The Great Purge

I had mentioned a few days ago that I’d probably have to rent a PODS storage container to put all of my stuff in while people are working in our house (leveling floor, drywall, etc.), but I’ve decided that this is the perfect opportunity to just get rid of stuff. It’s time for a massive purge. I’m going to go through every room, and I’m going to be very honest with myself about whether or not I plan to use all of this furniture I’ve accumulated, and I’ll probably be getting rid of most of it.

I seem to collect furniture like stray animals, and I tell myself that I can’t get rid of it because I might need it someday. But it’s all taking up way too much room, and I need the space. The fact is that I have all of the furniture that I need for my dining room and entryway. The breakfast room is going to have mostly built-ins. It’ll be a while before we have a family room, so holding onto furniture now for a future family room isn’t reasonable. And in our future bedroom, I’m sure I won’t want to recycle any of the furniture I already have.

So it’s time to let this stuff go, starting with the pet station.

Remember that one? I made it from an old secretary desk that our neighbor at the condo gave to me.

I love that pet station, but I just don’t have a place for it here at the house.

And then there are these side tables. They were given to me by shortly after we moved into the house. They were originally black, but I decided that didn’t suit me, so I painted them antique gold.

I definitely like them better gold, but the overall style still doesn’t suit me. I think I’m a wood end table kind of person. Glass tables just aren’t really my thing.

Oh, and I have two of those chairs. Those were also given to me from, and they also have to go.

Remember this 40-inch lotus flower mirror I made? It was inspired by a $1500 mirror from Layla Grayce.

I don’t have room for it. I made it specifically for my living room/entryway when it was a completely different style. It was fun to make, though!

And then I have two of these Greek key side tables that I made.

Those were also a very fun project, but I think I’d rather just make something new when I’m ready for side tables, instead of holding on to these indefinitely.

I’m actually still undecided on the coffee table ottoman that I built and upholstered. I really don’t want to store it until we have our family room, but on the other hand, it’s one of my absolute favorite projects ever. And I do think it would be the perfect jumping off point for our future family room.

Of course, I could always make a new one once we actually have a place for it! So I’ll probably end up selling it as well. Maybe. Ugh! I just don’t know.

But the credenza definitely has to go.

I had considered keeping it and using it in our bedroom, but it’s truly an antique piece of furniture, which means that the drawers don’t slide in and out easily. I don’t have a problem with them at all, but there’s no way Matt could easily get those drawers in and out. And right now, it’s sitting in our hallway where I want to build the hall tree. So I have no room for it.

I also have no room for the funky scalloped entryway table I made.

That was a fun project. It’s a very long table, though, and requires a long wall. Since I went a different direction in my entryway, I’m afraid I have no walls that can accommodate this table.

I also have a couple of dining tables that I no longer need. Remember the cerused top oak table?

That was a very fun project, and I loved learning a totally new-to-me process called cerusing. But that table was the first thing I bought for our house, and that was back when I had VASTLY different plans for the design and decor of the house. I had originally planned to go more of a country/farmhouse style. Can you imagine?! That’s just not “me” at all!

I also have this dining table that I never got around to refinishing/painting.

I’m tempted to just finish it, even though I don’t plan to use it. I’d love to see what it looks like painted solid black. I think it would be beautiful.

So I’ll be putting all of this, and probably much more, on the Waco Craigslist very soon. If you’re local, and there’s something you want, just keep an eye on the Craigslist listings.

Anyway, I’m sure there’s more that I just haven’t come across yet (in the depths of the sunroom that are currently unreachable because of the huge stack of drywall). But I think if I can just get rid of these things, that will clear out a ton of room and make this whole process of clearing out rooms for people to work a whole lot less daunting. And there’s no need in holding onto stuff that I probably won’t use. Y’all know me well enough to know that by the time we have our family room, I’ll have gone through at least 100 new ideas, so I won’t want to recycle old ones. 😀

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  1. I like it! I had a massive purge earlier in the summer when my friend’s kid, who is in college, moved to off-campus housing and needed “stuff.” Perfect! Now I’m in the second phase and it feels so good to get rid of stuff. I often say that, post-purging, I feel as I’ve had a brain enema. Yes, you won’t run out of ideas and you do have readers who are constantly checking in for new ideas… Good luck!

