue to pop next to the flowers in the future window boxes.

  41. You nailed it with the coral door! I like the idea of Gentleman’s Grey for the shutters and also for the side door. Agree with the reasons mentioned about front door confusion with two coral doors.

  42. My vote is for GG for the shutters and maybe wait until those are up to see what the side door says to you then. Looks great!

  43. I think it would be obvious to most people which is the front door as it is in the main body of the house. The studio is obviously an ancillary part of the home. Also, as they on different sides of the house there is only one direction you can see both at the same time so I vote for the happy coral to enter your happy studio. I love the clear bold Gentlemen’s Grey. The teal is a bit muddy looking in comparison.
    One other note. Have you tried power washing the front sidewalk? It could be a big improvement until you could do the replacement or resurfacing.

  44. Love the Gray for the Shutters. I feel the teal with the coral is kinda cutesy and not as sophisticated. I love the coral and think the side door would be beautiful coral. Your front door is not a huge so I don’t think it would take away for the front entrance.

    Thanks for asking cause it’s so fun adding my two cents.

  45. That screams happy and is beautiful!!!

    You won’t be wrong with shutters in either color.

    Do not paint the studio door the coral, only one focal point allowed and the front door is perfect!

  46. I immediately loved the Gentleman’s gray even though I too am a lover of teal. The coral door is gorgeous! I would paint the studio door coral as well! It is such a happy color.

  47. I love the bright coral color on your door! We painted our house a couple of years ago and I went with Jubilee, a gray from SW, and Sole, a yellow from SW. My yellow front door also makes me smile whenever I see it! I live in Florida and have flowers by that yellow door most of the time and have had so many of my neighbors compliment it. My shutters are Tricorn Black from SW (as you can see, I prefer SW paint). If I ever want to change the color, I think your coral would look great!

  48. Gentleman’s Gray looks (and sounds) like THE winner for the shutters! How ’bout considering Gentleman’s Gray for the side door too. You don’t show shutters on that side window, so it might be nice to wrap that color around to the door!

    1. I say Gentleman’s Gray on shutters as well as side door. That way it will blend in but designate a different entrance. I would just have that beautiful coral on the front entrance only. If you want someone to come to your studio, just tell them to come to the blue door.

  49. Love that coral!!!!!!! Please do the side door coral, too- my theory is that a color that makes you happy is worth it’s weight in gold. I’m partial to the Gentlmen’s gray also. These are changes that are making a huge impact! 🙂

  50. I too had the the first thought come to mind that the studio door would look really sharp if it were to match the shutters in the Gentleman’s grey. It will pop against the white trim and will look great with the bright and colorful florals you will no doubt have in your flower boxes, while still allowing your front door it’s full glory centre stage.

  51. GG for the shutters. Coral for studio door, yaayyyy! Since you can only see both doors from one direction, I say it will be fine! I’m with the “hubs” , it will be FAB 😉
    Seriously, I really don’t see a problem with both doors in Coral, as anyone who drives in your driveway, knows which is front door versus side door.

  52. I love the door & the gentleman’s gray. But I would do the studio door in white. Leaving the coral for just the front door. But if the coral makes you happy then go for it. But that is just my opinion. 🙂

  53. Coral for both doors. Love the color so much we might use it on our front door!! Thanks so much for your hard work to share.

  54. I’d vote for the Gentleman’s Grey but I wouldn’t paint the side door Coral. It’s the perfect pick for the front, but putting it on the Little door will break up the flow for the eye. You want attention on the front, not necessarily the side. You can do some cute landscaping for the side door to help it stand out Just my opinion, as always.

  55. I vote gentleman’s grey for the shutters and the side entrance. I love the coral front door, it’s such a good choice of coral!

  56. Gentleman’s Gray for both the shutters and the side door. You’d have continuity and there will be no confusion when you tell clients to come to the blue door. I don’t like the idea of having a third color on the exterior.

  57. I don’t think coral should be exclusive to the front door. It’s a gorgeous color! Paint that studio door!

    I think either color would be pretty for the shutters, but I’m leaning toward Gentlemen’s Gray as well. It seems the bluer blue is a nice contrast to the coral.

  58. I vote Gentleman’s Grey on the shutters. Don’t know about door under portico. I think white. I also vote for pressure washing the porch and sidewalk! Ha ha.

  59. One more idea- I love the clearer tone you used on the mock-up. I think it looks more prominent- in either the navy or the “tealish” navy. Again great job👍

  60. As much as I like to be repetitious, Gentleman’s gray and coral for the side door. It’s a great tie in and just so, so pretty.

