2019 Master List Of Home Goals

Happy 2019, y’all! Wow…2019. I hope all of you had a wonderful ending to 2018.

I personally sat on my butt on my bed, snuggled under my comfy blanket and glued to Netflix, for the entire last week. It was glorious. I didn’t do one single home-related project over the last eight days. I didn’t cook. I didn’t clean. If it couldn’t be done from a seating position on my bed in front of the TV, it didn’t get done. That’s why you’ll notice that the blog has a new look (which could be done on my laptop while I sat in bed), but I don’t yet have pictures of the pantry to show you. It’s kind of difficult to take pictures of the pantry from my bed. 😀 Those are coming very soon, and I’ll probably even show a preview on Instagram.

But today, it’s back to reality, and back to work. I’m shedding my comfy blanket, returning custody of the TV remote to Matt, and gearing up for what I believe will be an exciting and very productive year. My week off was amazing and just what I needed to get rested and refreshed, but I’m excited to hit the ground running today and get started on my new, fresh “to do” list for 2019.

These lists are something I started at the beginning of 2017, after my terrible, awful 2016 where I spent the year spinning my wheels with busy work and ended with almost nothing to show for my efforts. So at the beginning of 2017, I decided that I needed a change, and I needed accountability. So the “master list of home goals” was born. And you know what? It worked!

Those lists over the last two years have really helped me to keep on track. I’m not so married to the lists that I don’t allow a little rabbit chasing. After all, at the beginning of 2018, building a carport wasn’t even on our radar, so there’s flexibility. But it’s motivating to be able to mark things off of the list and show real, tangible progress over the course of 12 months.

If you missed those last two lists, you can can check them out. Here’s my list for 2017…

And here’s my lists for 2018…

It’s fun and encouraging to look back on them and see just how far I’ve come. And I try to keep the lists up to date throughout the year, crossing off items that are finished, and linking to the corresponding blog posts showing the completed project. It’s very motivating!

But even more motivating is the big post I write at the end of the year showing everything that I accomplished from the list. You can see my list of house goal accomplishments in 2017 right here:

And if you missed my wrap up of 2018 that I posted just this past Monday, you can see it here:

I have to admit that I’m rather proud of my progress last year. It felt like a way more productive year than 2017.

But now it’s time for new goals. And while I wish I had new photos to show y’all of the various room and areas of my house that I want to concentrate on this year, I think y’all know why I’m recycling old photos. The view of my living room and music room from my bed isn’t very good. 😀

So here we go. My goals for 2019 are…

Exterior & Yard

I got a ton of work done on the exterior of the house last year, and while things are looking so much better, there’s still so much to do! So this year, I’d like to…

  • Build and install five window boxes
  • Add a watering system on a timer for the window boxes
  • Finish installing the stone around the porch and paint it
  • Add some chairs, small table, and possibly a swing to the front porch
  • Mark where planter beds will go, and at least add mulch and a few plants
  • Get rid of that huge plant in front of the breakfast room (it needs to be pulled up by the roots or it’ll come back faster and bigger than before)
  • Add a water feature in the courtyard (my grand term for that tiny inset area in front of the breakfast room windows)
  • Lay sod, or at the very least, throw out some grass seed
  • Have the new driveway poured
  • Install lights, speakers, and outlets in carport area
  • Install the ceiling on carport
  • Paint the carport and the areas around it that have new siding
  • Add some landscape lighting in the front yard

Living Room

You know, it’s kind of ridiculous that this is the first room that people see when they enter my house, and yet I keep dragging my feet on getting it done. This room must be finished this year. No more excuses. And to do that, I need to:

  • Touch up the paint on the baseboards
  • Reupholster two chairs
  • Build and upholster a loveseat (yep, I really just wrote that, and I’m looking forward to the challenge) Change of plans! I got a new sofa instead. Click here to see it.
  • Install the chandelier closer to the ceiling
  • Finish making the draperies Done! Click here to see them.
  • Make a few throw pillows
  • Accessorize and finally finish this room!

