Bathroom Remodel – Decorative Shower Curtain Preview

Well, the condo still isn’t finished. It’s close, but not quite. But since I can’t be all about the condo all the time, I decided yesterday to get started on my decorative shower curtain for the bathroom. That bathroom is very close to being finished, so this week I’m going to make it more of a priority to work on it if and when I can’t make it to the condo (instead of getting sidetracked with other projects like my dining table). Ever since Matt’s dad left, I feel like I’ve really lost my momentum, so it’s time to get that back and get the bathroom finished up.

Anyway, for the shower curtain, I’m using the same P. Kaufmann Florabunda Sea Glass fabric that I used on the window treatments (Roman shades and pinch pleated draperies) in the living room.

I love that fabric, but I felt like my shower curtain needed something else just to give it a bit of oomph. So the other day while I was at Hancock Fabrics, I saw some gorgeous teal linen that coordinated perfectly with my shower curtain fabric. I don’t remember the price, but it was 40% off, and I only needed a yard of it.

I cut the yard of teal linen in half so that I had two strips that were 18″ high and 60″ wide, and I sewed them together to make a wide band.  I also used two widths of the floral fabric and sewed them together, matching the pattern as best as I could.  (I’m not very good at matching patterns, but it’s good enough.)

DIY decorative shower curtain 1

Then I sewed the band of linen to the bottom of the floral fabric, aligning the center seams on both sections.  That solid linen accent definitely dressed it up a bit, and gave it that oomph I was hoping for, but it was still missing something.

DIY decorative shower curtain 2

So I picked up a spool of fabric ribbon to use as an accent.  The ribbon originally had wire in the edges, so I removed the wire and then pinned it to the shower curtain right along the seam where the floral meets the linen.  I sewed the ribbon on with the sewing machine by stitching as close as I could to the edge of the ribbon on the top and the bottom.

DIY decorative shower curtain 3

So this is a preview of what my decorative shower curtain will look like.

DIY decorative shower curtain 4

I pinned and ironed the hem into the bottom, and then realized that I didn’t have the right color thread to finish up the shower curtain, so that’s as far as I got.  I still need to hem all four sides, and then put pleats and grommets in the top.  I think this will make a beautiful shower curtain, and I can’t wait to get it finished and in place!  I love decorative shower curtains that are hung high and hang to the floor.  They’re like draperies for your bathtub, and y’all know how much I love draperies!  🙂

Remember this one that I made for the condo bathroom?

You can find those DIY instructions here.

Every time I post about shower curtains, I seem to have at least a few people who are confused by this “decorative shower curtain” concept.  So to be clear, these are only decorative.  These are made out of regular fabric, and are intended to stay outside of the tub.  You have to use a shower curtain liner with these, and since I always make my shower curtains tall like a drapery panel, this is my go-to shower curtain liner.  I do not use plastic liners.  Ever.  Plastic liners look and feel cheap, and since they can’t breathe like fabric, they’re a breeding ground for mold and mildew.  These fabric liners are the best.  They look and feel very nice, and since they can breathe and dry easily between showers, mold and mildew aren’t an issue.  And unlike plastic liners, they can also be machine washed and dried, so they can last for years.

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  1. I love that fabric but the teal accent and pretty trim really show it off. Can’t wait to see it hung.

  2. I love them too… long decorative shower curtains. I even have had them over shower doors coz you know shower doors can be ugly..!!

    1. Oh my word, if only my husband would let me do this to cover our shower doors, which I HATE with a passion! As soon as my stepson “finds himself” and over out, I am taking over the guest bathroom, ripping out the shower doors, and allowing myself a bathtub to soak in.My husband says “Why can’t you take a bath in a tub with doors? They open.” Mr. Clueless.

  3. Love it! That fabric makes for a beautiful shower curtain! The accent colors will really pull everything together. I always use a plastic liner behind every shower curtain I have regardless of what it is made from. It keeps it cleaner and they last much longer especially the fabric one (although I have never used a plastic shower curtain as the decorative outer curtain) That way the plastic is in the shower and the fabric is outside the shower creating a double barrier from water! After a while using just the fabric curtain, the fibers tend to break down. They can be quite expensive 🙂

  4. I bought a sewing machine last week (first one I’ve actually owned myself) and the video that came with it mentioned using button holes instead of grommets for shower curtains. That’s a neat idea I’d never thought of and it makes total sense if you don’t want to invest in whatever tool is needed to insert grommets. I suppose it’d also be a good idea if you had a set of hooks where the grommets will show and you don’t want them to for some reason.

    Can’t wait to see your curtain finished. Maybe I should try that as a first project. Ours is getting pretty crappy and a straightforward single curtain might be a good starting project.

  5. Ido the same thing with my shower curtains. However I use drapery rings and clips in stead of dealing with grommets. It is less labor intensive and the curtain moves just as easily. You should try it. Blesings

  6. Love your curtain and I can’t wait to see it in action! I’ve been on the hunt for extra long shower curtain liners and am so glad you provided that link. I’ve bookmarked it so I can order new liners this week.

