How To Remove Dried Paint From A Paint Brush In Five Minutes (A Completely Paint-Filled, Dried-Hard-As-A Rock Paint Brush)

how to remove paint from dried up paint brushes in five minutes - 2

Do y'all know how much money I waste on paint brushes?  I don't even want to think about it.  I always buy Purdy paint brushes for my projects (specifically my favorite Purdy XL Cub), which run about $12 each.  I buy those because they're the best, and they make my painted finishes look so nice, but I have such a bad habit of wrapping up those … [Read more...]

How To Paint Anything And Everything

Painting questions are the most asked questions I get.  I can understand why painting confuses people so much -- there are so many products and brands available, so many different types of things that people want to paint, and different things that need to be considered for each.  What kind of paint should I use?  Does it need a clear top coat?  … [Read more...]

Credenza Makeover Part 1 – Adventures In Stripping Wood Veneer

credenza makeover 4

The credenza in my living room is getting a makeover, and I'm just about finished. Sounds innocent enough, right?  Simple, even.  A nice antique credenza gets a cute little makeover -- a little paint, a little polishing, and voila!  Done! If only. :-D Let's start at the beginning.  This is the credenza I'm talking about. It has been … [Read more...]

DIY Ottoman Coffee Table Part 3 – Building A Coffee Table Base With Shelf

coffee table base for ottoman - 9

I'm so close to being finished with my coffee table ottoman!!  I got the base built, and one coat of stain on it.  The only things left to do are polyurethane the base, and attach the ottoman top. Believe it or not, building the base was so much easier than making the top!  In fact, the base was actually quick and easy.  But just a … [Read more...]

DIY Ottoman Coffee Table Part 1 – How To Do Diamond Tufting

diamond tufted upholstered ottoman - 24

I've actually had a diamond tufting tutorial on my blog for over three years now. That tutorial is what I would call "the correct way" to do tufting, where you attach the buttons using cord through a hole and stapled onto the backside of whatever you're making. (In that case, it was a king size headboard for Gwen's bedroom.) (And FYI, my tufting … [Read more...]

Tips For Installing Beautiful (Almost Flawless) Trim Moulding

tips for installing beautiful moulding - use caulk in corners and where the trim meets wall

First of all, thank you so much for all of your sweet comments about my Phase 1 progress on my living room yesterday!  (See what I'm doing there?  I've decided to live in a delusional state where those 530+ comments had nothing to do with a giveaway, and everything to do with my living room progress only.  :-D ) I had a couple of you ask for a … [Read more...]