Music Room

The music room is so ridiculously close to being finished. I think it would only take a couple of weeks to get it completely done and placed in the “finished rooms” column. For that to happen, I need to:

  • Reupholster two chairs
  • Re-install handles on the doors
  • Repair and refinish the piano bench
  • Decorate and accessorize to finish

Hallway Bathroom

small hallway bathroom with dark teal doors and gray vanity

When I did the hallway remodel, I decided to go with teal for the doors. That mean that the bathroom vanity, which was teal, needed a new color. And for some strange reason that I can’t explain, I decided on gray. To say it’s underwhelming is an understatement, so I’d like to give this bathroom a colorful makeover to breathe some life back into it. So I want to:

  • Paint the vanity Done!
  • Find a new color for the walls and repaint Done!
  • Make a new shower curtain Done!
  • Refinish the really dark countertops Done!
  • Make new artwork Done!


The bathroom makeover is finished! Here’s a peek at the new and improved room…

Colorful small bathroom makeover with coral vanity, wood countertop, floral shower curtain, and white painted mosaic tile accent.

You can see more of the finished bathroom makeover here…


In the kitchen, I want to continue on my organization kick that I started at the end of last year (brought on by the pantry remodel), and get everything just like I want it. That means I need to:

  • Built a pull-out slotted drawer to the right of the stove for my pans and lids
  • Convert a column of drawers into a pull-out for a large trash can
  • Remove the dishwasher and add three pull-out baskets
  • Add shelves where needed and get the rest of the cabinets organized as planned

Breakfast Room

Breakfast room remodel

My breakfast room was finished in 2017, but there are a couple of things that need attention. I need/want to:

  • Re-wire the chandelier (which had to be disconnected when the pocket door was installed) Done!
  • Buy a new (“new” being the operative word here) dining table (because sometimes I just want new furniture, and wobbly, used Craigslist finds that don’t work properly start to get on my nerves)


This is the big one. Even if nothing else gets done this year, this studio (along with the half bath, back entry, and storage closet) needs to be my main focus. If these areas are completely finished this year, I will consider it a very productive year. But it’s a bit overwhelming because in order for this to be finished, I’ll need to:

That doesn’t seem too bad, right? I have a feeling it’s going to be very similar to my four-item “to do” list for the pantry on my 2018 list that took me 10 1/2 weeks to finish. 😀

Half Bathroom, Back Entry, Storage Closet

I’m wrapping all of this up into one category, even though it includes three very distinct areas. But I’ll probably be working on all of these — the studio, the back entry, the half bath, and the closet — all at the same time. The studio is big enough to warrant its own section, but these back three areas can be rolled up together. So in these areas, I need to…

  • Finish the electrical work Done!
  • Insulate and drywall Done!
  • Install the flooring Done!
  • Install window casings, door casings, baseboards and other trim Done!
  • Install lighting Done!
  • Install a utility sink Done!
  • Install the toilet Done!
  • Add shelves to the closet
  • Install two pocket doors Done!
  • Tile the bathroom walls (I still don’t have a specific design nailed down, but I think it will include tiled walls. Or maybe wallpaper. Or a stencil. But probably tile.) Done!
  • Do something fabulous on the back entry walls and ceiling 🙂 Done!
  • Install new door handles and deadbolts


The back entry is finished! Here’s a peek at how it turned out…

studio back entry with painted chevron floor and green walls

You can see more before and after pictures of the back entry here…

And the studio half bathroom is also finished! Here’s a peek at how it turned out…

finished studio half bathroom - 2

You can see the before and after pictures of the studio half bathroom here…

I’m sure I’ve left off some thing, and I’ll be adding/removing/clarifying the list as the year goes on. But this gives me (and you) a general roadmap of where I’m heading for the year.

And of course, in addition to all of that, I plan to make time for some fun, artistic projects. There will definitely be more resin, alcohol inks, and acrylic paints in my future. And I also bought a set of oil paints that I’d like to try out. I anticipate an exciting year ahead filled with fun challenges and lots of creativity!

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  1. New year, new blog! It will take some time getting used to, but I think I like it.