  2. I so wish we had not moved from Ft. Worth to Mississippi a month ago. I absolutely love your green credenza and would love to buy it from you!

  3. Sure wish I lived close to you because I would snatch up that pet station for my outside kitty that sleeps in the garage, or even for my 3 inside kitties.

  4. I’m not sure if they have these in your area, but we have facebook yard sale groups that are awesome to help with getting rid of stuff. Think of it like Craigslist but more localized. We’ve gotten rid of lots of unwanted furniture and other stuff that way. (sadly it’s also a good place to “find” more stuff you need…. catch 22)

  5. I love those two overstock chairs!!!!!
    You couldn’t use those in a bedroom, or the family room? They seem so versatile?!

    I have to admit that I kind of cringe thinking of you giving up all of those great pieces— but I, too, am a keeper and have a storage space that also needs to be purged:(

  6. I recently closed my business and with all my new found free time decided to purge my house. Now we have space in our closets, a clean basement and I made my husband a music space out of what used to be a gross room filled with ‘stuff I might use again one day but realistically probably won’t’. I sold or donated almost everything so I don’t feel guilty throwing away usable stuff and now have a much more comfortable house! Go for it! It’s a huge amount of work, but you’ll be so happy when you’re done with it.

    1. I actually just edited the post to include that info, just in case any locals are interested. 🙂 I plan to put everything on Waco Craigslist. I hope to start listing some things today, and will work through the week on this. Hopefully I’ll have everything listed by the end of this next weekend.

      1. Let go is another good place for locals. A lot of people are using it instead of craigslist. Wouldn’t hurt to list in both places. It’s good you’re getting rid of all the stuff you won’t ever use. Hopefully it will go fast.

        1. I have wanted you pet station since the first time I saw it. I feel a trip to Waco coming on. Just 3 hours…in Texas that’s just down the street.

  7. I have always loved the greek key side tables. Would you possible sell them to me. I live in NY, I can pay for shipment if not too outrageous. Oh and the pet station too.

  8. Hi! I LOVE your site. We live in McKinney, TX – would love to know price for your dining room, along with dimensions! Thanks so much.

  9. I’m in the same place- realistically, am I gonna use it? One thing to think about – maybe move everything out to the garage – especially after the attempted break in – not everyone who responds to craigslist (or buy,sell,trade) ads are on the up and up. It’d be great if you had a big guy around too, or maybe a big dog so you don’t look like “I’m just a little lady all by myself” Not saying to be fearful about it, just take what steps you can to avoid bad situations. Good Luck.

  10. Noooo, not the credenza!!! (Yes, I know you need to purge..) But nooo, that was my favorite. 🙂 I loved how you transformed it!

    Ok, I’ll live. 🙂 🙂 (Isn’t it funny when your readers are more attached to your things than you are? 🙂 )

    Nothing like the feeling of cleaning up and starting fresh. Can’t wait to see where you go next.

    1. I feel the same way about the cr3denza dresser. It is such a perfect piece- surely to could be worked in somewhere. Maybe even a bathroom vanity base?
      Oh it makes me sad to watch it go….

  11. We are planning to sell and move closer to kids (honestly, grandkids) and I need go start purging now. But how does one do that having no idea what we will eventually buy?

    1. I am in the same situation! I have sold lots of smalls that have been stored, but what about all this furniture when I don’t know the size or design of a future home ?!?

    2. I highly recommend starting early before your great move begins. We are doing that now. We had to box up lots of items to show the house so it doesn’t look overfilled / cluttered. During that time I pulled out everything I knew I didn’t need anymore and moved it to the garage. After all my boxing was complete, we had a huge garage sale! I then listed some large furniture items on Craigslist and everything left comes with us. I can remove large furniture that still doesn’t fit after the move. It feels great after so many years of accumulating to start fresh in a new direction!!! Have fun, don’t stress!