  61. Since you decided against the teal for the curtains, maybe this is an opportunity to bring it back. I personally would choose the teal. Coral is an in between color…teal is an in between color…they would be opposite on the color wheel…I think it’s a go. Have you considered using the house color on the side door? Not that you need one more option, but that was my initial thought. If not, the coral is really pretty.

  62. SO MANY COMMENTS! I read about half of them, then decided to jump to make my voice heard too! I also LOVE the coral ( would have mine the same color if my husband weren’t such a dud! LOL!) and I also like the GG vs. the teal. Go ahead and paint the side door coral too. You can always put a small sign on it saying *Office* entrance. No big deal. The coral shows style, which is what you want to show your clients right from the start! I see some lovely ceramic pots at the entrance with some blue/purple flowers and a bit of trailing greenery. But you will have to remember to water them! 😉

  63. Love your coral front door! You are already adding curb appeal. I would paint both your shutters and studio door, Gentlemans Gray and let your front door be the pop! You can always add nice coral planters or coral colored flowers either side of your studio door to bring the colors together.

  64. Since you asked, teal for the shutters. Maybe coral for the studio door. I just painted my front door a bright yellow this past autumn, and I know I have to repeat the color somewhere, but I’m definitely staying with white shutters. I think chairs and birdbath may be my yellow accents, and maybe some bird houses painted the same as my front door.

  65. Follow YOUR heart.
    Coral for me… and I like the teal.

    Just curious. In all your studies what have you learned about paint pigment and the sun?

    Ex. I once wanted to paint my house a buttery yellow. The Sherwin Williams guy talked me out of that because he said yellows fade badly. How well do colors like the coral and teal tolerate sun with the new paints? You have the porch and portico for protection. In the north we get sun reflection up off the snow so even though I have a porch I still have a touch of weathering on my door.

    I adore coral and teal.

  66. Of the 2 colors you tried for the shutters I would go with GG.

    But I also wonder if it will look more like a faded black on cloudy winter days (although maybe that’s just my monitor).

    I really like the blue that you used on your mock-up. Something a little lighter and brighter and closer to a royal blue would always read as blue and really pop against the gray siding. I love the coral on the front door and would keep it as the main focal point and would paint the studio door a deeper shade of the siding color.

    Love the way the exterior is evolving on the “Tea Cup Mansion!” :>)

  67. I prefer the teal for the shutters, since it will anticipate the teal in the rest of your home. I also like having the coral for only the front door, and using white for the studio door. You could always hang a wreath or other door decoration on the studio door with some coral, green, lilac, and teal to echo all the colors in your home. That would draw the eye to the studio door, but not compete with the front door. Just my two cents’ worth.

  68. I love the Gentleman’s Gray for the shutters and I think it would be great on the Portico door. The coral is beautiful and makes the front door special.

  69. Kristi I love the coral and don’t think it would make the front door any less if the side door is also coral. The color makes you happy and it should make you happy no matter which door you enter.
    While it looks like most commenters are for the GG shutters and I think it would be beautiful also, i actually think you shpuld go with the teal. Having followed you for years, I feel like I know your style. I love when you try different things… Hello green kitchen cabinets, but you always come back to the colors that just feel like who you are in the end. I think the teal feels like you. And the coral/teal combo outside will look amazing!

  70. Definitely Coral for your studio door and Gentleman’s Gray for the shutters.

    Look at your porch from a distance is the centre post the same size as the end one? It looks shorter!! I also think that if you add an extra post to match that one near the door it could help support that roof a little better.

    Loving the exterior…

  71. I don’t have a favorite regarding your shutter colors, but I would definitely paint both doors the same color, and I’d make sure that color also showed up in the flowers in my window boxes.

  72. That coral is soooooooooooo happy! I would also paint your studio door the same color. Both our side and front doors are the same. Perhaps look at a brighter blue for the shutters- navy and coral is a sure bet!

  73. All ya’ll are forgetting that the studio will be her client entrance. Therefor—-I vote corral for that door also. Grey for the shutters

    Go Kristi! You may not want it painted that until your studio is ready, tho, but do what makes you happy! Beautiful all!

  74. I would also go with th Gentleman Gray for the shutters AND th studio door. But despite the overwhelming GG, lol, I see teal shutters coming to the blog soon… 😂😂😂

  75. Loooove your coral front door! I think you should definitely go with teal for the shutters. It is such a muted and sophisticated hue of teal! I would differentiate the side door by also painting it teal, but adding a wreath or something like that with a lot of coral like your front door just to tie them together.