  7. I enjoyed the post but what I’m coming away with is the fabric shower liner link. Genius! Thanks Kristi.

  8. It’s a beautiful shower curtain. I have loved that fabric since you first showed it to us for your living room.

    However, I have to disagree with your statement about not being able to machine wash plastic shower liners. We have had the same liner for 10+ years. Twice a year, I machine wash it with the shower curtain on delicate cycle with laundry detergent and white vinegar for the final rinse. I hang it to dry. I don’t forsee having to buy a new one any time soon.

  9. Thanks so much for the suggestion on the non-plastic shower curtain liner! I hate the plastic ones as well and was hoping to find an alternative! I am in the middle of a bathroom redo myself!

  10. Your shower curtain looks great; love the accents. I, too, am someone who has always washed (in hot water with bleach) plastic shower curtain lines and had them last for years, however, I recently switched to the fabric kind and I just love them! Mine aren’t extra long so I was able to buy locally; one came from Walmart and one from BB&B and both were less than $15 each.

  11. Love this fabric with the two trim colors as your shower curtain. Can’t wait to see it hung up in your bathroom. Keep going on the condo Kristi, you are always such an inspiration to all of us and we’re looking forward to the condo final reveal.

  12. Having a long curtain like this would be way to dark for me. It will be beautiful in your bath, but I need light, and would prefer a clear curtain! Of course I live alone, so no one but the cats would complain! LOL! But that’s just me. The older I get the less able I am to see [without the glasses] in the darker rooms. And the budget doesn’t allow better lighting at this time.
    When I do get the tub in, I will paint the clear curtain with a forest of aspen trees, with enough open spaces to let in the light. That’s my plan any way!

    1. I’m going to install an exhaust fan with a light on it above the tub, so it’ll b light and bright even with the shower curtain closed. 🙂

      In the condo, I didn’t have a light above the tub. I made the shower curtain out of a white sheet and hung it several inches from the ceiling, so it allowed plenty of light in. So definitely, if you don’t have a light above the tub, it’s best to use a thin, light fabric that will let light in.

  13. So pretty – I too have done a long shower curtain in a bath w/ tub and shower surround – does wonders for rooms with 8′ ceilings! Thanks for the liner info.

  14. Looks like the shower curtain fabric is a lighter shade than the living room drapes. I really like this pattern – so pretty – because of you I am using a similar pattern in my living room !!

  15. I do my shower curtains the same way, but I’ve always used the plastic liners (extra long) and washed them as others have mentioned. However, I don’t like they way they hang…they don’t “drape” as nicely as I’d like…so I’m going to try one of the fabric kind.

    I too use them on my shower, as I like to “hide” the stuff in the shower. I just make it stationary, though, using a swing arm rod so it doesn’t go all the way across. Just covers the stationary glass panel, not the actual door (frameless, so not too ugly). The benefit is less fabric (doesn’t have to be 72″+ wide).

  16. Beautiful shower curtain and a super huge THANK YOU for the link 🙂 If I were to add extra fabric to my existing fabric shower curtain to attain a longer length – could I use fusible web rather than sewing it in place? It’s a rarely used bathroom but I really like your idea of floor to ceiling length but at this time, my sewing machine is in storage.

  17. Your shower curtain is gorgeous!!! And I hate those plastic liners too, so I will definitely be looking into your recommendation.

  18. So pretty! I hate the plastic liners, as well. You be careful while you’re out running around in Waco this week. Prayers for your city.

  19. Love the fabric choices- the band really adds that special something. Thanks for the link to the extra long shower curtain liner- I had no idea they were available. I always wanted to do tall shower curtains, but didn’t realize there were tall liners to make it work. By the way, Mozilla Thunderbird thinks your emails are scam. I never had that problem with outlook, but had way too many other problems with outlook…. 😛

  20. You mentioned grommets so I’ll see if you can solve my problem. I’m making a fabric purse and wanting to put grommets in the top band. This has never been an issue before, I have the little setting tool needed. But for some reason this set of grommets is not “mashing” together like they are supposed to. I’ve hammered on them hard enough to round off the top of the tool but the piece that goes thru the fabric is not flaring out and over the washer part. What am I doing wrong?

  21. Kristi, I’m so glad you added the border and trim! Without it, I think the shower curtain would have been only “nice,” but bland. Now it has real pizzazz. Ya did good, girl!

    I’ve used fabric liners for years, and all my shower curtains are floor length. The one in my guest bath has a wide border down one side and across the bottom and is tied back with an exotic tassel. The liner is hidden behind it when not in use. The ceiling is only 8′ 8″ in that room, so the curtain is all the way to the ceiling and hangs from a rod concealed behind a hand carved wood cornice from Bali. A friend nicknamed this bathroom the “Casbahth” because of its exotic style. Another bathroom has a small shower stall; and it, too, has a long shower curtain on a swing arm with a fabric liner also on a swing arm and set at a slightly lower height so it doesn’t show when the curtain is closed. NO SHOWER DOOR! I hate cleaning those things.

  22. I absolutely love your curtain, and I also use cloth liners and HATE plastic. I haven’t used plastic for over 25 years 🙂

  23. Hi Kristi! Will you be updating your weight journey any time soon? Would be interested to know how it is all going 🙂