  12. OH GOSH! I want it ALL! Especially the ottoman/coffee table, the lotus mirror, the greek key side tables….oh heck….I love every piece! But I’m guessing the shipping costs to Kansas would make it impractical. 🙂 I know they will all sell in a flash and you can use that money for another one of your amazing projects!

  13. Your e mail today is titled The Great Purge and has a picture of Peeve! Are you going to send Peeve to Siberia? She must have been a very disloyal kitty comrade. (Actually your blog explained everything.)

  14. Purging’s great! You don’t pay to store it, make room for new, get some $, and hopefully give someone a deal. Search in Facebook for local buy/sale groups on Facebook. Nextdoor sometimes has pretty active buy/sell areas. I had to reel in my excitement lately, because a member of a yard sale group, started a project supply buy/sale group. We aquired a downsizing in-laws’ supply of leftovers with our recent move. We love the tools, and some of the supplies, but don’t need all of it, can only fit one car in garage from the “stuff”.

  15. I absolutely love the ottoman. DON’T GET RID OF IT! 😀 I know it’s up to you, but I think it is absolutely beautiful fabric and I love how you did it.

  16. I wish my stuff I need to purge was as awesome as your stuff! I love the refreshing feeling of just clearing things out.

  17. I love seeing photos of your cat, but my heart stuttered a tad when I saw him/her under the heading of “The Great Purge” in my email. So glad you are talking about getting rid of furniture, not animals! I’m positive people will want all the things you have in this post. I bet they will be gone in record time. Best of luck, and show us how it’s done! I need a Great Purge in my life, too, especially of furniture, artwork, and clothing. And did I say that I absolutely hate garage sales?

  18. OMG, you could furnish another house! Usually when people purge it is clutter and junk. I wish I lived closer, I love the pet station. My son has a cat and that would be so cute. I also love the ottoman, but I have one very similar and I too am purging. I just found two Opening Ceremony Men’s Blazers from the Olympics in Mexico City. This is the perfect time to get them on Craigs List. They are beautiful. Henry Grethel designed them. You probably wonder why would she have them.
    My husband’s company made them. I am sure you will have no trouble selling the stuff. Hope you make out well.

  19. Kudos to you! As painful as purging can be in the moment, you’ll feel like you’re living lighter and I find the open space is very relaxing. I recently got rid of about 25% of my stuff including furniture and art that was either living in the basement or just sitting there unused and taking up space. This year I’m planning on get rid of another 25% that spends too much time in storage boxes or collecting dust. Marie Kondo’s books have been a great starting point for me. I didn’t realize how much craft stuff I had until I really organized it. I probably gave my local senior center more than half the craft supplies and fabrics I had. My motto has become the William Morris quote, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” and many useful things had better be beautiful or they’ll be gone too.

  20. Good for you to purge. Wish I had the will power to do the same especially with sentimental items I know I’ll never use and younger family members don’t want. All of your items you plan to get rid of have given you a wealth of experiences and diy knowledge. Now you’ll be able to go forth and move on. You’ll feel empowered even more, Kristi! Matt will be able to move around more also. You might even hear an echo in your home after the purge😄😄

  21. We are emptynesters that are selling our home on 1/2 acre and downsizing to a townhome. I am enjoying the great purge!! I am feeling freed up and ready for a fresh start!

    Also, would you mind telling me what you will be asking for your 2 living room chairs? We are in Houston and will be driving 25 mins from Waco when we bring our grandkids home in 2 weeks!

  22. Purge! You will feel mentally lighter and you will never look back. Keep focusing on the future — on where you house design is going — not where you considered taking it long ago.

  23. Yay for purging. When I re-decorated my kitchen, I boxed up a lot of stuff and put it in the barn, saying I would donate whatever I found I didn’t need in 6 months. Well, it’s been quite a bit longer than that and the contents of the boxes are intact. I was able to give a bunch of stuff to a friend for her son’s new apartment. Now the glassware etc is all pretty dusty and will need to be washed before it goes to charity. Sure wish I’d moved it on out sooner!

    you’re doing the absolute right thing. Space to move around and room for new ideas is always a good idea.