    Your list looks very doable/motivating although I think you left a category out. You keep saying you want to take more time to do creative work every now and then, so I think you should add “do artsy project” to the list, even if you don’t know yet what you’ll be doing because the mood hasn’t struck yet.

    You said before that you want to do this with regular frequency, but then tend to get too focused on getting stuff done, ignore your need for creativity, and get burned out. Until you remember, do something awesome, and get new energy.

    So I think you need to figure out how frequently you want to do art stuff to strike a balance with DIY (once a month? once every other month?) and add that number of “To be determined art project” to your list to remind yourself that these things are PLANNED for to, and aren’t interruptions from you getting “real work” done.

  2. Uh, ex-squeeze me. You have left the most important task which should be tackled first and foremost. Document new pantry and share with readers 🙂

    I’m really excited to see all the projects!

  3. Your list is overwhelming……remember, there are only 365 days in a year and you want (and NEED) time to yourself and Matt. You are awesome at getting things done, but to me, your to do list for 2019 sounds like me going to lose 250 lbs😄. Once you get these prioritized, it will help you focus on one thing at a time and maybe not be as overwhelming. Happy New Year to you and Matt and all the pets.

  4. I seem to recall that you said Matt’s. Ready to get rolling on the master bedroom expansion…? But it’s not on your list. What gives?

    This is an ambitious list! Happy New year, Kristi!

  5. Love the new blog look! Your master list is beyond impressive. It inspires me to think about coming up with one of my own (a considerably less ambitious one, but still 🙂

  6. Just wanted to say that I love the new look of the blog. It seems you managed to squeeze that in even though it wasn’t on any of your lists. LOL.

    Everything needs a change/update every once in a while and this looks particularly nice.

  7. All the best. I’m sure 2019 will hold lots of growth and learning through all your adventures for you AND US. Looking forward to it all.

  8. Dear Wonder Woman,
    The on-going transformation of your home is absolutely amazing to we mere mortals. THANK YOU for sharing your journey and expertise.
    Best wishes to you and Matt in 2019.

  9. The amount of work you have accomplished is staggering. And so beautiful, such quality! Congratulations on getting so, so much done.

    My suggestion: If you have the strength to do so, get the studio done first. It will make doing all the other projects on your list easier, I think. To have all your equipment and a proper place to use it, in one place and organized, will make an enormous difference in how easy it is for you to complete each project. You will complete those projects, no matter what (we all know this), but wouldn’t it be nice to do it somewhere else than your lovely breakfast room? And I think that not having to sweep sawdust off the countertops and table will make for a more serene and enjoyable life for you and Matt.

    You inspire us all. I am making my 2019 list today, following your lead.

    1. Yes! You bring uo a great point. Work on the area that you can do all your carpentry work!? Otherwise, you will always be chasing the sawdust trail😞.
      I dont think the studio had this purpose. Wasnt it the she-shed workshop outside?

  10. I noticed you wrote, remove the dishwasher. Are you moving it or completely getting rid of it? If you’re getting rid of it I’d love to know more about that decision.

    1. I believe she talked about getting rid of it completely a few posts back because they don’t use it enough to warrant the space. She’s going to put in baskets for fruits and such.

  11. Love the new format – easier to follow.
    2019 looks to be an amazing year. I’ll be following and cheering you on.
    You inspired me to believe I too can “do it”, so I’m making my own “To Do” list for 2019. I’ll be
    referring back to your posts for direction/help often!

  12. Happy New Year Kristi & Matt!
    Kristi, you amaze me with your lists and vision! I can’t wait to see how you pull everything together this year! Please be sure to schedule in some down time for yourself & Matt!

  13. With all that going on, how will I get anything done here? I’ll be spending much too much time reading about all your projects! 😉

  14. Rather than go with the floppy ductwork that requires mega-time and crawling around rafters, there is an alternative. My boss had a bog open concept home but wanted to cover the vaulted ceiling in fir. That created an HVAC nightmare soooo . . . . her hubby (a contractor) decided to hang spiral shiny metal ducting down the middle of the house. In the vaulted areas, it had vents on either side every so many feet. In the semi-vaulted bedrooms, the wall went straight up next to the spiral duct so a short extension vent passed thru the wall for those rooms. Because my boss is a bit persnickety about things, the main duct line was supported with metal loops with end tabs that had holes drilled in each end. Hubs then used stainless steel fishing leaders to connect them and hang from the center vault every 6 ft. Almost a floating appearance from the floor. Works exceptionally well and is not unattractive due to the shiny metal against the fir ceiling backdrop. Would something like this work for the shop?

