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My Niece’s Bedroom Makeover – Before & After

My niece’s bedroom is finally finished! This room was a group effort with most of it done by my mom and me, but my niece and brother also pitched in some help when needed.

This is my favorite view of the room — the main wall featuring the built-in daybed with pull-out trundle bed and built-in bookcases that I built, the amazing floral wall mural that my mom painted, and the upholstered headboard that my mom and I made together.

Yaleana's Bedroom - after 6 - built-in day bed flanked with built-in bookcases and large flower painted wall mural

That’s a far cry from what this room looked like before we started…

Yaleana's bedroom before - 7

Now it’s a bright, fun, and cheerful room fit for a young girl.

Yaleana's Bedroom - after 2 - built-in day bed flanked with built-in bookcases and large flower painted wall mural

Yaleana's Bedroom - after 1 - built-in day bed flanked with built-in bookcases and large flower painted wall mural

Yaleana's Bedroom - after 3 - built-in day bed flanked with built-in bookcases and large flower painted wall mural

Yaleana's Bedroom - after 4 - built-in day bed flanked with built-in bookcases and large flower painted wall mural

Yaleana's Bedroom - after 5 - built-in day bed flanked with built-in bookcases and large flower painted wall mural

Here’s another “before” view of the wall to the left of the bedroom doorway…

Yaleana's bedroom before - 1

We re-used the dresser on the other side of the room, but my mom gave it a makeover with some white (Behr Polar Bear) paint. And I reused the mirror (not the frame, just the mirror) to make the decorative wall mirror that’s hanging to the left of the bedroom door. (Pics below.)

And now that view from above looks like this when you enter the room…

Yaleana's Bedroom - after 7 - built-in day bed flanked with built-in bookcases and large flower painted wall mural

On the wall to the right of the bed and bookcase wall is the only window in the room. My mom used my drapery tutorial to make lined draperies with a colorful striped accent on the leading edge. The desk was a consignment store find, and we built the little hutch with cubby hole storage. We also dressed up the original hollow core doors with some decorative moulding.

Yaleana's Bedroom - after 8 - thrift store desk makeover and custom draperies with striped accent on leading edge

Here’s a before view of this side of the room…

Yaleana's bedroom before - 6

The room was just very plain and dark, and the furniture that was in there was way too big and imposing. Just clearing out that huge bed made the room feel twice as big, and the new colors and lighting makes the room feel so much lighter and brighter.

Yaleana's Bedroom - after 9 - thrift store desk makeover, custom draperies with striped accent on leading edge, personalized oversized bulletin board, painted dresser

And of course, that’s the dresser that was originally in the room, but my mom painted it white. The bulletin board above it was a team effort. I built the actual bulletin board, and my mom painstakingly painted those letters with the thin, brightly colored stripes.

Yaleana's Bedroom - after 13 - oversized customized bulletin board, painted dresser

And the wall to the right of that one, which used to look like this…

Yaleana's bedroom before - 5

…is where we hung the mirror that I made, just to the left of the bedroom door.

Yaleana's Bedroom - after 10 - painted dresser, oversized personalized bulletin board, hand painted vine and floral mirror

Yaleana's Bedroom - after 11 - hand painted vine and floral mirror

The door in this bedroom swings out into the hallway rather than into the room. It’s been like that for decades, so it didn’t even dawn on me that it was non-standard until someone asked me about it. The reason it’s like that is because this room used to be my dad’s office. He was self-employed and ran his business out of this room, and he needed every bit of floor space. The door swinging into the room got in the way, so he switched it so that it opens into the hallway. I’m actually glad it’s like that! If it was a standard door, the swing would have either interfered with the built-in daybed and bookcases, or it would have taken up the wall space where we hung the mirror.

Yaleana's Bedroom - after 12 - hand painted vine and floral mirror, oversized customized bulletin board, painted dresser


Yaleana's Bedroom - after 14 - hand painted flower and vine mirror, built in bookcases and daybed

And that’s the full tour! I love how this room turned out. Kids’ rooms are so fun to decorate.

Yaleana's Bedroom - after 15 - built in bookcase and daybed

Yaleana's Bedroom - after 16 - built in bookcase and daybed


— Wall color: Behr Pastel Jade
— Trim and built-ins paint color: Behr Polar Bear
— Decorative boxes (top shelf, left bokcase): Joann Fabric
— Rectangle baskets – Joann Fabric
— Wall mural – hand painted by my mom, details in this post
— Wall sconces – Home Depot
— Headboard – made by my mom and me, details in this post
— White flanged pillows – made by my mom, similar project here
— Turquoise ruffled pillows – Target
— Striped pillows – made by my mom, fabric from Hancock Fabric (now closed 🙁 )
— Colorful tassel pillow – Target
— Draperies – made by mom mom, similar project here
— Desk – consignment store, hutch tutorial here
— Desk paint color – Behr Glamorous
— White (snow) cordless cellular shade – Lowe’s
— White fuzzy throw (on chair) – Marshall’s
— Bulletin board – DIY project, details in this post
— Vine & flower wall mirror – DIY project, details in this post
— Bean bag chair – Pier 1
— Basket (on floor) – World Market
— Turquoise throw (in basket) – Marshall’s
— Bedroom and closet doors – DIY project, details in this post