  24. Kristi, If you reach a point where you need more motivation for you purging, download Joshua Becker’s ebook, Simplify, from Amazon. It’s a short easy read. He also has a newsletter that is very good too.

  25. You do have Facebook yard sale pages for Waco. I saw a couple when searching Facebook for “Waco Texas Yard sale”. My area uses ours very well. Easier than craigslist as you get immediate replies!

  26. Oh my goodness – the ottoman – I would never never dump that and I love the credenza – Only wish I lived closer

  27. OMG! I love those little Gold tables with the glass. Alas, I am in Ohio.

    Like you, I collect furniture too. I also need to purge or have an auction! Good for you for letting things go. You are right, there are sooooo many more tables, chairs, etc in your future.

  28. Of all of them I would have the hardest time parting with the ottoman. What a great piece and it can be used so many different ways! I am a not a hoarder but I am a keeper of things for sure so getting rid of furniture is hard for me!
    I haven’t seen the dining room table before. SO pretty. I’m surprised you didn’t use it for your dining room. It has such a formal, elegant look to it. And I smiled at the round table because that project is where I first came into reading your blog. Such a cool piece!
    For me, the hard things to get rid of are the things that came from my mother or my mother in law. Of course the furniture is not a person, but they valued it and since I took it I feel like I should value it. Most of my mom’s things have been painted by me now so I did make it my own.

  29. Not trying to dwell on negatives here, but in March and April, due to my hubby deciding to relocate (without me), I started a purge. The requisite initial purge was very liberating to me. First, other than a few family heirlooms, there was very little, furniture-wise, that I elected to keep. I knew I needed some basics, my office, a place to sleep, and a comfy place for chilling. Much to the delight of my neighbor (crafter/teacher/mom), my secondary purge – I was now on a roll… was to lose more than half of my craft room. That was tough, but very liberating because I had collected too many “someday” projects. Like pruning old growth, I feel like I now have room to grow into this new space that has been my home for 15 years. Right now, I’m sitting in Hawaii, on a break, knowing when I return, the purge continues. Thanks so much for your continued inspirations!

  30. Oh don’t sell the ottoman! It is by far my favorite thing you’ve made! Well, that and the fabulous pet station. And I don’t mean “don’t sell it because it’s my favorite” – lol. But, you should keep things that you are particularly proud of – if only to make sure your kids or someone special gets them in the end and can proudly show them off too 🙂

    Don’t the cats like the pet station anymore? It has inspired me to look for the perfect piece to make my own station for my new climber in the family.

    Anyway, you have a wonderful eye for color. I would like to be brave with color, but I also like the tranquility of neutrals, so I use the decor and textiles for pops of color.

    I am in the middle of making my own Layla Grace coffee table as I type. I decided on a square 36″, and I liked the lime wash look of the original, but we’ll see how it goes. Going with a natural linen too. I liked the basket weave of your coffee table, but after reupholstering a chair with P Kaufman navy basket weave, I’d rather chew glass. That stuff frays like crazy! But, just wanted to let you know that you’re inspiring women to do their own stuff! Very cool! Thanks.


  31. My hat is off to you for purging your things. While I love most of the projects I understand that a change of direction and a need for space to work are necessary at this time. Good luck and I’m sure there will be many more projects in the future.

  32. The pet station is one of a kind. Sure you can’t use it in the breakfast room on a pantry wall ? You have to put the pet bowls somewhere . Do the pets use it ? If not then let it go but would like to see that stay.

  33. Though you showed a couple things I would say keep for the family room, you change design direction often so I can’t see keeping them on the off chance you’ll still want to use them. All of it be gone!!!!!

  34. Purging does feel good and once you start, it’s easy to continue. Out of all the projects you have completed, my favorite is the cerused table – that table top…oh my. I hope it goes to a good home:)

  35. Pretty clear to me, Kristi, that you need to design a furniture line. Seems pretty clear it would be in high demand. And you wouldn’t have to build it all yourself! Just the one, and then have robots do the rest. Then collect the dough, and pay those contractors to do the house exterior, drywall, etc. etc., and you do the fun stuff – make it all pretty! (Don’t forget to send me the 10% life advice consultant fee! Haha!)