  15. I like your idea of a master goal list. Like, simple! 😀
    I think I’ll apply that to a project I want to do in 2019.

    Liking your new blog redesign. Pretty! Was that a collab between you and a designer? Also wondering if you or your mom painted the flower elements.

    As for a 30” fridge, have you tried Big Chill or Smeg or makers for the European mkt?

    Big Chill is known for colorful/retro appliances but is $$$. Smeg makes little colorful ones but they say “Smeg” on the front.
    Just some ideas!

    1. The blog redesign is one I did myself, but I started with a really great pre-made WordPress theme (Laurel for WordPress) and then just did some customizations myself. It’s the same theme that Nicole at Making It Lovely uses for her blog, but you’ll see that we have ours set up differently and have used different design elements to make them look different.

      I used to design WordPress websites (back when we lived in the condo), so a lot of it came back to me, kind of like riding a bicycle. 🙂 The watercolor floral touches are some that I purchased on Creative Market (www.creativemarket.com). I was actually looking for watercolor floral images to purchase and use to design my own wallpaper for the studio. That’s why I actually purchased these. But I liked them so much that I decided to use them on my blog. 🙂 Now if I decide to use them for my wallpaper, my studio will coordinate with my blog.

        1. Thanks Kristi, for letting us curious ones know how you did it.

          I am vaguely familiar with that blog but now I’ll check it out again. Her style is similar to mine and in my former digs of IL.

          And if you’re ever in Oak Park, (where Making it Lovely is)
          check out the cool old houses. 😉

  16. We have a ‘True Value’ similar to Ace Hardware store in town and they can get an all refrigerator unit. I’m not sure the size. Usually you can change the handle and hardware to the other side so it opens on the opposite side.

  17. I just realized that you have a calico. Is Felicity Smoke a new addition? I don’t recall seeing her before. Very pretty furbaby.

  18. Can hardly wait for you to get started on your new year of inspiring us! Thank you for sharing your special talents!

  19. Big things are ahead. You have a great plan. I love work rooms so I am eagerly waiting for the studio.

    Okay, I have to ask: did the cat do a flying leap to perch on the mantle or ?

  20. I like the new look of the blog. It feels fuller and the text is easier to read (at least for me).

    Love the list!!! It’ll be fun to see what gets done and what gets bumped to 2020 because something new and unexpected and fun arises! 🙂

  21. looking forward to seeing your timer watering solution! I need to do something like that for my containers on the back patio!

  22. That is a lengthy list for sure. I think since the Music Room needs the least done to it to complete it, I would do that first and ‘be done’. The outdoor items can be done, as weather permits in your cooler months. I CANNOT wait to see what you do to complete your studio. Good luck and whatever you do, you always do well. Such an inspiration…

  23. You make my master list look tiny. I am still thinking I am being too ambitious. I am only going to work on the bathrooms, master bedroom and kitchen in 2019 (mostly will be cosmetic, i.e., paint, walls, floors, and sewing). I take two weeks off work every year (spring and fall) and work in my yard (1/3 acre); and on the outside of the house. I try to manage my time into sections and finish a small project in two days on the weekends so I can see the reward.
    I loved seeing your finished projects and it makes dream of possibilities.

  24. Hello Kristy! I just discovered you and your wonderful website today. Am I ever glad I did. Your home is absolutely beautiful. You are an amazingly talented and creative woman. I am so inspired,I dont know where to start on the unfinished rooms of our 1960 home. I know your incredible ideas and helpful advice, will be of much assistance to us as we go along. Thank you so much for sharing your creative endeavors with us all. Looking forward to seeing what you create/accomplish next!