    Color loving Kristi is back! Yay!

  76. Gentlelman’s Gray for shutters and coral studio door. 🙂 We know you will feel free to repaint anything that doesn’t seem right! The only way to find out is to do it. But you know that!

  77. GG for the shutters. Love the coral door on the front. Very obvious it is the main entrance. I assume it will show the house numbers to confirm that. Will you have a sign at your studio entrance? I would vote down white for the studio door. You got a lot of ‘coral also’ votes. Is it the best, for sure? Another instance of a wait-and-see dilemma to solve the question as to what to paint the studio door. I wouldn’t be so hasty. After other things are added to the exterior you will choose just the right thing. If you can wait that long.

    Happy house is right! Enjoy the process and the result.

  78. Gentleman’s Grey for the shutters.

    The same white as the trim for the side door.

    Leave the coral for the front door only.

    Coral flowers in pots by the studio door to bring the color over there.

  79. Well, I’m going a different route, I would paint the studio door white and make a big beautiful wreath with coral and teal accents to adorn it. I don’t think two coral doors are needed, b u t you do love color so just go with what makes you happy.

  80. I think GG for the shutters and Coral for your side door. It will make you smile when you enter.
    I agree with Sharon.

  81. The coral door is gorgeous and should be a focal point. Do you expect customers to use the workshop? If so, what about picking a color from your business logo (if you have one). Bring colors in from a small sign and have it around the side entrance – separating it ever so slightly from the main house…

  82. I’m on the wagon of one main focal point on a house and would vote coral for front door only, white on the studio door with coral on the roof (underside/ceiling) of the portico, and GG on the shutters. Whatever you choose, I agree with Matt, it will look fab!

  83. I love the GG for the shutters. For the side door, do you know what colors you are going to do the interior of your studio? If you prop the door open on a beautiful day, the color of the door will be in your room.

  84. Gentleman’s Gray for sure for the shutters. I say paint both doors coral. There is a house nearby me with the same door situation- front door and side door visible from the street. They painted the front door a pale buttery yellow and the side door a bright teal. Those mismatched doors just bother the heck out of me every time I drive by. Maybe if the side door was white or black and the front a bold color it would work.

  85. I think you should paint the side door the pretty coral color that you painted the front door and although I too am a teal kinda lady, I really like the gentleman’s gray and bite for that on the shutters. Either color would work though.

  86. I’m in the Gentleman’s Grey camp, and I’m also with those who suggest using it for the side door as well. It’s a lovely strong, interesting color, but it will keep the front door distinguished as the front door.
    I’m trying to convince my husband we need a gorgeous color on our front door… but we have a storm door that we really like the function of, and it blocks half the visible door. I wonder is it weird to paint a storm door?

      1. I don’t know why I didn’t think to loo on Pinterest! Lots of photos and they all look great! I’m gathering ammunition for the argument… uh, I mean pulling together inspiring ideas for our discussion… right now. Thanks!

    1. My neighbors painted their front door a terrific shade of orange but then have a white storm door that covers up half of it. I wish they would paint the storm door the same shade as the front door. Better yet, they would trade the current storm door for one of those that is mostly glass/screen (sort of like Kristi’s front door) and then paint the frame of that to match the front door. That is what my sister did on her previous house, though it was a much-less-fun shade of dark green, and it looked great.

  87. No reason the other door cannot be coral too. And when you mentioned color on the shutters, my first thought was black to match the lock set and lantern. But whatever color you pick will be good.

  88. LOOOOOOOVE!!! There are grey houses galore up here but I mostly see teal or some shade of blue with them. I love that you went with something unexpected.

  89. GG hands down! For shutters I automatically like the front door to stand out. Maybe a lighter version of it if at all?

  90. I think a coral door on the side of the house would be pretty too! It would give it an additional pop of color and would tie everything together….especially if your shutters are going to be matching as well!

  91. In looking at your pictures, the side “door” doesn’t look visible so I don’t think it would be confusing to have both doors coral. Do you have a picture of that side of the house from the street?

  92. PLEASE, reserve the coral for the front door alone! Keep the studio door white. You don’t want to loose the impact of the pretty coral door by adding that color elsewhere. I vote hands down for the teal shutters. The brighter blue will look less elegant and more Disneyland like. Your brother has it right!

  93. I think every other door besides the front door should be white
    Keep that front door special!
    Love how much progress you have made Kristi
    Your house is a real gem 😀

  94. I love the GG on the shutters because it’s so like your mockup and the coral for the studio door. To paint a storm door, would you use the critter sprayer to spray an oil base paint?