I know someone is going to ask how much this makeover cost. To be quite honest, since it took us so long to finish and we kind of stopped keeping track, I don’t know an exact amount. But if I had to guess, I would say that it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $1500. While we did reuse some items, and we got other things at a consignment store, that full wall of built-ins, new mattress(es), fabric for the draperies, pillows, and headboard, and supplies for the bulletin board and wall mirror, plus the store-bought items like the beanbag chair (about $120), the wall sconces (about $100), the cellular shade (about $100) and other accessories add up quickly! But even still, $1500 for a totally transformed room with a complete wall of built-ins is very reasonable.

Yaleana's Bedroom - after 6 - built-in day bed flanked with built-in bookcases and large flower painted wall mural



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  1. I can’t decide WHAT I love more so I’ll just say WOW!! I love it ALL! I really admire your creativity, color coordination and execution to carry it out. FANTASTIC!

    1. Wonderful. Perfect. Doesn’t it feel great to finish something! Leave it alone do not start over. Lock you out of the room for sure. Do not addict 2 redo.

  2. Any girl would be proud to have that room!! Thanks for sharing the finished project! I wondered how it all turned out!.

  3. It’s so pretty; I’m sure she’s delighted! The colors are so happy. One of my favorite elements in the room is the custom mirror. Such an upgrade over the cheap-o ones many of us have 🙂

  4. The room looks amazing! I love everything that you did. The door trim idea is brilliant, and I’ll definitely be using it in our house on our hollow core doors. I actually don’t really like the look of the six panel doors very much. Can you tell me what you did to get the doors white, though? Is it just sanding and then good primer and then paint?

  5. I would be interested in details about painting the dresser. It looks like it had a shiny laminate top like mine. What kind of primer and paint will resist scratches on this type of surface?

  6. Gosh! One thing is nicer than the next! I hardly know what I like best! I come from a “handy” and “artsy” family and I love every bit! Truly, it’s the details that count, and you have the eye and knack for details. All the hard work shows!

  7. Where do I begin?!? I’m working on transforming my home as well and you tapped in precisely to what I want for my travel room. It will do double duty as a guest room, but the bones of the daybed wall are to a T what I want. And the detail at the bottom of the bed is just adorable – such a nice finished scallop. All the shelves! Perfect for treasures from my trips and adventures! As much as the daybed wall, I love the bulletin board above the dresser. What a clever idea. However, I’m going to have to put one like that in my office (transforming that as well). I swear your journey is helping bring my dreams to life – encouraging me with every post. Thank you so much for your work and sharing it. Big Big Fan!!!

  8. BRAVO! It’s fantastic. Loving the colors. I don’t have any little ones (all grown with kids of their own) but I pinned this anyway. Some of the ideas are handy for a variety of rooms, and a guest room I have is just screaming for some! Doing the bed that way with the shelving and lights frees up so much room. We are adding two more rooms in our basement for our daughters’ family to use when they visit. They have two boys, and their room will be about 10×12. I need to figure out how to adapt this for boys!

  9. What a cheerful, charming room! I loved watching this transformation. And it’s a gift of love, too, which really shows.

  10. So, so nice. Cheerful and bright, not too mature, but not babyish. Now she has space to entertain her friends, I’d love to be a fly on the wall when they first see her room.

  11. There is a lot of love in that room and Yaleana will feel it every time she walks in the door. It does not get any better than that 🙂

  12. Your calculation of the cost of this room is incomplete. The time and creativity and love of an aunt and a grandma– immeasurable. There is so much love in this room, your niece will have beautiful dreams… and envious buddies. Brava.

  13. The parents won’t be able to send her to such a cute room as punishment. I especially like the scalloped drawer under the bed and the built-in shelves.

  14. Absolutely gorgeous room for a beautiful little girl! I bet she’s thrilled to no end to have it finished 🙂 You and your Mom have so much talent, it makes me a little jealous…j/k. You girls did a wonderful job!

  15. You did an amazing job. It is perfect. I want to live there! I know your niece will want to live with you. Such a precious room for a girl!!!!

  16. It is a perfect room for a tweenager and beyond. That bed built in wall is amazing and so practical for a young woman. That desk with the extra built-ins and the great pop of color is awesome! So much fun packed into a small room! You and your Mom should be so proud.

  17. That is an amazing transformation! Beautifully done. And I had to smile at the mention of the Polar Bear White from Behr because I’ve used it for several paint projects. It’s such a great colour!